Unionized Labor Is A Failure; What Does It Mean For Obamacare?

labor unions SC Unionized labor is a failure; what does it mean for Obamacare?

First came the news that 40,000 Longshoremen have quit the AFL-CIO because they have finally figured out that Richard “Fifth Amendment” Trumpka and his gang has been screwing them. The final wake-up call came with Trumpka’s support of both Obamacare and amnesty disguised as “immigration reform.” The dockworkers have come to recognize that this two-headed monster will destroy them, and they opted to vote for a break from union control with their feet. While the official reasons for the mass pullout sound like these men are leaving because the AFL-CIO isn’t liberal enough, don’t believe it for a minute. The “leaders” of this pullout have only run up to get in the front of the parade out the door. The men aren’t fools; they can sense what is coming.

The dues hit the Trumpka gang takes should be very substantial. What will the AFL-CIO do? Why, raise the dues on the remaining suckers, of course.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, word has come from San Francisco that America’s only unionized strip joint (which heretofore was offering “Live Nudes and Movies” and “Private Booths”) has gone out of business. It took the clutching hands of the “workers’ friends” at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) just 16 years to kill a business selling smut in the sewer of America!

The union-run strip joint could not come up with its rent for May, and the “mean greedy” landlord refused to allow the “Lusty Lady” to stay open (presumably as a community meeting place for sexual deviants.)

In 2003, the Lusty Lady went Animal Farm with the full support of the SEIU, of course. The “dancers” pooled their money and bought the place for $400,000, making it a (wince) “worker” cooperative. Slowly but surely, the realities of how a competition between a unionized strip joint and a privately-run dive must inevitably turn out hit the workers’ paradise; and things went downhill.

In 2010, the New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation closed. It was killed by unionization. Imagine a bookie joint going out of business! Only unionization could accomplish that dubious feat.  Now, a strip joint closes in San Francisco. Unions can’t even run businesses catering to human vices. How will they ever run a little thing like Obamacare?

Black Man Savagely Beats 71 Year Old White Man


Connecticut SC Black man savagely beats 71 year old White man

The Left is uncomfortable about “keeping score” of racial attacks by black males on (especially) defenseless whites. The favorite targets of these cowards are fragile elderly whites and white women; although when they are assembled in sufficiently lopsided numbers, these predators will attack young healthy white men.

The numbers of stories about these savage attacks are growing faster than the Democrat-controlled media can smother them. Last week, we heard about two black males attacking and killing a World War II hero in Spokane – a place that prides itself on its liberality. They beat this fine American veteran with heavy metal flashlights. Of course, the authorities are not calling this a hate crime; in Liberal-think, hate crimes can only be committed by whites against blacks. That’s just another lie the Left tells about race in America.

Today brings another classic example of an impotent black male making himself feel powerful by beating up an old white man.

Last Sunday, after a rally in a New Haven, Connecticut park (in support of a black woman who is running for mayor), a 35 year old black Hispanic male – not to be confused with a George Zimmerman Hispanic male – savagely attacked a solitary 71 year old white man.

The thug, Jorge DelaPaz, apparently a self-appointed warrior fighting to protect black children from having to be subjected to the sight of an old white man, said white men shouldn’t be, “.. in his park where young black kids are playing.” Then he attacked the elderly white man who was peacefully eating a sandwich.

True to the creed of the cowardly “warrior,” after punching his helpless victim in the face several times, DelaPaz ran away.

DelaPaz, a felon, was captured by the police a short time later. He was carrying “…a Sig Sauger P239 handgun, a set of brass knuckles, and a voter registration card.” Let’s take a wild guess and say he’s a registered Democrat.

How a felon could have a gun in the State of Connecticut or why they let felons vote is a mystery. All we “know for sure” is this it wasn’t a hate crime because the Connecticut authorities say it wasn’t.  Anyone disagree?

Photo credit: uconnlibrariesmagic (Creative Commons)

Media Playing “Make Believe” With Black-on-White Crime

Liberal Media SC Media playing “Make believe” with Black on White Crime

Unfortunately, the vicious murder of an innocent jogger in Oklahoma by two “bored” black teenage boys is not an exceptional act.  The only reason why the media is reporting it is because the victim was an Australian; and to its credit, his government won’t let the story die. Finding the two killers had a white accomplice makes this story only a little bit more acceptable to the media, so they are grudgingly covering it.

In his new book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America.” Colin Flaherty chronicles the alarming but grossly under-reported attacks by black mobs on white victims, purely motivated by their hatred of white people.

Flaherty’s book lists over 500 such attacks just since 2010! An honest observer and media consumer would be very hard-pressed to recall more than 3 of these vicious and hate-filled attacks (let alone focus on more than 500 of them) because we’ve never heard about them; and that is the goal of the media’s coverage blackout.

