Obama: Master Of Disaster

Last week, a REAL Christian, a young black ballplayer at Charleston Southern University, elected to help put out a fire instead of fanning the flames of an already roaring inferno.

Chris Singleton stood with fellow players, coaching staff, and a couple dozen live microphones and cameras, and declared to all the world his forgiveness of the young maniac who’d shot and killed his sweet mother just hours earlier. He quietly, carefully clarified that his love and forgiveness were a choice – one that his mother would have encouraged him to make. And, while he was biting back the tears, heartbroken at the needless loss of his mama, he was by faith rejoicing that it wouldn’t be long before he would see her again.

The bereft athlete said NOTHING about the gun that was used to destroy his dear mother. All he could talk about was the gracious, forgiving, and colorless God, to whom his mother was so devoted. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton was herself an athlete, teacher, coach, minister – and foremost a mother who had raised her strong and bright-eyed child up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I’m sure she was beaming as her son delivered his impromptu, evangelistic eulogy – just as she had taught him.

Despite our president’s best efforts at keeping the racial pot stirred, I still see that kind of colorblind heart alive today: men and women of all colors rushing to aid and console people of all colors. It’s the inborn affection and grace that our Lord said would all but disappear toward the end of this fallen planet’s shelf life. It is, nonetheless, still determinedly practiced by those who haven’t sold their souls to 21st-century callous godlessness. And that freely-given kindness and strength of character are not exclusive features of any race.

Less than a decade ago, the wound of black/white HATRED in our nation seemed to be slowing and actually pushing forth some tender, nascent buds of healing. But, since his inauguration, we have watched the Obamas thoroughly resurrect and exacerbate the old southern Democrat’s insistance that a multicolored America can never blend and unify. Precisely as he accused the racist killer in his recent sermon in Charleston, Obama has spent much of his presidency sinisterly working to “deepen divisions that trace back to our nation’s original sin.” He uses the term ‘original sin’ to keep fresh the antique terror that most of today’s America – black and white – would like to see finally dead, buried, and forgotten. He’s rubbing salt into the 200+ year-old slash that he and his racist wife have helped to reopen.

Our alleged president sees tragedy as a tool. From Ferguson, Missouri, to the church shooting in Charleston, any convenient calamity can serve as political fuel in promoting his own warped agendas. He and his cronies know they’re in charge of a generally distracted and sleeping America. And they freely operate in the luxury of being allowed, by lazy default, to literally get away with anything.

Shamelessly, ever so subtly, he used the Memorial service in Charleston to further his objective of disarming America. Out of simple respect, his Marxist ambitions should never have had any part in that sacred event which was intended solely to honor those deceased. Instead of approaching a shocked and mourning nation with his hat in his hand, bringing words of genuine consolation and healing, he actually had the affront to use that bittersweet gathering to paint as villains our honest citizenry who bear arms to defend themselves and loved ones against just such insanity as that church massacre.

And his words, given in that context, hauled those victims and their heartbroken survivors into an apparent alliance with his anti-gun ambitions. He mercilessly invited that raging battle into the solemn decorum of a funeral. The weeping attendees and the onlooking world were too busy hurting to notice – and too dignified to ever suspect – that he might find their sorrow handy in helping to make a strong close on his pitch for gun control. Truly, his craft and deception know no bounds.

We lower ourselves in stretching to understand our supreme leader’s dictatorial logic (which slithers along like this): ‘It was obviously a hate crime. Only hateful criminals (and of course, some sportsmen) would want to keep guns.’ And then, about a week later, he retrofits another of his limping causes into the momentum of that aftershock; and the timing screams out this message to his rainbow troops: ‘Oh, and, by the way, any white, hetero homophobe who might not support gay marriage – or who may take issue with my hacking the Constitution to dismantle America – is just as racist and hateful as the Charleston shooter.’

And this is how he rolls – unceasingly. That sort of senseless emotional, non-sequitur chicanery is how he first captured the Oval Office. And it is his standard modus operandi in running his firmly-established rule over America. As we should now be well aware, he never wastes the potential energy of any convenient crisis – however unrelated – in pushing through his demands. He regularly employs his mind-numbing sophistry on the heads of his brave new America that has abandoned the effort of sane and safe circumspection for an easily applied political correctness. Riding on the tide of brain-dead liberals, BO now has the carte blanche to brandish his POWER and rub his totalitarian control in the face of a disunited conservative America. And an amused world that had formerly respected us looks on in disbelief.

