An Open Letter To 242 “Birthers”

birth certificate An Open Letter to 242 Birthers

It was August 17, 2011. Approximately 350 people had gathered for a meeting of the Arizona Surprise Tea Party to hear Dr. Jerome Corsi discuss his new book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” I had read Dr. Corsi’s book, and what it revealed about Barack Obama was troubling to say the least. The book reinforced my concerns that developed after viewing President Obama’s birth certificate, which was posted as a computer PDF file on the White House website on April 27, 2011.

At this point, I must clear up some issues. I was not then, nor am I now a “Birther.” I simply wanted to know the truth about the various anomalies that I had viewed on the President’s birth certificate. The Left has strategically, but erroneously given credit to Dr. Jerome Corsi as being the initiator of the plan for Sheriff Arpaio to investigate the Obama document. Dr. Corsi came to the August 17, 2011 Surprise Tea Party meeting at my request, at my personal expense and after I gave him my written proposal about petitioning Sheriff Arpaio for a criminal investigation into Obama’s long form birth certificate. Dr. Corsi graciously consented to participate. Apparently, because it was easier to discredit the project as “conspiratorial” in nature, Dr. Corsi was labeled the initiator of the project by the Left. Dr. Corsi was simply the draw for my petition. As the initiators of the project, Denise and I were interviewed for over 3 hours by 5 members of the non-profit corporation called The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse ( MCSO CCP). The first question asked by the CCP? “Are you going to write a book or run for public office?” We replied that our motivation for the request was to seek the truth and not to write a book or run for political office. Dr. Corsi was subsequently interviewed by the CCP. I still give credit to the good Lord for the idea.

For the 242 of you who signed my petition nearly two years ago, I want to thank you for having the courage to take a stand for the truth, especially in light of the current Obama Administration scandals that are being revealed almost on a daily basis. I believe that I have a responsibility to give you a brief update regarding what has transpired during the past twenty-two and a half months.

During our August 18, 2011 meeting with Sheriff Arpaio, my wife Denise and I, along with three members of the Surprise Tea Party and Dr. Corsi, presented the petition with your signatures requesting a criminal investigation into the alleged Obama birth certificate. On August 22, 2011, I met alone with Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Sands and presented a formal letter of request for the investigation along with an evidence book. I was asked by Sheriff Arpaio to become the liaison between the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and the Surprise Tea Party. Sheriff Arpaio assigned the investigation to the all-volunteer MCSO CCP. The Sheriff also directed that all documentation was to flow to the MCSO through me. This one directive soon became a major issue of contention when Dr. Orly Taitz tried to submit information to the investigation. She was informed by the CCP about the process. She objected and was rather abrupt with me. Much to Dr. Taitz’ credit, she later apologized. I was impressed with her sincerity, and I accepted her apology. She has worked tirelessly for years on the eligibility issue.

While functioning as a Surprise Tea Party board member, I also did volunteer research for the MCSO CCP as a private citizen for 7 months. I was twice asked to formally join the CCP, once in January 2012 and also in April 2012. Mike Zullo recruited me by invitation over 3,500 existing Posse members, and I was sworn into the CCP on April 17, 2012 by Sheriff Arpaio. I participated in interviews, did research, and traveled in 8 states. Volunteers are not paid; however, I was provided with a county unmarked Crown Vic, a CCP badge, and a county gas key for my use as a Posse member. Posse members are support for law enforcement; they are not sworn police officers. I resigned from the CCP on June 30, 2012. I was twice asked by Zullo, over a 10 day period, to reconsider my resignation. During my stint with the Posse, high levels of stress landed me in the hospital. I was also uncomfortable with the potential liability issues that I could see as a CCP volunteer. But among the most pressing concerns, a year ago, I couldn’t see the investigation being brought to any meaningful conclusion. One year later, I still see no meaningful end in sight to the CCP investigation. The extended investigation may have stimulated contributions to Sheriff Arpaio’s re-election campaign, and it most certainly resulted in contributions to the CCP’s financial coffers.

