I Will Not Conform

Dont Tread on Me1 I Will Not Conform

What has happened to our nation?

Where have all the sensible people gone?

We are suffering from a binge on entitlements, a hangover from the dysfunction of government, and a chronic case of crabs in every office of government in the land. We praise idiots because they entertain us in movies, they play doctors and lawyers and politicians, and then we think they can solve our woes because they acted the part once. What kind of idiocy breeds this kind of logic?

We have politicians who believe themselves above us, above the law and above reproach. They demand the respect due them because of the office they hold, all the while forgetting that it is an office of responsibility, not power. Decrees abound, from the minds and mouths of fools with no understanding of the issues. They posture and primp, speaking words full of sounds but devoid of any meaning.

We are told that we have no idea what is right; so we must be lead, by force if need be, to the trough of understanding where we will be shackled for our own well-being. These same elites tell us that for too long, we have run amuck without the benefit of their hand to guide us. We have caused ourselves harm, and now it must be made right by the proper masters of our fates. They demand obedience and loyalty on pain of shame at the least and death at the most. If we speak out or ask why, we are marginalized. We are said to be in poor mental health, given to fancy and irrational thinking and ultimately a danger to ourselves and to society at large. We must be brought under control before the nation suffers irreparable harm.

Conform, conform, conform… And like rats in a maze, people search for the reward of conforming to the system set before us.

I will not conform. I will not divide my soul for a crumb, nor will I ask permission to think as God has given me sovereignty over my own mind and my own actions. If it means my life to live free of intrusion, so be it, though it not be my desire. My life I will give to speak the truth as it is, not as I am told to think.

If your life is so short of value that the comfort of conformity is your guiding principle, then may your life be long and filled with unfulfilled dreams. And when at the end of your time you find the empty hole where your spirit once rested, let it be the only place in which to shed your tears of regret.

Though I may die, yet may I live: in the sound of the wind, the lightning in the night sky and the crash of waves upon every shore…for my body may be no more, but none but Hashem can quench my spirit.

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Lost To The Truth

Obama Truth Slips Away SC Lost to the truth

It is depressing to read comments from people who call God their father, tell people to lean on Him, declare they stand on His word, and then demonstrate it by voting to continue an administration that has no love of Christianity or the word of God.

I know I may not always have it right. I am, after all, a man; and sometimes my emotions get in the way of clear thinking. But I do view the world through the lens of scripture, and I understand the face and form of evil even in its most benign presentations. I guess it comes down to what a person is inside and how they view life in their own eyes. As for me, I view life as an opportunity to make strides toward the kingdom of God, to be what God wants me to be, and to do it as He has instructed in His word: by my hands through His direction using my own sweat and industry. I lean on no one but my wife and family for support, I ask for no government provisos, and look for as little government as possible.

For those who believe that the election of 2012 was a call to continue government growth unchecked and as furious as a wild fire, how this computes as a good thing is what troubles my heart and gives me fits. I have spoken with many of the “faithful” and have listened to their logic. It makes no sense to me, but I have listened.

What I have been told is that previous administrations (only the last two) were rife with corruption, illegal activity, and cronyism. They were administrations that catered to the rich and left the middle class to flounder in desperation and debt. The current administration, I was told, is the most transparent in history, the most connected, and the most caring of the middle class at the expense of the wealthy, bar none. I have been treated to tails of wonder over this newly re-elected president and his openness as well as his willingness to work with his detractors who are the most hateful people ever. I have listened to comments filled with awe that this one man, Barack Obama, is the fulfillment of all the dreams of the American middle class. Obama, I have been told, is the first president in history who put the people first. Not caring about himself, he put his political future on the line to stand up for what is right…


Barack Obama is the first president in history who has openly declared his contempt for this country and our culture. He is the first to brazenly demonstrate behavior that can be charged as treason, the first to openly act against America’s ethic of hard work and personal reward and accountability. He is without peer when abuse of office is in question. Having no respect for the legislative branch and having declared that the judicial branch supports unlimited corporate and special interest money in elections (not true), he demonstrated that he has no problem lying outright to propel his vision of an all-powerful executive branch. The votes Obama got were from people who have a most tenuous grasp of reality if they have a grasp at all. They voted for one set of lies about how Obama did such a wonderful job his first term, how he saved the auto industry, how he alone killed Bin Laden, how he saved the economy, how he is thrifty and transparent, and how any failure of his policies can be laid at the feet of the Republicans in Congress.

