Since “Black” Now Means Supporting Obama Blindly…

 Obama Official Portrait SC 752x1024 Since Black Now Means Supporting Obama Blindly...

I grew up having to defend my Blackness from primitive White racists in my home town. The only definition I’ve ever accepted of me is my own- NOT what others attempt to impose.

The last thing I ever wanted to be was a chocolate-colored reflection of their blind bias.

I knew the identity I was born into was formed from a time of forced conformity. It’s not a free orientation. As an ” uber individualist, ” to quote one observer, that became problematic as years passed.

This holdover identity from segregation has one mandate: unanimous consent keeps the racist sword of Damocles from falling.

This mandate has run its course.

I fully understand and appreciate its role as a survival mechanism, but now it’s devolved into often-crude thought-policing and, frankly, can’t address current problems.

Group-think isn’t reducing our murder rate. Nor the single mother household rate. Nor the increasing number of males under state supervision. Nor unemployment, middle-class asset attrition, and other negative quality-of-life indicators.

We demand nothing of the party we support and impose gag orders on frank discussion on our condition.

Such group-think gives Democrats our vote without them even needing to earn it. This group-think placed Obama on a pedestal so high that even his abject failure to address our economic crisis still earned him almost 100% of our vote.

Black now means Obama supporter. As an individualist, I don’t allow others to define me. That’s why I said for the duration of his second term, I’ll no longer call myself “Black” since this is now linked to approving of him.

“Bold” is my new ethnic identifier. It’s not a stretch since I’ve fought opposition without hesitation for a lifetime. After all the racism Black Baby Boomers and my Generation X has seen, it’s tragic to see us goosestep behind this brightest star in the Black Faces In High Places constellation.

Our group-think also places a gag order on denouncing a growing Ghetto class whose vulgarity and violence send Black professionals in orbit faster than the White Flight liberals love noting.

Bill Cosby is a liberal “mugged by reality”, to quote how former New York Mayor Ed Koch described himself. Cosby’s blessed assault on ghetto-centrism is applauded by many while opposed by fellow liberals more loyal to group-think than higher standards.

Cosby is an Obama supporter and reportedly took his dead parents’ photos with him when he voted. Since his net worth outpaces his detractors, I guess the group is too scared to challenge his ghetto denunciations.

The same goes for progressive icons Cornell West and Tavis Smiley, who tried to challenge our group-think from another angle: challenging Obama’s snub of the Black community throughout his first term.

A few high-profile dissidents is a good start, but not nearly enough. Hopefully, rumors of the intention of Black leaders to hold Obama more accountable will yield results.

The 21st Century shouldn’t see us marching lockstep behind people because of skin color and silent about a destructive faction, again because of skin dolor.

Just like I couldn’t be part of a subservient Black group in my racist hometown, neither can I be part of one now despite racists now resembling me.

No one man should be allowed to define community membership.

When Obama leaves Washington to return to private life, perhaps I’ll start calling myself Black again. The end result of my activism was never to be anyone’s flunky- regardless of color.

I’m Bold, not Black, now that it means “Obama worshipper.”

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