Islam: Dirty Work At The Crossroads


My first real job out of college was riding trains as a brakeman in the Colorado Rockies. Immediately, one learns as a railroader that a speeding coal train – at a mile-and-a-half long and weighing in at nearly fifty million pounds – doesn’t stop on a dime. It takes a long time and a lot of space to even noticeably slow all that mass down.

Oftentimes when a car or truck straddled our tracks at a crossing over a mile away, the engineer and I would soon become very concerned if the vehicle didn’t move after we began blowing our horns of warning.

I know the horror of splattering through vehicles that broke down or tried to beat the train to a crossing. It is surrealistic, exploding through a big truck’s trailer because it couldn’t move in time to avoid our unforgiving tonnage.

In my years as a brakeman, I saw some pretty serious destruction.

Militant Islam is much like a huge, UNSTOPPABLE train – but its scope of damage is immeasurable, and there is no governing crew on board to impede train movement or issue warnings.

Islam has no home office, and its freelance bombers are undetectable and answer to no one.

The ruling spirit of Islam is the invisible power that drives that huge train of terror, and HE is clever enough not to give any warning to whatever stands in his way. Trying to understand, predict, or reason with such a malevolent spirit is a fool’s errand. Jesus called that dark power a thief, the father of lies and a murderer. Yet many of America’s liberal politicos and their naive constituency are now risking everything we value in order to promote a fawning and obsequious relationship with him.

But be not deceived; there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Islam, just as there is no appreciable difference between a good rattlesnake and a dangerous one. As retired Admiral James ‘Ace’ Lyons recently and wisely pointed out: “Islam is Islam … It has no modifiers.” Islamists respectively elect to show their own chosen level of zeal through varying degrees of personal commitment to ‘jihad’ – the holy battle for dominance that all true followers must wage.

Few people remember the ‘crisis of conscience’ that rocketed Osama bin Laden from ‘Joe Average’ muslim to ‘militant’ class … virtually overnight. He attributed his ‘revival’ to merely a closer examination of the quran. And it’s all right there in the book: ‘militant’ Islam is packed into the quran right along with the obfuscating and easier-to-sell ‘nominal’ Islam. A Muslim going ‘militant’ is simply the result of any Islamist wanting to go ‘whole hog’ for Allah.

These terrorist clones are committed to persistently intimidating a fearful world into hating Jews. For the crime of tenacious survival, tiny Israel must be despised, punished, and annihilated for so infuriating Allah and his followers. The barbarous tantrums thrown by the perpetually enraged jihadists coerce the spineless world into sympathizing with their dark vendetta. And now, instead of committing to and encouraging an undaunted international resolve to hamstring and contain these bullying murderers, the most powerful man on earth – OUR PRESIDENT – becomes complicit with them by incrementally moving toward our abandonment of Israel. The added insult to injury is his recent silly charade where he plays ignorant of Islamic terror entirely. He is obviously buying his FRIENDS time while carelessly insulting America’s intelligence.

But what else are we to expect from our executive leader who, himself, long ago informed us of his deepest affection for the religion that hates America, Jews, and Christians? Recently, America received a perfectly reasonable request from our little ally, Israel, to NOT aid the most childishly volatile, ‘Jew-hatingest’ people of them all (Iran) in their acquiring of long range atomic missiles. Our chief leader’s response was to simply insult and ignore the statesman who voiced that plea as well as the perfect logic that he’d presented for the benefit of all people – Israel, America, and EVERYONE!

Meanwhile, Americans – in all political correctness – are generally ignoring the irreparable debacle of what Islam is doing to the rest of the world. Muslims are on the move and making no excuses for the WORLD DOMINATING manifesto which their ‘prophet’ has fully detailed in his book. And, again, with the aid of Islam’s most powerful ally in America, OUR OWN PRESIDENT, we have been fed (and it seems most of us have swallowed) the lie of Islam’s alleged peaceful purity.