“Forward” into what? All that can be assured using the Obama vision is deficits into perpetuity, higher prices, lower standards of living for the vast majority, business failures, higher crime rates, lower expectations, and an education system that is failing at every level. And yet this is the vision the majority voted for; this is the America they want. How did we come to this? A once great nation brought to its knees not by an enemy from without, instead poisoned by a fungus from within. The fungus of greed, hate and envy. Brought down by people who have in their heart a lust for control so overwhelming that sense and logic are its nemesis. Obama says “Forward”, and in lock-step they march though they know not where or for how long. The rhetoric used in this last election was tried and trued in the past, always by people who claimed to be desirous of the ‘people’ getting what is fair, willing to punish those who benefit unfairly off the backs of the people. We have heard before the cries of commercial theft of the labors of the workers by the corporate greed of industries elite. We have been entreated to fight the boardrooms and the money behind the machination of industry. We have heard it all before, always from people who in the end were guilty of the very despotic attitudes and behaviors they claimed to fight against.

The truth has been out there for decades, centuries in fact; and yet we repeat the pattern. We opt into the very paradigm we ought to avoid with all passion. Not all of us to be sure, but enough that we doom ourselves to the same fate that claimed other great societies. From Macedonia to Carthage to Rome, all suffered a fall to mediocrity as a result of power concentrated in the hands of a few, with promises of equity to the people driven by a mad lust for that which is not earned. Greed is a manifestation of base thinking on hyper-drive, a repugnant expression of insecurity that manifests in ugly and hurtful ways. When a populace is driven to ever-increasing levels of largess by a ruling class whose only desire is to build the dependency on that largess of those they rule, it will reach a breaking point. When that happens, those few who continue against the paradigm will be viewed as outside the norm, against the mentality that believes in the ruling class for sustaining the status quo bias.

Alas, we have reached that point.

In America, we used to believe in the paradigm of self support, the understanding that we are each responsible to ourselves for our needs and wants. We believed that if we worked hard and behaved decently, we would reach our desired state of contentment; and moving forward, we would continue our own support to maintain that level of contentment. We have now reached a point where there are too few of us that believe in the ‘status quo anti’ the way it used to be. We stand out to the masses because we do not want the government involved in our lives, a place it does not belong. We believe that we are the only truth in solving our personal dilemmas from finances to housing and education; we understand that to reach our goals, it must be by our own hand. We believe that God requires us to be accountable for ourselves, to answer for our failures as well as rejoice in our successes.

I for one do not envy anyone who has made a good success of their lives. I do not want what they have nor do I want it taken from them by anyone else, especially the government. And for thinking and believing what I do, I am called intolerant, bigoted, hateful, and even an enemy of the state. How does my desire to work and earn and to care for my family by my own industry make me an enemy of the state? How am I a threat to our society because I do not believe that the government has any business telling me how to live my life and what I can and cannot own, eat, or listen to? My parents taught me that I will answer for my life conduct and that I am responsible for how I live and how far I go in life. I was taught by my father to stand as all men were expected to stand: On my own two feet. I walk my path in life; I do not try to force my will on other people, and I do not appreciate someone else doing it to me. I am polite and courteous to others as I was taught to be. I want nothing that belongs to someone else; I will earn it myself. And for this, I am told I am a horrible person.

What has this country come to?

We have lost the anchor in the storm; we have abandoned God officially and are now worshiping other idols. Our government has embraced a false belief whole-heartily; and as it happened to Israel, we have been brought to ruin because of it. Many will say I am a fool for believing this. I welcome such criticism because it proves that I am still on the path that God has set before me. I will not bend; I will not give in. My life is not as important as where I will be at my end, and it is to God I will answer and not the government.

The truth is that we have fallen away from that which used to sustain us; and instead, our society has cleaved to an ideology of greed and hate. This is what has become of our lives, this is why we now suffer, and this is why we will all pay the price.

We are lost…alas we are lost.

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The Audacity Of Obama’s Arrogance

Obama Feeds America SC The Audacity of Obamas Arrogance

(I wrote this in 2010, but I think it appropriate to revisit it.)

So, we Americans have been arrogant, have we? Well, I have a few things to say about the comment made by Mr. Obama in one of his recent speeches decrying the very nation he claims to lead.

Arrogance can have either a negative or positive connotation. It can be conceited, or it may just be confidence in one’s superiority. Now, confidence can be based on a false sense, or it may be well deserved. I believe America’s supposed arrogance is earned, or perhaps I should say that it was, as we are being made to slide backwards by this administration’s efforts to destroy what was once the envy of the modern world.

Over the last 200 years, no other nation has lent itself to the usury of other nations as America has. No nation has given more to the world in the areas of science, technology, agriculture, medicine, and industry. And no nation has shed more of its own blood to defend the defenseless, free the oppressed, uphold justice, and deliver the innocent from the hands of tyrants and despots. America has backed up its commitments with countless dollars, the sweat and sacrifice of millions, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of its most noble citizens. And for this, we are called arrogant.

