Do We Care Who Wins?

Conservatives have an army of competitors lining up for the presidency.

Once again and true to form, the right is loading up and carefully taking aim, so as to THOROUGHLY shoot itself and what’s left of America – right in the head.

With the liberals, you get a choice of only a couple of flavors prior to election time. With the conservatives, where teamwork, solidarity, and effective marketing are consistently ignored, we’ll probably charge to the polls with at least three or four candidates (this time).

We have learned, the hard way, that many (but not enough) people will indeed back an independent just because they can. They waste their vote in minimally securing another four years of bitching rights …. “I knew he couldn’t win – but at least I voted my conscience.” When I hear such syrup, I’m painfully reminded of a STUPID bumper I often saw during Clinton’s first term that read:”Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Ross!”

That’s great. Thank you very much. Be sure to ‘vote your conscience’ and completely squander what little influence your voice might have contributed. I so love all today’s high-minded philosophers who refuse to condescend and collaborate even just enough to help in defusing a guaranteed destroyer like the current liberal agenda. Oh yes, you’ve had your say! And for that, the enemies of all godliness and liberty send along their wholehearted appreciation.

‘Power in unity’ be damned. Even after two terms of the Obama nightmare, Republicans/conservatives won’t strain themselves to see past the ends of their noses. We have been force-fed Barack’s and his dad’s socialistic dreams – at a dizzying cost – and now we appear to be lining up for more of that. It’s because we so proudly ‘know we are right,’ and we refuse to bend. (I didn’t say to compromise our standards.)

Very few American patriots seem to understand that the primary reason we’ve had to sit and watch a liberal president tear our nation to pieces is because we refuse to condescend to necessarily reach the majority of children who now make up voting America. The guy in the Oval Office can speak ‘street,’ and the limping right still insists upon running more ‘white guys in suits’ and trying to come across like the Brady Bunch.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? Of course I voted for them! I would have given an eye and a tooth had they been elected! But not enough people joined me in that effort. So many insisted upon “voting their conscience”–more aptly called, in these times, “pissing in the wind.” But how many, NOW – after a seven-year overdose of ‘Obamamine’ – see much satisfaction in having squandered their precious influence? And what was the idea, Ron Paul? In effect, your determination put you right up there with H. Ross Perot. (I admire and respect both the Pauls.) But how do we dare to luxuriate in the ongoing insanity of splitting up an already feeble and disintegrated conservative vote?

And exacerbating this horror (just as I have said in past articles), when do we finally realize that the same sort of polish and presence that worked so well in the 70s or 80s simply doesn’t cut it anymore? Once again quoting myself from a morning-after piece I did last presidential election: “(M)y most rudimentary marketing sense made me wonder why we (the GOP) would run the 1967 version of Batman and Robin against an Obama.”

This is not rocket science. If you own a television set, you should easily recognize what does and doesn’t ‘sell’ these days. Do I think that Donald Trump would be a good president? Undoubtedly. Rick Perry? He could save our country. Ron Paul? See above. But, for crying out loud, our nation has just sanctioned the perverted censorship of its own history, and is currently standing down as the Islamic cancer that our current president invited in is bloodying up our peace and security!

Our burgeoning mass of uninformed and lightheaded citizenry can no longer value what is right. We want whatever looks and feels good – whatever will free us to return to our ‘regularly scheduled programs.’ It’s a careless, self-righteous atittude/behavior that will surely destroy us – but THOSE are the people the right MUST appeal to. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings – but read it and weep.

We’re spoiled. We can’t be bothered to take care of business or to use our heads for something other than a place to put an inverted ball cap. And today, there is no greater or more intimidatingly dictatorial force than the bludgeon of political correctness. Bottom line: if it isn’t ‘cool,’ it doesn’t ‘rule.’

