Original Poem: Is It Time To Come Home, Lord?

Jesus SC Original Poem: Is It Time To Come Home, Lord?

Is it time to come home, Lord? Have I done all that I can?
You gave me the voice. You gave me the drive.
But no one will listen. They are blind if they thrive.
They don’t sense the Evil that gives toys and drugs minds.

Young people are covetous; they want more; yet even when poor, they are idle.
They want others to supply their needs—to grant them their desires.
Young women kill babies in their womb; they want pleasure—not the pain.
They don’t understand their loss—don’t know how much they’d obtain.

Corruption rules this world now—through envy, hate, and greed.
Our leaders flaunt their power, while their hungry cry and plead.
Supremacy is their motive, o’er the people, and for fame.
They’re Almighty in their mirrors—sashaying with evil gain.

Each country is in chaos. Mobs destroy—blood runs in streets.
Despots bomb and kill those who protest, to maintain their dominance.
The poor want equal wealth as those who worked and toiled for years.
If not, greedy leaders will steal it—and make poor and rich simply peers.

Earthly crises are mounting too, Lord—are they reprimands for our sins?
Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and volcanoes—do they warn of a fiery end?
We’ve been told of these horrors before, Lord, but many doubt Your Holy Birth.
They’d have to forego self-indulgence, and honor You as their Savior borne.

We must fall to our knees and pray, Lord—acknowledge we are Your creations.
“Revelations” in the Holy Bible, the Mayans, and Nostradamus, too,
Told of plagues and fiery monsters to come. They’ll destroy those who won’t repent.
Those who don’t admit their guilt or sins will soon reap what they have sown.

Photo credit: biblevector (Creative Commons)

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Why Do We Continue To Accept Obama’s Corruption As The Norm?

President Obama face WH photo SC Why Do We Continue To Accept Obamas Corruption As The Norm?

I have been shouting about our government’s actions from the rooftops for more than three years, while so many US voters just hide from the limelight and say “But Fox News says….” Fox News is owned by Murdoch, who is more concerned with ratings than the truth and has so much power over Fox commentors that they all had to parrot the liberal media or leave, like Beck. Besides, I would still like to know his connections with Soros, the Illuminati, and the Bilderbergs). (For those of you who are uninformed about the Illuminati and Bilderbergs–just Google them.)

I have been an investigative reporter for many years and found newspaper articles and photos of Obama while he was still a young man posing with his cabal of Communist organizers–joining clubs and advertising meetings. Plus, Obama is ineligible for President for three reasons: his British-citizenship father; his Indonesian stepfather who bestowed Indonesian citizenship on “Barry,” which allowed him to use his foreign passport to go to countries that did not allow Americans in; and his foreign birthplace, about which there is more than sufficient evidence to prove he is NOT an American.

As “Barry Soetoro,” he applied for student foreign aid at one of his colleges; at Columbia University, not one of his supposed classmates recognize him. He lied about being a Constitutional Professor–he was just a guest lecturer. He is using an illegal Social Security number. I could go on and on. Finally, enough judges are being convinced to order him to unseal all of his records–which he has spent $2 million of taxpaper money on legal fees to seal and keep hidden.

Pray to God that his Traitorous actions, plus all those of the people who helped him get elected, will cause them all to be imprisoned and tried for Treason this summer before the election. I know that might throw the country into chaos, but that might just be the way that we can clean house and get rid of all corrupt local, state, and national politicians, judges, and even civilians.

Then we can start over with a restored Constitution and Bill of Rights. At least we will then be able to undo all the damage inflicted by Obama during the past four years, and we can start making new rules to protect us from this happening again…No ObamaCare! Give us back access to our own energy sources and provide the jobs we need. Throw out the UN and denounce our membership. Strengthen our Military personnel and bring them home from countries that we are not fighting.

Give term limits and civilian perks to all politicians. No public employee unions. No FED, Fannie May, or Freddie Mac. No corporate handouts–they sink or swim on their own. No government departments that do nothing but harm, like the Depts. of Energy and Education as well as alphabet soup agencies such the EPA, IRS (only flat tax). Go back to the Gold Standard and LOCK the lockbox for good… a secured border and all illegals deported, TORT reform with a cap of 10% for lawyers, workfare at minimum wage instead of welfare, no unemployment without training/classes attendance to learn a needed skill. No aid to foreign countries except directly to starving people who are victims of their own hierarchy or a natural catastrophe. No financial aid to any countries.

If we do all this and get rid of the corruption, we can catch up on our debt and keep a balanced budget for all of us. The problems for us is that we have become a country of “give-aways” to deadbeats or those we want to buy for friends. We need to go back to our original work ethics, God as our Savior, Golden Rule standards, and stop letting the corrupt rule us with “Political Correctness,” Elitist mentalities.

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