As you may recall, the last ‘Muslim Day’ gathering (only days after the 9/11 anniversary) in New York City had been billed like a St. Patty’s Day festivity. Featured among the parade’s ‘floats’ were black-hooded thugs carrying mock AK-47s, caged women in white hijabs, and a life-size, woman-like doll hanging from a makeshift gallows–and a huge map of the Middle East with the Nation of Israel … missing! Certainly not your average church function.

Despite the deceptively patriotic and upstanding flavor of the event’s flyers, none of the black-hooded Hamas fighters were in the streets doing figure eights on mini-bikes. Instead, it was ‘in your face’ HATRED and a sobering portrayal of the real islam. And, still, Barack Obama wants us to embrace the antics of his pet cult just as we might a bunch of frolicking Episcopalians.

While calling everyone else ‘racists,’ our president himself appears to be just another unapologetic anti-Semite. And, to repeat more of Admiral Lyons’ cautioning wisdom, “Islam is just a political movement masquerading as a religion.” How true.

An already limping, Obama-damaged nation should now rightfully ask: “Whose pocket is our president in, and how and when did they get to him?!”

The big train of Islam is presently headed at breakneck speed toward the crossing, where a busted-down America now sits. Our car’s driver (with his door nearly all the way open for his upcoming exit) is busy keeping all the trapped family inside, lulled and distracted.

Currently, there are lots of qualified voices, nationally and abroad, frantically trying to rouse our attention to the collusion of the man who has parked us here and the hellbent, rapidly approaching holocaust. Very few seem to be listening.

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Benjamin Netanyahu, The Real ‘Man Of The Year’

Photo credit: Downing Street (Flickr)

“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” (1 Corinthians 13:7) Love is an integral characteristic of a grace and ‘class’ that the 21st century has all but abandoned. Rarely, especially in the six and a half-year reign of our alleged president, have the walls of our House of Representatives echoed with the sincere gratitude, magnanimity, and CLASS that was demonstrated in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to our Congress yesterday.

His speech was nothing more controversial than some brief references to historical fact, the reiteration that history repeats itself, and an obviously much-needed plea for a return to common sense – for the good of EVERYONE.

He rightly pointed out that, from Israel’s inception, when Moses had painstakingly led his people to the edge of that tiny strip of land, there has been a Persia – an Iran and its pagan allies – clawing, tooth and nail, to hurt and destroy the Israelites. Four thousand years ago, under the leadership of a tyrant named Haman, the Persians were looking to annihilate the Jews. Today, under the leadership of Iran’s Hassan Rouhani, that goal has not changed. It was almost shameful that Mr. Netanyahu was forced to travel halfway around the earth to remind most of the civilized world of that nagging reality.

Showing more respect than most of them were due, Minister Netanyahu properly identified his audience as the “most important legislative body in the world.” And, while they really are that, many Americans lament the fact that they do not behave themselves as such an honored position necessarily demands.

The first several minutes of his talk were spent in a profoundly gracious expression of gratitude to our Chief Executive (our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE, CHIEF HOST, AND DIPLOMAT) – who, for reasons (again) beyond our control, has again embarrassed us with his childish boycott. Given the demeanor of the speaker and the perfect logic of his subject matter, the absence of our president was pointless and nothing less than lame and embarrassing.

Obama has tried to sell everyone on the idea that Netanyahu’s real reason for addressing our Congress was political. In simply listening to Benjamin’s words, though, it was obvious that such a notion could not be further from the truth. In fact, Netanyahu said nothing more or different than any other kindred appeal he has voiced in the past. In further fact, it is obvious to me that Obama anticipated his every word – which is why he didn’t show up. The people who really hold our president’s first allegiance (and leash) perhaps demanded that he do what he could to deflect the efficacy of the Israeli leader’s mission. It didn’t work.