Bill Clinton declared: “Obama is a master politician.” (Praise from Caesar.) At the Memorial gathering in Charleston, it was toward the silly, nationwide mob of his gullible and politically correct enablers – and only slightly, the comparatively few sorrowful who attended – that his sleazy ploy was directed. In the final analysis, it is painfully obvious that the shootings in Charleston, just like so many other recent disasters, are in fact welcomed as advantageous opportunities for our ruthless and determined president who intends to fully control America by the end of his second term.

All the blessed men and women who have fought to the death to keep the lights on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. never thought those lights would one day bedeck that distinguished address in order to give it the appearance of a gay bar. Neither did they ever imagine that its viciously deceptive and politically predatory occupant would there enthrone himself as the prancing enemy of all liberty.

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Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me!

Last month, a rally was held in Arizona, outside of a mosque. The event attracted an army of citizenry who showed up to rightfully protest the special allowances given to Muslims in our media, schools, businesses, etc.

The event’s organizer – we’ll call him “Don’ – was asked by the local Fox News affiliate to explain his reasons for staging the affair. He was matter-of-fact and to the point, carefully outlining his grievances – quite logical complaints – that most any observant American (including me) had already expressed. I didn’t entirely agree with all of it – but he made his thoughts plainly known, using rights that need to be regularly exercised.

I admired the fact that Don cushioned his remarks with appropriate restraint. He qualified the protest, carefully stating that nobody was there for violence. It was not about hatred, but about simple freedom of speech and the preservation of that First Amendment right. He was quite vocal about the politically correct hammer that has forced our silence toward the unabashed, strident threats, actions, and militancy of the crusading Islamists in our land.

Listening to his words, I internally ‘came out of my chair’ with a silent ovation for this man who had – in street language and without profanity – quite eloquently described the complete swindle of the currently PC-enforced inequity of Islam’s being allowed to say and do most anything it wants that is anti-American – while Americans are told to keep their mouths shut about Islam.

I thought, “Right on, man! More people putting their feet down and expressing outrage at what is at least a total unfairness – and, given the fruits of this infection around the world, the precursor to the destruction of America!”

The gathering spotlighted the ‘Islam versus America’ conflict, and pointed out the undeniable Islamization currently happening around the world.

In this turbulent and singular period of our nation, our children are commonly encouraged to spit on the Cross of Christ while, simultaneously, ‘Muslim Appreciation Weeks’ are held in elementary to high schools across our country. The hijab and burqa cover more and more of our daughters, and our sons sport beanies and carry paperback korans, due to what amounts to a worldwide recruiting program that shames the most powerful promotional schemes of everybody from our armed forces to a desperate AARP.

Sharia law is squirming for dominance in every state. Americans ON THIS CONTINENT have actually been beheaded by militant Islamists. Radical Islamic weirdos are gunning for anyone who dares to criticize Islam (or even draws an innocuous cartoon of their illiterate, child molesting, anti-Semitic ‘prophet,’ Mohammed).

If the above is news to you, or if you dismiss these statements as simply raving paranoia, it’s time you did a little more research than just resting on what your TV is telling you.

Many American religious and civil freedoms are dwindling under a steamroller empowered by a burgeoning, draconian Islam. And we are corporately lying down in front of this danger because liberal Americans – now a plurality of our people, who don’t want to be bothered by history or responsibility – are esteeming the presence of a quaintly ‘mysterious Islam’ as warranting no more attention than an episode of Jerry Springer.

But what really caused me to come out of my chair – literally – was the ‘change of heart’ that’s now been voiced by the unwary leader, Don.

He entirely withdrew his very rational and needed criticisms and gave a big, wet “I’m sorry” to the same ‘faith’ who (over 80% of Arabic Muslims, according to a recent Al Jazeera poll) SUPPORT the existence and actions of ISIS!!

I couldn’t believe it.

Anyone experienced in martial arts knows it is often the best defense to simply stand still and use an opponent’s movement to toss him out of the way. I mean, if an adversary can be manipulated into cooperating with you – why not take advantage of that? And that is obviously what the Muslims at that mosque did. With extreme cordiality, they smilingly invited their critic inside for coffee and correction. And, when I heard his subsequent apology, it seemed obvious that he’d swallowed their bait – whole.

Strategically showcasing the peace of a bunch of people kneeling on prayer rugs, the inviting priests/imams/whoever quite effectively neutralised his complaints: “You see? We are not killers! We are simply misunderstood worshipers of God, and we really love you and all your gun toting friends outside!”

