Planned Parenthood: The War On Womanhood And The War On Black People

Womanhood has been under assault by the Left for decades. Back in the 60s, it became popular to condemn women who wanted to marry and then become moms and homemakers. Feminist leaders and college professors hammered away at women, dissuading them from embracing the ‘prison of domesticity and the humiliation of subservience to men.’ Feminism launched a war that continues to this day, the war against womanhood.

A child of the 60s, Hillary Clinton weighed in on the campaign trail in 1992, snidely condemning traditional women while elevating herself: “I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession.” Her subsequent ‘profession’ became one largely devoted to lying and covering for her philandering husband, then attacking his female accusers and destroying their lives, truly a complete betrayal of women almost solely for the purpose of ‘fulfilling her profession.’

For all its good work encouraging women to look at all their life options, the terrible downside of the women’s liberation movement was setting men and women against one another, and setting women against their own biology. Procreation, once a sacred and honored aspect of femininity, became something to scorn, leading directly to the insistence on abortion. Having children obviously hampered the quest to ‘fulfill one’s profession.’ Where once women were honored as mothers for their nurturing skill and talent, they became hostile to their own special place in the human race–so hostile in fact as to turn on their own offspring and kill them in the name of liberating women, forgetting that half the babies killed in the womb are female.

From the beginning, in 1973, when Roe v. Wade (one of the first examples of judicial activism directly assaulting traditional morality) made abortion legal, the warning cry went up: this is the first step on the road to allowing the killing of all inconvenient life—-the handicapped, the injured, the elderly, and other ‘undesirables.’ Indeed, it was noted then, as it is now, the early leaders of the Planned Parenthood movement, notably Margaret Sanger, stood unashamedly in favor of using contraception and abortion to eradicate people of color, especially black people. So, is it any wonder that today black babies are aborted at tremendously high rates, and that clinics are located largely in neighborhoods primarily occupied by people of color? Hillary has said Margaret Sanger is one of her heroines, raising the question: do black lives really matter in her mind?

When the monstrous practice of partial birth abortion was debated and condemned in the 90s, it was simply more evidence that the slippery slope was nonetheless alive and lethal. Then, with discoveries babies were being killed even in late term, more alarm and resistance was raised.

Today, with the case of the butcher Kermit Gosnell, the warnings of the past are impossible to ignore. Gosnell, a former doctor, was convicted of murdering infants born alive during abortions. With revelations Planned Parenthood has been ‘perfecting’ techniques to harvest late term babies, and sell their body parts and internal organs, the warnings of the past have been exceeded by something unimaginable back then: a profit-driven machine dealing in dead human beings, murdered in the womb and parted out like wreck automobiles. Just so that we are clear, aborting babies for the purpose of selling their organs is a federal crime. Planned Parenthood officials know full well it is a crime; for here they discuss how to accomplish sales without getting busted. Even so, the defenders of abortion and Planned Parenthood insist it is a legal gray area. Morally, there is no gray area, as the majority asserts. In fact, a huge groundswell of outcry from the public is driving the movement to defund Planned Parenthood.

In the bloody wake of 55 million babies murdered since 1973, we now have women on video tape celebrating the macabre enterprise of selling body parts. We see women from Planned Parenthood cheerfully discussing the butchery and commerce surrounding aborted babies, laughing and sipping wine as they discuss ‘line items,’ ‘optimal procurement,’ ‘pricing,’ and ‘Lamborghinis.’ It is a multi-million dollar enterprise, subsidized by the taxpayers; yet Obama says no laws have been broken. (Just how would he know that even before an investigation has commenced?)

The war on womanhood has led us to reject our God-given roles as men and women. The godless Left insists we rely on our own self-serving and limited understanding, all to the destruction of conscience, morality and even common decency, so much so that the so-called saint of the Civil Rights Movement, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, D-Md., has called for an investigation. Is he calling for an investigation into the criminal activity of Planned Parenthood? No. He wants to see about investigating the organization that blew the whistle on Planned Parenthood! Apparently, Cummings got a call from the White House, even as he is being investigated for the IRS scandal. It is a pattern: Cummings prefers investigating whistleblowers, not perpetrators. Also, so far as we can tell, Cummings is not concerned about black genocide being perpetrated by Planned Parenthood. Blacks are 13% of the population; yet blacks make up 35% of abortions. Never mind the destruction of the black family. At this pace, blacks will not exist in the U.S. in a few years. Source: Black Genocide.