In helping to propagate the direly important message he gave to Congress, I MUST repeat a shocking example of Iran’s unvarnished hatred toward Israel that Netanyahu cited: He quoted a ‘tweet’ that one of Iran’s chief subcontractors of terror, the leader of Hezbollah, ‘Hassan Nasrallah,’ broadcast to the world! He said, “If all the Jews gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of chasing them down around the world.” The Prime Minister very appropriately mentioned that statement in helping to illustrate that the enemies of Israel are NOT merely looking to destroy or control a piece of land next to the Mediterranean – but, rather, the very PEOPLE who occupy that little country. Now, go back to Nasrallah’s above quote, take out the word ‘Jews’ – then drop in the term that identifies whatever group you belong to (Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Japanese, Polish, Koreans, Vietnamese, etc.) – and notice how his words take on new weight and meaning. No one is immune from the insanity of the danger of such genocidal maniacs. Yet our president is insisting upon forcing the free world into a lethal contract with them.

At this point, I again have to ask why our appointed president would not support the simple airing and exposing of such darkness. And, once again, he appears to be aiding and abetting this murderous evil emanating from a MILITANT Islam (with which America IS AT WAR).

But the ultimate cry for help was an appeal to the COMMON SENSE of anyone with a functioning brain: “The greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons.” And who in their right mind could dispute that fact? Instead, our president, who wouldn’t deign to sit for a single hour in the same room with our Jewish ally, conducts his ‘Countering Violent Extremism Summit’ and doesn’t mind inviting militant Islam’s sympathizers to that travesty. Dissing Israel seems to be part of our president’s mysteriously assigned job description.

Finally, Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out the naïvete of expecting peaceful behavior from a chronically short-fused, nuke-armed Iran. To do such a thing is to turn our backs to an unprecedented level of danger, the likes of which we have never seen. Its likelihood is something that history has documented time and time again.

Speaking for Israel, he vowed never again to repeat the mistakes of the past. “The days of Israel remaining passive in the face of genocidal enemies …. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!” And, wrapping it up, he very rightfully made this promise: “As Prime Minister of Israel, I can promise you one more thing …. Even if Israel has to stand alone, (nevertheless) ISRAEL WILL STAND!”

His last words (cited in Hebrew) were those that Moses gave to his people (regarding the battles they would face) before he left them to go and be with God: “Be strong and resolute. Neither fear nor dread them!”

And, other than again illustrating to the world the disharmony he has sown in the nation he was sworn to protect and unite, what did Obama achieve in his latest barb toward the children of Abraham? Nothing other than to lend executive support to antisemitism everywhere.

Given his unceasing affinity toward his Islamic brothers – members of the same crowd that danced in the streets when the Twin Towers fell – it really makes me wonder who’s going to be paying his retirement.

God bless Prime Minister Netanyahu, and may Israel forever prosper!

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

An Apology To Israel And Netanyahu From America

yakub88 /  yakub88 /

I first really noticed the dumbing down of America back when I was a kid in the early 60s. I was then truly disappointed to realize that the average citizen couldn’t be trusted to safely use a book of matches that had the striking surface on the same side you opened. Since then, it’s become almost necessary to ask permission of your vehicle if it is okay to start the thing and drive it.

Today, many computers are built to tell people what to do from moment to moment. And have you never received a phone call that begins with a recording telling you to ‘hold for an operator’? In response, I’ll quietly murmur a “go to hell” before I immediately hang up. While using my computer, occasionally some program will tell me that a random error has occurred–and therefore it’s shutting down (and all my work is lost). I’m then left with no alternative but to click “Okay.” But it’s not “Okay.”

A monitored and automated society makes for turnkey governing. With the advent of this electronic babysitting, the liberals have found a home. From Common Core to daily adult life, individuality and independent thinking are increasingly discouraged. In the latest State of the Union address, our president stridently announced, “I’ve no more campaigns to run! I’ve won both of ‘em!” It’s been a slam dunk for him because he knows how to manipulate a constituency comprised of born and raised followers.

About a year ago, I was in conversation with a friendly convenience store clerk who adamantly declared that “The debate is settled. Climate change is a fact.” He was parroting precisely what this president had told him, just a week earlier, in the 2014 State of the Union address. I asked him how it had been settled and by whom. He was speechless. Obama had not provided him with the answer for that. Another one of the ‘cattle’ had spoken.

