Video: “Hitler Finds Out Gun Control Failed In The Senate”

Democrats voting in opposition to background checks. A Presidential temper tantrum on live TV. A Hitler parody video that sums it all up. Priceless!

Dear Benghazi Survivors…

Benghazi Memory Hole Hillary SC Dear Benghazi Survivors...

Dear Benghazi Survivors,

I know that there must be around thirty of you, if you are still alive. I hope that you are all still okay and that those who were injured are healing. I am asking one of you, or perhaps more than that, to come forward and let us all know what really happened in Benghazi.

If you have been threatened to stay quiet, or not reveal who you are, that is understandable. I can’t offer you protection or safety; but I will tell you that if you have been threatened, it will be only a matter of time before you are “taken care of”. You see, you are a loose end.

If you have been offered money to keep quiet, I can tell you that it will eat at your heart. And you probably will not live a happy life, knowing in your mind that you hid the truth for money.

I will tell you that having peace of mind will bring you more joy than money. The only path to obtaining peace within is knowing in your heart that you did the right thing. Avenge the death of Ambassador Stevens and the rest of your friends, coworkers, and brethren by coming forward.

I know that it will be hard to do. It is sometimes not easy to do the right thing, or to tell the truth. It could bring down the Presidency and maybe even alter the next Presidential election. But it will be worth it to your soul because deep down inside of you, there is a desire to come forward. I know it would be for me if I were in your shoes, saw what you saw, and lived what you lived through. I know that I would be scared to do so, but I know that my family would support me. I know that my country would support me. I know that there is a way; you just need to find it. Maybe a Senator or Congressman can help you.

We know that David Ubben is one of you; he was mentioned in the early reports and has been one of you who have been identified publicly. I pray each night that he will heal from his injuries and have the courage to come forward and speak to the events on that night.

I know that Sean Smith’s mother is searching for answers and that she has been told to stop. But like any mother, I know she will not. She deserves answers. If the government won’t give them to her, it only leaves you.

I pray each night for your safety, that no accident will befall upon you, and that you will acknowledge the importance of the truth. Only you can be the bearer of that truth. We all know that it wasn’t a spontaneous protest. We know that you asked for help. We know that you were left to die by those you are protecting.

Please come forward.

Video: Ted Cruz Prioritizes Our Defense Needs

During the sequester, the State Department found an extra $250 million to send to Egypt for economic aid.

1.6 Billion Bullets By The DHS Numbers

world mexguns full 6328 1.6 Billion Bullets by the DHS Numbers

I keep waiting for someone who knows what they are doing to investigate, look at the numbers and do some simple math. Since no one has, here is what I have been able to come up with based on “what has been reported thus far”. Most government contracting includes statements like, up to, which means that they can request more of an item over the period of the contract, but not the full amount if they don’t need that many. Most of the purchases are for a five year period, which means that they are not getting it all right away.

Since 2004, the number of Federal Agents has increased by about 30-40% to somewhere around 120,000 agents employed under about 70 Federal Departments. It is estimated that about 90,000 of these are under DHS. These are Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and include NOAA, SS, FWP, ICE, FPS, ATF, and just about all the alphabet soup entities of the federal government whose primary purpose is enforcement. It is a lot. However, 1.6 Billion rounds divided by 120,000 agents it is still 13,333 rounds per LEO.

Each LEO has to “qualify” at the range with any weapon that they carry on duty, twice a year. The standard qualification includes various shooting positions, magazine changes, and reloads, and hitting targets at various distances. Standard run of the mill street cops carry a side arm, rifle, and shotgun.

One of the departments that were folded into DHS is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. It was originally under the Treasury Department. It operates four training centers in the United States and at least two outside. A statement by FLETC is that they use around 15 million rounds a year. This ammo is for all Federal Agents under DHS and the LEOs that work for say, the IRS or Social Security. FLETC also provides training for state and local LEOs that are outside of the aforementioned. It is unclear whether the 15 million rounds per year statement includes all of the training centers, or just the main one, in Georgia, a 1600 acre complex with multiple ranges and even a small town to simulate urban warfare, I mean urban LEO scenarios.

So if each of the FLETC locations uses 15 million rounds a year, which is a stretch, and there are at least six that we know of, a conservative estimate for all training using all three weapons, could be as high as 450 million rounds. That leaves approximately 1.2 billion rounds to be distributed to 120,000 LEOs in the field of operation. Or around 10,000 rounds per LEO.

So how much ammo is distributed to each LEO to carry in the field and how much is kept in reserve at each local office? Well we all know that every LEO in the field already has ammo, and each field office already has a stockpile, what are the additional 10,000 rounds per LEO for? That is an additional 2,000 rounds per year over the five year period.

