An Open Letter To Catholics Who Vote Democrat

Catholic Church interior

Note to my Catholic Democrat brothers and sisters:

In this world, you may have either knowledge or repose; but you may not have both.

Your Church  and your religious freedoms are under an ongoing attack being carried out under the direct control of Barack Obama, a man many of you helped put in office. While you were taking care of yourselves and your families and trusting in the wrong people, your Democrat Party has turned on you and your Church. You must now choose which one to stand with.

There may have been a time long ago when we could be both good Catholics and good Democrats, but that alliance is now a relic of the past.

Holding on to the comfort of uninformed robotic voting followed by a smug sense of having “done your duty as a citizen” is a dangerous mistake. Catholics who have taken refuge in this position are as much enemies of our nation as Catholics who willfully work to undermine our freedoms because in fact, they are achieving the same ends.

The largest potential voting bloc in American politics is the Catholic Vote. Those of us who have watched willfully blind and/or maliciously motivated Catholics erode both our nation and our Church can now no longer merely stand by and complain. Hand-wringing but doing nothing makes us just as guilty as the empty heads and the maliciously motivated in our faith.

Those who pay attention to such things will recall that during Obama’s fake government shutdown, he targeted two of his favorite enemies for special persecution: The Catholic Church and America’s Military.

One of Obama’s targets was Father Ray Leonard, a Catholic Chaplin assigned to Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia.  Father Leonard was threatened with arrest if he performed mass, administered Catholic Sacraments including Reconciliation and Last Rites, or even entered his church during Obama’s fake government shutdown.  Father Leonard filed a lawsuit to regain his rights and was immediately subjected to retaliation from Obama’s lawyers. They are withholding some of his pay and announced that his legally signed and executed contract is “being reviewed.” His is the only such contract “under review.”

Obama is NOT going to march us out of our homes and shoot us; he is just going to destroy our Church if you and I let him by doing nothing.

Make your voice be heard at every opportunity. Those of you who are not Catholics: keep in mind that should we lose, he’s coming for your Church next.

Kerry ‘s Latest Lie Puts Americans In Danger…

John Kerry Brain Scan SC

There is irrefutable proof that it is Islam, not poverty, that causes terrorism. A three decades long study shows that as worldwide poverty has declined, terrorism has increased.

Democrats are constantly on the attack. Whenever they recognize an opportunity to promote one of their destructive aims, they will do anything necessary. As we have seen over and over again, this means lying. John Kerry–the slug who plays the Secretary of State on television (don’t tell me the Democrats’ low information supporters know any better)–is among the best liars his party has. Kerry almost lied his way into the Oval Office a few years back, you will recall.

During a recent meeting with a representative of the Vatican, Kerry took the opportunity to lie to suck up to the Muslims in his effort to get them to abandon their eternal goal of wiping Israel off the map.

What Kerry said was that poverty (and of course “disenfranchisement” – a favorite Democrat word usually used when they are caught committing fraud) causes terrorism. This lie gives Kerry and his party a few advantages. They can get cover from a Papacy that already blames poverty for all of the world’s ills, and they further reinforce the lie that Islam is a “Religion of Peace.” Kerry pushes aside the fact that Islam is actually just another failed economic system created by people who knew and know nothing about how thriving economies work.

As “an important member of Barack Obama’s Cabinet,” Kerry must have been told about the results of a huge and exhaustive study of the results of America’s benevolent introduction of free market principles to the world. The study completed by economists Maxim Pinkovskiy of MIT and Xavier Sala-i-Martin of Columbia shows that over a thirty six year period, the percentage of the world’s people living on the equivalent of a dollar a day dropped from 26.8% to just 5.4%!

This drop is so great that it leaves no room for argument from the freedom-hating left. Poverty doesn’t incite Muslims to blow people up; they’ve lived in poverty for hundreds of generations. It is Islam that causes terror attacks. John Kerry knows this but lies about it anyway; he is a Democrat after all.

How Living Under Democrat/Socialist Rule Can Destroy Your Life

Photo credit: photologue_np (Creative Commons)

To celebrate the New Year, a Californian who describes himself as a libertarian moved out of the state. In his frustration, he has posted a list of just some of the ridiculous regulations he has suffered under at the hands of liberals who have been given unlimited power over the lives of everyday Americans.

These are some of the regulatory nightmares he had to undergo.

In order to merely remove a wooden deck that was condemned by Ventura County inspectors, he had to pay for and secure SEVEN separate permits. In order to place a small concession trailer in his own parking lot (he owned a camp site rental business), he had to PROVIDE A SOIL SAMPLE from the dirt UNDER the asphalt of the parking lot! Because of imperial edicts from power hungry liberals, it took him THREE years to get the permit to place a 500 gallon fuel tank on his own property.  These and other regulations have caused him to give up any thoughts of doing the necessary repairs he knows his property needs to keep it worthy of his customers’ trust and needs.  The costs of permits alone are prohibitive.

The State of California required him to pay almost 7% of his payroll to cover unemployment insurance for summer employees who don’t work all winter and are supported by unemployment insurance payments he funds.