We’ve just recently watched, in disbelief, as the Confederate flag (and anything white that stood beneath it in the 1860s) has been officially proclaimed to be cursed and banned (based on some of the zaniest reasoning I’ve ever heard). That alone should tell us that there aren’t enough people out there who either care enough or have the presence of mind and power to call off such madness. Why, then, would anyone in their right mind expect any conservative presidential candidates that the liberal press is already busy painting as elite and out-of-touch ‘one-percenters’ to win the day in 2016? It simply won’t work. It can’t – NOT TODAY. (2 Timothy 3:14)

Anyone reading this can see that this writer is a big fan of the conservative hopefuls I’ve here mentioned (and more). But I’m telling you, again, that we are going about this thing all wrong.

If we can remember nothing else from our founding history than the banner bearing a disconnected snake slithering among the words “Join Or Die!”, we still might have a little bit of hope of reclaiming the White House. If not, brace yourself for another cold and merciless eight years.

Any real writer is in love with his or her editor. It’s largely because a good editor is there to throw certain material in the wastebasket – before it makes copy – that would cause its author to be seen as an idiot. It should work the same way with our Republican presidential conventions. We had better – especially at this unprecedentedly crucial moment in our Republic’s waning existence – have our act TOGETHER BEFORE we take our candidate to the polls. This time, regardless of whose feelings might get hurt, we cannot make any mistakes.

The conservative movement needs a marketing team and a cheering section strong enough to rally the unified and committed cooperation of prospective candidates as well as a precious scarce electorate. First impressions mean everything – and we need to carefully examine how the public is going to receive our offering. There was a time when a good old boy, even a perfectly qualified one, could be a shoe-in. Those days are gone.

Of course, conservative voters will (most probably) vote for conservatives. But it seems that most conservative voters can no longer be bothered to put down the remote long enough to get to the polls and make a difference. The liberal voters, on the other hand, don’t want to lose their gravy train. That’s why they hit the streets and get their voters to the polls. It is not unusual for them to go house-to-house sobering up their brother and sister liberals enough to ensure a victory.

After a horrific eight years of Barry’s stripmining the carcass of what remains of the United States, do we really want to seal our fate by backing candidates who will only appeal to people with brains? Because there aren’t enough of those anymore to make the difference.

I defy you to prove me wrong here. We either have to promote candidates who don’t fit the stereotype of everything Hollywood makes fun of, or we can all go home to bed early. I mean, if conservative America isn’t going to get off its backside and take care of business – which includes finding a horse that can win, and then EXCLUSIVELY supporting that candidate by every means available – we are left with no alternative but to try to appeal to a broader spectrum of voters – BOTH SIDES OF THE LINE.

A black man and a woman will do. You can fill those blanks in for yourself.

I am convinced that there really are enough voting people, conservative and liberal, who are tired enough of Obama and sufficiently wary of a Clinton or Sanders to take a chance on a team that won’t come across like Boss Hogg and Bernie Madoff.

If we don’t get serious about achieving our priorities and work together smartly in putting a real president back in the White House, we are going to lose this country. But, since we won’t do that – short of a miracle – you can bank on the fact that our next president will be affectionately hugging Obama at the inauguration.

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Here’s What Too Many Americans Don’t Understand About Barack Hussein Obama…

I remember sitting in a coffee shop about a year after Obama was first elected. There were a couple of older guys in there talking about politics. One of them said (words to this effect): “I didn’t vote for him. I think I see what he’s trying to do. But I think he’s going about it all wrong.” Like most Americans – and these were older, redneck conservative Americans – they were gracious enough to take a stab at giving our new president the benefit of the doubt.

For God’s sake – to prevent the spoil of every liberty and good thing He’s given us – for (all that remains of) our FREE nation’s sake, such naïve magnanimity (tolerance) must now stop.

On every level, Barack Hussein Obama has proven himself an enemy of the United States. He has had ample opportunity to respect our laws, to protect our borders, to plug the leaks in our economy, to help heal the wounds of racial hatred, to fully recognize Islamic terrorism and the threat it poses to the free world, and to be even a semblance of the benefit he was hired to be. He’s done none of that.

Volumes of criticism (and I’ve been guilty of this) have been written and spoken all around the fact that the man is nothing but a traitor. Our shameful indolence is proving fatal to the preservation of what is truly the last earthly hope of the free world.

