Watch: Former Muslim Goes On Fox News And Issues Chilling Warning To Americans

Author and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Monday  and discussed the threat of radical Islam- and its growing presence in the United States.

She spoke about her upbringing in Saudi Arabia: “I cannot describe to you what kind of a place Saudi Arabia is. It is apartheid–gender apartheid. It’s a place where using modern tools and modern money…they actually enforce 7th century rules.”

Saudi Arabia’s sharia law system is similar to that used by ISIS. The exception is that Saudi Arabia is considered a key U.S. ally in the region.

Ali said that she was amazed to hear U.S. authority figures say that “what we see, these terrorist acts, the subjugation of women, the hatred of Jews and Christians, has nothing to do with Islam.”

She criticized Obama’s approach toward radical Islam, saying, ” I just think it’s a strategy that has failed. He’s not the only one who’s tried it.”

While she says it is true that we are not at war with Islam, she also says that we have “hundreds of thousands of people who are at war with us”: Radical Islamists.

On a positive note, Ali insists that there “millions of peace-loving Muslims.”

However, she chillingly warned: “Even for Muslims who are already here…there is an active Islamization process going on in the United States of America. We’ve been in denial about it for a very, very long time. It is time that we wake up, and see who is behind this.”

Wow: ISIS Just Suffered A ‘Severe Blow’ From The Most Unlikely Of Sources

ISIS has recently struck tremendous blows against its enemies, from the Paris terror attacks, the bombing of a Russian plane above the Sinai Peninsula, to a bombing in Beirut.

However, ISIS is not only striking significant blows- it is also receiving them.

Al Qaeda recently sent a suicide bomber and took out the entire top command of ISIS for a region of Syria known as the Golan Heights

Al Nusra Front, the Syria affiliate of Al Qaeda, quickly took credit for the attack, calling the attack upon ISIS “heroic” on Twitter.

Al Nusra Front and ISIS, both radical Sunni Islamic factions, have been embroiled in not only a war against Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime, but also in a bitter war against each other.

Their conflict is most intense in southern Syria, where the Golan Heights are located.

Al Nusra Front, like ISIS, hopes to set up an Islamic state. Al Nusra, however, plans to confine its hope for an Islamic state to Syria, whereas ISIS hopes to control the entire Muslim world with a new caliphate.

Alex Fishman, a veteran military correspondent for Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot, said: “The Islamic State [ISIS], that controls the closest area to the Israel border in the Syrian Golan Heights, suffered a severe blow and lost its entire top command in the area in one fell swoop.”

The command oversaw a unit known as the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, a key ISIS militia.

Fishman also stated: “It’s not unlikely that the deadly attack that took out the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade’s leadership in the area was actually a sign marking the end of ISIS control of the Golan.”

Obama Just Revealed What He Thinks Will Be A ‘Powerful Rebuke’ To Paris Terrorists (Try Not To Laugh)

Barack Obama met with French president Francois Hollande in the Oval Office today to discuss the ISIS terrorist threat, but one thing Obama said is sure to raise eyebrows.

Obama said that the upcoming climate change summit in Paris will be a “powerful rebuke” to the ISIS terrorists who attacked the city earlier this month.

He stated: “What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

The Paris climate conference is scheduled to run from November 30th to December 11th and will address what will happen internationally regarding carbon emissions during the decade after 2020 (and possibly beyond).

The governments of more than 190 nations will be represented at the conference.

According to the U.K.’s Guardian, “we already know what the biggest emitters have committed to.” The EU has pledged to cut emissions by 40% compared to 1990, Obama has pledged the U.S. to cutting 26%-28% of emissions, and China has said its emissions will peak by 2030.

The heads of state of more than 130 countries are planning on attending the conference, making security a huge concern in the wake of the recent Paris terror attacks. Such world leaders as Barack Obama of the U.S., Xi Jinping of China, Narendra Modi of India, Angela Merkel of Germany, and David Camoron of the U.K. are all planning on attending.

The 2009 Copenhagen agreement saw the world’s developed countries and biggest developing countries agree to limit emissions, but there was no formal, binding treaty.

Watch: Democrats Just Launched A Mind-Blowing Campaign Against The Words ‘Radical Islam’

Democrats have consistently spoken out against the use of the words “radical Islam” to describe the beliefs of those who commit terrorism in the name of Allah.

The Democratic National Committee has now gone so far as to launch an ad targeting the many Republican presidential candidates who use the term, including candidates such as Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz.

The ad opens with the message “Republicans keep saying the same thing” and then shows shots of the Republican candidates using the words “radical Islam” and similar phrases such as “radical Islamic jihadists.”

Interspersed is a message from Democrats about the term. They claim that by using the term, the candidates are “Equating Islam, all Muslims, with terrorists…” and that it is an “oversimplification” and “It’s wrong.”

The ad then says “But don’t take our word for it,” and shows several out of context remarks by President George W. Bush concerning Islam.

They quote President Bush: “We do not fight against Islam. We fight against evil.”

They quote him again: “The war against terrorism is not a war against Muslims, nor is it a war against Arabs. It’s a war against evil people who conduct crimes against innocent people.”

The final quote of Bush: “That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace.”

The ad then concludes “Inciting fear isn’t presidential” and then shows a large D to symbolize the Democrat party.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have spoken out against using the term “radical Islam.”

Clinton refrained from using the term at all during the Democrat debate after the Paris attacks that killed 129 civilians.

Obama said in February: “They no more represent Islam than any madman who kills in the name of Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism. No religion is responsible for terrorism. People are responsible for violence and terrorism.”

What do you think of the Democrats’ campaign against using the words “radical Islam?” Share and comment below.

World Leader States The One Fact About Terrorism And Migrants That Should Wake Everyone Up

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban has become known for his staunch criticisms of the current European immigration system.

Speaking in an interview with Politico Europe after the Paris terror attacks, Orban didn’t hold back.

He stated during the course of the interview: “Of course it’s not accepted, but the factual point is that all the terrorists are basically migrants. The question is when they migrated to the European Union. ”

Orban contended that the “number one job” after Paris is “to defend the borders and to control who is coming in.”

Of the migrants, he says that “all of them present a security threat because we don’t know who they are. If you allow thousands or millions of unidentified persons into your house, the risk of… terrorism will significantly increase.”

Orban has been a thorn in the side of the European Union left, arguing for stricter controls on immigration as well as for normalizing relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Orban also spoke to Poltico Europe about Putin, saying: “Putin is someone you can cooperate with. He’s not an easy man. He is not a man who has a known personality, so don’t imagine him as you imagine Western leaders.”

One person whom Orban has heavily criticized is fellow countryman George Soros. Soros, a billionaire financier, has financed almost every pro-migration think tank and pressure group in the Western world through his Open Society Foundations.

Orban has himself been criticized for an action Hungary took earlier this year. The country built a barbed wire fence along its border with Serbia to prevent the influx of Muslim immigrants that other European countries are experiencing.

Orban says that the link between terrorism and migrants coming into Europe is an “obvious fact,” but one that many European leaders deny due to political correctness.

What do you think of Orban arguing against more Muslim immigration into the E.U.- and saying that “all the terrorists are basically migrants?”