Interesting: Watch How Obama Responds To Robert Bergdahl’s Prayer To Allah!

An unbelievable moment in American history occurred in the White House Rose Garden when President Barack Obama smiled very perceptibly as Robert Bergdahl, father of Bowe, uttered the famous Islamic war cry of victory for Allah! Watch an American president’s expression of glee as Bergdahl says “bismillah-al-rahman-al-rahim”:

This Arabic phrase meaning “in the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful,” was translated into English by Walid Shoebat, a Middle Eastern scholar who left the Islamic tradition and came to America, converting to Christianity. “I’m your father, Bowe,” said Robert Bergdahl in the Rose Garden, flanked by Obama and the mother of the young man whose loyalty to America now is under scrutiny. “Bismillah or Basmallah is the Islamic Victory cry,” says Shoebat.

Walid and Theodore Shoebat, whose exclusive web analysis tells us what just happened to America, also decipher three very important clues that indicate that Robert Bergdahl is a new convert to Islam. Pronouncing the basmallah Islamic war cry of victory, trimming his mustache, and shaping his beard into its elongated appearance are three clear signs that the elder Bergdahl knew exactly what he was doing and what he was saying in front of the fawning mainstream media this past weekend! The non-verbal signals of the beard and mustache reinforce for the Shoebats that the senior Bergdahl acted deliberately in professing his conversion to Islam. But most chilling is the video close up of the approving smile Obama gives the Bergdahls as he utters the Islamic victory cry! Both men knew the significance of what was being said.

“I made it easy for him (Obama) to come to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is and not feel that he was turning his back on his Islamic friends and his Islamic traditions and his understanding of Islam.” These words are from Jeremiah Wright concerning the “assistance” he provided Obama in remaining true to his Islamic faith. It helps make sense of the many web posts on the early Obama years spent at the Indonesian grade school, when he was adopted by his mother’s second husband when the Soetoro family moved to Jakarta. Conversion to Islam is a requirement for students attending Indonesian schools.

Just as Obama maintained his Islamic heritage, Robert Bergdahl has been building his own. Walid Shoebat has researched the elder Bergdahl’s youtube account and posted the many instructional videos: “A litany of terrorist favorites. . .a dark mind. . .urging our troops to desert.” A confirmed terrorist, Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki, condemning America can be seen along with Mufti Ismail Menk, a favorite of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev! More videos in Farsi and a verse from their holy book calling on jihad against the United States also are in this Bergdahl collection, according to the Shoebats.

Don’t be surprised when it is revealed that the faux Taliban prisoner has converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdullah. “What did America gain from all of this? Nothing, it was the Taliban who gained,” conclude the Shoebats.

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The IRS: The True Masters Of Contemporary Predation

Hot, tired, and wanting a relaxing lunch at my favorite Italian scratch restaurant, I ducked the South Florida raindrops and went inside. There was my favorite waiter, so I felt this was going to be a great respite. Wow, was I wrong! The young Italian American and I are friends; we go way back, to the first few months I moved down here and bought my home from this hard working, sincere young man. So we could and did talk freely in between his serving other customers in the busy place.

He told me his tale of woe at the hands of the IRS that made me so mad that I still recoil many hours later. “They took over my bank account,” he said. His car payment was going to bounce if his sister hadn’t helped him out. He was about to lose his only means of transportation. He had a large student loan debt plus other debts that were giving him a lot of grief. But the worst blow of all was the $100,000 fine that the IRS told him he owed them, or else. The “or else” boiled down to this predatory agency–the very agency that now controls our lives, our finances, our health care, and our access to our doctors and hospitals–just attacking this young man’s banking rights and  his finances to live and survive on!

This terrible agency now has this young man in its clutches; he said he was able to get them to lower the amount they say he owes them, but these out-of-control thugs grabbed at the one thing they could to control him well into his middle and later years.

He told me he has a two year associate’s degree from a local area college, and he wants to finish out his four year degree; but so far, he can’t. “I already have 140 credit hours,” he told me.

As a retired English professor, I well recall working on admissions day at an Illinois college. I saw many minority students come in, sign up, and then perhaps show up for enough classes to get passed on to the next semester. I remember one young black male who didn’t even know how to fill out his pink form to list his class hours, times, and locations. “Fill it out,” he said to me in a confusing way. I eventually realized he was asking me to fill it out for him! He was coming to college with so inadequate of a background he couldn’t fill out his course forms! Another young man, this time white, asked me to lie about his being in class because he didn’t want to lose his car. What he meant was, I think, he had used his college grants to buy a new car; and if I could just lie and say he was in class when he wasn’t, he could keep the freebies flowing.

