Are Whistleblowers Terrorists Or Heroes?

When the Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and Edward Snowden stories were front page news around the globe, I did not know how I felt.  Much of what I am about to say will come across as just another ‘conspiracy theory’ by many-maybe most.  I hope you will read my thoughts to the end.  You might, as I did, come to a different conclusion.  Maybe not.

I recently watched a movie titled “The 5ifth Estate.” It is based on true events surrounding Julian Assange and his creation called Wikileaks (an Internet movement based on exposing corruption in government agencies), and the waves it made in many governments around the world.

There is no doubt that Assange has a huge ego; but perhaps he, Snowden, and other whistleblowers uncovered information that the power players on the world stage do not want made public and will attempt to discredit at any cost. Including murder, perhaps.

After watching this movie, a lot of thoughts were banging around inside my head.  I did some more research on Wikileaks.  I also began to put other pieces of a fragmented puzzle together.  The possibility frightens me because it may explain a whole lot of what is going on in our world today.

The thought that scares me the most is the very real possibility that the NSA’s snooping on private citizens is an attempt to protect the behind-the-scenes real world power players and prevent any future attempts to uncover an orchestrated world manipulation of the population.  I know that sounds “conspiratorial,” but I just ask you to follow my analysis.

It would seem that the NSA has justified this unprecedented snooping in an attempt to protect everyone against “terrorists.”  That might be an easier pill to swallow IF it had not already been made clear by elitists that the real ‘terrorists’ are: conservatives … patriot groups … returning military personnel … veterans … and those who want smaller government, more accountability, and fiscal responsibility.  The REAL enemy of peace and security (those who want to annihilate representative governments) is never mentioned.

Recently, President Obama’s administration negotiated a deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan to free five REAL Gitmo ‘terrorists’ (enemies of the United States and those governments that oppose Shariah law) in exchange for one U.S. military deserter there.  Did our President do the ‘right thing’? Or was it just another agenda-driven elitist (one-world-government) move?

On the heels of that, our President met with the head of the Palestinian Authority, headed by Islamic terrorists, and offered them millions of American taxpayer dollars to support their terrorism. He has abandoned Israel, our ONLY real ally in the Middle East.

Think about it. We have groups that want to regulate the Internet. YOU may not like all that is available on the Internet.  Neither do I – BUT, I do not want some agenda-driven agency (whether left-leaning or right-leaning) dictating what I can opt to view.

Though tax dollars pay for local libraries, the issue is similar in many ways.  I do not like everything that is available at my local library.  I would consider some of the material downright obscene.  Should I call for a “book/DVD  burning”?  For the sake of us all, I would not–though for MY personal preferences, I WOULD!  These are often difficult decisions when we are challenged to think beyond ourselves.

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A Needed New Breed in Washington

James Stewart

An Ohio citizen and retired military guy named Bill Johnson ran for the United States House of Representatives a few years ago against an entrenched career Democrat politician in one of Ohio’s largest rural districts, encompassing miles and miles of rural landscape. Johnson had little to-no chance of unseating the incumbent, but, guess what? He did, thanks in great part to the TEA Party.

Johnson is a conservative Republican who was determined to, if he made it to Washington, stay focused on the values in which he believes and those he knows a majority of his Midwest constituents believe.

As he runs for reelection in Ohio’s sprawling rural 6th District, it is important to note that Johnson, a Republican, is being endorsed by a group of Democrats (“Democrats for Johnson”).

Looking in as an ‘outsider,’ I think this man is what our founding fathers envisioned regarding “citizen representation” in Washington (and down to the state and local levels). The ‘founding fathers’ intended that we would have been elected locally to go to Washington or our state bodies, – serve a session or two, and then GO HOME and back to our jobs. Political opportunistic whores have totally prostituted this dream our founding fathers had for our nation.

Those Democrats supporting this rookie House of Representatives guy from Ohio include two Democrat city council members in Stubenville, Ohio (part of Johnson’s district), along with the Democrat County Commissioner in Jefferson County, and a retired powerful union leader (Democrat), Joe “Sluggs” Smarrella. It seems to me that this is a pretty impressive roster of support from his “opposing choir.”

