Watch: Dr. Phil GOES OFF In A Big Way On ‘The Kelly File’- ‘Get A D— Job!’

Syndicated television host Phil McGraw sat down with Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly recently to share his take on “a generation … raised with a great degree of entitlement.”

During a segment of The Kelly File that aired Thursday night, McGraw used an example from his own show to depict what he sees as a widespread issue.

He introduced the Dr. Phil guest as “a kid that says, ‘I want to be a rock star’ — I say kid, he’s 40 years old now.”

In pursuing his goal, McGraw revealed that the man, identified only as Chris, “bled his family, his mother and father, for $1.7 million trying to be a rock star.”

Chris would not accept any job short of his ideal, McGraw added, and at the time of his appearance on the show was “living on a twin bed in his mother’s house.”

Kelly chimed in that the clip should serve as a reminder for women in the dating scene.

“Ladies, take note,” she said, ” … if he wants to go back to your place, there’s a reason. Take it from Dr. Phil.”

She then asked her guest for his “bottom line” response to the issue of entitlement in American culture.

McGraw asserted that this is the “greatest country in the world,” though “sometimes we forget common sense.”

One lesson often learned too late, he lamented, is that “you just don’t reward bad behavior.”

Citing the propensity of some in today’s society to excuse and compensate for laziness, McGraw ended the exchange with a harsh wake-up call that obviously resonated with the host.

“When people don’t work and produce, then they need to get kicked to the curb. Get a d–n job. Carry your own weight. It’s just that simple,” he declared.

“Amen, Dr. Phil,” Kelly added.

Watch: Candace Cameron Bure Just Pointed Out 1 Thing About Hillary ‘The View’ Can’t Ignore

As the 2016 presidential primary heats up for candidates in both parties, the women of ABC’s The View have been adding to the political discourse with their differing takes on the front-running campaign.

After roundly criticizing Republican Donald Trump’s ad hominem attacks against Ted Cruz following the latter’s resounding win in the Iowa caucuses, the talk show’s co-hosts took on Democrat Hillary Clinton’s participation in lucrative speaking engagements. The focus of the segment revolved around the $675,000 Clinton earned for making three speeches to investment banking firm Goldman Sachs.

For Joy Behar, the controversy surrounding these payments seems hypocritical.

“The Republicans can make money,” she said, while “Democrats have to do, like, missionary work … in Africa for some reason.”

Whoopi Goldberg also took Clinton’s side, though perhaps less enthusiastically.

While she said she could “understand” why rival Bernie Sanders is making political hay of the financial transactions, Goldberg asserted that Clinton is “from the east, and that’s where the money is.”

When Behar chimed in that accepting the fees does not mean Clinton is “on the take with Goldman Sachs,” co-host Candace Cameron Bure explained that perception is a major reason many Americans have a problem with the six-figure payout.

“Don’t you think it’s kind of like when a guy takes a girl out on a date,” she inquired, “and he’s paying for it every time, and he’s like, ‘But we’ll just be friends, we’ll just be friends. We’re cool with that.’ Like, no, the guy wants to be more than friends.”

Furthermore, she cited Clinton’s own campaign platform as a reason the big paychecks might turn some voters off.

“For Hillary talking about equality with everyone,” she said, “there’s something that is not relatable to getting $675,000 for a speaking fee.”

Video: Dana Loesch Goes Nuclear… Leaves One GOP Candidate Crippled

As Donald Trump’s post-Iowa attacks on caucus winner Ted Cruz continue, the billionaire presidential candidate continues to receive harsh criticism from those who believe his rhetoric is — and has been — far too incendiary.

Even the typically left-leaning panel on ABC’s The View recently defended Cruz, along with the entire nation of Canada, against recent barbs emanating from either the Trump campaign or the candidate’s own lips.

In a recent discussion with TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck, popular conservative commentator Dana Loesch shared her exasperation over Trump’s campaign trail antics.

“I’m at my limit with Trump,” Loesch said, “because I just don’t think calling somebody a bimbo, or suggesting they’re a bimbo, or suggesting they’re sold out, or suggesting they’ve committed fraud is substitute for intelligent dissent.”

While she told Beck she has thus far been “incredibly cool” about Trump’s vitriolic rhetoric, Loesch said we are now at “level ridiculous.”

Beck chimed in with a conversation he had with his wife, who told him Trump is “officially a total joke now that he’s calling for a recount” of Monday’s caucus.

“He’s the equivalent of Kim Kardashian in American politics,” Loesch shot back. “We’re looking at the Kardashian candidate.”

Borrowing Jeb Bush’s campaign line, she referred to Trump as “a chaos candidate who’s been all over the board on every single issue.”

Those who insist he is a principled conservative in spite of evidence to the contrary, Loesch charged, “are lying to themselves.”

To watch Loesch’s comments, click here.

Rush Limbaugh Just Asked The One Question About Obama’s Mosque Visit He Wasn’t Supposed To

In light of President Obama’s first official visit to a mosque while in office, he has received widespread criticism for both choosing a facility with links to Islamic extremism and thanking those in attendance for their purported contributions to national peace.

Some of the fiercest backlash came from syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh during his program Thursday. The veteran broadcaster used the controversial address to highlight some questions about Obama’s self-professed Christian faith.

“Why did he choose to become a Christian?,” Limbaugh asked, after painting a picture of the way Obama has characterized both Islam and Christianity.

“Barack Obama, he goes into this radical mosque in Baltimore [Wednesday],” he said. “He talks about how Islam has always been part of the fabric of America, and I stopped. I said, ‘Really?’ I didn’t know that.”

Not only does the president talk “about how awesome Islam is all the time,” Limbaugh continued, “at the same time, he’s out there, and look what he says about Christians. He says he is one. Look, he talks about them as bitter clingers and they hold on to their guns when they’re nervous.”

In light of his dichotomous position on the two faiths, the host wondered why Obama would have chosen to follow Christ.

“I’ve always wondered that,” Limbaugh concluded. “He’s such a defender and promoter of Islam, and, on the other hand, he and his party are constantly denegrating Christians. I don’t care what the issue is — whether it’s guns, whether it’s gay marriage, any cultural or social issue, or the ‘bitter clinger’ comments.”


Fox News Just Made A Huge Announcement About Megyn Kelly That’ll Ruffle Trump’s Feathers

After admitting he “probably would have done a little better” in this week’s Iowa caucus if he had not boycotted the only debate held in the state, GOP front-runner Donald Trump is still licking his wounds from a second-place finish in the first-in-the-nation presidential contest. His decision to skip the event came after Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly was slated to return as one of the debate moderators.

While Trump blamed Fox News Channel’s supposedly unfair treatment of his campaign, days before blowing off the debate, he said on CNN that Kelly would be a primary reason he would boycott.

“I don’t like her,” he said bluntly. “She doesn’t treat me fairly. I’m not a big fan of hers at all.”

He went on to call Kelly “very biased,” asserting that he would pull out of the event if he got the inkling that he would be “treated unfairly.”

According to a recent Fox News report, Trump might soon be making the same decision. Kelly, the nation’s leading cable news outlet confirmed, will be making her third moderating appearance of the 2016 race on March 3. The debate, which will take place in Detroit, will feature the same lineup of moderators — Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace — as the previous two events hosted by the network.