DOJ Declares War On All Non-Muslims

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Holder and Justice.  Two words that just don’t work well together.  Holder equals ‘political agenda.‘  Justice equals ‘a level playing field for all legal, law-abiding American citizens.

Our United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, with marching orders (I have no doubt) from the Oval Office, has decreed that anybody who says anything which might hurt the feelings of Muslims – whether in the mainstream media, on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites or even private emails, will face retaliation from the government which is supposed to protect us.

Yes, Big Brother is snooping everywhere, even our emails and Facebook posts.  So much for Freedom of Speech — the First Amendment to our Constitution.  These dirtbags use our Constitution as a doormat.  ‘Executive Orders’ have bypassed our legislative branch, lame as it is.  Our President and his Departmental puppets have become a dictatorship.  Apparently we are all (except for Muslims and illegals) supposed to ‘toe the politically-correct line’ or we are in very deep doo-doo.

Sorry Misters Obama and Holder, but I was running laps on this track of life when you were both still wearing doo-doo filled diapers.  I have seen our nation and government change over the decades since I began to seriously watch this political sideshow.  Yes, there have been lots of good changes. At the forefront was the end to racial discrimination laws, segregation and separate education – but those were championed many years ago, when there were still passionate leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King leading the fight.  Now, all we have left are, for the most part, political prostitutes (why do Jackson and Sharpton come to mind) who use Dr. King’s ‘Dream’ to keep blacks on the government welfare plantation so that they, themselves will not have to get “real” jobs.

A recent article by WND ( reveals that, “In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the US, the Obama ‘Justice’ Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights.”  Excuse me, but this sure does sound like ‘profiling’ to me, and that’s the very thing Obama, Holder and Napolitano have been accusing Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio of doing.

So, let me get this straight.  In the eyes of Misters Obama and Holder and Ms. Napolitano, it is covered under the First Amendment for a so-called  “artist”  to display a crucifix (called “Piss Christ”)  in a jar of urine (though it offends followers of Jesus Christ), or to say that the Holocaust never happened (which is an insult to Holocaust survivors, their families, all Jews and others).   This has happened because the so-called “silent majority” (good and decent folks with good and decent values and a love for America) have remained silent way too long.

It really is time for each of us to use that quote from a very old, yet still timely, movie, “Network.”  The quote:  “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

Frankly, I have no intention of shutting up or being silenced by Holder’s Goon Squad.  I may end up in a secured facility, courtesy of the United States taxpayer,  but I will be getting free food, free rent, free cable TV, medical treatment and the best of everything else taxpayer money can buy – for sitting on my butt and doing nothing.  This is obviously what the “American Dream” has become.

Should that happen, I just need to find a very patient pet lover to give my very spoiled cat, Buddy, a home where he will be loved – often in spite of his actions.  It’s kind of the way God loves you and me.  Our nation really is in very deep trouble.  Is there a way out? I have my doubts.

Dale Dawson

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Sadness, Disgust, And Disappointment

US Flag 3 SC Sadness, Disgust, and Disappointment

Several comments I have viewed and read by those who are obviously in the twenty-something group have caused feelings of sadness, disgust, and downright disappointment at where our country is going.

I watched some “man on the street” interviews about what Thanksgiving meant to those being interviewed. The responses, for the most part, sickened me. None of them had anything to do with thanking God for the blessings He has poured out on our nation or for the many individual blessings most of us enjoy.

It did not seem as though these people who are too young to have any real ‘life experiences’ had any love at all for the freedoms they enjoy. Instead, it appeared that they were all simply spewing the liberal/progressive opinions that were (obviously) successfully implanted into their empty little heads.

The comments were all about how the nasty colonists came here and were equal to Hitler in what they did to this land and those original inhabitants of what we now call North America. We were heartless and cruel butchers and enslavers – nothing more, and we certainly should do away with this barbaric celebration of our actions. It appears that these youthful bubble-heads with no track record of their own have been taught to simply degrade, belittle, and destroy what their ancestors have made possible for them.

Yes, we, as a nation, have made some big mistakes along the way (slavery was probably our biggest national shame). And, yes, we have been very wrong in some of our earlier decisions as a nation; but how dare these people who, as of now, have contributed absolutely nothing to anyone other than themselves. Where they are, at this point in their young lives, has been made possible at the expense of their parents or various scholarships and grants that have paid their way through their educational ‘enlightenment’ years on an American (liberal) campus.

When I look at all that is going on today, whether the Hamas/Israeli conflict, people demanding their ‘free stuff’ from those who actually contribute to the financial operation of our nation, the union bosses determined to completely demolish capitalism and the very companies from which they extract their dollars, or punks beating up people in shopping malls simply because they have no life of their own – it makes me sad for America. Frankly, it makes me want to puke in disgust and rise up and start swinging in anger.

An obviously (I am not speaking as a ‘sour grapes’ conservative, but simply as one who has studied the data) rigged election has only added fuel to the fire for those who do not want a helping hand up and out – but simply want to protect their turf that will provide a handout “for themselves and their posterity.” That is a very far cry from what our Founding Fathers spelled out in our Constitution and its Preamble, along with our Bill of Rights. But for the ‘gimmies’ in our nation, both legal and illegal – as well as our President – the Constitution and those other trivial documents obviously have no purpose in their ‘enlightened’ new world order.

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