Another older black woman came into my classroom dressed in such finery that I still remember her today. She had on a butter soft expensive leather jacket and slacks I admired. Her red outfit was perfectly coordinated and just spoke loudly to all that here was money walking. She, too, was on financial aid.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

The Real Casualties In The “War On Poverty”

“Blacks are different” is a generalization being made by a long time public defender who goes by a pseudonym in order to speak freely and protect himself and his family from danger. “My experience has…taught me that blacks are different by almost any measure [from] all other people,” says the public defender, using the pen name Michael Smith. “I have no explanation for why this is, but crime has racial patterns.” While blacks commit many violent crimes, they commit “very few sex crimes,” the author of this outstanding report says. Crime patterns he has noticed break down into Hispanics committing mainly DUIs and sexual assault on children offenses. “The handful of whites I see commit all kinds of crimes,” says Smith; but in all of his many years as a public defender in a large Southern city, he has only represented THREE Asians–one of the being half black.

The most telling statement from this courtroom-weary man has to do with why blacks are so different from all of the other defendants he has represented. An “inability to see things from someone else’s perspective helps explain why there are so many black criminals.” When Defender Smith questioned one black robbery suspect about how one of the women he and two other blacks robbed at gunpoint may have felt, the young male said, “What do I care? She ain’t me. . .she ain’t kin. . .Don’t even know her.” This sentence is perhaps the most revealing in the entire essay: “They (blacks) do not understand the pain they are inflicting on others.” Any parent out there should quickly recognize this as being a characteristic of a very young child who himself is in a world of hurt!

But the long essay by Smith delves even deeper into the sociological and psychological reasons black males are so prevalent in crime stats. The writer says growing up without a father is a huge reason for the uncontrollable crime wave now strangling America, especially our inner cities. He said that often, an appearance in court is the only time a young black male sees the man who fathered him. And that often happens because the public defender’s office has sought out the older man. Apparently, growing up WITHOUT DAD is a mitigating factor that helps get a serious offense reduced to a lesser charge. The public defender employees often have to dress their accused, even to the point of having in their offices plenty of shirts, suits, ties, and proper clothing, as those accused simply do not know how to dress themselves appropriately.

What stands out is the fact that the black defendants have gotten themselves into the criminal justice system in large part because America’s false sense of charity has created and fostered a four-generation class of US citizens who, even though “adult” by years, are stuck psychologically in a permanently induced state of early childhood development. Our country’s damnable entitlement culture brought about by Democrat, liberal policies is enabled by a mainstream media that will not identify this dysfunction for what it really is (in other words, as a method of obtaining votes and control, for expiation of “white guilt,” for exploitation, for whatever.)

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

On Fire: Obama Eligibility & BC Heats Up

Alabama Supreme Ct

The McInnish-Goode case against former Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman has definitely not been quietly dismissed according to a spokesperson for the Alabama Supreme Court. “It’s still pending,” the court clerk told CiR on Thursday, December 19, at 3:06 p.m. EST.  She said the case has not been dismissed, stating, “I don’t know where they got” the information that case was tossed. CiR was checking web reports that on the very day Attorney Larry Klayman won his blockbuster NSA spy scandal case against the Obama administration, his other big case concerning the Obama Birth Certificate forgery and authentication was dismissed.

Attorney Klayman is plaintiffs’ counsel for Hugh McInnish and Virgil Goode, two Alabama Republican party officials who are challenging former Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman’s decision to allow Obama and other candidates to appear on that state’s 2012 presidential election ballots without first fully vetting them for eligibility. At stake, says investigator Mike Zullo, is “deception of voters and state election commissioners.”

This huge case was taken to appeal for oral argument in front of the AL Supreme Court after lower courts tossed its premise, a typical legal action taken across America by most other lower judiciary challenges to the Obama Birth Certificate issue.  Carl Gallups, Freedom Friday’s radio talk host in northern Florida, has for weeks been pointing out there actually are three birth certificate filings on record in this case.  “Now a third birth certificate has been submitted by AL Democrats.   The Obama, WH generated web birth certificate was shown by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s forensic investigators to be a document forgery.  Obama supporters have submitted yet another BC for consideration.