On March 1, 2012, the MCSO CCP announced to the public that probable cause existed that the crimes of forgery had been committed regarding the Obama birth certificate and his Selective Service System registration form. Since March 1, 2012, to my knowledge, no criminal complaint has ever been filed by Sheriff Arpaio and the MCSO CCP with state or federal officials, and all members of Congress have not been notified of their findings. Crimes have been committed. One can only speculate about the lack of action and what appears to be an unwillingness to release information to those in higher authority. Is this effort really about writing another book?

Just prior to the March 1, 2012 press conference, Dr. Jerome Corsi and CCP Commander Mike Zullo co-authored a book regarding the Obama birth certificate investigation. Many on the Left and the Right were highly critical of the CCP publishing a book that is still currently for sale on the internet. I was shocked. Could it get any worse? In a recent article published by the news outlet and book publisher WND, it was disclosed that the CCP is currently working on a possible 700 page report. Will the 700 page report be released free to the 242 petition signers and to the general public, or, will it be sold at retail as a second book? Are book tours coming next?

At a recent (June 4, 2013) Surprise Tea Party meeting, Commander Zullo curiously referred to the CCP investigation as a “fishing expedition” and said that taxpayer money can’t be used on a “fishing expedition.” Apparently, the investigation wasn’t considered a “fishing expedition” when Maricopa County taxpayer dollars were used to send a compensated sworn MCSO Deputy to Hawaii to assist with the investigation. As I understand it, a sworn compensated Deputy is required to travel out of state with all volunteer Posse members when their official duties take them across Arizona borders. To the CCP’s credit, they tried to reimburse the county with a portion of the nearly $10,000 in taxpayer funds used for the MCSO Deputy’s trip to Hawaii. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refused the partial repayment of private funds offered by the CCP.

Here’s where it may get a little muddy for the possible publication and sale of a second book by the CCP. Now that taxpayer dollars have been utilized to send a paid MCSO Deputy to Hawaii to assist the volunteer, non-profit corporation called The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse, it could be argued that Maricopa County taxpayer dollars have been used to partially fund the investigation. Do potential second book sale profits now go to the county, or to the CCP? What is the opinion of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors regarding the apparent use of County taxpayer dollars, our tax dollars, in conjunction with the possible publication of a second retail book by the CCP?

On June 1, 2013, CCP members appeared at Richard Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) convention in St. Charles, MO. CCP Commander Zullo gave a closed door presentation to law enforcement officials and at least one member of Congress. There has been talk about trying to get members of the CSPOA to back Sheriff Arpaio if and when he ever approaches all members of Congress with his findings. We approached Sheriff Arpaio in August of 2011 because Congress wouldn’t investigate. If anything, with the current NSA wiretap scandal unfolding, members of Congress will exhibit even more timidity regarding the birth certificate issue.

On June 28, 2013, Sheriff Arpaio and Commander Zullo went on the air with Carl Gallups’ Freedom Friday radio program to give updates. Sheriff Arpaio stated that he could use taxpayer funds for the criminal investigation, but he won’t. He stated that he authorized Zullo to attend the CSPOA meeting as his representative. From what I’m told, Zullo was not accompanied out of state by a sworn MCSO Deputy as required by department policy. By not assigning a Deputy to Zullo, county taxpayer dollars were not utilized. Why aren’t taxpayer dollars being utilized with the full resources of the Sheriff’s Department for the most important criminal investigation since Watergate? At the end of the interviews, familiar requests were made for more donations from the public for the cause. Zullo’s most remarkable statement was to tell the listening audience to “stand down” and recommended that people hold off “a little longer” contacting members of Congress on the birth certificate issue. Asking for delay? Can America really afford another delay? Weren’t the defenders in Benghazi also told to “stand down?“ We all know how that worked. It’s time for Team Arpaio to shoot straight with the American public and show us their hand. Is it a Royal Flush, or is it all just a bluff? Time will tell.

President Obama could have saved us all a lot of time, aggravation, acrimony, and division if he would have only had the common courtesy to put the paper-hard copy of his Hawaiian long form birth certificate on display. It seems obvious to many that he has an agenda that is not in any way related to transparency or the best interests of the country. America deserves to know the truth about the alleged Obama birth certificate. Hopefully, the truth will come from a Congressional investigation or a filed criminal complaint (and not from another book published by the CCP.) America remains in perilous straits. God help us!