Our borders are compromised. Our economy is battered. Racial hatred and tension are at an all-time high. And now no one is safe from the impromptu terrorism that is daily springing up around us. We are only now warming up to the hellacious volatility of that ‘religion of peace’ which our forked-tongued Islamist executive leader has helped to promote here in these formerly United States.

We are way past a wake-up call. It may indeed be too late. Once a train this size gets rolling, at this speed, it usually can’t stop until it’s left the track.

Osama bin Laden, another Joe-average Muslim turned world-class destroyer, clearly advertised his goals in his relentless attack upon the “Great Satan” (America). Under our current president’s oversight, bin Laden’s goals are today being achieved. Karl Marx’s goals are being achieved. Obama’s own America-hating father’s goals are being realized as well. And there is still debate as to our leader’s real motivations?! Why?

And now he is handing billions of dollars (that we have yet to earn and repay) and the keys to flying atomic bombs to a pack of zealously anti-Semitic Muslim dogs who daily stage pep rallies promoting America’s death and destruction. The screaming evidence is in, people. Whose side do you suppose he’s on?!

In response to this unfolding nightmare, much of America (those who are noticing) still attributes his failures to stupidity or incompetence. Don’t even go there. There is no time left for such nonsense.

As our nation is headed for the rocks, at full steam, many of us are either too busy trying to survive or too self-absorbed to notice the treacherous devices of this charlatan at the helm. Despite his empty promises and numbing political craft, it is clear that he is out to kill us. Do you still doubt that? It was Jesus who told us that discovering the true character of anyone is simple: You look at their fruit (their product and effect). (Matthew 7:16) Obama’s fruit – even after the protracted opportunity he’s had to do his best – is rotten and deadly malignant.

How long will we tolerate this wicked plant? How long will we sit by and allow him to continue in his blatantly obvious effort to fulfill the dreams of our enemies? Soon, the only arbiter remaining between free men and dictatorial tyranny might be our guns. And, by then, we will have been disarmed.

Nearly 400 years ago, England’s Prime Minister Oliver Cromwell could have been speaking out against the atrocities of our current president when he said: “You have sat here too long for any good you may be doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, GO!

Will we Americans ever again rise up to reclaim and revive our dying nation?

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Proof The Book Of Revelation Is No Joke

In 1975, I accidentally listened to a weekly, Sunday afternoon Catholic radio program (I’m not Catholic) where the priest/host was interviewing a representative from a very well known cash register company. That guest was introducing listeners to the new universal product code (UPC).

His presentation was fascinating. I was just a little saddened because as a college student, I had worked various grocery and department store jobs in order to survive. And one of my favorite pastimes, something to do while I was watching the clock, was pricing product by hand – with a marker, an ink stamp, or stickers. The barcode, he said, would do away with all that.

Just a few years after that radio program, in a grocery store, I first saw a computerized laser reader in action. Astoundingly, the checker just waved an item over that multi-beamed electronic eye and ‘BEEP!’–the rest is history.

The whole deal is built upon simple, expeditious logic: immediately, in a single pass, the price is in the register – the buyer has a partial total, and the store knows what they’ve sold and how many they have left in stock. And when they need to order more, that can be done automatically. It also eliminates cashier errors. Today, it’s common knowledge that every facet of commerce uses the barcode for manufacturing, inventorying, shipping and receiving, retail sales – you name it.

All sorts of industrial farm feedlots have used a bar coded tag on an animal’s ear so, with a single swipe of a reader, they can know the specific animal, his age, his diet, his weight progression and so on. Today, a subcutaneous, micro-broadcasting chip – inserted in the flap of an ear or around the lower lip – monitors the development and marketing process of all kinds of livestock.

But during that radio program in ’75, neither the speaker nor the priest realized that impromptu radio seminar described perfectly the preparations for what I now completely believe initiated the roots of what the Apostle John – nearly two thousand years earlier – identified as ‘the Mark of the Beast.’ That ‘mark’ is a principle factor of the end-time EVIL he WARNS readers about in his fascinating Bible narrative, ‘The Revelation.’