The federal government has been actively engaged for decades in supporting the war on womanhood, and the war on black people, by actively funding Planned Parenthood. Through it all, Hillary Clinton and Democrats stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood, using our tax dollars to finance the holocaust. If we do not stop them, we will be complicit. Not only that, we will have no moral standing, becoming just like ISIS, willing to slaughter the innocent to accommodate our selfish ambitions.

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Cultivating Joy In The Face Of Catastrophe And Suffering

Given the tsunami of information flooding our minds via multiple channels, and the combined violence and depravity swirling in and through events worldwide, it becomes an art to maintain some form of stability, perhaps happiness, in the face of mounting catastrophe.

Even more extraordinary, the ability to experience joy in the face of the great unraveling.

There are joyful people facing terminal illness, and healthy, wealthy people committing suicide.

What do the joyful have in common?

First, it appears joyful people make a choice to be joyful. All of life involves choices. These people insist on being joyful. They know a clean conscience is the foundation of joyful living. They choose joy, keeping the conscience clean and alive.

Second, joyful people refuse to allow circumstances to impair their joy.  They know that circumstances change with the weather; but joy is an anchor. They also know where they came from, how they got here, to whom they belong, and their final destination, all despite circumstances. They know that they know that this world is not their home.

Third, joyful people do not allow other people’s opinions and emotions to rule the day. Knowing most people trend negative, joyful people tend to avoid others who display anger, hostility and gloom, preferring to encourage one another in joy, in hopes of recruiting more to the sunny side. Joyful people choose to think the best of others. They work to maintain a spirit of forgiveness and acceptance.

Fourth, joyful people focus on the positive, the upside, the possible, and the constructive. Joyful people would rather count their blessings and celebrate the joy in others than descend into the abyss of selfishness and pessimism.

Fifth, joyful people are ‘other oriented.’ This means they are more interested in serving others, listening to others, helping others and encouraging others than running around making demands and getting their needs meet. There is something magical about being a servant, especially when it comes to cultivating a joyful attitude.

Sixth, joyful people have a child-like approach to things. They still see the world as a wonderful place. They trust that all will be well in the end, that certain absolute truths can never be destroyed–chief among them, love (the unconditional, eternal kind).

Seventh, joyful people have learned how to get back up off the canvas. Everyone gets knocked down many times throughout this life. Part of the secret to a joyful life is learning to get back up and keep moving forward. Sometimes it takes raw courage. Other times, the cheering crowd inspires; but at all times, the Great Trainer is the One who urges the joyful on in the good fight. Joyful people love to help others up off the canvas as well.

Eighth, joyful people fill their minds and their souls with the promise of the ultimate goodness to come, limiting the amount of worldly filth and carnage that infects the spirit. At the same time, they are not timid about speaking up in the face of great evil, fighting the good fight with an overcoming spirit.

Ninth, joyful people draw energy from the Source of all energy. They know that surrender is victory, obedience is life, and that in the end, the Greatest Power in the universe guarantees evil will be eradicated, replaced by forever goodness. That realization is energizing!

Tenth, joyful people know that beyond the veil, a paradise awaits for all those who joyfully accept the gift of salvation, marveling in the verse: “. . . for the joy set before Him endured the Cross.”

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Supreme Court Provokes The Wrath Of God

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”  Galatians 6:7

“The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.”  Psalm 145:8

“Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.”  John 3:36

Certain people insist Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. The truth is he affirmed the entire Judeo-Christian Scripture, even foreseeing the writing of the New Testament. That ultimate moral authority prohibits all sexual behavior outside monogamous, heterosexual marriage. All such behavior is called sin, including fornication, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, polygamy, sodomy, and pedophilia. Therefore, Jesus calls homosexuality sin. Despite the Supreme Court, there is no denying this fact.

God in His wisdom says ‘yes’ to some things and ‘no’ to other things. He does so for our own good. Sin is a killer, a destroyer, the evil force, harmful in all its manifestations. Consequently, our loving heavenly Father says no to sin, urging us to shun it, even sending his Son to deal with it that we might live in health in this world, and forever in the next. The homosexual lifestyle is terribly unhealthy by any measure. Promoting it is not an act of love. Warning people about the temporal and eternal consequences is an act of love, the true path to liberty, contrary to what Obama stated.