While these people are supposed to be searching for work, the State of California does nothing to insure that they are. Moreover, many spend the winter in Mexico living on their payments. Consequently, he pays for their winter vacation each year while he worries about how to make ends meet.

Looming in his future and that of every other small business owner is the black cloud of huge Obamacare payments and ever increasing minimum wage requirements. He adds a cautionary note that laws like California’s Proposition 13 that force low property taxes on local governments can and will be circumvented by a torrent of regulations that squeeze money out of people.

Curtailing taxes are only half the job. As we see in Obama’s EPA, regulatory agencies can and will kill economies.


Photo credit: photologue_np (Creative Commons)

Obama Deceives The American Public Using Orwellian “Newspeak”

Obama Program Michelle SC

Barack Obama’s lies have gone way past ordinary political deviousness. He is a reflexive pathological liar, and he is destroying America by use of George Orwell’s “1984” newspeak.

You name it; this guy has lied about it. He has been aided in his lies by equally mendacious Democrats and a media that has put its soul on the altar of socialism and sacrificed it to their god King Barack.  Democrat lies and media support of their lies are of course nothing new. The party was born of Aaron Burr and Andrew Jackson’s lies.

What’s new is that these soulless Democrats have lost touch with the consequences of their lies. They don’t give a damn what damage their lies do to America.

No honest person believes Hillary Clinton or Obama’s lies about Benghazi. Anyone except the willfully blind acknowledges that Obama directed Fast and Furious and used the IRS to crush TEA party groups. These are Joseph Goebbels –like stunts.

Recently, we were reminded that Obama reports his fake unemployment numbers the same way Hitler’s Propaganda Minister used to report how his war was going: Tell the lie over and over until it is accepted as truth. This way, each new Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)  lie about the unemployment number becomes easier for his stupid followers to believe.

Even the bottom-feeding creatures of MSNBC have had their fill of the lie that unemployment is going down and started to challenge the lie. They are telling people the unemployment rate’s drop is traceable to the fact that people who have lost their job have stopped looking, so they are conveniently no longer counted as unemployed. Orwell’s “Big Brother” would be proud of this lie.

Obama’s use of “Big Brother’s” newspeak has made the unemployment number meaningless; it’s been “lied” to death.  As if we are children who needed our heads rubbed for reassurance that “everything will be alright”, the BLS tells us the unemployment rate dropped a stunning .3% to 6.7%, so don’t be scared.  The Democrats actually expect us to emit shouts of joy in praise of their god King Barack.

The unemployment percentage number is now as meaningless as judging the health of our economy by the Dow Jones Index, which is supported by bribes from the Federal Reserve.

To get our economy working again, we have to reject Obama’s fake newspeak unemployment lie and focus on the raw number of Americans who are not working. It’s now almost 92 million, and that is a scary number.

We Hate To Disappoint Democrats Again, But…

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)

The most important aspect of Chris Christie’s Traffic-Gate scandal is that a human life may have been lost because power hungry lowlifes played New Jersey thug politics. This is disgusting and heartbreaking. Nevertheless, this scandal, as everything else that happens, is being reported and viewed only in terms of the politics of its nature. Because of this fact Christie’s, White House dream is over. For the Democrats, this scandal is a serious blow. They had so hoped that Christie would be the Republicans nominee in 2016; but alas, that is over now.

In a reflexive response,  The Atlantic’s David Graham is reassuring everyone who will listen that “rumors of Chris Christie’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.” Really? How interesting. The Atlantic is wrong, and here’s why.

The scandal is real. It might include the death of an innocent victim. Christie’s scandal takes place immediately adjacent to New York City, the media capitol of the world. Reporters don’t have to get out a map and a GPS to find a place to interview “victims”; even these lazy lumps can get this job done. People in Fort Lee don’t like Republicans to begin with. There is a strong hatred of Christie among elected Democrats in New Jersey (please don’t be fooled the number who endorsed him – they did it out of fear); they will therefore not let this go. Christie’s presidential fundraising machine is now shut down, even before it got rolling. High-rolling Chamber of Commerce quislings will place their bets on different people.

Christie will get no help from grassroots Republicans, and support from people like John Boehner will only underline why Christie is not acceptable to Republican rank-and-file.

The media desperately wants to latch onto anything they can talk about besides Barack  Obama’s real scandals. Traffic-Gate gives them a way to change the subject.

The media will rip up Christie because they know they can find another Republican loser to support and promote right up until the day he clinches the nomination.

The whipping Christie gave Barbara Bouno last year was as fake as a wooden nickel. The Democrats in New Jersey put up that clown, knowing they couldn’t beat him no matter what they did. They put Bouno up so Christie could run up the score and give the New York Times something to write about to fool Republicans into nominating him. Honest observers know Christie wouldn’t even carry New Jersey. Anyone who knows anything about New Jersey politics knows this is true. They also know there is very little reason to believe Christie didn’t know about the deadly stunt; and even if he didn’t know, Obama has carried the “I didn’t know” excuse way past its “use by” date.

If  an innocent person died because of Christie’s Traffic Gate,  I’m deeply sorry . That life can never be replaced, but time will prove Chris Christie’s political life ended that day as well. His road to Washington is closed.

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)