Bill Clinton Just Let Something Slip That Reveals How Hillary’s Campaign Is REALLY Doing

Speaking in New Hampshire, former president Bill Clinton just admitted how difficult his wife Hillary’s race for president has become.

“This has turned into an interesting election. We’re fighting it out in Iowa. We’ve got a little lead [emphasis added] that I think is solidifying and maybe growing a little bit. We’re on a home-field disadvantage here,” Clinton said.

Hillary has said previously she would “work for every vote” while campaigning.

Contrasting Hillary with her chief contender for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, Mr. Clinton said that the nation needs “not anger but answers.”

Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist. In a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll taken earlier this month, 43 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers described themselves as socialists.

“The real issue is: Who can win the election? Who’s prepared to do the job? Who can make real change?” Clinton said.

Clinton also stated, “I know we’re in a hard fight here and I know we’re running against one of your neighbors. This state has been so good to me and Hillary.” Bill Clinton had a close second place finish in New Hampshire in 1992, earning the title, “The Comeback Kid.” Hillary had a 2008 victory against Barack Obama in the state.

According to a Monmouth College/KBUR-AM survey, Hillary leads Sanders by 9 points in Iowa. However, a recent CNN/WMUR survey found Sanders with a 27 point lead in New Hampshire.

Bill Clinton said that Republicans in no particular order blame “Muslims, Mexicans, President Obama,” for what’s wrong with the country. He then added, “Or they blame Hillary.”

Syrians Angered At What This Country Is Doing To Prevent Widespread Sexual Assaults

Norway has decided to adopt a required workshop for asylum seekers to help them learn about sexual assault.

Europe has experienced multiple incidents of mass sexual assaults of women by migrants recently, including attacks in Germany, Sweden, Austria and Europe.

The New Year’s Eve attack in Cologne saw over 500 complaints filed alleging some kind of sexual assault. Up to 2,000 men, mostly of North African and Arabic descent, are thought to have taken part in the attacks.

The aim of the workshop is to discourage sexual assault and rape in the context of a Scandinavian society that is more sexually liberal than many countries.

According to the New York Post, Issam Alhlabi, a 52-year-old male teacher from Syria, wondered why he should be required to attend such a workshop.

Sitting in a classroom with 21 other male Syrian asylum seekers, Alhlabi stated, “I know all this already from back home.” He then added, “Syria is like Norway… In every country you have backward people with low education.”

Alhlabi and some of the other attendees believe the workshop enforces preconceptions about the sexual mores of those in the class, not to mention their views on violent crimes like rape. “Most people think we did not experience such things, because we are outsiders, foreigners,” commercial airline pilot Muaz (who declined to give his last name), 26, told Reuters. “We go through them every single day in our country. I have two sisters and they could be harassed walking anywhere in the world. We do experience such things.”

A Reuters correspondent visiting a one-day workshop went into the classroom of teacher Linda Hagen. Hagen presented the men with a picture of a Norwegian brunette in high heels and a short dress. None of the men responded that the woman looked sexy or provocative.

The course also has the men watch a video of a woman and man talking, dancing and laughing at a party. The man and woman head upstairs to a bedroom in which the man forces sex on the woman, despite her saying no.

Hagen then asks, “What do you think of the boy? What do you think of the girl?”

One man says, “If I am the guy, I would say she was interested. She went upstairs, she sat on the bed.”

One says, “I blame him because he uses power. Both should be in agreement.”

Finally, Alhabi says, “To me it was clear from the beginning that this was rape.”

What This WWII Concentration Camp Is Being Turned Into Has People OUTRAGED

The transformation of a World War II concentration camp into a luxury beach resort has people outraged.

The uninhabited rocky Adriatic island of Mamula has a diameter of just 200 meters. Dominated by a nineteenth century fortress, it is situated on the bay of Kotor, on the border between Montenegro and Croatia.

In World War II it was the location of a concentration camp by Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Mussolini was an ally of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and took on the title of “Il Duce” (“the Leader”) during his period as Italy’s dictator.

The Montenegrin government has now approved a project to transform the former concentration camp into a luxury resort, with swimming pools, yacht marina, spa, restaurants, and a dance floor.

Olivera Brajovic, head of Montenegro’s national directorate for development, told AFP, “We were facing two options: to leave the site to fall into ruin or find investors who would be willing to restore it and make it accessible to visitors.”

However, not everyone is happy about the decision, including family members of those who suffered in concentration camp. Olivera Doklistec’s grandfather, father, and uncle were all imprisoned at the concentration camp.

“To build a luxury hotel dedicated to entertainment at this place where so many people perished and suffered is a blatant example of lack of seriousness toward history,” Doklistec said. “No concentration camp in the world has been transformed into a hotel.”

The Montenegrin government has granted a 49-year lease to the Swiss-Egyptian developer Orascom.

The company plans on investing $16.3 million in the project.

Muslim Imam Defends Refugee Sexual Assaults With 8 Outrageous Words

A Muslim Imam has come to the defense of the mass sexual assaults by men of mainly Arabic and North African decent towards women in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Over 500 complaints have been filed alleging some kind of sexual assault, with the attackers numbering around 2,000 men.

The German Interior Ministry has stated that the suspects included citizens of Algeria, Morocco, Iran, and Syria.

Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf defended their actions saying the women were assaulted and raped by the men “because they were half naked and wearing perfume.”

“The events of New Year’s Eve were the girls’ own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume,” Abu-Yusaf said. “It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them. [Dressing like that] is like adding fuel to the fire.”.

One woman who was assaulted told police that she was surrounded by 20 men of North African appearance before they attacked her.

Many of the men also engaged in thievery, as women reported that mobile phones, bank cards and cash were stolen.

The recent Cologne attacks have sparked a vigorous debate in Germany about Islamic asylum seekers.

Similar mob sexual assaults have also been carried out in other German cities and other European countries, including Sweden, Finland, and Austria.

The influx of refugees to Germany totaled 1.1 million in 2015.

“A major reason so many refugees want to settle in Sweden, Germany, and other Northern European countries is that they have generous welfare-state programs for non-citizens,” wrote John Fund, writing for National Review. “What isn’t in dispute is the estimate that about 70 percent of the arrivals are young men who are traveling alone.”

WATCH: Fox News Host Just Revealed The 1 Reason Everyone Got ‘Suckered’ By Palin’s Endorsement Of Trump

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfield spoke Tuesday about former Alaska Governor and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

Palin gave Trump a strong endorsement Tuesday, yelling to a throng of Trump supporters in Iowa, “Heads are spinning. Media heads are spinning! This going to be so much fun! Are you ready to make America great again!”

Gutfield said he was “glad that we were suckered” into covering Palin’s endorsement of Trump rather than “Hillary Clinton having top-secret classified information on her email.”

Gutfield also said the endorsement “shows in a way the opportunism of a lot of top conservative leaders.”

Gutfield said he’s noticed an interesting trend among voters. “I do see a lot of religious conservatives and hard-right conservatives going to Trump, because they sense he might be a winner and Cruz isn’t,” Gutfield said. “Why should you be sacrificing your ideological beliefs otherwise?”

He addressed the relationship been Trump and Cruz, saying, “I have no sympathy for Ted Cruz right now, because …. that saying goes, an appeaser is a person who feeds a crocodile, hoping that the crocodile eats him last. Cruz declined to denounce Trump’s attacks on Sen. John McCain, as well as other notable righties did not go after Trump for making fun of McCain for being a POW. So, now Trump is eating him last.”