Hollywood Actor Makes A Big GOP Endorsement – Then Things Take A Surprising Turn

The fact that veteran actor James Woods would endorse a Republican in the 2016 presidential race might come as little surprise to those familiar with his biting – and frequent – political commentary. Utilizing a robust social media presence, he has made his mark as one of Hollywood’s most outspoken conservative voices.

In September, he came out as a strong Carly Fiorina supporter, announcing via Twitter that he would be providing the narration for a campaign film.

It was in the same forum that he confirmed his allegiance has shifted in light of the ongoing global terrorist threat and an in-depth conversation he had with rising White House hopeful Ted Cruz.

Woods followed up his revelation by waxing enthusiastic in a series of tweets on Monday.

Reaction to the new endorsement varied, though a common theme among the Twitter comments was Cruz’s continued appeal among conservatives — three years after tea partyers were credited with his 2012 ascendance to the U.S. Senate.

h/t: Washington Examiner

A School Tried To Shut Down Student’s Pro-Life Club, But It Just Backfired

When 16-year-old Angelique Clark planned to put her pro-life passion into practice, she proposed the formation of a new club at her school. When administrators at Las Vegas’ West Career and Technical Academy told her such a group would not be allowed, however, she opted to stand up for her beliefs.

After securing the representation of the Thomas More Society, Clark recently scored a victory in her battle with the school. Though Clark initially shied away from taking her case to court, she explained to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that school officials continually refused to acknowledge the legal precedent she claimed to have in establishing the pro-life club.

Last month, the two parties arrived at a settlement that resulted in the dismissal of the case. As part of the agreement, the school must approve Clark’s club and treat it the same as any other comparable student group.

The Clark County School District additionally agreed to pay Clark’s legal expenses in the sum of $30,000.

Clubs are now being treated the same, Clark explained, though that means all such clubs now have less freedom of expression as a result. Previously, club leaders could include special announcements with their schedules, though after Clark’s club was approved, she said administrators limited such bulletins to information such as the time and location of meetings.

As for the club, Clark said at least 15 students have already joined as another 60 have expressed interest.

“I do have a lot of support,” she confirmed, “—more than pushback.”

The teen concluded that this situation has given her the confidence to help other students who feel they are being mistreated.

“Never back down from an administration,” she urged those in a similar position. “It’s a misconception that students have different rights than anyone else.”

Just Revealed: Dems Are Getting Crushed By Republicans In An Area That Could Doom Them

As candidates in both parties vie for the support of donors who keep their campaigns viable, party leaders are likewise in a never-ending pursuit of capital. According to an exclusive report by Breitbart this week, one party is clearly leading that effort.

In a comparison of party expenditures over the last several months, the Democrat National Committee showed a net loss while its GOP counterpart remained squarely in the black.

As a recent example, the DNC in September came up more than $1.2 million short of meeting its $5.25 million in expenditures. Overall, the committee reportedly has nearly $7 million in debt and just $4.7 million in cash on hand.

Contrasting the party’s current situation with the same period leading into the 2012 presidential election, the facts look even grimmer. The DNC’s November 2011 report to the Federal Election Commission showed a party with more than $11 million in cash on hand.

A particularly vibrant primary season for Republicans has coincided with a much more optimistic outlook for the Republican National Committee. With less than $2 million in debt, the party has a reserve of more than $20 million in cash on hand.

Not only has the RNC spent the last 10 months taking in more cash than Democrats, GOP leaders have also been able to spend more than the DNC over the same period.

Trump Just Said Eight Words That Strike Fear Into The Heart Of Every Republican

Since the early days of Donald Trump’s unconventional White House bid, many Republicans identified a potential and inherent threat his campaign posed to the party. Should he not secure the GOP presidential nomination, critics warned, he could launch a third-party campaign that would likely secure a Democrat victory.

“If he runs as an independent,” Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway said in August, “conventional wisdom is that he will guarantee Hillary Clinton wins.”

Though he sparked criticism at the beginning of the first primary debate, identifying himself as the only candidate willing to consider a third-party run, he subsequently assuaged some fears when he signed a party loyalty pledge.

Following a recent ABC interview, however, those worried about a rogue Trump campaign have new cause to fear. Asked if he is still committed to supporting the eventual GOP nominee, he replied:

I’m going to have to see what happens.

He went on to explain that his decision depends on his perceived treatment by those within the Republican Party.

“When I did this,” he said of signing the pledge, “I said I have to be treated fairly. If I’m treated fairly, I’m fine.”

Trump concluded that he is looking for a “level playing field” in the primary. According to early polling data, however, he noted that planning an exit strategy is premature.

“I’m leading every poll by a lot,” he said. “It’s not even a little bit anymore – it’s a lot.”

h/t: ABC News

Look: Bakery Posts Controversial Warning Sign To Customers And Sparks Huge Backlash

A provocative placard prominently posted at the entrance of Springfield, Ohio’s Schuler’s Bakery has received media attention – and a wide-ranging reception. The sign served as a “notice” to incoming customers, advising anyone uncomfortable with the business’ ideology “are welcome to leave.”

WHIO initially reported the story after a viewer posted an image of the sign to the network’s Facebook page.

“This store is politically incorrect,” the sign states. “We say Merry Christmas [and] God bless America.”

Among the other ideals expressed by the store’s owners is gratitude “to our troops, police officer and fire fighters.”

The controversial message ends with “In God we trust.”

Nearly 1,400 Facebook comments poured in during the first six hours after WHIO posted a link to the story. Many users defended the bakery and, by extension, the First Amendment.

One such sentiment rose to become the post’s top comment:

Freedom of speech! Glad to see some people are still politically incorrect. There is hope for us all!

A common consensus among detractors, however, related to the perception that any backlash against the actions described on the sign is largely exaggerated or imagined. Another popular comment stated:

There is no war on Christmas. There is no war on the rest of those things. They need to look up the definition of ‘politically incorrect.’ Doing the things listed on the sign would not be offensive. Having that sign on the door of a business is just stupid.