His hosts did not mention to him their own doctrine of ‘taqiyya’ (lying to people for the benefit of Islam) or remind him of the TERROR – which the world has been suffering with for centuries – which is Islam’s deadly venom, hidden behind the deceptive moniker of “Religion of Peace.”

Just as they’d hoped, Don, with ‘enlightened’ and beatific regret, expressed to puzzled reporters that, once inside their temple, he became acquainted with the ‘real Islam.’ (He had not seen any Christians hanging from nooses or women in black robes packing their children with sticks of dynamite!)

Someone should have reminded Don that the terroristic activities of Islam (entirely promoted in the Quran) don’t usually occur inside most mosques! If they did, the bombs and gunfire would kind of wind up hurting or killing their own people! And the beheadings tend to really mess up the nice carpeting!

His sudden about-face was a bit like when England’s PM, Neville Chamberlain, came back from his visit with Hitler, declaring with all confidence: “He’s REALLY our best friend and on our side!”

So a couple days later, the former protesters returned to the mosque – with new placards and even more news cameras – attempting to ‘make amends’ for having been so slow to catch on that these guys (the Muslims) are just a great bunch of ‘church people!’

I almost lost my lunch. Nice work, Don.

There is a massively critical spiritual battle happening around us right now, and precious few people seem to be aware of that reality or its eternal consequences.

I have been involved with comparative religious studies and cult apologetics for decades, and watched well-meaning but uninformed people fold up like this in the face of carefully executed scams. Subsequently, they take a lot of stupid people down with them! Regretably, this was one of those situations.

When charismatic people with an audience are fooled into making such retractions or concessions, often the uninformed of that mob will shrug their shoulders, surrender to the prevailing wind, and take a big swig of the KoolAid. In the end, they will have earned the tar pits they’ll inevitably be wading into.

My word to Don and anyone else listening is the following, irrevocable TRUTH: Just as bank robbers disguise themselves as police and bank guards, the devil disguises himself “as an angel of light.” (2nd Corinthians 11:14) Just because someone acts all lovey-dovey and hospitable in the face of wide-eyed gullibility doesn’t dilute the snake’s poison or ensure that it won’t bite you when your head is turned.

The jihading muslims THEMSELVES have WARNED US! America, Israel, and the entire free world have been put on notice. We have been amply informed of the ‘merciless doom’ that will befall all who dare to oppose this religion of hate. And their false prophet and false christ, both of which Jesus clearly warned us about in Scripture (Matthew 24:24), will guarantee all who place trust in them a place in hell. (2 Corinthians 11:4, Acts 4:12, John 3:36)

In summation, just because one man has – however sincerely – signed off on and endorsed this or any other deadly, anti-Christian, and anti-semitic cult, the easily discovered TRUTH (especially regarding dark Islam) is not altered.

As one man wisely said: “Even if millions of people do a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.”

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Let’s Go Over This Again…Debunking The Lies Of ‘Palestine’

The world has generally been duped into thinking that the so-called ‘nation’ of Palestine has been absconded by greedy Zionists who should be forced to return it.

Equally fallacious is the fable of Palestine’s ‘rich heritage’ and the world’s responsibility to help preserve that allegedly brutalized underdog.

Such blather gives the appearance of validity to ‘Palestine,’ that stolen piece of Jewish real estate which had been rightfully restored to the Jews by its then legitimate owner, Great Britain (who had legitimately acquired it in 1917).

In fact, today’s ‘Palestine’ is kept populated and underwritten by the entire Islamic world as an in-gun-range utility whereby Israel can be badgered and eventually destroyed. Period.

Over two thousand years ago, Roman conquerors renamed the area (roughly) ‘Palestinia,’ in an attempt to disenfranchize the Jews from that part of their homeland – and the place was nothing but a sandy wilderness before the Jewish owners officially resumed residence in 1948.

Today’s Palestinian ‘state’ is an invention created in an effort to trump nearly 3800 years of the strong, pre-existing Israeli ties to the property deeded to them by God.

Far outside of the oil corridor, there is absolutely no sane reason for their already petroleum-rich enemies to have any need for that property. But by their own repeated oath, we have been amply informed of Islam’s intent to destroy Israel. And the way those cultists are going about that is really quite predictable.

Their design becomes obvious when we take a quick glance at a map of the Middle East. Israel’s Islamic neighbors are about 600 times larger than that tiny nation! As Dennis Miller compared it, Israel is no larger than a package of matches lying next to a football field.

But why haven’t the Islamic nations, huge as they are, ever been able to swat this fly?

