Cruz Control: Our Churchill?

Surprising everyone, Sen. Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses by garnering a record number of Republican votes. Cruz appears to have the ability to get support from a range of Republicans, including conservatives, libertarians, and youth. Hispanics seem to be warming to him, as well as women.

As usual in the blood sport we call American politics, one of the front runners is being savaged. Ever since the Iowa victory, Cruz has been unfairly dismembered and accused of most every crime imaginable. His enemies have thrown everything at him, including the kitchen sink. He smiles, responds in earnest, continues to debate the issues, campaigns hard, improves his organization and makes progress.

If we are looking for a candidate with the mantle of a statesman, it is instructive paying attention at this important stage in the campaign. Look how he handles an angry Iowan supportive of ethanol subsidies.

Trump is now being referred to as the ‘trumper-tantrum.’ That is telling. After promising victory in Iowa, he lost. He was embarrassed. He paid the price for shunning the debate, whining about Fox, calling Iowans stupid, insulting everyone, and arrogantly assuming some divine right to victory.

Now he doubles down, saying the process was corrupt, threatening to sue, condemning Cruz, and lashing about like a child deprived of his Halloween candy. This is how he will govern, folks. If Trump can’t even deal with the Iowa caucuses, how will he deal with the presidency?

If you are the CEO of a company interviewing for the job of president (and We the People are supposed to be the CEO of this country), then you look for the best qualified people with the most intelligence, the most experience and the ‘right fit,’ in terms of temperament, attitude, philosophy and track record. Would you hire a man who cannot control himself, a man who uses profanity, an unprofessional slander merchant with a track record of alienating everyone?

In other words, would you hire Trump, a man who has declared bankruptcy numerous times, leaving masses of people unpaid for the work they did on his behalf? Would you hire a man with no experience to be commander in chief?

And what of the other front runners on the Republican side? Given the vast destruction wrought by President Obama, failures and damages that will continue under Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, most any of the Republican candidates would serve extraordinarily well. Several of these people can likely defeat the Democrat nominee, stop the bleeding, and set a new, rational, constructive course.

However, binding the wound is not sufficient. It must be opened up, cleaned out, reconstructed, surgically repaired, disinfected, bandaged and healed. This country is at risk of flat lining. A casual visit to the 24-hour clinic is entirely insufficient. We must head for the emergency room. We all know it. Name your looming catastrophe.

Just as Great Britain wisely turned to Winston Churchill in the face of complete annihilation at the hands of the Nazis, so America today must find her own Churchill. Let us look honestly at another reality: The cancer within is as lethal as the threats without. Our government is thoroughly corrupt. It must be cleaned out and set right if our kids and grandchildren are to have a fighting chance. Watch as Cruz takes on the best the communists can throw at him.

There is a central reason Cruz is being vilified, right and left. He is a threat to the status quo, i.e., the entrenched corruption in D.C. That corruption is destroying us from within.  He is a threat to all the cozy deals and self-serving relationships developed over decades in D.C. He is a threat to the incestuous relationships between big money, big corporations, big lobbyists and big politicians, because he calls for a return to the Founder’s vision which was also a threat to big money, big corporations, big lobbyists and big politicians. Free markets and free people tend to break up the monopolies that have only been encouraged by Obama, and will only find new life with Democrats in power.

If we really want to hire the right person for the job of president, then We the People, the CEO, must make a professional hiring decision. If we really want real reform, putting government back in its proper place as servant of the people, then we had better hire a fearless statesman with the guts and the brains to see it through. Check out the resume of Ted Cruz and ask yourself if he is the right candidate for the job.

Presidential Proclamation: Light & Darkness Must Fellowship

Speaking from a mosque today, President Obama was again preaching at the altar of political correctness, sharing the bad news of secular humanism and universalism, insisting you can be a Muslim and a good American simultaneously.

Someone ask him to tell us how Sharia and the Constitution are compatible.

How is it Muslim women are treated like cattle, and how is this part of Americanism?

Under Sharia there is no due process, no presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial, no right to adequate representation, no right to appeal, no right to a trial by jury of one’s peers. How is all this compatible with Americanism?

