Video: 13 Questions Bill O’Reilly Should Ask Obama During The Super Bowl

One of my viewers, whom I have become friends with, listed a series of questions he thought might be ideal for Bill O’Reilly to ask the “Chosen One” during his visit to the White House on February 2, 2014.

Video: So, What Is Really Going On With Islam?

Muslims are okay with child marriage, and intercourse with children is because of Mohammed’s child bride. Question: what kind of man could be aroused by looking at a naked baby or a young six year old child? The answer is that many are obviously not normal.

Video: Utah Now Allows Polygamy!

Morals have been thrown out the door. All it takes is a Liberal Judge, and there is no shortage of Liberal Judges.

Video: Who Said Crime Doesn’t Pay?

It was reported by The Blaze that the Palestinian Authority just gave $50,000.00 bonuses and promotions to terrorists…

Video: Nancy Pelosi Is Completely Insane!

Pelosi said that, “We ping pong it, and then we go to conference.” How can they ‘ping pong’ it when they have no clue of what’s in a bill they vote on?