There are three easy answers to that excellent question, and they come in this order of factual priority: (1.) God, just as He promised, is watching out for Israel. (2.) Israel is just as gifted and brilliant in a fight as they are in doing business, science, the arts, etc. (3.) Especially today, the watching, generally spineless world – anti-Semitic or not – has a problem with bullies who pose a danger to its own well-being.

The ingenuity of Jew-hating Islam works like this: “Since we can’t get past those three (above) roadblocks, we will do our fighting THROUGH little Palestine. That perfectly positioned, strategically placed territory will be the ideal funnel (and veil) for our combined aggression. When Israel defends herself, we will showcase those vicious Hebrews picking on the poor Palestinians (who we care nothing about). If we can paint Israel as hateful, greedy tyrants pounding on a destitute slum full of victimized innocents trying to protect their homes, Israel will be seen as the villain every time they return fire on an apartment building from where we will be firing our rockets! The easily deceived manipulated infidel world will help us to achieve our goals!”

Combine all the above with the threats of Islamic terrorism, which scream out: “If you ever want to feel safe again, you will help us get rid of the warmongering Jews. Short of that, we see you as sympathizers with those tyrants. We will continue to randomly bomb your buses, trains, ships, subways, public gatherings, and even fly planes into buildings – killing lots of innocent people – until you see things our way!”

And we have seen what they are capable of. But the ‘infidel’ world hasn’t seen anything yet. The frontline bullies – Hamas/Isis, Hesbolah, etc., are anxiously waiting for the day they acquire long-range nuclear weaponry. At that juncture, they can fully ramp things up and won’t care whose toes they’re stepping on. And then they will come after us.

Even in the face of all this belligerence, the land in fact still belongs to the Jews; and the media-showcased perishing ‘Palestinians,’ young and old, are the naturally resultant carnage of the battle that Israel never started. If the Jews are guilty of anything, it is their amazing tenacity in defending themselves while we sit and watch and actually send aid to their lying adversaries.

Nearly 60 years ago, an itinerant gang leader, the opportunistic Yasser Arafat, found a home and fat job security inciting the children of workers in Palestine. The workers were then happy to have jobs from the happy Jewish people who were happily rebuilding Jerusalem/Tel Aviv – and Arafat gave the kids rocks and guns and told them that they were being ‘oppressed’ by the Jews. And the Jews, once again, became the death-deserving enemy – this time, of persecuted ‘Palestinians.’

Since nobody wants to blow themselves up simply in order to kill people, the ‘religion’ of Islam grants the exploding people the title of ‘mujahedin’–and they are given martyr status. All sorts of subsequent benefits accompany that insanity – from allah in heaven, as well as his oil-rich terror underwriters (certainly not poor ‘Palestinians’) here on earth who send payoffs to the bombers’ families.

Again, all the money and resource of huge Islam is clandestinely poured into this evil effort. The ‘Palestinians’ and their ’cause’ are nothing more than props, while the surrounding Arab nations look like innocent bystanders. And the chronic, satanic objective of the extermination of all Jews (which has been attempted, over and over again, throughout history) is carried out from behind the cloak of chameleon-like Islam – that “Religion of Peace.” What a shuck.

All the above facts cannot be repeated too much.

Saying it better, though, a hundred and twenty years earlier than I have, the former Arabic mayor of Jerusalem, Yusuf Diya al-Khalidi – in an 1899 letter to France’s chief Rabbi Zadok Kahn – openly stated this simple truth:

The idea itself is natural, fine and just. Who can challenge the rights of the Jews in Palestine? Good Lord, historically it is really your country. What a wonderful spectacle that will be when a people as resourceful as the Jews will once again be an independent nation, honored and complacent, able to make its contribution to needy humanity in the field of morals, as in the past.

His candor flowed smoothly prior to the nefarious establishment of the hornet’s nest that is today’s ‘Palestine.’

How would Americans feel, if every day we had to work hard to justify our very existence before a deadly hostile world? How would Americans fare if our former allies either didn’t care or were taken in by the lies of our enemies?

The tiny nation of Israel has bent over backwards and suffered more than enough of this nonsense from a ‘Palestine’ that exists only as a press-grabbing charade for those who want to see her destroyed. Let us therefore, minimally, do ourselves a favor and cease giving credibility and support to a treacherous group that history has abundantly exposed as liars, thieves, and murderers.

Say it over and over again: “IT’S TIME WE STAND WITH ISRAEL.”