The guest speaker was explaining how the inevitably approaching, computer-based economy would work. After he had walked listeners through the use of the UPC in retail trade, he began to elaborate on the expected additional benefits that would result from that system. Its workings had been planned by innumerable brilliant minds through years of blackboard discussion in government-subsidised thinktanks. That logic and foresight, time has shown, was so solid that it is still playing out today. The effort of all this planning was assisted by computers that were much less sophisticated than today’s personal desktops (yet as big as SUVs).

“You see, Father,” he explained, “the program’s whole structure is built upon what we are calling ‘Electronic Funds Transfer’ (EFT). Here’s how the overall system is expected to play out.”

He talked about a coming cashless society. He said that, because money would one day cost more than its own worth to print, we would eventually be using checks and credit cards solely. Not long after that, he said, since checks and credit cards create a mountain of paperwork and can be lost, forged, or stolen, every transaction would be entirely EFT. And at this point, his prognostications became a bit unnerving …

“Where we’re heading with this, Father, is a personal identification MARK or brand to be taken – right on our bodies!” The cash register guy was beside himself with excitement. The not-unusually biblically-naïve priest merely took issue with the idea of people being branded – “like cattle!” He said it was “offensively impersonal.” But to me, a recently reborn Christian who had just days before read the terrifying Scriptural warning in Revelation 13:16-17, his words were an awakening, like cold water splashed on my face.

In the last 40 years especially, many movies have been made implementing or centering on the ominous and mysterious “Mark of the Beast.” While it may make for a good draw at the box office -playing on the horrific drama of some satanic clone building a dark Empire and vying for world domination (not necessarily alluding to our current president) – the concept is based upon a quite serious warning GOD has already issued, through his Bible, to this dying world.

If you are not familiar with Scripture’s dire WARNING to all people to NEVER ACCEPT WHAT THE BIBLE CALLS THE “MARK OF THE BEAST,” it is wise to familiarize yourself with that warning and be prepared to give an emphatic and final ‘NO’ in the event that anyone, government or ruling authority, requires your accepting of such a thing – FOR WHATEVER REASON. Taking that ‘mark’ – again, the Bible indicates – is an eternally fatal error.

God made the bottom line very easily understandable: “And he (the ‘false prophet’) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Revelation 13:16-17)

While God does forbid permanent tattoos on our bodies (Leviticus 19:28*), various decorative tattoos are not the equivalent of that mark of the beast John mentions there in the book of Revelation. But in accepting that mark of the beast (it probably won’t be named as such) as it is described in the Bible, people will be saying – TO GOD – “I don’t want to have faith in you. I don’t want to try to trust something I can’t see or feel. I WANT ONLY WHAT APPEARS TO ME TO BE SECURITY; a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, so to speak. I don’t give a damn about spirituality, your offer of eternal life, your son who allegedly died for me or your moral requirements as my creator. I want none of that. I’m willing to be branded like a cow. To hell with you, God; I’m taking the mark!”

Before asking Jesus into my heart, I’d grown up in a home where the Bible was principally a table ornament and a file for family photographs. Then, most unexpectedly in my third year as a sophisticated collegiate atheist, I experienced a deeply personal and vibrant MEETING with the LIVING Jesus Christ. Now, just a few months after my conversion, I was discovering, firsthand in this radio program, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?! What the hey?! The broadcast went on …

The speaker began detailing the ergonomic interface (practical, physical dynamics of usage), explaining how a human would access an all-electronic economy. He said that specific locations on our body (perhaps the hand or forehead) were found to be most accessible to a scanner but least marred during the course of a working day. Both he and the priest openly struggled with the notion that someone would want to wear a visible brand.

In the mid-seventies, however, tiny implantable chips weren’t even a pipe dream.

At this point, he discussed the practicality of what years of brilliant conjecturing had produced:

“It just makes good sense all around, Father! Every single business transaction, no matter how large or small, will be recorded in our government’s central computer. And because you will carry your personal banking number on your body at all times, who cares if you lose your wallet or purse? And it will virtually eliminate much crime! Can you feature somebody cutting off a portion of your body in order to buy beer or a tv?! I think not!” Again, the priest just thought it was a coldly impersonal idea in an already deteriorating society.