Many thanks go out to the members of Waking Up America; The Arizona [2012] Project; The Arizona Freedom Alliance; The Surprise Tea Party; The Sun City West Tea Party; and The Courageous 242 who exercised their Constitutional rights and signed a petition in good faith on August 17, 2011. Members of Congress would do well to remember you and follow your example of courage during our celebration this week of America’s freedom from the yoke of British tyranny.

Brian Reilly
Sun City West, Arizona.


Photo Credit: Andrew Aliferis (Creative Commons)

Moving Arpaio’s Investigation Forward

Joe Arpaio 5 SC Moving Arpaios Investigation Forward

Since September 15, 2011 the investigation into Barack Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth has been ongoing by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse. Having developed the plan to investigate the authenticity of the Obama Certificate of Live Birth and having worked as a member of Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, I believe I have more than a little knowledge about what has transpired since 242 of my fellow Maricopa citizens signed my petition requesting the sheriff’s investigation on August 17, 2011. Sheriff Arpaio accepted our request, and I was informed that the investigation would be done with the “utmost diligence.”

As you may know, Sheriff Arpaio’s office developed probable cause that the Obama long form birth certificate that was posted as a PDF file on the White House website on April 27, 2011 is indeed a computer-generated forgery. Also, examined was information that determined that probable cause exits that the Obama Selective Service System registration form is also a criminal forgery. The Obama Social Security number has also raised serious questions about its legitimacy. All of this information was presented to the press on March 1, 2012 with little exposure given to the public by the news networks. As a result of the lack of news coverage, on March 31, 2012, my wife Denise and I organized a repeat press conference held at the Church on the Green in Sun City West, AZ. Over 1,200 people came to the press conference to learn the facts about Obama’s identity documents that had been so carefully hidden by the media.

Fast forward to March 18, 2013. No state prosecutors will assist Sheriff Arpaio with his investigation. The local media has treated the investigation as a joke. Federal authorities have turned a blind eye to alleged criminal acts. Conservative news outlets appear to be afraid to address the birth certificate issue. And last but not least, the investigation is sure to be a major sore spot with the Arpaio foes who are attempting to recall the good sheriff. This, all because Sheriff Arpaio stood up for the Rule of Law and performed as a public servant as requested by his Maricopa County constituents.

Many times, over the course of the investigation, Sheriff Arpaio has stated that there simply is nowhere to go with the investigation for enforcement. My contention is that there is now only one appropriate place to go with probable cause that crimes have been committed, and that is to the United States Congress. I believe that the time is appropriate for Sheriff Arpaio to mail 435 certified letters to every member of the House of Representatives, demanding in no uncertain terms that President Obama, as the direct beneficiary of alleged, criminally forged identification documents, should now be Impeached for “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” under Article II, Section 4 of the United States Constitution.

Arpaio’s decisive action will accomplish several objectives: 1.) The Impeachment process will result in a full Congressional investigation. 2.) Sheriff Arpaio will have completed his investigation and transferred the onus of enforcement onto the members of Congress. 3.) By publicizing the 435 Representatives contacted by Arpaio’s office, their constituents can hold their elected U.S. Representatives responsible for adhering to their oaths to support and defend the Constitution. 4.) Sheriff Arpaio will have left no stone unturned and completed his investigation with the “utmost diligence” as promised. 5.) And, finally, Sheriff Arpaio will be forever known as the first county sheriff to ever ask Congress to Impeach a sitting U.S. President. Does it get any more courageous then that?

At 80 years of age, “the Toughest Sheriff in America” taking decisive action may well be the chink in Obama’s armor and bring this nightmare to an end.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

An Open Letter To Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaking SC An Open Letter to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

A little over a year ago, I was perplexed that federal law-enforcement authorities, the media, the federal judiciary, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives were ignoring what appeared to be a fraudulent Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth that was posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011. The purported birth certificate was for President Barack Hussein Obama II. It became very obvious to me that there were many anomalies on the document that everyone on the federal level apparently wanted to ignore.

Arizona has fraud and forgery statutes and continues to uphold the rule of law, so I chose to download the Obama birth certificate from the White House website onto my computer here in Maricopa County to establish jurisdiction. I made an appointment with you, and we met on August 18, 2011 to discuss my concerns. Prior to our meeting, I wrote a petition requesting your assistance; and on August 17, 2011, two hundred and forty-two Maricopa residents signed the petition in a little over two hours. I gave you a copy of the petitions and a copy of the Arizona Revised Statutes that cover fraud and forgery. At that meeting, I said that you were “the last hope for America.” I still believe you are America’s last hope to know the truth about our President. I simply asked for you to investigate the authenticity of the document and take the appropriate actions.