Today, a charlatan like Obama can take the Oval Office, twice consecutively; and all it takes is the right soundbites coming from any celebrity who can charm the mob. In another year and a half, he may have most of the constitutional undercarriage of our nation completely dismantled – but, because he keeps telling us that everything is “okay,” and most of his constituency still has functioning cable and video games, we seem to be completely tolerant of our undoing.

And it all begs the questions: “Is anyone catching any of this?” And, “What will it take to open our eyes?”

Besides terminally beating up our economy, setting any hope of racial harmony back a century, undermining our constitution, and generally flipping off Congress, our president bows before sheiks while now, with the same fervor, disrespecting and vilifying a well-educated, articulate Israeli Prime Minister, Statesman, and trusted ally. Is it any wonder that recent articles on Al Jazeera’s website applaud our own ‘BO’ for his castigating of Netanyahu? And for what? For the crime of exhorting the world to use its head and think of its own survival rather than supporting a politically correct LIE. In harmony with Barack’s most recent declaration that the U.S. is not at war with islam, he is ever instant in helping to veil the cultic monster that prescribes terror and death to ANYTHING that opposes its allah.

And I’m supposed to feel better because Barry tells us he’s really a Christian (and Hillary backs him up on that)? No, thanks.

Now, on behalf of our mostly non-Muslim nation, our president has shown his contempt of Israel by snubbing their commendably intrepid leader. Just like his moronic ruling on global warming, President Obama has declared the debate on Israel’s (and the rest of the free world’s) relationship with Islam, and therefore the whole world’s welfare, terminated. As usual, he’s neglected to tell us how and when that happened. But, bottom line, in the here and now, our Emperor is taking it upon himself to decide the fate of Israel, leaving her Prime Minister ‘out of the loop.’

Imagine with me, if you will, that Mexico has announced its intention to build the world’s largest nuclear power plant. It will be owned and administrated by the slimiest drug cartel in the southern hemisphere. Talks regarding its construction and operation will be held in Ontario and open to all nations – except the United States.

Hello? Are you there?

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

If This Newscaster Isn’t Careful, She Could Make The Ferguson Rioters Explode

MSNBC Race Baiting

MSNBC’s Melissa Perry is featured in a video floating around the net, documenting what could be the pinnacle of some of today’s most viciously irresponsible ‘journalism.’ The clip shows her response to the Ferguson, Missouri situation. What she did with that crisis was as incendiary as tossing a lit match in a can of gasoline – and just as beneficial (if you’re looking to burn something to the ground).

As was the case with the Trayvon Martin Circus, here is another example of an avaricious, money-hungry liberal press supplanting law and order with an emotionally charged kangaroo court. Employing the assistance of our racist president (who has in six years done his Marxist best to reignite the worst black/white racial relations we’ve seen in 50 years), and a few grandstanding ‘reverends,’ their self-appointed jury will always hold in favor of anything that generates the most attention from the uninformed. Whatever remnants were left of the foundering “legacy” of an honest and candid Edward R. Murrow have been butchered simply to sell the most airtime and keep the pot stirred for incubating future product.

If I hadn’t seen and heard the thing with my own eyes and ears, I would never have believed it: A three-minute rant, along with pictures, memorializing a group of unarmed black men who have, during the past decade, been shot and killed by WHITE police. She states that, for the past 10 years, at least two black people ‘per week’ have been killed by ‘white’ police officers.  In keying that point, she conveniently inserts that “four hundred ‘people’ a year” are reported killed by local police* – but she doesn’t bother to clarify that, according to her own statistics, 75% of those people aren’t black. She nonetheless shamelessly uses that extra ambiguous weight in building momentum for what amounts to a terrorizing speech obviously designed to INFURIATE black people.

“From 2006 to 2012, a WHITE police officer killed a black person at least twice a week in this country.”