(And being critically confrontational of evil and the obvious fruit of evil is in no way similar to hatred. Jesus (yet another HATED JEW) talked about an ETERNALLY DECISIVE BATTLE happening in these last days. And it’s only by the blood of the Lamb and the often harsh word of our testimony that we will prevail – and Christ’s people WILL prevail.)

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Common Sense Doesn’t Need A Visa

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin’s recent combative remark, “tanks don’t need visas,” is what can be called an ‘overflow.’ They were easy words for him to say because the United States is only a threat as long as our oil is still flowing and our words are still considered solid. With our economy in the hands of the Chinese, and our nation overrun with and generally governed by selfish children, he felt comfortable in saying that. ‘Taking down America’ is probably a break room joke between Vladimir Putin and the rest of the boys. (Notice that he was not in the slightest censured for his remarks. That’s got to tell you something – or at least it should.)

There was a time, specifically November 18, 1956, when a Russian leader (Nikita Khrushchev), not one of his assistants, made the remark “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will dig you in.” Shortly after he’d said that, he was relieved of his duties. The Politburo didn’t want him running his mouth like that because they had a healthy respect for a mighty America. Nikita was from the old school – a school that has never been closed – and the lesson there is, “If I’m tough enough, I can take whatever you have.”*

So many in America today make fun of what used to be called the ‘Cold War.’ If you are looking to stand alone these days, just put forth the notion of socialism/communism taking over America. You’ll be laughed to scorn. Ridicule is the feared mace of political correctness, and any legitimate caution expressed regarding Marxism actually doing what it was designed to do – destroy our nation – is dismissed as paranoia and ‘McCarthyism.’ That misapplied term will shut up an ill-equipped conservative just like ‘Birther’ works perfectly in silencing anyone who would dare to bring up the fact of our own president’s mysterious origins.

Truly, the bludgeon of political correctness has closed a lot of mouths that might otherwise speak out against the madness that is happening all around us today in the West. Americans who are about the business of destroying us enjoy the luxury to do their work under the protection of the First Amendment. When you step on someone’s toes, they exercise their right to tell you to back off. And back off we have – without even using that same sanction to voice much-needed rebuttal.

Dmitri Rogozin went on to rightly observe what only a fool could ignore – namely that “(America’s) foundations will collapse under the onslaught of ISIS and gays.” Call him a prophet, but he simply expressed the sentiment of most of the onlooking world. We are just too blind or too stupid to face that fact. Our president, the Chair and Chief Spokesperson for America’s ‘Muslims ‘R’ Us,’ has been the principal force in engineering the total acceptance of the Trojan horse that most of our nation is currently welcoming and celebrating.

And, with the help of the liberal entertainment, news, and communication media, again, any patriots who try to draw attention to the now-opening belly of that horse – whether it is an Allen West, a Pam Geller, a Steve Crowder, a Western Journalism, me, or anyone else who refuses to applaud the Emperor’s new attire – represent the new McCarthyism. We are ‘the Birthers.’ We are labeled as whatever will best defuse any dire warning that needs to be broadcast – before it is too late. And it is now just shy of too late.

And most people have forgotten that the pen is mightier than the sword only as long as the sword protects the pen.

Putin, Rogozin, and the rest of the world that has its eyes open, in other words those who still remember the most simple lesson (*see above) taught by the most brutal teacher (historical EXPERIENCE), see an America blinded and lost to its own preferred distractions. A backbiting serpent is strong at the helm after two consecutive terms given him by politically correct revelers and lazy people who wouldn’t put down the remote long enough to get to the polls.

To quote John Wayne and a million other people who have kept godliness, perception, and common sense enthroned where it should be, “Some people won’t see the enemy for what it is until it comes up and bites them on the a**.” (This is where we are now finding ourselves.)

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

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A Plea To The Prisoners Of The Quran

I recently wrote an article entitled “Islam: Dirty Work At The Crossroads.” I compared the current Islamization of America to a huge, out of control train. In that analogy, our nation is a stalled car at a railroad crossing – where Obama has parked us – and the coal train (Islam) is bearing down hard and fast toward our destruction. It was not an optimistic picture because my comparison is not an exaggeration.

I talked about the ‘malevolent spirit’ that drives that terroristic train. That got some attention.

The afternoon of its release, Arab World News picked up my story from Western Journalism. It was their lead feature for a while and stayed on their front page for the balance of the day. It remains in their archives. They chose my most provocative statement and ran THAT beneath the accompanying photograph.

I have since made stronger statements about the deception and danger of Islam. The world needs to be awakened to the realities of this “religion of peace” that will mow down anything in its path that is contrary to it.

