They’re Buyin’ … But What’s The Donald Sellin’?

One day, Donald Trump is against the Bureau of Land Management and federal control of land in western states. The next day, he supports the feds.

One day, he is against funding for Planned Parenthood. The next day, he is for it.

One day, he wants to bring Syrian refugees to the U.S. The next, he is opposed to the idea.

One day, he says tax the rich. The next day, he says lower taxes.

One day, he basically starts a war of words with Mexico; then he says they are our friends.

One day, he says deport all illegals. The next day, he says plan to bring them back — which is illegal.

One day, he suggests we start a trade war with China. The next day, he is against restrictive tariffs.

Last night, he said we should all get greedy for America — real greedy. But before, he promised the government was going to take care of everybody’s health care.

It’s fair to say that Trump is all over the map, but it’s no accident. He works the crowd. He can sense what people want to hear.

He whips up emotions. He is playing off our fears and our anger. He is a salesman. He is not selling Americanism, or liberty, or even capitalism, as are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

He is selling Trump.

And the trouble is, the mass of buyers don’t even know what they are getting.

One day we’ll wake up to an Obama third term and wonder what hit us.

A Sinking Ship? Only The Voters Can Save America Now

Government by decree is tryanny

Tyranny always leads to poverty, destruction, and violence.

Republican candidates are missing a golden opportunity to differentiate from the Democrats. They are missing a chance to speak to the heart of voters’ concerns by attacking the central threat domestically.

If polling is correct, voters are most concerned about jobs, the economy and security. All three of these major areas of concern are impacted negatively by the size, power, incompetence and lawlessness of the central government. That size, power, incompetence and lawlessness is increasingly evident in the agencies of the federal government, most of them working against economic development and national security.

In fact, federal agencies act as sovereign governments within the government, operating outside the law, kingdoms unto themselves, operating by decree to forward an agenda. For example, did you know that the abortion pill mandate in ObamaCare was never voted on by Congress, that it wasn’t part of the bill legislators never read before they voted on it? That’s right, the abortion pill mandate was promulgated by unelected bureaucrats within the Department of Health and Human Services.

Actually, ObamaCare has been changed by bureaucrats 43 times. It has been changed by the Supreme Court three times. So much for representative government.

We the People had no say whatsoever, either in the passing of the law, since it was done through sleight of hand, or in the subsequent changes.  Consequently, the federal government pretty much controls the health care system despite opposition consistently expressed for years by the majority. In other words, the feds have put your health in the hands of incompetent bureaucrats through fraud, lies and manipulation.

Just in case you forgot, the Supreme Court ruled the government has the right to command you to buy health insurance, demanding that you buy certain kinds of insurance, whether you like it, need it, can afford it or want it. The czar has spoken; submit and obey, or else.

May we also remind you the IRS essentially admitted it was persecuting conservatives, Tea Party groups, and ProLife organizations, demanding private information unlawfully, and preventing the issuance of non-profit status, handicapping the operations of those groups. The President said IRS actions were outrageous, he promised an investigation, and before that investigation concluded, he told us there wasn’t a “smidgen of evidence” of corruption. Then, he blamed Republicans.

After two years of investigation, the DOJ said, “Oh well. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.” No one in the IRS was disciplined, charged or prosecuted. In fact, $70 million in bonuses were paid out during the investigation.

This column only scratches a small patch of the surface of this deep cancer in our government. Ask western ranchers, farmers and miners how the feds are stealing land and destroying livelihoods, through various agencies, and have done so for decades, leading to the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon last month. Again, the DOJ is glad to sue the City of Ferguson, but there’ll be no justice for LaVoy.

Have you read lately about the biggest land grab in history being executed by Obama’s EPA? Who says it is a good thing watching government confiscate more and more land?

Where does the Constitution allow such things? Does anyone recall the relationship between liberty, private property, limited government and prosperity, or does anyone care anymore?