A Steubenville, OH council member, Robert Villamagna, stated that Bill Johnson’s work ethics and priorities won him over.

Tom Gentile, the Democrat Commissioner in Jefferson County, Ohio, said that “Bill is a unifier. He proactively reaches out to us, Democrat or Republican, and seeks input. He fights the good fight for us.”

It seems to me that the spirit, drive and determination which has been displayed by this Ohio Representative is what our founding fathers envisioned, and what we all (left or right, gay or straight, liberal or conservative) need to ponder very seriously .. and very soon.

Trust me when I say that I have nothing to gain by writing this piece and, though I met Bill Johnson once prior to his initial election, I have had no contact with him since then. I simply believe that this is a very good man who deserves our support and/or prayers. What is left of our country after five years of this current administration is in great need of guys like this, who actually put America and our values first.

It is time to flush the political toilet of the career people who are interested in only one thing: themselves and what’s in it for them.

Dale Dawson
On Target News

Why Is It Social Security May Run Out Of Money, But Welfare Never Does?

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

I recently received an email that  said: “The question of the year!!! We are always hearing about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money? What’s interesting is the first group worked for their money .. the second group did not.”

This observation is so simple that it is profound. All legal Americans have paid into our so-called Social Security “trust fund” for decades. This is NOT a VOLUNTARY contribution. It is a mandatory deduction from the paycheck of every legal American for the duration of their employment path through life in America.

It is becoming more clear to me why so many younger Americans have simply decided it is both easier and more profitable for them to just “fall through the cracks” (where the embracing arms of liberalism are waiting to take care of them forever – in exchange for selling their moral souls) than for them to try to actually “make it on their own.”

For many years, our elected ‘representatives’ told us that our involuntary Social Security contributions were placed in a safe “lock box,” which could not be touched or spent to meet current budgetary needs. As we all (at least the remaining ‘taxpayers’) know, our government lied to us. Oh my gosh, what a shock.

There has never been a Social Security ‘lock box.’ All of our paycheck deductions have always gone into the general fund, to be spent as our Congress decrees.

The cold, calculated, political reality is that for decades, we have snoozingly sat by without questioning anything being done by our so-called ‘elected officials’ (supposedly) “on our behalf.” End result? I think we have been prostituted (aka: ‘screwed’) for several decades during our costly national nap. I do not speak from an “agenda” slanted in favor of either ‘major’ political party. I have little use for either one.

The federal government was supposedly ‘shut down,’ which means that, in real terms, the non-essential federal employees were on temporary furlough. That brings up a question and a reality check for the taxpayers. IF these people are “non-essential,” then I guess I am just a bigot or TEA Party ‘radical’ for simply asking WHY they are on our payroll in the first place?

This series of thoughts started with a question about why the political game always brings up the ‘fear tactic’ about Social Security “running out of money,” without ever asking why WELFARE isn’t on the brink of “running out of money.” This is an extremely valid question.

The current story says that the ‘cost-of-living’ increase for Social Security recipients will be the lowest since the ‘projection’ started in (I think) 1976. I disagree with that analysis. Social Security recipients “enjoyed” (how funny is that??) THREE YEARS of no so-called cost-of-living “adjustments.”

This administration played the “shutdown card” for all it was worth; and how pathetic is it that it is ALWAYS somebody else’s fault? This has been the mindset of our “leader” since the beginning. Thanks to his lack of real leadership, we are a whole lot worse off than we were when our current president came into office blaming Bush, the GOP, Wall Street – ANYBODY but himself – for the friggin’ mess in which we now find ourselves.

A temporary outage of several websites or servers (I am not a ‘technical guru’) downed the EBT sites for a few hours. I was shopping at a local store when I read the handwritten apology for the EBT being temporarily down. My curiosity led me to the Customer Service counter because I had to ask the question: “What is EBT?” I am grateful that I did not know what EBT is, but I am also sad that this has become such a dominant force in our society.

During that few hour glitch, many greedy and morally inept people, who have been raised generation after generation on the government ‘plantation,’ just did what they do. They took advantage of a brief opportunity to gouge taxpayers into paying for stuff they could pay for themselves.