On a Christian church marquis, a pastor recently put up the words “We don’t have to agree on ANYTHING, to be kind to one another.” Militant Islamists haven’t a nodding aquaintence with the concept of amicable disagreement. They kill people who disagree with them. Americans, however, are not obliged to cower before their tantrums.

Christians have been martyred for simply remaining faithful to God. Islam’s ‘martyrs’ include vaporized clones who have packed their own wives and children with explosives. Only the devil sees his prisoners as being so cheaply disposable.

I have to write about all this because I’m a Christian. The Bible calls it ‘exposing the works of darkness’ – an effort all Christians are supposed to take part in. While I have the right and opportunity here in America to openly speak the truth (and I don’t see that lasting much longer), I am obligated to expose devilish error – which Islam is. (Ephesians 5:11, Acts 4:12, etc.)

I’m not retracting anything I wrote – but one very important point should be added and emphasized. I pray that many of those who read my criticism of Islam will read this:

While America can still be considered a predominantly ‘Christian’ nation, we are generally no longer behaving as such. Nevertheless, I feel safe in saying that the remnant of ‘Christian America’ (and that includes this author) bears NO HATRED toward the PEOPLE of Islam.

Islam’s arrogant and paranoid ruling infrastructure has convinced their followers that Christianity opposes and hates the individual Muslim. And that simply isn’t so.

The One who made us all, THE TRUE GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (and the same One who may now be tapping on the door of your heart [John 16:7-8]) has commanded, indeed BEGS, His children to love all who don’t know Him personally. Far from hating Islamic people (as Islam HATES those who oppose it), we hate what Islam does to people and what we see it doing to our nation and the world.

I have known some Muslims, personally. Most have been friends and easy to love. Beneath the heavyhanded demands of Islam, Muslims are simply imperfect people, like the rest of us. The crucial difference between Muslims and Christians is that real Christians possess the forgiveness of God–and they KNOW it. They live and rest in it. Muslims, and others outside of Christ’s atoning sacrifice, only know the hard LABOR of trying (in vain) to earn God’s acceptance.

The prophet Amos once asked: “Can two walk together (in the same direction) unless they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3) The obvious answer is “No.” And that’s why true Christians can’t be politically correct. Even the threat of Islamic violence (and there is plenty of that) ultimately cannot force a Christian to pretend that God is in any way involved with that false religion.

Again, believing Christians are NOT haters of THE Muslim PEOPLE. We only despise the false religion that will wind them up in hell. And Islam is just that.

All the Bible-prophesied insanity happening around us confirms the spiritual battle underway for the souls of mankind. Fighting that battle, for the true Christian, is never a contest of ‘my god against your god,’ but rather the sincere presentation of the Word of God given in prayerful love. The crux of the battle centers entirely upon the light of God’s simple, verifiable truth exposing and vanquishing deceitful treachery.

The dark ayatollahs and imams of Islam keep followers in blinded obedience by the intimidating cruelty found in the Quran. Yet the love of God in Christ can easily break that spell. The might of God’s love is infinitely more powerful than the threat of the Islamic god’s vengeance. And people will obey, out of sheer gratitude, the promptings of God’s love, while legalistic fear will only produce compliant slaves.

The bottom line, Muslims, is that Jesus of the Bible died and conquered death (which your Quran denies). He put together the perfect covenant as a GIFT and told his children to help Him pursue the souls of lost mankind.

His enemy, the prince of darkness (who disguises himself as an angel of light [2 Corinthians 11:14]), will not relinquish his prisoners voluntarily. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Corinthians 3:17) For the Muslim, there is no liberty–only law and judgment enforced by the fear of severe punishment and even death.

Islam’s undeniably carnal ‘heaven’ is eternal sex for the men and a vaguely described breather for the women who have obediently waited upon them.

The Christian’s heaven is simply being in the presence of God, available to all God’s born-again children, man or woman! Until you have tasted of His pure love and peace, you can’t even imagine what I’m talking about.

Certainly not all Americans are Christian. So don’t expect godly treatment from America, per se (especially under the leadership of our current president). But from real Christians, worldwide, our heart’s message to you is: “We love and pray for you. But the time remaining in this life, this time of decision, is short and soon to cease.”

Recognize the ungodly brutality of Islam for what it is, and repent. Say a silent prayer to that still, small voice in your heart which confirms His love for you! Call upon Jesus and be saved. It’s that simple.

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

“And every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:11)

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth