A Court Decision Is No Law At All

All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”  – Marbury v Madison 1803.

Repugnant – distasteful, offensive, disgusting. Contradictory, incompatible, inconsistent.

Null – without value, effect, consequence, or significance.

Void –  having no legal force or effect;  not legally binding or enforceable; useless, ineffectual, vain.

Therefore, all laws inconsistent with the Constitution are without value or effect and have no legal force or effect and are useless, ineffectual, and unenforceable.

Or, as Saint Augustine so aptly warned us, “an unjust law is no law at all.”

Let me ask you a question: If the government passed a law saying that parents had the right to kill their three-year-old sons, would that be a valid, just law? Would we be duty-bound to follow it?

If the government passed a law that said that workers were entitled to keep 10% of what they earned and that the rest was to be “withheld” by your employer and given to the government, would it be a valid law? What if they said you could keep 70% and the government got the rest? Where do we draw the line?

What if the “court” rules that a man had the legal right to marry his favorite animal? What if they told us that we could marry as many different species as we wanted? What if they told us that sex with 10-year-olds was “legal” and, in fact, some scumbag down the road had the right to “marry” your 10-year-old 5th grader without your approval? What if they declared that school principals were even allowed to conduct the ceremonies during school hours? Would that make it right?

Did you know that a “decision” or “opinion” by a court is not law? Congress makes laws. Courts render opinions. Opinions are…well…opinions. Judges give their opinions of what they think the law says.

For instance, the recent Obamacare “decision” from the Supreme Court was supported by five justices, while four justices had a dissenting “opinion.” How can an opinion be enforceable–especially an “opinion” so equally divided and strongly opposed?

In Alabama, 81% of the people voted that marriage is between one man and one woman. How can the “opinion” of five terrorists in black robes in Washington carry more weight than the “opinion” of millions of Alabama voters?

President Andrew Jackson, in a shot across the bow regarding a Supreme Court ruling in 1832, famously said: “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” President Jackson ignored the decision that the Supreme Court handed down.

Sorry, I know that I am all over the place with this communication–so let me try to bring it together.

The United States is veering aimlessly off course because we have lost control of our government. This has happened partly because we have ceded to the courts lawmaking powers that they were simply not intended to possess.

A COURT DECISION IS NOT A LAW!! Do you understand that? Roe v Wade is NOT the law of the land. Roe v Wade was an OPINION handed down by judges. Judges and courts do not make laws, but rather merely render opinions.

Did you know that the Supreme Court once rendered the opinion that black men were inferior to whites? Did you know that the Supreme Court once ruled that women had no legal right to vote? Did you know that as recently as 1986, the Supreme Court ruled that there was no right to homosexual sodomy?

Friends, courts only offer opinions. Opinions can change when judges change. The law cannot be changed by a “judge.” If that were the case, our “laws” would be as constantly changing as the “judges” are.

If “judges” ruled that sodomy was illegal in 1986, how did sodomy become “legal” today? Did the law change, or did the “opinions” of the “judges” change?

Here is my point: All the hubbub over homosexual marriage is a cleverly-designed smoke screen. Who cares what the Supreme Court says? They are merely rendering their “opinion.” The people of Alabama and 30 other states have already spoken on this issue. No court “opinion” can nullify the vote of the people. Did anyone vote to give Kagan, Sotomayor, and Ginsburg the power to change the institution of marriage? I don’t think so, Tim!

Who do they think they are? No wait…who do WE think they are?  Do you REALLY believe that the opinions of five political hacks on the Supreme Court trump the will of 81% of the citizens in Alabama? I think not. At some point, this is gonna get ugly…and I believe we are nearing that point.

The right to get “married” based solely on who one chooses to copulate with is one of the most short-sighted “opinions” in the history of the world. Liberty is not licentiousness. You have no God-given right to do that which is wrong.

Homosexual marriage is not now, nor will it ever be, “legal” in America. You know it, I know it, and heck, even the homosexuals know it. They don’t want to get married…they just want to destroy marriage.

At some point, if we are to remain free, we are going to have to cast off the chains of government. That’s what our forefathers did. That is what they told us we would have to do.

Jefferson told us “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”  What do you suppose he meant by that?

