America Still Doesn’t Seem To Understand What A Failure The War On Drugs Is

One word can sometimes change the way one views things. To wit: if one adds the word “other” to alcohol and drugs (alcohol and other drugs), one’s perspective is likely to change. The failure to use it in normal parlance speaks to an arbitrary distinction that has for too long been accepted.

It is difficult to argue that alcohol is not a drug, and the same applies to nicotine. Further, like almost all recreational drugs, they offer an immediate “high” followed by a “low” as the pleasure chemicals oscillate back to stasis. “Weed,” cocaine, heroin (OXY), etc. do exactly the same thing. The fundamental distinction is that they have been made illegal, and the results of use may be more dramatic. Users also may be marginally more likely to become addicted. Interestingly, one is more likely to die coming off alcohol than other drugs, but the road back is more difficult.

One source of these sanctimonious laws was blatant racism. “Weed” was the drug of choice in the Black culture years ago. It was believed by the public to drive young Black males into a frenzy which put White girls at risk. Opiates were the drugs of choice brought here by Chinese railway workers well over a hundred years ago. Orientals were therefore suspect. Further, after massive overuse of opiates treating the wounded during and after Woodrow Wilson’s war led to serious addiction problems in veterans, the solution was–make them illegal.

That is the balm of the superficial, those who think that closing a legal door solves the problem. If individuals want anything, from untaxed cigarettes in New York City to cocaine or meth, they will get it because a criminal enterprise will always be happy to accommodate them. Prohibition was in large part responsible for the rise of the Mafia. Inner city gangs, foreign terrorists, corrupt governments, etc. feed off the profits of the “drug war.”

The point is that, lacking the word “other,” it is too easy to accept a qualitative difference that does not exist. Further, we incarcerate over 2 million persons and spend 2 billion a year in Florida alone because of the effects of drugs. Virtually every female in prison is there as a result of our “war on drugs.”

Perhaps it is time to rethink the problem. “Rethink” may be inaccurate as it is difficult to associate thought with those who brought us to this sorry pass.

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The Ignorance Of American Public Opinion

Islam The Ignorance of American Public Opinion

There is outrage among the chattering class over Assad’s use of toxic chemicals, and a supine public is sullenly acquiescing. The United States is about to start its 3rd war in the area. One cannot easily discern coherence as to our interests/policy in Syria from the “wizards” currently pretending to be in charge in DC, a familiar state of affairs, unfortunately.

Syria is a mess, and one imagines history will show that this administration contributed to it through vacillation and a late-starting “covert” weapons supply. The Assad father/son tag team is truly evil and guilty of most of the allegations lodged against it. The United States is about to start another war, ostensibly due to the deaths of one to two thousand from a toxic gas. We would do well to remember that the first hundred thousand, to whom we were indifferent, remain dead.

There is lamentable historical precedent for this ginned up, selective outrage:

The most well-known is the furor still simmering over the use of atomic weapons in FDR’s war. Fortunately, for the purveyors of this, most Americans were “educated” in dumbed-down government schools.

A few examples: Deaths from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima are generally believed to be fewer than 70,000 (and in Nagasaki, fewer than 40,000.) For perspective, more than 50,000,000 died worldwide as a direct result of that war.

A few months before the atomic bombs, Tokyo was fire-bombed with incendiaries. This massive raid was aimed at burning down as much of Tokyo as possible to further strangle the Japanese war machine. It was a great success, and 100,000–mostly civilians–were killed, the majority burned alive/asphyxiated as huge swathes of the city were incinerated. One never hears a word about this. Given the choice, I would much prefer to be instantly killed by a nuclear bomb than burn to death as would everyone who is reading this.

In the 60s, more than 1,000,000 Ibos in Nigeria were murdered; and in the 90s, it was the Tutsi/Huto horror of at least another 1,000,000. How many Americans can even confidently state whether the Tutsi or Hutu prevailed? They, of course, were black Africans and apparently were not worth much consideration. One hopes the UN made a strong statement of condemnation.

Regarding after-effects of biological/chemical/nuclear weapons:  there can be long-term suffering from exposure to these substances as in all forms of attempted mass killing/war.