You asked me to come back to your office on August 22, 2011 for another meeting. At that meeting, you said that you would investigate the document using your Cold Case Posse. I was assured that the investigation would be done with “the utmost diligence.” This became the first law-enforcement investigation in the nation of Barack Obama’s identification papers.

Six months later, on March 1, 2012, you held your first press conference to announce your findings. My wife Denise and I attended the news conference. It was announced that your office had developed probable cause that Barack Hussein Obama II’s Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth and his Selective Service System Registration form were both forgeries. The Certificate of Live Birth was called a computer-generated file forgery. It was also announced that you had developed leads regarding a person or persons of interest. As was expected, the media attacked you the messenger and refused to discuss the specifics of your findings.

My wife and I were so impressed with your press conference that we decided that it was important for the general public to witness what we saw firsthand and expose what the media had censored. Denise and I put an event together in less than 10 days. We held it at the Church on the Green on March 31, 2012, charged no admission and asked for no donations, and gave you the stage as a public service. I wrote a petition to the Arizona legislature based on elements of your investigation, and Denise circulated it at the event. Nearly 1,200 people attended the standing room only event. Many video DVDs were made and circulated throughout the nation as well as displayed on the internet. I’m still amazed how well you and your presentation were received by the public.

It is now September 25, 2012, and the general election is fast approaching. America is running out of time regarding the enigma called Barack Hussein Obama II. America is depending on Arizona to act. There have been suggestions that a Congressional investigation needs to be conducted with the information that you have developed. I came to you over a year ago because Congress would not investigate this issue. Frankly, Congress is a waste of time, and there is very little time left.

I believe that it is time to turn your evidence over either to the Arizona Grand Jury or the Maricopa County Grand Jury for a determination of whether crimes of fraud and forgery have been committed against the citizens of Arizona and identify, if possible, the perpetrator of the crimes and who is the most likely beneficiary of these purported crimes. It’s time to let the jurors of the Grand Jury decide our future, not the politicians in Congress.

I have also made this request to Governor Jan Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne, and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Hopefully, you will, with their assistance, make a decision that is in the best interest of Arizona and America.

Sheriff Arpaio, I thank you for being a man of your word and investigating this issue at my request for the past year. You have been the subject of many personal attacks of ridicule and scorn, and you have responded with great poise and professionalism. You are an exceptional lawman with an enviable 51-year history in law-enforcement. We are very fortunate to have you as our Sheriff here in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Denise and I trust you will do what is best for Arizona and America with the evidence that you have developed.


Brian Reilly

Sun City West, AZ

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An Open Letter To The Honorable Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer


Jan Brewer 3 SC An Open Letter to the Honorable Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer

At the opening of the fiftieth session of the Arizona legislature, you made the following passionate comments in your State of the State address in response to the tragic shooting of Representative Gabby Giffords:

I believe Arizona will rise on wings like eagles….. We will run and not get weary…. We will walk and not grow weak…..Arizona is in pain…..Yes our grief is profound….We are in yet the first hours of sorrow, But we have not been brought down……We will never be brought down.

You wrote in your book, Scorpions for Breakfast, that when you looked at your audience that included legislators, dignitaries, judges, and other constitutional officers, you thought of “all the people who now looked to us to ensure that justice would be served.” You said that you “meant every word” of your speech.

In the conclusion of your book, you wrote: “We are a free and striving people not the subjects of an overbearing government. Call me biased, but I believe this is true in Arizona more than just about any place else. We used to be a country that was proud to assert that. These days, you get called names for saying such a thing. But if our critics have learned one thing by now, it’s that we can take it. We won’t be intimidated and we won’t back down.”

Arizona and our country are facing the worst constitutional crisis in our lifetime. We have a president in office who is an enigma. All of his records have been sealed. His birth certificate and his Selective Service System registration form have been determined to be probable criminal forgeries by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Obama’s Social Security Number is also being questioned. Additionally, President Obama seems to be hellbent on destroying America’s freedoms with a plethora of constitutionally questionable Executive Orders and bills apparently designed to turn us into a totalitarian socialist state.