“Are you proposing violence, Coach Dave?” I hear you asking. Of course not. What a foolish assumption to make. I am, however, proposing resolute, peaceful resistance. I am proposing open defiance against the tyrannical arm of government. I am proposing that Christians obey God rather than man.

Metaphorically speaking, Montgomery, Alabama, will be the Gettysburg of Gay Marriage after the Supreme Court hands down their tyrannical “opinion” in defiance of the will of the people of Alabama and in direct conflict with the Supreme Court Justice of the Universe.

The question is, what will the people of America do? Will they obediently acquiesce to the un-Constitutional edicts of the homsexualists on the Supreme Court? Or will they, as their forefathers did, stand in open defiance to a tyrannical, over-reaching, amoral Federal Government?

I am reminded of a monument that you will find commemorating what took place at Lexington, Massachusetts, on April 19, 1775. Carved into stone are these immortal words of Captain John Parker, the lead elder at the assembly of Pastor Jonas Clark, who ordered the men from his congregation to rise and resist the Redcoats:

“Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

Not one of our key “cultural” issues has ever been changed by a vote of the people. Abortion, marriage, prayer in schools, sodomy laws, free speech…they’ve all been “changed” by “court opinions.”

In summary, courts offer opinions. Legislatures and we the people make the laws. Supreme Court decisions are not laws—they simply tell us that they are.

Defy them! Nullify them! Tell the Supreme Court to go pound sand!


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Get Off Of The Couch And Fight, Christians…It’s Our Turn Now!

I never served in the military. I grew up in the turbulent 60’s amidst the Vietnam War, the shootings at Kent State, the murders of King and Kennedy, and the “God is dead” declaration made by the LSD-ravaged minds of the ideological left. I salute all of my generation who served.

Many of you watched your friends die in the rice paddies of Southeast Asia. They were just kids, really: eighteen year old rascals who loved their Chevy, their girlfriend, and their country.  As the familiar phrase goes, “All gave some…some gave all.”

I am reminded this morning of the song made popular by Steven Curtis Chapman, “It’s My Turn Now.” Listen here:

Open up the book and look again. I read the stories of the faithful men
Who gave up all they had to follow Him

He used the strong and he used the weak. And He even gave the timid words to speak
He called whoever listened then.  And now His call goes out again

And it’s my turn now.  Well, it’s my turn now.
‘Cause it’s my turn to give my life away.

Yep, it’s my turn now.

My wife Michele and I just had the honor and privilege of witnessing the birth of our baby’s baby, one of the next generation of Christians in America. I left the hospital with an overwhelming sense of duty. That’s right…DUTY!

With all of the talk flying around America today about “liberty” and “freedom”, “rights” and “tyranny”, when was the last time you heard a sermon on DUTY?

Look folks, as much as I have a hard time coming to grips with it, I am steadily moving into the category of “senior citizen.” I don’t FEEL old enough to be a Grampie—in my mind, I’m still 30. But the harsh reality is that I have a responsibility to pass the torch to my posterity.

It is what my father did for me, and his father before him. Something was so deeply rooted in their psyches that it instilled in them the duty to do a tag-team handoff to the next generation as the Preamble to our Constitution so eloquently states, “…to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…”

But somewhere along the way, my generation stopped thinking about future generations and fell into the trappings of narcissistic apathy that this nation has come to embrace. “As long as there is peace in my time…” What a sad state of affairs…and a poor reflection of today’s Christian man.

Let me ask you a question. What kind of Grandpa doesn’t fight for his grandchildren? What type of parent places his own safety and security above that of his children and grandchildren? What Grandfather travels America in a motor home while domestic enemies steal the very future of those whom he purports to love?

What kind of Grampie hands off a nation defiled by overt fornication and debauchery or quietly acquiesces to the tyrannical dictates of a godless government? What kind of grandparent turns a blind eye as children are being torn asunder in the warm sanctuary of a mother’s womb or rests comfortably on the couch as the foundation of Western Civilization, the family, is redefined in order to accommodate with whom or what an individual chooses to have orgasms?

What kind of grandparent permits his progeny’s financial future to be auctioned off to a cabal of satanic bankers? How can we remain silent as the very God who created us is shoved into the closet and out of the minds of the children we profess to love?