Other examples of the federal bureaucracy run amok: The corrupt VA system that has never reformed, but continues to falsify records, neglect veterans unto death, while paying out bonuses? How about federal surveillance, encroachments of the Second Amendment, the assault of religious freedom, freedom of speech, and the right to assemble and redress, all perpetrated by agencies of state and federal governments acting unilaterally according to regulations they conjure up out of thin air?

From 2009-12, the feds created 13,000 new regulations all carrying the force of law.  In 2012 alone, the feds put in place 2,482 new rules.  And all this was done by unelected bureaucrats, accountable to no one!

When you consider the negative impact on the economy from taxation and regulation, these numbers scream for reform, and it gets worse. Consider the federal government spends $4 trillion per year, and it wastes as much as $125 billion per year; that we are $19 trillion in debt near term, and $199 trillion in debt long term, and you get a sense of how the captain of the Titanic felt just before hitting the iceberg.

The corrupting power of enormous, unchecked federal power is now driving us headlong into financial catastrophe, one striking terror into the hearts of economists worldwide. The political class is now a criminal class willing to destroy everything in preparation for global bureaucracy.

The federal bureaucracy has become more powerful that the three branches of government prescribed by the Constitution. The problem with this kind of vast, concentrated power is it tends toward corruption and self-preservation. When big bureaucrats team up with big government politicians and big corporations, the idea of self-government is destroyed, and the will of The People, ignored.

The only hope for real reform is in a re-energized electorate that refuses to be dominated by government, working in concert with media, lawyers, politicians and activists, all concerned about working daily to restore liberty and justice for all, especially our kids and grandkids.

If we don’t accomplish this, no one else will. Citizens must vote, and Republicans must present candidates worth supporting — people with the brains, guts, vision and knowledge to take on the federal Goliath, and slay him.

It is obvious at this point that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump will only feed Goliath and watch him grow. They represent the old, the failed and the corrupt system promoting the monster bureaucracy that is destroying our country.




Obama And Democrats Demand We Compromise Our Most Deeply Held Values

It is amazing people express surprise these days when they realize Barack Obama is a dictator.
Many years ago, during his first presidential campaign, he was very straightforward. He told us flat out that everyone should submit to his vision of reality. He said our Judeo-Christian moral traditions must submit to his idea of reason and argument.

Listen especially to what he says at the 1:36 mark in the video: “Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal rather than religiously motivated values.”
Demands. He is essentially promoting an amoral anarchy.
Later, he declares, “Religion does not allow for compromise,” even as he insists we compromise our most deeply held values, using the state to force our compliance these last eight years.
Apparently reason and evidence do not penetrate Obama’s consciousness, for the Christian West has demonstrated more love, tolerance and charity than any civilization in history — a civilization that Obama would destroy, as if he could.
We accommodate dissent and disagreement, and can do so without compromising our values. But the truth is, Obama and those like him accommodate no one outside their circle of allies, a consortium (Democrat Party) of anti-American operatives demonically motivated to destroy our country, and our faith, to pave the way for a one-world government.
The last eight years should have proven that to even the casual observer.
The ultimate question before us now: Will we allow these people to continue their vicious war on liberty and morality, and meekly follow them into the gulag?

Cruz Control: Our Churchill?

Surprising everyone, Sen. Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses by garnering a record number of Republican votes. Cruz appears to have the ability to get support from a range of Republicans, including conservatives, libertarians, and youth. Hispanics seem to be warming to him, as well as women.

As usual in the blood sport we call American politics, one of the front runners is being savaged. Ever since the Iowa victory, Cruz has been unfairly dismembered and accused of most every crime imaginable. His enemies have thrown everything at him, including the kitchen sink. He smiles, responds in earnest, continues to debate the issues, campaigns hard, improves his organization and makes progress.

If we are looking for a candidate with the mantle of a statesman, it is instructive paying attention at this important stage in the campaign. Look how he handles an angry Iowan supportive of ethanol subsidies.

Trump is now being referred to as the ‘trumper-tantrum.’ That is telling. After promising victory in Iowa, he lost. He was embarrassed. He paid the price for shunning the debate, whining about Fox, calling Iowans stupid, insulting everyone, and arrogantly assuming some divine right to victory.

Now he doubles down, saying the process was corrupt, threatening to sue, condemning Cruz, and lashing about like a child deprived of his Halloween candy. This is how he will govern, folks. If Trump can’t even deal with the Iowa caucuses, how will he deal with the presidency?

If you are the CEO of a company interviewing for the job of president (and We the People are supposed to be the CEO of this country), then you look for the best qualified people with the most intelligence, the most experience and the ‘right fit,’ in terms of temperament, attitude, philosophy and track record. Would you hire a man who cannot control himself, a man who uses profanity, an unprofessional slander merchant with a track record of alienating everyone?

In other words, would you hire Trump, a man who has declared bankruptcy numerous times, leaving masses of people unpaid for the work they did on his behalf? Would you hire a man with no experience to be commander in chief?

And what of the other front runners on the Republican side? Given the vast destruction wrought by President Obama, failures and damages that will continue under Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, most any of the Republican candidates would serve extraordinarily well. Several of these people can likely defeat the Democrat nominee, stop the bleeding, and set a new, rational, constructive course.

However, binding the wound is not sufficient. It must be opened up, cleaned out, reconstructed, surgically repaired, disinfected, bandaged and healed. This country is at risk of flat lining. A casual visit to the 24-hour clinic is entirely insufficient. We must head for the emergency room. We all know it. Name your looming catastrophe.

Just as Great Britain wisely turned to Winston Churchill in the face of complete annihilation at the hands of the Nazis, so America today must find her own Churchill. Let us look honestly at another reality: The cancer within is as lethal as the threats without. Our government is thoroughly corrupt. It must be cleaned out and set right if our kids and grandchildren are to have a fighting chance. Watch as Cruz takes on the best the communists can throw at him.

There is a central reason Cruz is being vilified, right and left. He is a threat to the status quo, i.e., the entrenched corruption in D.C. That corruption is destroying us from within.  He is a threat to all the cozy deals and self-serving relationships developed over decades in D.C. He is a threat to the incestuous relationships between big money, big corporations, big lobbyists and big politicians, because he calls for a return to the Founder’s vision which was also a threat to big money, big corporations, big lobbyists and big politicians. Free markets and free people tend to break up the monopolies that have only been encouraged by Obama, and will only find new life with Democrats in power.

If we really want to hire the right person for the job of president, then We the People, the CEO, must make a professional hiring decision. If we really want real reform, putting government back in its proper place as servant of the people, then we had better hire a fearless statesman with the guts and the brains to see it through. Check out the resume of Ted Cruz and ask yourself if he is the right candidate for the job.

Presidential Proclamation: Light & Darkness Must Fellowship

Speaking from a mosque today, President Obama was again preaching at the altar of political correctness, sharing the bad news of secular humanism and universalism, insisting you can be a Muslim and a good American simultaneously.

Someone ask him to tell us how Sharia and the Constitution are compatible.

How is it Muslim women are treated like cattle, and how is this part of Americanism?

Under Sharia there is no due process, no presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial, no right to adequate representation, no right to appeal, no right to a trial by jury of one’s peers. How is all this compatible with Americanism?

Substantial majorities of Muslims here and abroad support the notion that Sharia is supreme, and that Jihad in the name of imposing Sharia worldwide is a holy quest, even by violence if necessary. How is that supportive of Americanism, lending support to the notion of a free and open society?

Islam is a totalitarian theocracy in the main. In America there is separation between church and state. In Islam, there is no separation. Good Muslims support that totalitarian theocracy. How on earth can a person be supportive of such a system and likewise support our constitutional republic?

It is impossible, for one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, and indeed they are contrary and hostile toward one another, by nature and practice, by philosophy and culture.

Obama knows all this full well.

He also knows the installation of Sharia is one of the best ways to destroy our constitutional republic and so he encourages our embrace of our own demise.

Liar. Traitor. Enemy.