But the part of the conversation that most intrigued me was this:

“Let’s say a prisoner breaks out of jail. The MOMENT he buys a bottle of milk or a crust of bread, POW! The cops know right where he is! And, think of it, no one will ever again be able to cheat on their income tax (or yearly tithe, for that matter, Father). Every nickel we make will be accounted for!”

I will never forget that interview or how it left me hanging. When Jesus once said “Oh, ye of little faith!,” He was speaking directly to me. Nevertheless, since then, over my four decades of being a Christian (which has gone by in about forty minutes), I have watched SO MUCH of the prophetic word in God’s Bible come to pass. Perhaps more accurately stated, SPRING INTO BEING.

There are volumes of quite up-to-date commentary available (online and hard copy) that are devoted wholly to further corroborating the COMPLETE RELIABILITY of God’s word. TONS of documentation is available to anyone who is interested enough to explore. Yet, just as Scripture foretells, today most people are adamant in ignoring the irrefutable ‘proof texts’ (prophecies) that God has included in His word in order affirm His existence, perfect omniscience – and His Son’s certain return.

Do I think that people (those who accept the mark that John described) will actually be tattooed with some eye-catching (or even visibly noticeable) brand? No, I don’t. Neither do I pay much attention to the fanatical, homemade photos of various internet trolls’ ideas of what the ‘implant’ might look like. When the day arrives that our cash is finally shut down – our every move electronically monitored (which is now firing up) – and the next dehumanizing step is initiated, that technology will be made manifest so no one can miss it. (And as an aside, we will REALLY then be set up for disaster on this earth. Imagine what terrorists or any evil government could achieve in possessing control of that system – legitimately or by hacking into it. Disaster for all!)

The Greek term was used in John’s Book of Revelation, for the word ‘mark’ could more closely describe a gouge like that a sculptor might make in chipping a piece out of wood or stone – even perhaps an indention from a stab. Back when John transcribed his vision while he was exiled on the Isle of Patmos, there was no knowledge of or word for a ‘radiofrequency identification’ (RFI) microchip (which may or may not be involved in that mark). He simply described what he saw and was told, as best he could, in the terminology of his day.

Nevertheless, when the moment arrives that our government or anyone else begins requiring us to receive any specific ‘mark’ – for purposes of trade, tracking, or whatever reason – to be taken on your right hand or forehead, REMEMBER THAT GOD’S WORD WARNS THAT YOU MUST NOT BE INVOLVED WITH THAT.

Eventually – perhaps attributed to establishing a failsafe method of positive ID for security precautions, or maybe anti-terrorist measures – people will even be put to death for refusing that identifying mark. (Revelation 20:4) [As for children, We know that God is sovereign over the eternal welfare of those innocents. He knows their hearts – and He wants them in heaven infinitely more than do their parents or caretakers. Just like it was with Noah and his family, God knows how to keep his little ones safe.]

There are some who argue that the mark of the beast is not a physical label but rather a determinedly sinful state of heart and mind. My only response to that is that the Bible, especially its warnings, is written so even the simplest can grab a hold of it. I am one of those simple people. John specified it would be SOME SORT of a specific designation, contrary to the goodness of God, that mankind would be caused to receive ‘ON THE RIGHT HAND OR FOREHEAD.’ What I AM certain of is that ANY heart attitude or spirit that would accommodate people in so WILLFULLY and FINALLY rejecting the meek and loving Son of God will also easily induce such people to be branded like cattle.

Indeed, this has been a weird article to pen. When I had just become a new Christian, I never thought I would one day be writing about stuff like this. But no one will deny that these are strange and evil times and that EVERYTHING – from the increasingly calloused and icy hearts of the people surrounding us, and the evil cults and totalitarian tyranny we see tightening its grip around the neck of the free world, to the amazing reestablishment of the tiny nation of Israel and the predicted trouble resulting from that – all clearly points to that time of trouble that we are told WILL SHORTLY PRECEDE THE RETURN OF OUR LORD JESUS!