Welfare was intended to be a temporary helping hand up and out of hard times. It has become a way of life for generations of people who are perfectly capable of earning a living but don’t see the point when they can do just as well by sitting on their butts and letting others pay their bills.

Welfare has also become a guaranteed vote for the political hacks who promise the world in exchange for the welfare recipient’s vote election after election, thus creating another generation on Uncle Sam’s Plantation.

Is there any wonder why, just like welfare recipients, our government doesn’t work, and we are near the point of imploding as a wonderful experiment in self-governing?


Dale Dawson
On Target News


Photo credit: terrellaftermath

Are America’s Best Days Behind Us?

Obama Toast Forward Statue Of Liberty SC Are America’s Best Days Behind Us?

I listened to the results of a recent poll of those claiming affiliation with the Republican and Democrat parties. I was shocked and saddened that a majority of those claiming to be Democrats thought that, as Americans, our best days were behind us. WOW. What a punch in the belly of all those before us who risked everything to come to “the golden shores” heralded by those inspiring words inscribed on the base of our Statue of Liberty.

Quoting the most famous part, it says:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

In the ‘third quarter’ of 2013, I have doubts that anybody under 40 knows (or even cares about) what those words mean. This saddens me because it would appear that those now living in America have no clue about what it cost their ancestors to make our nation what it was the day before today. What is even more sad is that many of them don’t even give a crap that they are so ignorant. ‘Today’ is all that matters to them.

I am not blindly applauding any president of either/any party. ALL have fallen short in so many ways by letting their egos or political agendas get in the way of their moral convictions (assuming they had any.) Many, most – or all – have been game players. In the political arena, the participants must always ‘play games’ for various reasons. The ‘good guys’ play games for the good of those they are elected to represent. The rest – the political prostitutes (the ‘bad guys’) play games solely for personal gain. It appears that the whores now outnumber the rest of us.

Barack Obama broke the racial barrier by becoming the first ‘person of color’ to be elected to the chief chair in the Oval Office. I am glad that barrier has finally been broken; but, after five years, I just wish it had been an accomplishment by someone who truly loved America and wanted to inspire all of us to keep fighting for the ‘American Dream’ in which Dr. Martin Luther King believed (and for which he died.)

The sad reality is that our President offers no real “rah, rah” speeches about ‘our best days still being ahead of us,’ (or ‘we are AMERICANS and we WILL continue to be the beacon for the rest of the world.’) Without the pep talks from our national ‘coach,’ we as a nation have absolutely NO direction. And for that, I place 100% of the blame on the shoulders of our clueless “leader” – Barack Hussein Obama.

We, as a supposedly ‘liberated’ society, have minced no words in letting God know that He is no longer welcome in the country He blessed into existence. Please don’t give me the argument that we stole this land from the Indians. I know we did a bunch of stuff wrong and have blood on our hands in the founding of the United States. But most in the political arena do not want to “offend” anybody by actually bringing GOD into the political equation.

You may spiritually agree with me or totally disagree with me. Because I think HYPOCRISY rules in all of our spiritual and political realities, whether or not you agree with me, in my mind, matters very little. The simple truth is that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the ‘glory of God,’ – so can we all simply agree that we are all HYPOCRITES in the eyes of our Creator?

The basic truth is that we have strayed so far from our founding documents (The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and our Constitution) – documents that are so profound that they could only have been inspired by God – that I sure cannot blame our Creator for abandoning us. The truth is that WE, as a nation, abandoned HIM decades ago.

Going back to the Statue of Liberty–in the minds of many, including me, there are some big questions. Those who came to our shores in past generations wanted to become AMERICANS and a part of our wonderful experiment in self-government. America was a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

Fast forward to the present, and we see that many (maybe most) ‘foreigners’ in our country are ILLEGAL and have no allegiance to the United States. Seems like a big problem to me – especially when these folks who did not come through the FRONT DOOR by applying for citizenship now want special treatment. That simply does not fly with me. Why on earth would any sane American agree to pay for (with their tax dollars) a non-citizen’s food, rent, medical bills, or education?

Those who contribute nothing to our system, the ‘gimmies’, would appear to have the upper hand and all of the benefits, while the rest of us – the American slobs who are still dumb enough to believe in our system of government and pay all of the bills, in the eyes of those who contribute nothing – are the bigots. Sorry folks, but our national apathy just makes no sense to me.