Her ‘reporting’ here is a gross oversimplification – and she doesn’t bother to put forth the much-needed details surrounding those killings. Instead, she makes it sound as though ALL those killings are purely a manifestation of whitey’s inborn addiction to hating black people – like a nagging nicotine monkey on the backs of ALL white cops: “Damn! It’s been a whole week, and I am really jonesing to kill a black person!” Well, common sense (if Ms. Perry would allow that to breathe) would tell anyone – anyone who would pause to think about it – that there is a whole lot more involved than simply the surface story of ‘two black people killed per week.’ As usual, though, Perry is relying upon the sad fact that most of her audience (most of 21st century America) is looking to be entertained and titillated rather than informed.

But who can argue with Perry, when it comes to uniformed authority abusing its power? That’s a richly documented, regrettable fact (though not a new problem nor uniquely American), and it is way past time to address that. But that isn’t at all where she is headed with her diatribe. No. It’s obvious that Perry is quite shamelessly only using the Ferguson shooting as another opportunity to steel black people against white people – pure and simple. Because people are like pendulums: when they are not moving, nothing is working. Rest and peace are the bane of liberal media. When people aren’t angry, they don’t fight. Where there isn’t a fight, there is no news. And, in the absence of news, those who are given the trust to ‘report’ it lose money.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

The Manchurian Duck

“If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck – it’s most likely a duck.” (I quote the whole worn-out axiom, for the benefit of the last four or five people on the planet who may not have already heard that.) But, let’s take a closer look at just one particular duck, Barry Obama, and the obvious mentoring influences that gave the bird his feathers. ….

Back in the 50s an anti-American, communist look-alike, Saul Alinsky, said: “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within.” (An obviously liberal ‘Snopes’ is quick to point out that Obama never actually hung out with Saul Alinsky. To which I respond, “So what?”)

Sociologists Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven (spawned from our president’s Alma mater) advocated almost precisely every pre-revolutionary economic overload that is now – courtesy of our spendthrift, golf-meister president – beating the guts out of our capitalist system.

Marx’s ten ‘plank’ Communist manifesto lays out foundational, easy-to-follow recipes for flipping unfettered free-trade economics into Jack-booted socialism. They include: crushing and ever-burgeoning taxation on what’s left of our middle class, controlling personal inheritance rights, effectively recreating and undergirding the Federal Reserve Bank, state-controlled and overseen domestic communication, increased control of free enterprise, state-controlled education, etc., etc. We’re right in the middle of Barry’s vivifying all of that; from reading our emails and gun confiscation – to tracking our medical records, personal habits and every dime we make or spend.

Of course all the aforementioned names and their respective political doctrines are not new – but they nevertheless bare repeating as our president has done so much of their bidding; so visibly and by the numbers. How much larger a ball bat, slammed to the head, is it going to take to seize Congress’ attention enough to begin investigating this charlatan?

Meanwhile, in addition – and again I say (for those of you who follow my ongoing rant), “He sends money to aid and abet our terrorist enemies. He allows our Benghazi diplomat and staff to be butchered by more haters of America and then makes excuses for their assassins’ behavior. He installs the guaranteed ruin of any hope for a sound economic future for this nation (fulfilling the avowed goal and vision of Osama bin Laden) … (and) his official acts of VIOLENCE against our country are innumerable and will take years to fully comprehend.”

That was just last week’s news. Now, as we are still reeling from the fiat trade of the five Gitmo scum in exchange for a single deserter/traitor, he’s been napping and golfing while a real soldier who deserves our help, Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, languishes in irons in Mexico following complications from a minor traffic violation. And – on the other side of the globe – America’s security is once more compromised by a mob of the absolute worst terrorists on an unchecked rampage in Iraq, enjoying the carte blanche of ‘safe passage’ given them by their now conveniently pacifist, Muslim brother – our president. When even a RINO like John McCain sights down on his favorite president over this issue, we must realize it’s time for some significant alarm.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom