Video: Obama AWOL At Chris Kyle’s Funeral!

Chris Kyle was credited with the most sniper kills ever, and his Commander in Chief was AWOL as he supposedly was during Benghazi as well. Sarah Palin took the time to attend; that says all you need to know about Bozo.

Video: Tax, Tax, And More Tax!

When is enough tax enough? It appears that we have become slaves to the government. When all additional taxes are considered, our real effective tax rate is probably around 90%; is that nuts or what?

Video: Obama Nominee Has Cayman Island Account; Liberals Silent

During the last presidential election, the Obama Administration was all over Governor Romney having accounts in the Cayman Islands. But it’s okay; it is the Chicago way!

Video: What Happened To NBC’s David Gregory? Nothing!

The District Of Columbia has the most restrictive gun laws in the Nation, and it seems that those laws only apply to those who do not have the financial resources David Gregory has.

Video: Demand A Recount In Key Swing States!

Who really won the election?