I still want to believe that our best days are still ahead of us; but, without an occasional pep talk from the head coach, it gets harder each day to keep the faith.


Dale Dawson
On Target News

Conservative Christians And The SCOTUS Decisions On Gay Issues

Christian cross SC Conservative Christians and the SCOTUS Decisions on Gay Issues

I find it both amusing and pathetic that our Supreme Court saves their most controversial or divisive cases for the last minutes of their current session before going on break. That happened with the decision on ObamaCare (I still think Justice Roberts had a gun to his head), and it happened again this year as the black-robed Justices planned to hightail it out of town for a long summer’s nap.

Lots of stuff was churning inside my cranium. I finally realized that I, and many other conservative Christians, were trying to look at everything through the eyes of our Bibles. Let me explain. I sent a short email to my nephew’s son and his male “mate” of 18 years, saying “I am happy for you and Sean.” Frankly, their commitment has lasted a lot longer than many so-called “normal” marriages. If you want to condemn, that is YOUR problem.

First of all, I do not believe that our government has any business (or Constitutional right) being in the business of marriage. I also feel the same way about a whole lot of other issues the government, at all levels, has stuck it’s unwelcome (and unconstitutional) nose into. Regarding marriage, at least for Christians and Jews, it says “Whom GOD,” not “Whom the government has joined together.”

That being the case, why is the government involved in a church wedding at all? If a couple wants to have a union performed by a justice of the peace, mayor, or captain on a ship, then that might fall under government jurisdiction. But in a church wedding, the government is an unwelcome intruder.

Now, back to trying to evaluate everything with one set of glasses. As a follower of Jesus, I am compelled (or at least try) to love everybody. That does not mean I agree with or condone all of their actions, any more than they should do that for me or anybody else.

As a Christian, I cannot go by what I “feel” or what the current societal mindset tells me I should “feel.” I must go by what my Bible tells me. I also have to ask what Christ would do. I have no doubt that Jesus would have hugged and given a truly holy kiss to a gay couple in His presence and made them feel completely welcome and accepted.

WE, in our mentally perverted, politically correct society cannot grasp a kiss or hug (especially between two people of the same sex or those of the opposite sex who are not “married”) without attaching our own limitations or insinuations. And this is Christianity? God help us. I am not sure that Christ would say “Well done …”

One thing conservatives, whether “Bible thumpers” or not, need to separate in the political arena is the “religious or biblical” from the “legal” (law of the land). When it comes to equal entitlements for governmental or insurance services or coverage, I have concluded that these should be provided for companions. This is not a “gay” or “straight” issue.

The carnal mindset may think of long term “companionship” relationships from a sexual perspective. I think that is a very narrow mindset. I have spent my life as a single person but have had one or two “companionship” relationships along the way – none “live-in or sexual” things (both male and female) — and have shared life with one dog and three cats over the past 44+ years. Those little fuzz balls have always shown more unconditional love, acceptance, and companionship than most of my human contacts in life.

I have been blessed with more genuine lifelong friends (both human and fuzz ball) than many, or most. For that, I am so grateful. Those relationships have simply involved sharing our “total lives” together, both the highs and lows. From my own perspective, viewing this from a simply legal standpoint, if I had already paid taxes on my estate and chose to leave that estate to my friend or companion or lover (whether male or female) – or cat or dog – someone who was always there for me through thick and thin, then why does our greedy government feel it has the right to gouge what I have left to someone who cared enough to share themselves with me and be ever faithful to look out for my best interests?

As I have said many times before (and mean it now more than ever): I love my country, but HATE what our government has become. Yes, I truly HATE our government; for it is no longer a “representative” government but a self-serving conscienceless monster only interested in the next reelection. Most of them love the “power” of their position and do not want to give that (and the many taxpayer benefits) up to actually get a REAL job, for which they would be held accountable.

Sorry folks, but I think we as a nation are screwed. Unless there is Divine intervention (and why should there be?), our “best days” as a nation are behind us. That’s just one guy’s opinion, which you can think about or reject outright.

Dale Dawson
On Target News