If any of the above causes you any concern or gives you the slightest pause, by all means TURN from whatever bad things you may be doing (just living life apart from God is a bad thing) and, in prayer, sincerely call upon the Lord Jesus. Agree with him that you are a sinner and quite less than perfect. Ask JESUS to give you the gift of his freely imparted righteousness and salvation!


The warning in Revelation regarding the mark of the beast is, like all the rest of God’s word, VERY REAL.


The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Obama: Master Of Disaster

Last week, a REAL Christian, a young black ballplayer at Charleston Southern University, elected to help put out a fire instead of fanning the flames of an already roaring inferno.

Chris Singleton stood with fellow players, coaching staff, and a couple dozen live microphones and cameras, and declared to all the world his forgiveness of the young maniac who’d shot and killed his sweet mother just hours earlier. He quietly, carefully clarified that his love and forgiveness were a choice – one that his mother would have encouraged him to make. And, while he was biting back the tears, heartbroken at the needless loss of his mama, he was by faith rejoicing that it wouldn’t be long before he would see her again.

The bereft athlete said NOTHING about the gun that was used to destroy his dear mother. All he could talk about was the gracious, forgiving, and colorless God, to whom his mother was so devoted. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton was herself an athlete, teacher, coach, minister – and foremost a mother who had raised her strong and bright-eyed child up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I’m sure she was beaming as her son delivered his impromptu, evangelistic eulogy – just as she had taught him.

Despite our president’s best efforts at keeping the racial pot stirred, I still see that kind of colorblind heart alive today: men and women of all colors rushing to aid and console people of all colors. It’s the inborn affection and grace that our Lord said would all but disappear toward the end of this fallen planet’s shelf life. It is, nonetheless, still determinedly practiced by those who haven’t sold their souls to 21st-century callous godlessness. And that freely-given kindness and strength of character are not exclusive features of any race.

Less than a decade ago, the wound of black/white HATRED in our nation seemed to be slowing and actually pushing forth some tender, nascent buds of healing. But, since his inauguration, we have watched the Obamas thoroughly resurrect and exacerbate the old southern Democrat’s insistance that a multicolored America can never blend and unify. Precisely as he accused the racist killer in his recent sermon in Charleston, Obama has spent much of his presidency sinisterly working to “deepen divisions that trace back to our nation’s original sin.” He uses the term ‘original sin’ to keep fresh the antique terror that most of today’s America – black and white – would like to see finally dead, buried, and forgotten. He’s rubbing salt into the 200+ year-old slash that he and his racist wife have helped to reopen.

Our alleged president sees tragedy as a tool. From Ferguson, Missouri, to the church shooting in Charleston, any convenient calamity can serve as political fuel in promoting his own warped agendas. He and his cronies know they’re in charge of a generally distracted and sleeping America. And they freely operate in the luxury of being allowed, by lazy default, to literally get away with anything.

Shamelessly, ever so subtly, he used the Memorial service in Charleston to further his objective of disarming America. Out of simple respect, his Marxist ambitions should never have had any part in that sacred event which was intended solely to honor those deceased. Instead of approaching a shocked and mourning nation with his hat in his hand, bringing words of genuine consolation and healing, he actually had the affront to use that bittersweet gathering to paint as villains our honest citizenry who bear arms to defend themselves and loved ones against just such insanity as that church massacre.

And his words, given in that context, hauled those victims and their heartbroken survivors into an apparent alliance with his anti-gun ambitions. He mercilessly invited that raging battle into the solemn decorum of a funeral. The weeping attendees and the onlooking world were too busy hurting to notice – and too dignified to ever suspect – that he might find their sorrow handy in helping to make a strong close on his pitch for gun control. Truly, his craft and deception know no bounds.

We lower ourselves in stretching to understand our supreme leader’s dictatorial logic (which slithers along like this): ‘It was obviously a hate crime. Only hateful criminals (and of course, some sportsmen) would want to keep guns.’ And then, about a week later, he retrofits another of his limping causes into the momentum of that aftershock; and the timing screams out this message to his rainbow troops: ‘Oh, and, by the way, any white, hetero homophobe who might not support gay marriage – or who may take issue with my hacking the Constitution to dismantle America – is just as racist and hateful as the Charleston shooter.’