It is still a staggering amount. A typical run of the mill police officer carries a loaded weapon and two magazines on their person, which if it is a high capacity firearm; that is around 45 rounds for the side arm. Probably another 200 rounds exist in the vehicle as immediate resupply. The rifle is usually a short magazine of 20 rounds and there are at least two loaded mags in the vehicle and probably another couple hundred rounds of immediate resupply. The shotgun is going to hold around eight rounds and another six or so with the weapon and another couple of boxes of various type of shotgun ammo, buck shot, slugs, and less lethal rounds in the car, let’s call that a conservative 80 rounds. So the total per officer is going to be around 600 rounds per officer and officer vehicle. That equals a total resupply rate of 3.3 times per year per officer which is a LOT of shooting, given that most LEOs never fire there weapon during their entire career.

Bottom line, the numbers don’t add up anyway you look at them. They simply cannot use that much ammo, nor do they need that much ammo for their normal enforcement activity.

Nullification: A State’s Right

first amendment47258 Nullification: A States Right

What exactly is nullification? We generally hear the term when a jury decides to nullify a criminal prosecution by acquitting an obviously guilty defendant. Most prominently the O.J. Simpson verdict probably typifies the term. Nullification is now a growing topic in states moving forward legislation for the purpose of nullifying Federal Law and the overreach of Federal Government.

Being the gun packing, Bible clinging extremist that I am, I attended a Day of Resistance Rally to see what it was all about. It was 23 degrees outside with a steady 20mph wind from the northeast, which made for a chilly rally. Snowberms pushed up around the edges of the parking lot provided little protection from the bitter wind, but still, somewhere between 150 and 223 people braved the cold and stood in solidarity for the right to keep and bear arms. The first speaker, the mayor of the town, spoke about nullification. He began by talking about how the states had essentially nullified the national ID law or the federal Real ID law by enacting their own laws. He went on to speak about current State legislation being considered and the principles of state’s rights and the overreach of the Federal Government.

My state representatives recently introduced a law intending to protect citizen’s Second Amendment rights from the Federal Government. The controversy surrounding the legislation (Alaska HB69) was whether State and local law enforcement can arrest and charge Federal agents for enforcing Federal law contrary to State law. Wow, what a mouthful. The liberal left claims that the law is unconstitutional because of the supremacy clause, while the sponsor says they are making a statement and they don’t really care what the federal government thinks.

At this point I wish I had been taught more about the Constitution in high school or was that the plan all along? Is the constitution so complex, and the framework and purpose of our Federal Government so unimportant, that it is not taught in school? Was I not paying attention? Taking the right classes? Why do I know so little about this? I felt liked someone just smacked me with a stupid stick.

While this topic isn’t new, many people do not really understand this concept of nullification. I certainly didn’t. So off to the internet I went and I found some really interesting stuff. First of all, the States individually came together and created the federal government through the Constitution, which was written to LIMIT the power of the Federal Government. Ok, that alone blew my mind. The other main principle that I came away with is that the Federal Government does not really have the power to do what they do. They have basically high jacked principles such as the Commerce Clause to regulate all sorts of things, including firearms.

So how are states nullifying Federal Law and which ones? Probably the best publicized in the non MSM is the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act that provides authority to the Federal Government to indefinitely detain U.S citizens and other unconstitutionalities. Then there is the Privacy Protection Act (anti drones), Obama Care (Oklahoma is doing this), Second Amendment Protection Act (a bunch of states surrounding Colorado are pushing this one), and other states are processing legislation to do a lot of things that is making the central planners unhappy.

The left wing central government politicians are calling all of this 10th Amendment State’s rights nullification talk “craziness”.  I found out that State nullification of Federal Government over reach has been happening for a while, since about 1798 in opposition to the Alien and Sedition Act and in the 1850’s to nullify the Fugitive Slave Act.

Who doesn’t remember the Carter years and the national 55 mph speed limits? For those of you under age 40, the Carter Administration imposed a 55 mph national speed limit and any state that did not comply, didn’t receive Federal highway money. States eventually said screw you to that, and now we have liberalized, locally controlled speed limits. Pure craziness it is, but just as the Feds tried to limit the speed at which we traveled, they are attempting to control every aspect of our lives. From education, property, self protection, and health care, it is all at risk. I kid you not, tyranny is upon us. We have but just one election cycle to correct the trend of this tyranny.

To read more about nullification check out my new BFF KrisAnne Hall’s article that inspired this one.