Substantial majorities of Muslims here and abroad support the notion that Sharia is supreme, and that Jihad in the name of imposing Sharia worldwide is a holy quest, even by violence if necessary. How is that supportive of Americanism, lending support to the notion of a free and open society?

Islam is a totalitarian theocracy in the main. In America there is separation between church and state. In Islam, there is no separation. Good Muslims support that totalitarian theocracy. How on earth can a person be supportive of such a system and likewise support our constitutional republic?

It is impossible, for one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, and indeed they are contrary and hostile toward one another, by nature and practice, by philosophy and culture.

Obama knows all this full well.

He also knows the installation of Sharia is one of the best ways to destroy our constitutional republic and so he encourages our embrace of our own demise.

Liar. Traitor. Enemy.

LaVoy Finicum: terrorist or patriot?

When you look at the enhanced video of the killing of LaVoy Finicum, it is still difficult to tell exactly what happened.

Some who have watched it say he was trying to draw a pistol. The FBI reports they found a 9 mm on him. If that is true, the FBI should prove it right away.

Others say they see an older man with his hands up, stumbling in the snow, trying to keep his balance, his hand dropping to cover a wound. It may not have been wise of LaVoy to run from the FBI and Oregon State Police. It may not have been wise to try and run the roadblock, almost hitting an officer. But it was certainly unwise of officers to gun him down. Witnesses claim LaVoy was unarmed.

From what I’ve seen and heard so far, it looks more like an execution than a legitimate use of lethal force. Shooting a man in the face is a statement, not law enforcement.

As you watch the videos made by Finicum (linked below), ask yourself: is this the kind of man who would try to draw on multiple officers with rifles trained?

The killing of Finicum is sparking a growing rage across the country, breaking out in various directions. And not a mention was made at the Republican debate Thursday night, a reality that adds to the rage.

I stand with the ranchers, the Tea Party, the red-neck, blue-collar, hard-working people from the rural areas of our country. That’s the culture I grew up with, and it’s the culture I choose to embrace. It may be a little too Norman Rockwell for some of you slick city folk, but for my money, you can’t beat God-fearin’ people with dirt under their fingernails.

In the last few days I’ve watched several of LaVoy’s videos on YouTube. I recommend it. Here is his last interview, one day before he was killed. Here is his commentary on the government’s activity designating citizens “terrorists,” insisting on indefinite detention without  charges or trial.

Here he comments on the Hammonds being sent to prison. Here is an extensive presentation describing the reasons these ranchers are so outraged.

It’s been reported he had 11 kids. It was reported he and his wife made room in their home for a bunch of foster kids, too. Looks to me like the Finicum’s are salt-of-the-earth people, the kind who make this country great. They asked for nothing but to be left alone. They worked hard and provided for their own, working hard enough to have extra to help others.

People should ask serious questions as we consider the future. One good question to consider: What would drive a man like Finicum to put his life on the line, and even be willing to sacrifice his life for his beliefs? How many of us have such courage? In one sense, it doesn’t matter one wit if you agree or disagree with his beliefs. His devotion to those beliefs played out this week, and no one can deny his commitment.

Another good question: Why is it OK for Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Black Panthers, La Raza, Code Pink, Gay Pride and Jihadist groups to march, occupy public places, burn private property and assault or kill people including police, but somehow there are cries of outrage for a handful of ranchers to protest tyranny and lawlessness by demonstrating peacefully, posing no threat to anyone in a remote area? Isn’t it curious the people who celebrate John Brown’s armed insurrection at Harper’s Ferry now condemn a man like Finicum?

LaVoy Finicum stood for Americanism, the belief that government should be limited, people should be free, and when government becomes oppressive and intrusive to the point of infringing upon God-given rights, citizens have a sacred duty to stand up against such government. This is precisely what the founders believed, leading to the revolution and the establishment of this Republic. According to Barack Obama and Harry Reid, LaVoy and all like him are domestic terrorists.

The tragedy is so many people in this country agree with the likes of Obama and Reid. Logically, you have to conclude Obama and Reid consider Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Madison domestic terrorists.

How sad to see so-called Americans ridicule Finicum and other patriots. In so doing, they reveal a truth that is terrible to consider: They have no idea what this country is really all about, and in their ignorance, they unwittingly join the forces that work 24/7 to destroy our country.