And this is how he rolls – unceasingly. That sort of senseless emotional, non-sequitur chicanery is how he first captured the Oval Office. And it is his standard modus operandi in running his firmly-established rule over America. As we should now be well aware, he never wastes the potential energy of any convenient crisis – however unrelated – in pushing through his demands. He regularly employs his mind-numbing sophistry on the heads of his brave new America that has abandoned the effort of sane and safe circumspection for an easily applied political correctness. Riding on the tide of brain-dead liberals, BO now has the carte blanche to brandish his POWER and rub his totalitarian control in the face of a disunited conservative America. And an amused world that had formerly respected us looks on in disbelief.

Bill Clinton declared: “Obama is a master politician.” (Praise from Caesar.) At the Memorial gathering in Charleston, it was toward the silly, nationwide mob of his gullible and politically correct enablers – and only slightly, the comparatively few sorrowful who attended – that his sleazy ploy was directed. In the final analysis, it is painfully obvious that the shootings in Charleston, just like so many other recent disasters, are in fact welcomed as advantageous opportunities for our ruthless and determined president who intends to fully control America by the end of his second term.

All the blessed men and women who have fought to the death to keep the lights on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. never thought those lights would one day bedeck that distinguished address in order to give it the appearance of a gay bar. Neither did they ever imagine that its viciously deceptive and politically predatory occupant would there enthrone himself as the prancing enemy of all liberty.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me!

Last month, a rally was held in Arizona, outside of a mosque. The event attracted an army of citizenry who showed up to rightfully protest the special allowances given to Muslims in our media, schools, businesses, etc.

The event’s organizer – we’ll call him “Don’ – was asked by the local Fox News affiliate to explain his reasons for staging the affair. He was matter-of-fact and to the point, carefully outlining his grievances – quite logical complaints – that most any observant American (including me) had already expressed. I didn’t entirely agree with all of it – but he made his thoughts plainly known, using rights that need to be regularly exercised.

I admired the fact that Don cushioned his remarks with appropriate restraint. He qualified the protest, carefully stating that nobody was there for violence. It was not about hatred, but about simple freedom of speech and the preservation of that First Amendment right. He was quite vocal about the politically correct hammer that has forced our silence toward the unabashed, strident threats, actions, and militancy of the crusading Islamists in our land.

Listening to his words, I internally ‘came out of my chair’ with a silent ovation for this man who had – in street language and without profanity – quite eloquently described the complete swindle of the currently PC-enforced inequity of Islam’s being allowed to say and do most anything it wants that is anti-American – while Americans are told to keep their mouths shut about Islam.

I thought, “Right on, man! More people putting their feet down and expressing outrage at what is at least a total unfairness – and, given the fruits of this infection around the world, the precursor to the destruction of America!”

The gathering spotlighted the ‘Islam versus America’ conflict, and pointed out the undeniable Islamization currently happening around the world.

In this turbulent and singular period of our nation, our children are commonly encouraged to spit on the Cross of Christ while, simultaneously, ‘Muslim Appreciation Weeks’ are held in elementary to high schools across our country. The hijab and burqa cover more and more of our daughters, and our sons sport beanies and carry paperback korans, due to what amounts to a worldwide recruiting program that shames the most powerful promotional schemes of everybody from our armed forces to a desperate AARP.

Sharia law is squirming for dominance in every state. Americans ON THIS CONTINENT have actually been beheaded by militant Islamists. Radical Islamic weirdos are gunning for anyone who dares to criticize Islam (or even draws an innocuous cartoon of their illiterate, child molesting, anti-Semitic ‘prophet,’ Mohammed).

If the above is news to you, or if you dismiss these statements as simply raving paranoia, it’s time you did a little more research than just resting on what your TV is telling you.

Many American religious and civil freedoms are dwindling under a steamroller empowered by a burgeoning, draconian Islam. And we are corporately lying down in front of this danger because liberal Americans – now a plurality of our people, who don’t want to be bothered by history or responsibility – are esteeming the presence of a quaintly ‘mysterious Islam’ as warranting no more attention than an episode of Jerry Springer.