Are you watching? Do you see the immorality playing out on the streets of Baltimore? Are you oblivious to the filth emanating from the one-eyed monster sitting in your living room? Will you continue to tolerate the lying and thieving of those who are sworn to “protect and defend the Constitution” and the Cross-less Christianity spewing forth from America’s pulpits?

Is this what our fathers and grandfathers died for? Did the men at Lexington, Gettysburg, Omaha Beach, or those in Vietnam die so that a man could marry a man, or so that an unborn baby could be dismembered in his mother’s womb? Did they give their all so that their grandchildren might be ‘enlightened’ by the ‘virtues’ of Allah in their “public” schools?

You may not see things the same way that I do, but I believe that the entire foundation of Western Civilization is on the line and will be over the next couple of years. If we fail to act NOW, our grandbabies will live in slavery…if they even survive at all.

I see it as that critical…that urgent…that utterly diabolical.

We have formed the SALT and LIGHT Brigade. There is a role for every God-fearing American on this team.

I’m not one typically given to begging; but if that’s what it will take to restore righteousness to our nation, I will! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, my precious granddaughter and countless others are counting on us. What are you afraid of? Join with us TODAY!!

Is there not a cause? Get off of the couch and fight!! It’s our turn now!!!


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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Will You Join The Salt And Light Brigade–And Stand Up For Christian Values?

Last week, I asked the question, “Where is OUR Team?” If you haven’t taken the time to read it, I highly recommend that you do so now.

If you’re anything like me, you are frustrated. Elections seem to be a waste of time—meet the new boss, same as the old boss—and those we elect seem to ‘forget’ everything they promised during their campaigns.

Our pastors are worthless, at least in regard to fighting the cultural war. For some odd reason, they fail to realize that the command to be “salt and light” has to do with impacting the culture. Hiding the light inside the church building and keeping the salt inside the shaker does not advance the Kingdom of God.

More and more folks are realizing that something is terribly wrong. Frustrated with the pastors and the politicians, they turn to political activism. Tea Parties, 9-12 groups, and patriot meetings are popping up all over the landscape. This is a desperate attempt to try to find someone willing to lead.

The Scriptures tell us that “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” No wonder folks won’t prepare for battle…the trumpet is silent. Our leaders are afraid someone will complain about the trumpet being too loud, or hateful, or mean, or unchristian.

Meanwhile, the God-haters have a marching band tramping up and down the field while God-fearing Americans sit in the stands and watch the massacre, all the while wondering when our team gets to take the field. But as I wrote last week, WE’VE HAD NO TEAM.

Well, we do now. I am working feverishly with men and women across America to get our team assembled and ready to take the field. In less than a week since we’ve launched this initiative, our numbers are already in the thousands!!

Now we need YOU on the team!! Come and be part of THE SALT AND LIGHT BRIGADE!!

Look folks, I know that I am not some big-name preacher or politician; but I know how to put a team together. That’s why they call me “Coach.” It’s time to get our team organized.

But please understand, this is not another “organization.” Lord knows that is the last thing we need. The Body of Christ is a living, breathing ORGANISM…one body, many members. But the problem is that we haven’t been functioning as one body. We have been working as many bodies.That is called division. Each group is doing their own thing, with no coordinated attack focused on the real enemy.

Think of the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been funneled into the “pro-family” ministries. They read like an alphabet soup: FRC, FOF, AFA, NOM, NRTL, SBC–and yet the humanists are stealing our money and eating our lunch. In fact, Dr. James Dobson, who was fired from Focus on the Family, the organization that he founded, admitted this in 2009:

“The battles that we fought in the 80’s, now, we were victorious in many of those conflicts with the culture trying to defend righteousness, trying to defend the unborn child, trying to preserve the dignity of the family, and the definition of marriage. We fought all those battles, and really it was a holding action. And now we are absolutely awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged, and we are right now in the most discouraging period of that long conflict. Humanly speaking we can say that we have lost all those battles.”

Millions of dollars down a rat hole; and today, they are asking for more, fighting the same losing battles with the same old failed strategies, not working together, all while protecting their donor lists from one another.

Republicans have been their solution…raising money for guys like Boehner, McConnell, and Jeb Bush! The Christian Right IS the Republican Party; yet the Republican leaders despise the Religious Right. The political strategy has failed, and Christians have enriched the political machine to their own demise.