When LaVoy Finicum was shot down, he and the other members of Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, including the Bundy brothers, were on their way to a community meeting to peacefully state their case and work for a peaceful resolution. So when I hear state, federal and local officials say they only wanted a peaceful settlement, it is virtually impossible to believe they were acting in good faith.

“The tyrant grinds down his slaves and they don’t turn against him, they crush those beneath them.” Emily Bronte (1818-1848) British novelist

“The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.”  Frederick Douglass



Oregon Militia A Bunch Of Terrorists, Says CAIR Jihadist

We know American journalism rejected professional standards long ago, among them the idea reporters and editors are charged with being unbiased public servants focused on reporting news accurately, fairly, objectively and in a balanced way. Editorials were once published along the same lines, providing substantiated opinion offered in the public interest. No more. Hit pieces and slander and propaganda splatter the pages like blood at a crime scene.

Exhibit A: Time Magazine this month publish an opinion piece entitled: “Let’s Call the Oregon ‘Protesters’ What They Are: Terrorists,” by Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

This kind of smear journalism is especially evil. It not only slanders patriots; it seeks to deflect attention from real terrorism funded and promoted by CAIR, an outfit infiltrating and operating to destroy our country by imposing Sharia.  If you doubt Ibrahim Hooper and CAIR are terrorists, read these sources:


Please be mindful that when a jihadist says he is against violent jihad to impose Sharia, he is in reality thoroughly involved in violent jihad to impose Sharia.




Having firmly established Hooper as a jihadist and CAIR a terrorist organization, we ask: why on earth would Time feature an idiotic editorial by a known liar firmly engaged in a national effort to destroy not only the 1st Amendment, but the entire Constitution and the Republic? Do the Time editors hate the Oregon ranchers and militia so much they’d lend a voice to murderers, people like Hooper who work every day to destroy our country?

Hooper starts his despicable tirade: “Armed antigovernment extremists seizing federal property and expressing a desire to kill and die is a textbook description of domestic terrorism.” First, to call Bundy and his small group ‘extremists’ is to call the Minutemen of 1776 ‘extremists.’ Furthermore, no one ever, ever ‘expressed a desire to kill.’ Rather, they have repeatedly expressed a desire for peaceful settlement, promising they will not start violence, as do real Islamic terrorists worldwide on a daily basis, many of them sponsored by CAIR and Hooper. In truth, Hooper is the anti-government extremist actually funding killers.

Indeed, nothing about the militia men in Oregon can be remotely characteristic of terrorists. They’ve met frequently with law enforcement to redress grievances against the government. They’ve held press conferences, issued written statements, and sent out video statements to clearly argue their position. If Hooper is to condemn these men, he must also condemn Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Henry David Thoreau, most of the Founders, and every man who took up arms during the Revolution. However, it is clear that Hooper has no interest in accuracy, fairness, objectivity or balance; so apparently he has that much in common with Time and most American journalists today. Like every other anti-American crackpot, Hooper is an agent of destruction, the true terrorist, one calling for the complete destruction of our way of life, pretending to be a citizen in good standing.

The truth is, given half a chance, Hooper and his kind would slaughter your family in a heartbeat if they thought it would advance the cause of jihad.

Unfortunately, thanks to Time and others in media brainwashed by political correctness, about half the country remains oblivious to the evil-possessing people like Hooper and the hatred permeating the organizations they use as front groups for terrorism.

For the truth about the Oregon militia, take time to listen to the U.S. congressman representing the district where the occupation continues after a month of peaceful protest: Rep. Greg Walden.

A Letter From Uncle Sam To The Islamo-Fascists

Dear Islamo-fascists:

You know who you are, and so do I. Let me introduce myself. I’m Uncle Sam, otherwise known in your circles as “The Great Satan.” You will no doubt be surprised to learn I’ve been used by the Most High to frustrate Satan many times.

I’m writing in the interest of fairness. When the other shoe drops, I don’t want you to say you were never warned.

For many years now you have called for the complete destruction of America and Israel and our respective ways of life. You see, I take this personally, because I’m deeply in love with America and Israel.