The fact that more than sixty cities have been the scenes of these attacks clearly indicts the media for conspiring to smother any mention of black mob on white victim assaults and murders for purely ideological reasons. The media won’t report the truth simply because the truth doesn’t “fit” into the fake worldview the hard left media wants to project.

When Flaherty juxtaposes the media’s sanitized versions of these attacks with the truth,  “… the contrast is jarring. Mob attacks on whites become “fights,” race is never mentioned, and the incidents are buried on back pages, if they are even reported at all.”

The book’s title reflects the ill-educated feral nature of the typical member of one of these roving bands of black assassins.

A  defenseless  female white victim in Milwaukee, who was set upon by some of a 100 strong black mob (described as being involved in a “fight” between races by creative  media), said that after she was punched in the face for no reason but the color of her skin, a black thug grunted “Oh, white girl bleed a lot.”

Unless the commissars in the media allow us to at least hear about these attacks in their entirety, we will never know the truth. Obviously, smothering the truth is their goal. The media have blood dripping from their hands. They are killing white America.

Photo credit: wstera2 (Creative Commons)

Now What, Liberals?

Liberia SC Now what, liberals?

Liberals love their fantasies about slavery in America. It makes them feel superior to insist America was founded by “Old White Men” (OWM) who loved slavery. They refuse to acknowledge that those same OWMs often freed their own slaves, although not until their death. They love their own fairy tale that “freeing slaves had nothing to do with the Civil War.” Allowing that would force them to credit Lincoln and the (hated) Republicans with freeing the slaves – a gross violation of the false liberal narrative of American history.

They are so desperate to keep the truth of who were the slave holders and who set the slaves free from their intellectually captive black voters that in some states, American history books start with 1870 because starting in 1775  could throw open the Liberal plantation gates forever.

These things said liberals should start gearing up to defend another of their wishful thinking fantasies, which holds that the slaves held by old South Democrats were noble people who could have taught the evil white man a thing or two about civilized conduct if given the chance.

The establishment of the nation of Liberia should have settled this question; but according to a new book, it proved just the opposite was true.  Liberia was established with American government and private funds as a free nation on the continent of Africa, which would serve as a homeland for repatriated black former American slaves. It was to be a utopia where blacks would apply the principles of democratic government they had learned in America and become a shining beacon freedom in the “Dark Continent.” It never happened.

Once Liberia was founded, the inhabitants immediately started an economic system based on the enslavement of other black Africans.  They built houses that looked like the anti-bellum mansions their former masters lived in and continued to live off slavery until the 1920s!

This is all documented in “Another America: The story of Liberia and the former slaves who ruled it” by James Ciment – Hill and Wang.

Read it and weep, liberals. Another of your fantasies has been destroyed.

Photo credit: MercyWatch (Creative Commons)

Wisconsin Teachers’ Unions In Full Collapse

Scott Walker 2 SC Wisconsin teachers’ unions in full collapse

Remember all those dire predictions about the damage Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s public employee union contract reforms would do? Remember the angst of Wisconsin’ teachers and other “vital workers” over what they saw as the end of the line for their cushy jobs and control over their state? Well, they were right to be worried. They are getting crushed and put out of existence.

Now that two years have passed and the dust has settled, it’s safe to say that the union protesters who filled the legislative offices and camped out in Wisconsin’s state capital were actually optimistic. The results of Walker’s changes have been more devastating than either side could have feared or hoped for, depending on their point of view.

Since Act 10 passed two years ago, public employees’ unions have been in a steep decline they may not be able to come out of. Like a plane whose engines have failed will crash and burn, these unions are on their way to crashing and burning.

Savor this roll call of collapse in just two years.

Among Wisconsin’s fastest declining unions is AFSCME Council 24, which has seen a jaw dropping 88% (5,900 to 690) reduction in its dues paying members.

Another union, the WSEU, has shrunk from 22,000 members before Act 10, to less than 10,000 as of last December.

Wisconsin’s AFSCME Council 40 has lost 35% of its membership (31,730 in 2011 to 20,488 today).

Council 48 situated in Milwaukee County had 9,043 members two years ago. Today, it has 3,498 dues paying members.

Wisconsin’s teachers’ unions have lost 29% of their members, and there is no reason to believe the bleeding will stop anytime soon.

More than this, the whole state is experiencing a collapse of union membership, according to a  Bureau of Labor Statistic release that set union membership at 11.2%, down from 13.3% just two years ago.

One poor union thug summed up Wisconsin’s sea change in attitudes toward unions this way: “If the public doesn’t care about the messenger, it’s not going to care about the message. If constituents don’t care, politicians aren’t going to care.”

There now, wasn’t that a fun read?!