Radiation poisoning and other long-term effects are awful. Burns, chronic pain, and lost limbs from conventional weapons are terrible as well.

Most of us are saddened by the horrors visited on populations by dictators and civil war. One, however, looks in vain for any recent success in shaping another country/culture. There is no point in starting something absent a reasonable hope of success. Intervention is beyond reason when there is no discernible threat to American interests.  We have expended vast amounts of blood and treasure in humanitarian efforts and are about to do so again due to the use of “WMDs.” Shall we send the fleet for effect every time a WMD is used?

Someone once opined that no good deed goes unpunished. We shall soon discover that to be true, both in global and personal affairs.

More Obamite Hypocrisy

SEIU SC More Obamite Hypocrisy

In 2009, Manuel Zelaya, a leftist thug, thief, and “business partner” of Cesar Chavez, was president of Honduras.   He had long been mismanaging the nation via payoffs to supportive unions (sound familiar?) and was planning an illegal election to cement his power.

There being no Constitutional method to remove him, both the Congress and the Judiciary asked the Military to assist in said removal. This they did, and Vice President Roberto Micheletti took power as required by their Constitution. At no time did the military have power…not one second.

The craven Obamites and all allies (SEIU, etc.) demanded that the odious Zelaya be returned to power or they would starve the country, which is rarely very far from starvation in normal times.  Along with their buddy Cesar and other “democrats”, the Obama/Clinton regime had no difficulty calling it a coup. There was enormous suffering, particularly among the poor; hunger and sickness were more prevalent, so the Obamites could be proud (as they ate beef filets)

Micheletti planned to hold the regularly scheduled election, which, of course, the Obamites condemned. They made it clear that the results would not be honored. Given Obama’s Chicago roots, one does not wonder why he doesn’t trust election results, except those he controls.   Further, the Obamites did not want to upset Cesar and his domestic and foreign leftist friends.

After the Obamites wrecked the economy, the Hondurans still refused to be bullied; and the Obamites were ultimately FORCED to recognize the election results. It is worthy of note that the opposing party won the election; Micheletti’s party lost.   There was shock in DC that the Hondurans had the nerve to have principles.

Scroll to the present:  There is a genuine military coup in Egypt; but Egypt has some juice, and Obama is now dealing with his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood. Breath-holding until Egypt’s coup is condemned and sanctions are in place is not recommended.

This “ILLEGAL” coup will be pampered as a vehicle to return Egypt to a civilian government. The election will, however, have the only patina of legitimacy; and for the Obamites, appearance is everything.   There is little doubt that a Mubarak-style president with a Muslim Brotherhood garnish will emerge as the winner.  However, when Honduras wanted a genuine, regularly scheduled election, the Obamites got their panties in a wad.

This should disabuse all who harbor the most remote hope that ANYONE in the Obama regime has any principles or interest in helping sustain democratic governments. Any left-wing or quiet oppressor is preferred to a genuine Democrat if the teachers’ union likes the oppressor. The late and unlamented Cesar Chavez is a good example.

Obama is sad to see his Muslim Bros leave, but they will not be far from power. Meanwhile, Obama/Clinton can be proud that many Hondurans are still hungry thanks to their oppression. This is compassion and concern for the poor, Obama-style.  It is impossible to know how many died, but why should they worry? Chicago pols have no time for that; there are votes to buy and people to payoff.

Take My Liberty And Give Me Money

Thomas Jefferson SC Take My Liberty and Give me Money

“I, however, place economy among the first and most important republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared.”

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Even liberals are prone to being effusive about the intellect and perspicacity of Thomas Jefferson. That is, until they actually look at the results of that intellect, other than the magnificent but necessarily broad Declaration of Independence. JFK, when reasonably sober and taking a break from his non-stop sexual predation, once opined to his dinner guests that this was as intelligent a group as has ever been in this room, except when Thomas Jefferson dined alone. He was, of course, pretending to be erudite and witty, perhaps achieving the latter.