Jesus told us that HE would build a church and that ”the gates of hell will not prevail” against that church. The battle for Truth belongs to God’s people. Yet we have hired mercenaries (politicians) to do the job that Jesus mandated to His people. America’s problems are spiritual/moral. Politicians cannot save us.

Please join our team. You can do it by merely signing up at www.ptsalt.com.

Here is the strategy:

Go back in your mind’s eye to the first Gulf War and the shock and awe of the bombing missions over Bagdad. Before ground troops were sent in, our Air Force bombarded the enemy from the sky.

God’s team has an Air force as well. They are called Prayer Warriors. They are an essential part of the team, but the Air Force (prayer) alone cannot win the battle. At some point, the infantry has to move in.

God has an infantry, too. They are those who are willing to make phone calls to political officials or corporate offices, demanding they do the right thing. They can send letters, faxes, emails, or tweets to the decision makers. They are essential in creating a wave that will overwhelm the enemy.

But we also have Special Ops. These are the trained SWAT (Spiritual Weapons And Tactics) boots on the ground…the first ones to hit the shore and establish a beach-head against the enemy. No war can be won without boots on the ground.

So imagine the Body of Christ, a living, breathing, moving, coordinated ORGANISM springing into action at the first sign of danger. With one simple email, tweet, or text message, we can unleash our forces into action. The Air Force can begin bombarding with prayer. The infantry can man the phones and the computers, and the SWAT Team can hit the beach.

This is not complicated. It just has never been coordinated. How can I help, you may be asking? What difference can I make?

Can you pray? Can you write an email? Can you make a phone call? Are you good at logistics? Can you enter data in a computer? Can you network?

Every skill that our team needs is already gifted into the body: many members with many talents all waiting to be called upon. Everyone is valuable. Everyone has a role to play. We need what you have to offer. Or, more accurately, God needs you!

What if we had been organized in Indiana recently? What if at the first sign of smoke, our team had sprung into action. The Air Force began praying, the phone lines started burning up, and 5,000 SWAT team members had shown up on the steps of the Statehouse? We only lose battles because we are not organized.

Enough is enough! Let’s get to work. Notify everyone in your network of influence.

LET’S MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!! Share it with those at your church, those in your clubs, and those in your family. We won’t bombard you with requests. We won’t beg you for money, and we won’t share your name and email. We need your efforts…not your money.

The Tea Party has been infiltrated and neutralized by money and influence. That won’t happen to us because we are activating an organism…not an organization. If you won’t fight, stop complaining.

We need a new game plan. The excitement is building. Our team is growing. Uncle Sam doesn’t need you…JESUS needs you! ALL HANDS ON DECK!! Our grandkids are depending on us.

Please join with us HERE.


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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Christians: When Are You Going To Stop Complaining And Do Something For A Change?

Photo credit: shutterstock.com

How is it that a minority of Americans have seized control of the direction of this nation? How can a group of people, who, according to our government, comprise only about 3% of all Americans, be such a powerful force in this nation?

How can they get multi-national corporations and government agencies to boldly and publicly run interference for their cause? How can such a small minority convince a worldwide religious system to change what they believe about the teaching of their Holy Book in order to accommodate what is clearly taught as unnatural and unholy within the pages thereof?

How can a small pack of yapping dogs chase those who oppose their deviancy into the closet where they cower in fear of being bitten by the perverted poodles? For the love of all things righteous, how can Christian men and women yield God’s foundational institution of marriage in the name of love and tolerance? The answer is really quite simple—they are organized, and they show up.

The recent upheaval in Indiana is just the latest example of the power that can be exerted when a team is well organized. It’s not that the homosexuals and their lobbyists are smarter or have better arguments (how can anyone argue that same-sex marriage is good for society?); it is simply that they are organized.

There are churches on nearly every street corner in America, but the sad truth is that most of those occupying the pews don’t even realize that they’re all supposedly playing on the same team. As I have found out over the past decade, the pastors in most towns aren’t even friends with one another. They typically view their fellow pastors as competition.

We cannot fight the REAL enemy because there is no unity within the denominational morass that passes as Christianity. Meanwhile, the God-haters are eating our lunch. Every vestige of Western Civilization is crumbling as God’s team remains on the sidelines…arguing over doctrine.