If the criticism came from outside our shores, it would be easily dismissed. But the fact that it came from within, from he who claims to be the leader of the greatest country to have ever been blessed by God, is unforgivable and boils my blood. To talk about arrogance while displaying a level of hubris unparalleled in modern history is extreme hypocrisy. The fact that Obama’s arrogance is not earned, but instead a product of his successful confidence scam on the American people, makes it even more so. The White House has been occupied by men with egos before, but none as grand as this man’s ego.

Obama struts onto the world’s stage and behaves as if he owns it. I cannot help but believe that the leaders of other democratic nations look at him slack-jawed when he couches insults at them while apologizing for America’s arrogance. It is worse when you figure in his lack of knowledge about history. Obama is constantly misquoting people and misstating facts. In his speech in Cairo, he claimed that Islam gave the world algebra and irrigation, wrong by several centuries. Babylon had irrigation to water its extensive gardens under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar centuries before Muhammad was born, and algebra dates from before 500 BC; so how in the world could Islam be responsible for their invention? These are facts well-known and easily discovered if not. Obama was either knowingly lying or is just displaying his lack of real knowledge by trying to appear smart. Or it could be that he wants to prop up his buddies in the Islamic world. It seems that Mr. Obama will not only try to claim credit for things he has no right to; he also wants to give credit for important things to a group that did not exist at the time those things were invented. Any man who will do that ought to be shamefully removed from his position and returned to obscurity as quickly as possible.

To assign credit to the Islamic world because Islam is now the mandated religion of what was once Mesopotamia is disingenuous. Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, a Muslim, may be considered the father of algebra; but this is intellectually dishonest as he lived in 850 AD. While he may have written about the application of algebra and furthered its usage, he cannot be credited with its invention.

Understand that I am not denying credit to Arabs and Persians for the things they have given the world, at least the things worthy of merit, but to assign credit to Islam is repugnant. There is one thing that Islam can take soul credit for: perfecting the slave trade.

America is denounced for slavery, and yet no one asks where we bought the slaves from. The fact is that the Barbary Pirates of the Moroccan coast captured and enslaved millions of Africans in the name of Islam, and it is from these “peaceful, tolerant” Muslims that slaves were bought. Obama talks about our mutual ties and interests with Islam; here is one he seems not to notice.

I suppose that enslaving millions because they do not subscribe to your religious beliefs is acceptable; the fact that they are 99% black Africans must just be a coincidence. The question of why so many blacks gravitate to Islam is puzzling; my guess is that if they understood the truth about what Islam did to their ancestors, they would not (but I may be wrong.)

How long are we going to be saddled with this incredibly stupid person driving the bus? I feel like I paid for a vacation in Hawaii and instead am forced to stay in a shack surrounded by processing plants; I can stay inside to avoid the sights, but I cannot escape the smell. Impeachment ought to be allowed for gross incompetence; Obama would surely qualify.

The gravity of our situation (eroding confidence in our government, continued job losses, foreclosures running rampant, the president taking over companies and driving executives out of work, etc.) is ignored by people only interested in “free money” from the government. Never mind that the government has no money in reality and must cook the books to hide the truth, all the while robbing us of our money and freedoms. All of this idiocy comes from an arrogant man bent on changing this country into what he alone envisions it should be. Even the vast majority of voters who supported Obama did not bargain for what he is doing. But you are labeled a fool when you are proven a fool, so I hope those “change and hope” voters find a comfortable way to wear their signs.

The real tragedy is the clown corps of a Congress we cannot seem to rid ourselves of. They are in place to offset executive overreaching and instead are drinking from the same chalice. The complicity of the Congress in the destruction of our society is truly depressing. However, my anger keeps me from dwelling on the listing of this sinking ship called America. It may be possible to right our vessel, but we must clear our bilge and get rid of the bloated ballast of the current administration along with the jackals in Congress before the storm will abate.

Our task would be easier if the “free” press would do their collective jobs, but it seems they are all warm and cozy in Obama’s pocket. Journalism is no longer objective and impartial; it is a wonder anyone gives them credence. But they are the cheerleaders of the left and are just as drunk on the new wine of change and hope as the morons who take our money and call themselves our Congress.

Arrogance indeed, the only arrogance is coming from a spoiled, coddled man who was given every opportunity to be good and instead has chosen to be an idiot.

I don’t know when God will let the hammer fall on us completely, but even the pain from that mighty blow will be welcomed as it will end this foolish experiment in cultural blending and affirmative action for the sake of appearances. Dear Lord, save us from leaders of small thoughts and poor vision. They have forsaken You and blasphemed Your Son. May we who seek Your council ever be protected by Your grace.