Will you abide by your promise to never let Arizona be “brought down?” Do you stand by your words that Arizona “won’t be intimidated?” Will you continue to fight to “ensure that justice will be served?” Thinking Arizonans are not in pain, but they are fearful of what the future holds if the enigma called Obama is re-elected to office in November. Many believe the end of America and the rule of law is fast approaching.

My request to you, Governor Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne, and Maricopa County Bill Montgomery is simple. Utilize the state or county Grand Jury system to review Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s findings regarding President Obama’s identification papers to determine if criminal fraud and forgery crimes have been committed (and who benefits from these alleged fraudulent documents. )With the November election fast approaching, there is very little time left to discover the truth about President Obama and the authenticity of his identification papers.

Arizona and America will “rise on the wings like eagles” only if we are told the truth about the Obama findings as determined by the jurors of the Grand Jury. Will the DNC and the GOP make you back down? Will you refuse to be intimidated by party elites? Will you make sure that justice is served? It’s time for Arpaio’s Obama report to go to the Grand Jury. You have the courage to make it happen.



Brian Reilly

Sun City West, AZ

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ForgeryGate: An Open Letter To The Honorable Arizona Attorney General, Tom Horne

Tom Horne SC ForgeryGate: An open letter to the Honorable Arizona Attorney General, Tom Horne

On March 1, 2012, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office held a formal press conference regarding their investigation into the identification documents of President Barack Hussein Obama II. At the press conference, it was announced that the MCSO had developed sufficient evidence to indicate that Mr. Obama’s Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth and his Selective Service System registration form were criminal forgeries. To say the least, the findings were shocking.

Many citizens contacted Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s office to request that Mr. Obama be kept off the November 6, 2012 ballot as the authenticity and criminality of his identification papers were now in question. At Mr. Bennett’s request, the State of Hawaii sent a “Verification of Birth” notice in May of 2012. Surprisingly, the one most critical piece of information that was conveniently missing was Mr. Obama’s date of birth. Secretary Bennett, apparently satisfied even with the lack of this critical information, notified the public that Mr. Obama would be on the November ballot, assuming the Democratic National Committee provided the proper nomination form.

On September 10, 2012, the Arizona Secretary of State received the DNC presidential nomination paper for Barack Hussein Obama. On the document, Mr. Obama swore or affirmed that he is “a natural born citizen of the United States and [he] is at least thirty-five years of age…..and meet[s] all other constitutional requirements to hold the office of President of the United States.”

The people of Arizona deserve truthful answers to the predicament that we currently find ourselves in. Is Barack Obama eligible to be President? Are his identification documents forgeries? Has a crime been committed in Arizona? And if a crime of fraud and forgery and possible conspiracy have been committed, who would be the one most likely to benefit from such crimes? The answer is obvious.

I think it is time for you, the Arizona Attorney General, to come to the aid of your law enforcement partner, Sheriff Arpaio, and take the MCSO findings to the state grand jury for review. Let’s turn Sheriff Arpaio’s findings over to the people who have been assigned the task of determining whether a crime has been committed, and ultimately, who is the beneficiary of such criminal behavior. Lets take the evidence out of the hands of the politicians and let the citizens in the state grand jury decide the validity of the MCSO findings, prior to the November elections.

Arizona Revised Statute, Chapter 23, Sec. 13-2311 states in part, “…any person who, pursuant to a scheme or artifice to defraud or deceive, knowingly falsifies, conceals or covers up a material fact by trick, scheme or device or makes or uses any false writing or document knowing such writing or document contains any false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or entry is guilty of a class 5 felony.”

In the words of former President Richard M. Nixon of Watergate fame, “…people have got to know whether their President is a crook.”

Attorney General Horne, please request Sheriff Arpaio’s findings about President Obama’s identification documents and submit them to the state grand jury, and let the jurors decide if Mr. Obama benefits from criminal fraud and forgery and should be kept off the November Arizona 2012 ballot.  The citizens of Arizona have been patient.  Again, we have the right to know the answers to these questions before the November election.  Thank you for your time.


Brian Reilly

Sun City West, Arizona


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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