No…wait…they’re not even on the sidelines. They are simply watching the cultural war from the comfort and security of their living rooms. It has never dawned on them that, as Jude told us, we are to “earnestly contend for the faith.”

Contend for the faith. What a concept. But we need to understand that contending for the faith has very little to do with arguing about the rapture, or mode of baptism, or speaking in tongues; but it means fighting (contending) for the very foundation of the culture in which we live and raise our families. Oh, don’t get me wrong; doctrine matters. But let us not forget that Jesus is bigger than doctrine.

Unfortunately, most pastors spend more time fighting over trivial matters within the congregation than they do fighting for the survival of Christianity in America.

Yes, my friends, it is that serious. Your padded pews and paved parking lots will be meaningless when the sodomites, with the power of the Federal Government behind them, storm your church and demand that you affirm all that God calls unholy.

It’s coming for sure. You see it. Inside your heart, you know it’s true. You cling to the hope that God will send a last-second deliverer to rescue us in our time of need.

But what if God has already sent the deliverer? What if the guy sitting in the pew across from you is God’s answer? What if the guy looking back at you in the mirror holds the keys to victory for God’s team? What if God actually expects you and I to DO something to “contend for the faith?” What if Christians…REAL CHRISTIANS…are God’s plan of deliverance?What if the future of our children and grandchildren actually depends upon what WE DO here and now?

What if WE are God’s plan?

The world is full of talkers and writers. But there aren’t many doers. As the old saying goes, “Talk is cheap.” Contending for the faith is dirty, gritty business; and most folks refuse to get their hands dirty.

My wife and I have two grandbabies on the way; that is all the motivation that I need. What granddaddy doesn’t fight for his grandchildren’s future?

Let me wrap it up for you. I am putting together a team. While others simply pray, I am going to pray and act. The Bible clearly states that faith, without works, is dead!!

Who am I, you may ask? I’m nobody. But my Daddy is a BIG CHEESE, and I represent Him here on this earth. I am tired of waiting for all of the big name “professional” Christians to get involved.  It’s obvious that they aren’t going to do a darn thing. They love themselves and their “ministries” too much to get involved.

Many of the battles that we are losing could be won if we simply showed up to the fight. What if 10,000 Christians had shown up in support of Governor Mike Pence and the legislature in Indiana?  It works for the homos. Why wouldn’t it work for our team? BECAUSE WE HAVE NO TEAM!!

If you are sick and tired and want to do more than just complain, please email me at coach@ptsalt.com. I want to put together a team, just like the homos, where we can have “prayer in the air and boots on the ground” in a matter of hours. We can no longer yield the playing field to the haters of God. WE must show up and contend earnestly for the faith!

People often ask “What can I do, Coach?” Can you pray? Can you hold a sign? Can you write a letter? Can you make a phone call? Are you available to come and join us at the gates of hell? God needs you. Let’s coordinate our attack. Let’s move as an army.

Imagine this scenario. A teacher at your local school is under siege for religious liberty. The homo lobby is bombarding the school board. What if we had an email list of those who could instantly spring into action? What if we unleashed the prayer warriors? What if we bombarded them with phone calls?

What if you received a message from me saying “I am on my way to battle in Kankakee; please, anyone who can, get in your car and come join with me.”  What if some barrel-chested men of God showed up at the school? That is a picture of God’s army. The Air Force (prayer team), the Infantry (phone calls and letters), and the SWAT Team (boots on the ground).

We are losing the war simply because we won’t join the battle. Email me at coach@ptsalt.com. I promise not to bug you with unnecessary emails. I won’t ask you for money. I won’t share your name with anyone else. The emails come directly to me, and I will respond to every one of them.

I am simply asking you to help me put together a team. If you won’t do something as simple as this, then you have no right whatsoever to complain about how screwed up things are.

If not you, who? If not now, when? It’s time to stand up and be counted.

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Whatever Happened To The Fighting Spirit Inside The Christian Man?


I loved my career as a football coach. Is it ok to say that? Does it make me seem worldly to say that? Forgive me, Lord, but I loved it. I loved the smell of the battle. I loved the mud. I loved the blood. I loved the human drama of competition. I loved how competition strengthened a man.