In any event, reading the Jefferson quotes above, even those “educated” in government schools must admit that he and the Founders feared an overbearing central government. Given that the federal government has and requires the powers enumerated in the Constitution, most of our trouble stems from “emergency” or other lamely-excused deviations and expansions therefrom. It started with Dishonest Abe, who found it convenient to ignore Supreme Court rulings, borrow enormous sums of money for his war, throw inconvenient individuals in jail for impure thoughts, and was fine-tuned by FDR. FDR discovered how easy it was to buy votes with tax dollars; he never stopped, and his war opened the floodgates. Not for nothing did Bismarck opine that “War is the health of the state.” Here is a small but significant point about Lincoln’s war: Prior to it, one referred to these United States; after, the United States. States’ rights never recovered; nor is there much hope they will.

Had we remained vigilant about the enumerated powers of our Constitution, none of the problems that now threaten our nation would exist. We would have fought no undeclared wars, created no welfare state, or have any national debt. Hard to imagine, but true.

By example, the disgraceful pandering and nakedly political theater accompanying hurricane Sandy’s leavings in NY/NJ should make us all ill. Why a cab driver’s children in Omaha or a factory worker’s child in Topeka should pay to bail them out is the unasked question…construed to be rude, one imagines. Obama/Christie/Cuomo et al. simply posture and whine about Republican lack of compassion, and the money spigot opens.

Every problem we have in this country is a function of bloated central government and the unctuous tyrants and tyrant wannabes that inhabit it. There would be no lobbyists in DC, and most politicians would leave after a term or two, probably bored and eager to get back to work, absent the aggregation of power and money in DC. Since, however, the aforementioned and their sycophants are there to make or implement all manner of laws that may benefit one industry or company at the expense of others. Ergo, every major industry or group feels as though it needs a presence.

The true horror is that since the bills will be borne by our children as opposed to being paid currently, the voting public chooses to avert its collective eyes. That will go on until there is a catastrophe (Weimar Germany, anyone?), then Obama et al. will blame it on George Bush and begin plans to suspend the Constitution.

We voted for more of him and more of it, but our children and grandchildren will bear the burden. It is truly disgraceful; parents used to leave assets to their children. Now they leave their debts.

Why Cory Booker Might Be The Future Head Of The Democratic Party

Cory Booker SC Why Cory Booker Might Be The Future Head Of The Democratic Party

Cory Booker’s comments regarding Barack Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital were, for him, a “twofer.”  I think he believes in the system and understands that profits are not evil. He is hardly a full throated capitalist but cannot buy into trashing his benefactors in downtown NYC.   He actually believes that private sector money is critical to economic growth.  Some of his time at Stanford was not wasted.

More importantly, he is a man with big plans, a long range game plan, and the horses to execute.  He wants to be POTUS.  The second and more important part of the “twofer” is that it fits his agenda and the regular Democrat practice of shooting the wounded.  Obama may now be considered cooked as Booker would not dare cross him otherwise.  Booker does NOTHING that would hinder his plan, so knowing what he is doing, he chucked Obama and his Chitown thugs, crooks, and parasites under the bus.  I suspect, but cannot document, that he finds a lot of them lacking in decency anyway.

He is somewhat unique for a Democrat with big plans, as there is strong evidence that he is encumbered by principles.   He may have to twist himself into several pretzels as his career progresses, but I suspect he will do his best to be a patriot and a tribune for Newark simultaneously.  Anyone ever tried to square a circle???

There will be more apostates, but CB has established himself as “Il Duce” of the “new breed” of Democrats.  He has set himself up as the new savior of their Party and will be seen as prescient when Obama et al. are clobbered in the fall.

Wisconsin will start the charge. June 6th will be a day to celebrate Governor Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin.  He will make fools of the “recallers”, and they will then have to face the music.   After all, wiser heads at the DNC cautioned that it was a bad investment – a very bad investment indeed.

The labor goons, enviro-fascists , homosexual activists, abortionists, etc. that made  the Faustian bargain with the Democrats will soon be at each others’ throats. The NAACP, a formerly stand-up organization, recently found that the benefits of continued alliance with Democrats had a price.  It was ordered to publicly support homosexual marriage and did, even staring at a membership and wider community that largely opposed it.

Once it becomes clear that Barack Obama is toast, they will all be frantic to pick his Party’s bones of anything left before the collapse.   It will be a joy to watch, particularly as the media’s Democrat cheerleaders try to deny the obvious. Even the Republicans can’t screw this up.

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