Meanwhile, several major developments are causing tensions to rise.  The first concerns the inexplicable death of the main Hawaii Department of Health official linked to issuance of the “real” Barack Obama BC, 65 year old Loretta Fuddy.  Hers was the only death in a nine passenger plane crash last week that saw the pilot reportedly swim to shore to get help, after which, according to another Honolulu print outlet, he actually drove himself home.  Attempts by CiR to re-verify this account were thwarted because print access became limited.  Pilot Clyde Kawasaki was reported as saying, “All I know is ‘bang,’. . .OK, I’m in trouble now.”

Attorney Orly Taitz now has entered into the plane crash reconstruction.  Unclear is what happened to Fuddy’s body immediately after the plane hit the water.  Taitz issued a recent press release saying she “was contacted by Mr. Larry Fenton who tried to serve Fuddy with a Taitz subpoena. “He said he received a Facebook request from Loretta Fuddy to be friends,” says Taitz. Fenton was not allowed to serve Fuddy with the subpoena in person as required by law, but “was told to leave it at the gate.”

Lead Arpaio investigator Mike Zullo filed a 207 point affidavit in the case against Sec of State Chapman, citing possible “fraudulent creation of an official document, forgery of a governmental birth record, and deception of voters and state election commissioners  across the county.”  Point #35 of the filing states: “It was now demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the WH website document was an utter forgery.”  Gallups is reporting Zullo has gone to ground because of a history changing news tip the detective is chasing all over the country.

One commenter summed up these latest developments by saying, “When conservatives are hitting the target, they get the most flack!”  Just recall how CNN talker Don Lemon and his liberal guest attacked Attorney Klayman.  “Cut his mic, ” cried Lemon.

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Military Mocks Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

Birth Cert

US military spokesman Lt. Col. J. Todd Breasseale, blew off a legitimate editor’s query concerning analysis of the “computer generated forgery” posted online by the White House as being mere nonsense.  “We can only assume that your query is not a legitimate question and is some sort of nonsensical joke,” Breasseale commented via Email to Sharon Rondeau, editor of The Post & Email.   He is calling her very reasonable inquiry nothing more than a web “absurdity”.  “We are happy to consider reality-based requests, but do not entertain absurdities from the web,” replied “Todd” in an insulting try at familiarity.

When Editor Rondeau replied, “It is absolutely not a joke,” the military mouthpiece came back with merely, “noted,” to her follow up question about the military’s possible analysis of the Obama birth certificate image posted online by someone in or representing the White House on April 27, 2011, as well as the Obama Selective Service registration. “Why has that not been done?” Rondeau asked Public Affairs officer Lt. Col. Catherine Wilkinson who evidently passed off this inquiry to Breasseale.  So much for that; our military “has remained silent” says the CT editor of The Post & Email.

Meanwhile, the 69 page affidavit of lead investigator Mike Zullo is filed as evidence in the Alabama Supreme Court’s review of findings by a lower court which also tossed inquiry into authenticity of the WH computer image. The Zullo court document reads, at point # 26: “All in attendance agreed unanimously that the WH computer image, pdf file contained anomalies that were un-explainable unless the document had been fabricated piecemeal by human intervention, rather than being copied from a genuine paper document”.  Zullo is presenting the results of months of investigation by the Sheriff Arpaio forensic team into the nine layered computer image put on the official WH website.  The team of long time forensic and law enforcement investigators, retired military members, physicians, and computer CEO’s and attorneys concluded “the certificate of live birth. . .is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate.”

The Zullo affidavit presents to the court this statement: “fabricated forgery-violation of the AZ criminal statue and the federal statues…may have taken place.”  The Arpaio team is calling for a full blown Congressional investigation as the nation awaits the decision of the Alabama Supreme Court.  At point # 35 is this lightening bolt: “It was now demonstrated beyond probable cause that the WH website document was an utter forgery.”  The forensic team suggests that crimes may involve “fraudulent creation of an official document, forgery of a governmental birth record, and deception of voters and state election commissioners across the country.”   In total, 207 points of assertion are contained in the Zullo sworn statement.  In spite of the fact that SEVENTEEN different records never have been released by President Barack Obama, (at point # 207), the military spokesman known as “Todd,” along with the mainstream media, Congress, and nationwide elected officials continue to ignore what is going on in the Alabama Supreme Court proceedings.

Perhaps most troubling is the fact that the Obama passport records have never been released to the American public, nor have the incoming INS foreign flight passenger cards for the Obama birth week of August 2, 1961, ever been found!  The Zullo investigators say in their court evidentiary document that these flight manifest identifications are “completely missing from the microfilm roll” of the INS.

Web absurdities, anomalies, a nine page computer generated forgery?  Will we every know?

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