Fight or flight was the choice that the frightened young men were forced to face. Will they face their fear and storm the castle, or will they roll up in a cocoon and yield ground to the enemy? Courage is created in the heat of the battle. Facing one’s fear is a necessity for victory in life.

“Kill the will, boys,” I often told them after the halftime break. “They are going to be fired up after the pep talk that their coach just gave them, and we are going to have to go out there and kill the will. We are going to keep the pressure on until they wilt. Victory is earned. You have to take it. Before you can do that, you have to take away their heart.”

“Kill the will boys…there is no other path to victory.”

I can feel it right now. Some of you reading this will find your heart beating a little faster. I feel you, my friend…I feel you. Whatever happened to the fighting spirit inside the Christian man?

They killed the will. Somewhere along the way, the enemy killed the will. Passive, sit on your butt, whiney Christianity has turned the average American male into a compliant pile of play dough. The constant attack of the god-haters has pushed men inside the four walls of the church, where they cower in fear over what some flaming homosexual might say about them.

There is no exhortation from their pastor to stand up and fight. There is no leader in the huddle motivating them to pound the ball over the goal line. There is no plan for victory over an exceedingly inferior opponent.

‘Churchianity’ makes me want to puke.

Those of you who enjoy football know that there is an old saying that “offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” That may be true to a point, but the truth remains that a team that only plays defense will never win a game. The best they can hope for is a 0-0 tie. At some point, in order to win the game, someone is going to have to pick up the football and ram it across the goal line.

Playing a game to a tie is like kissing your sister. It looks good, but there ain’t much of a thrill to it. Sadly, most Christians today are playing for a tie…hoping to just hang on until Daddy comes to rescue them.

No wonder men have quit going to church. Who wants to play on a team that has no intention of winning? Who wants to engage in a fight where you aren’t able to punch back?

I know, I know…we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. I get it. Maybe someone should explain that to the god-haters who are mopping the field with us and rubbing our values and our faces into the mud.

I was a little different than the average coach. I focused on the offensive side of the ball. I loved making big plays and scoring touchdowns on the opponent. The way I saw it, playing defense was something you had to do when the other team had the ball. The fans loved to watch the points go up on the board, and I sure loved putting them up there.

Offense wins games. That was my approach. Defense merely prevented losses. I’d much rather play trying to win than hang on to my rear end trying not to lose.

For the most part, modern Christians have no intention of trying to win. They don’t even know what a touchdown looks like. They think winning is watching one of their friends “suffer for Christ” rather than being a “champion for Christ.”

After David slew Goliath, he ran up and sliced off his head. David wasn’t interested in a tie. David wasn’t interested in playing defense. David was interested in “killing the will.” When David sliced that dude up, all of Goliath’s home-boys headed for the hills.

I recall spending many nights preparing for the upcoming opponent with our coaching staff. We’d break down the films, find their tendencies, and prepare a plan of attack. I would look at the game plan and turn to our coaches and say “First one to 30 wins, boys. If they plan on beating us, they’d better be ready to score some points.”

What’s my point? It is that the church has sat around for far too long now playing defense and hoping to somehow stop the opponents from scoring on our team. We compromise, roll over, yield our authority, dance to their tune, and play by their rules. The idea of forcing them to play by our terms never enters our minds. We have a defensive mindset. “If only we can hold on, maybe we can end in a tie.”

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of sissified, passive Christianity. I’m sick of the girlie mommy’s boys currently populating our pulpits with a “just be nice” strategy. We will never win if our only goal is to not appear mean as they rape our cheerleaders and molest our water-boys.

We need a change in strategy. Playing ‘not to lose’ ain’t working.

I remember the great football coach Woody Hayes once commented, “I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face.”

Let’s go on the offensive. Let’s throw a few deep passes. Let’s pound the god-haters by running off tackle. Let’s use some razzle dazzle and see if they can handle it. Let’s pull out all the stops. Let’s run the no-huddle offense and wear ‘em down. Let’s act like we are champions led by the greatest Coach in the world.

Let’s follow David’s example. Let’s follow Gideon’s example. Let’s follow Jesus’ example.  Kill the will, boys. Get off of your butts and go on the attack. Anybody with me?

The first one to 30 wins.

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