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Shariacrat Party

Sharia SC Shariacrat Party

Democrats are all about labels.

They label everything based on their own biases, likes, hates, and mood. Disagree with a liberal policy for sound, provable reasons, and you are labeled hateful, phobic, and racist. Decline support of Islam, and your intolerance is broadcast around the country. Never mind that you simply find Islam contrary to what you hold to be truth and morally right.

Vote against gay marriage, and the vicious verbal attack you will be subject to will almost be physically painful. Name-calling and finger-pointing are “THE” hallmark of liberal politics; it is the stock-in-trade of any aspiring Democrat and a resume must. This election cycle will be the shining example of how Democrats ply their trade of dissension, dissembling, and deceit.

The Democrat National Convention will be a love-fest for the vicious and envious, the needy and lazy, the entitlement-minded, and the haters of personal success. It will be conducted by leaders hellbent on keeping people from personal accountability and success, preferring to hold you on a train to nowhere fueled by theft, greed, and envy.

It will also feature something never before seen in American politics: Muslim Jumah.

With 20,000 Muslims expected to attend prayers and speeches by Imams of Islam, the Democrats will be trying to prove they are inclusive and tolerant. It is also a blatant grab for votes orchestrated by a party in a zombie state, desperate for a rebirth. They will be entreated to calls for the death of the American Republic as constituted under our constitution, the call for Sharia as the only fair and logical law to govern a new society based on the “religion of peace.”

But what does this do to the traditional Democrat? The “I vote democrat because my father and his father voted Democrat” voter? Where does he or she find themselves when confronted with a choice to vote for a party devoid of any moral compass, facts, and ideas, disparately grabbing at anything no matter how repugnant in order to garner enough votes to hold power? How does the Democrat who loves their country vote for people so hell-bent on power and control that they will embrace the most hateful belief system ever devised by man in order to win? What label will be plastered on those who disagree with the party on principle because the Democrat party has lost its way and is now being lead into darkness?

I hope they are paying attention; if Obama wins, November will be the last gasp of our dying republic, and we will never see it like it is now, again. Sad it is that we must rely on a group not given to individual thought and personal accountability, instead opting for group thought and conformity. We can only hope they will see the light.

Photo credit: AsianMedia (Creative Commons)

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Mainstream Media…Really?

Supported By Media Obama Knocked Out SC Mainstream media...Really?

The mainstream media has become nothing but a shill for liberal progressive dogma and propaganda. Objectivity is no longer a requirement for journalists; a strong leftist pedigree and a degree acclaiming the completion of brainwashed studies from a liberal university is money in the bank for the current crop of ‘investigative journalists’. There seems to be no shortage of those willing to suspend disbelief in order to push the liberal-progressive agenda. Yet how mainstream is it to advance ideas that run counter to the cultural and historical values of the nation as a whole? How does it move the country forward to pit people against each other based on social standing or economic stature? Since when is it the job of a journalist to demagogue one side or the other? More importantly, how did Democrat party affiliation become the badge of honor in journalistic circles, where objectivity is a word used to describe wholehearted acceptance of leftist policies and a complete rejection of any and all opposing views?

Can we at the very least agree that it is a specious claim to say that today’s journalist is fair and balanced?

Talking points aside, the media of the last two decades is not even a shadow of it’s former self. Add to that the fact that what makes headlines are those scripted talking points and not thoughtful consideration by a reporter, and we have a group more comfortable dissembling for the Democrats then seeking truthful answers from them. The fall from grace began decades ago but accelerated in the early 80′s, with the entire media hitting the ground with an earth-shattering thud during the 2008 presidential campaign. It was during this campaign that the media let their hair down and boldly filed for divorce from objectivity and abandoned fairness to the streets, a homeless waif left to live on its own or die an ignominious death, unnoticed by any but the firm of mind.

Mainstream indeed…

I have a question though: does the fact that the media is so antithetical to honest reporting mean that there can be no reconciliation with objectivity? If the Newsweek magazine cover story on August 23, 2012 is any indication, it may just be possible. It ought to be pointed out to the, eh…mainstream media, that if circulation and sales are even a small driving force, then it follows that more people reading their stories means an increase in both. The only way to accomplish that is to re-marry objectivity and be fair in its reporting of every issue and every viewpoint. Keep the vitriol and qualifying out of a story, and just give us what both sides have to say. Let us make up our minds what we believe, and leave the cheerleading to proponents of each side. It may not taste very good, but at least the public will be given the chance to decide for themselves. It is not the job of the media to “educate” us in the way of the liberal progressive; it is only their purpose to provide the information we need to discern for ourselves which way is up.

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