For all her faults, America has always provided people with the best hope of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not only a hope, but a reality.

You should understand clear lessons from history as you plot our demise. It is my hope these lessons will encourage you to invest your time and energy in building your own societies, rather than foaming at the mouth over the perceived deficiencies on our side of the pond.

Early on, when we were only a few, living in a wilderness surrounded by lethal dangers, we built a nation by hand. King George wanted to take it away from us. He commanded the world’s super military power at the time. We handed him his cucumber sandwich on a platter, then slapped him silly, and ran him out of town. That “divine right” jazz doesn’t play too well in the colonies.

Remember that.

Driving off the lobsterbacks cost us a lot, in blood and treasure. But for us, the cost of liberty and justice is never too high.

Remember that.

The British came back for another licking a short time later, and we sent them packing — again. (Today, the dear Brits are among our best friends. How many times have you completely reconciled with an enemy? Oh, that’s right, you have no “former” enemies: you just keep adding to the list.)

Only a few years later we discovered we had become our own worst enemy. We were forced to repent of the sin of slavery. Our passion for liberty and justice was again costly. The family feud turned into the Civil War, brother against brother, and 600,000 died during those four years.

Many thought America was committing suicide. Few thought we would survive. We not only survived, we thrived, despite a shameful reconstruction period leaving blacks in circumstances not far removed from slavery.

So for the next 140 years we struggled to make things right, and we continue to work toward the highest goals of full justice and liberty. We do not give up easily.

Remember that.

We do the right thing not because some thug threatens us with a gun or a roadside bomb. We do the right thing because we’ve been taught — and we believe — life is all about forgiveness and fairness and tolerance and healing and reconciliation and moving onward and upward. Too bad you don’t get that yet.

Back to more lessons from history.

Before and after the Civil War, the Spanish and the Mexicans and others got the idea we were ripe for the plucking, but they learned it’s not profitable to provoke Lady Liberty.

After this, the Kaiser found out the Yanks were coming, and the European family feud was finally settled thanks to the Shining City upon a Hill.

In short order the Fuehrer and the Emperor thought they’d take over the world, and they very nearly pulled it off. They didn’t expect the Allies, inspired by a bunch of U.S. farm boys and city slickers and Rosie riveters, would stand in their way and bring them to their knees.

After WWII we hoped we had finally secured the peace. We went on to rebuild Europe and Japan and other countries, again reconciling with former enemies, even helping them. We worked hard at home simultaneously to secure a promising future for our children. Almost immediately, however, we were confronted by another drooling tyrant — the Soviet Empire.

And so for 40 years we fought them around the world, sometimes in hot wars, but always in the Cold War. I don’t need to tell you how we disappointed Russian ambitions, and as in WWII, we liberated millions of oppressed people in the process.

We didn’t go looking for these fights during the last 230 years. We didn’t seek this one with you. But the result will be the same. We’ve faced worse than you, and you deserve no better than was delivered our former adversaries. After you there will be another enemy of freedom lined up to challenge the forces of goodness, but they’ll get what they deserve as well.

Remember that.

We’ve taken it on the chin from you chaps for 40 years. We won’t take it anymore.

Unlike your honorable ancestors riding the deserts of Africa, real warriors and the finest horsemen the world has ever seen, you hide behind women and children, believing you can overcome us psychologically. Justice demands murderers like you pay the price, eventually.

And you think using weapons of mass destruction will deliver victory. Nuts.

Now that you’ve provoked the entire European community, helping us prove our point about your nature for the entire world to see, the Western powers may be forced to use the big hammer should you continue your murderous ways. Since you show no signs of relenting (indeed you escalate), it’s likely you’ll kiss the big hammer sooner rather than later.

Yet our strength does not reside in the big hammer. Do you know where our real strength resides? I’ll tell you.

We love the God of love, and since He loves the little guy, we also love the little guy. You, on the other hand, murder the little guy.

This is precisely why, in the end, we will prevail, and you will suffer.

Don’t say you were never warned.


Uncle Sam

P.S.: This goes for you, too Mr. Chavez and Mr. Il.

This is an excerpt from Alan Erickson’s book, The Cross & the Constitution, from Tate Publishing.