But what really caused me to come out of my chair – literally – was the ‘change of heart’ that’s now been voiced by the unwary leader, Don.

He entirely withdrew his very rational and needed criticisms and gave a big, wet “I’m sorry” to the same ‘faith’ who (over 80% of Arabic Muslims, according to a recent Al Jazeera poll) SUPPORT the existence and actions of ISIS!!

I couldn’t believe it.

Anyone experienced in martial arts knows it is often the best defense to simply stand still and use an opponent’s movement to toss him out of the way. I mean, if an adversary can be manipulated into cooperating with you – why not take advantage of that? And that is obviously what the Muslims at that mosque did. With extreme cordiality, they smilingly invited their critic inside for coffee and correction. And, when I heard his subsequent apology, it seemed obvious that he’d swallowed their bait – whole.

Strategically showcasing the peace of a bunch of people kneeling on prayer rugs, the inviting priests/imams/whoever quite effectively neutralised his complaints: “You see? We are not killers! We are simply misunderstood worshipers of God, and we really love you and all your gun toting friends outside!”

His hosts did not mention to him their own doctrine of ‘taqiyya’ (lying to people for the benefit of Islam) or remind him of the TERROR – which the world has been suffering with for centuries – which is Islam’s deadly venom, hidden behind the deceptive moniker of “Religion of Peace.”

Just as they’d hoped, Don, with ‘enlightened’ and beatific regret, expressed to puzzled reporters that, once inside their temple, he became acquainted with the ‘real Islam.’ (He had not seen any Christians hanging from nooses or women in black robes packing their children with sticks of dynamite!)

Someone should have reminded Don that the terroristic activities of Islam (entirely promoted in the Quran) don’t usually occur inside most mosques! If they did, the bombs and gunfire would kind of wind up hurting or killing their own people! And the beheadings tend to really mess up the nice carpeting!

His sudden about-face was a bit like when England’s PM, Neville Chamberlain, came back from his visit with Hitler, declaring with all confidence: “He’s REALLY our best friend and on our side!”

So a couple days later, the former protesters returned to the mosque – with new placards and even more news cameras – attempting to ‘make amends’ for having been so slow to catch on that these guys (the Muslims) are just a great bunch of ‘church people!’

I almost lost my lunch. Nice work, Don.

There is a massively critical spiritual battle happening around us right now, and precious few people seem to be aware of that reality or its eternal consequences.

I have been involved with comparative religious studies and cult apologetics for decades, and watched well-meaning but uninformed people fold up like this in the face of carefully executed scams. Subsequently, they take a lot of stupid people down with them! Regretably, this was one of those situations.

When charismatic people with an audience are fooled into making such retractions or concessions, often the uninformed of that mob will shrug their shoulders, surrender to the prevailing wind, and take a big swig of the KoolAid. In the end, they will have earned the tar pits they’ll inevitably be wading into.

My word to Don and anyone else listening is the following, irrevocable TRUTH: Just as bank robbers disguise themselves as police and bank guards, the devil disguises himself “as an angel of light.” (2nd Corinthians 11:14) Just because someone acts all lovey-dovey and hospitable in the face of wide-eyed gullibility doesn’t dilute the snake’s poison or ensure that it won’t bite you when your head is turned.

The jihading muslims THEMSELVES have WARNED US! America, Israel, and the entire free world have been put on notice. We have been amply informed of the ‘merciless doom’ that will befall all who dare to oppose this religion of hate. And their false prophet and false christ, both of which Jesus clearly warned us about in Scripture (Matthew 24:24), will guarantee all who place trust in them a place in hell. (2 Corinthians 11:4, Acts 4:12, John 3:36)

In summation, just because one man has – however sincerely – signed off on and endorsed this or any other deadly, anti-Christian, and anti-semitic cult, the easily discovered TRUTH (especially regarding dark Islam) is not altered.

As one man wisely said: “Even if millions of people do a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.”

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