A time comes when God’s patience will wear out, when people who actively promote sin are given over to their lusts, when judgment descends revealing His wrath. That time rapidly approaches.

Mere man cannot violate the laws of nature and of nature’s God without suffering terrible consequences.

When the state comes along forcing a sin agenda, it provokes both the wrath of God and the sentiment of the majority. The activist/legislative Supreme Court (violating the very Constitution the Justices are sword to uphold) affirmed same sex marriage in its ruling June 26. Think of it: the Supreme Court mocked God. Wrath and judgment will follow.

We did not learn during the last 30 years watching millions of people die from HIV/AIDS. In 2013 alone, 1.5 million men, women, and children died from HIV/AIDS. Europeans affirmed same sex marriage long ago, and now you see massive demonstrations in France and Italy against it, and growing opposition in Scandinavia. Still, we do not learn.

If trends continue, we will not learn in the next 30 years. Read about the judgment to come in Revelation.

Revelation 6

Revelation 16

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Exposed: Pool Party Propaganda

First, McKinney, Texas, and now Fairfield, Ohio—-black teens involved in behaviors leading to police intervention, and accusations of police brutality driven by racism.

These incidents are set-ups. From Trayvon forward, when people realized the media would take any video and make hay, the game was on; and so it has proceeded for 18 months.

The more these activists play to the media, and the more law enforcement backs off, the more mayhem occurs–and the more government entitlements flow.

There is also the political benefit of electing more activists to discriminate against traditional, law-abiding citizens, and force a race war to further the cause of ‘fundamental transformation,’ which of course means the establishment of dictatorship.

If these kids think the police are mistreating them now, just wait until the fist of dictatorship comes down on everyone. On that day, they’ll realize they’ve been totally duped, used as pawns.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Baltimore, Ferguson, And The Devil’s Playground

Protestors tell us police brutality driven by racism is a huge, ongoing problem, existent for years. They say violence and looting are the result of pent-up rage resident in black men who have suffered this brutality.

It is difficult to understand how such a serious problem could exist for so long without the slightest mention being made, in Ferguson, or in Baltimore. Democrats have ruled in these areas for decades. Certainly public officials knew about this problem, correct? Obviously, they would have done something about it, correct? Citizen complaints and lawsuits and public hearing testimonies would have substantially addressed solutions, right? Has the voice of protest ever been silenced in this country in the last 50 years? Haven’t we heard primarily about the success of community policing, diversity in these departments, and declining crime rates?

Prior to the events in Ferguson almost a year ago, did you hear about horrendous incidents of police brutality directed almost exclusively toward Black men? Do we really believe such terrible, epidemic events were ignored by Democrats in power, public officials sanctioned and supported by the vast majority of media outlets? Isn’t it reasonable to expect such problems would attract the attention of politicians and the press? Police kill more unarmed whites than blacks. How does that factor into deliberations? And if police brutality encouraged by racism is overstated, then what explains these multiple instances of death videotaped by bystanders–and the resulting riots? In other words, what is the driving force behind the riots if indeed the supposed cause is not really the central cause at all?

A couple of years ago, I had a telling conversation with a black pastor. I asked him how it can be that, after all we’ve been through these last 50 years, race relations are worse than ever. His answer was telling. He acknowledged certain black leaders are in the business of stirring strife, to gain prominence and to profit, noting that many have a political agenda involving the actual destruction of the country. He also pointed to dependency created by government, and the resulting environment characterized by indolence, hopelessness, and resentment. He referenced the drug problem and the destruction of the black family thanks to the effects of demoralization and the welfare state. And he said the current regime at the federal level really does not really care about blacks in the inner city, their plight worsening these last 10 years. But the most telling thing he said was to say whites do not understand or appreciate the lingering anger, even rage, real or conjured, in the hearts of millions of blacks in America.

“You cannot imagine the conversations I heard around the dinner table as a little kid,” he explained. “The old people and our parents told stories about how they were treated. In 1950, it was still possible to hear first-hand accounts about slavery, lynching and all. Some people were just sad, even defeated. Others were filled with hate and rage, and they transferred that to young ones. Stories have been handed down through the generations. White people don’t understand what happens to you when you are told for 400 years you are not human, when you are beaten and insulted and worked to death, when they rape your wife, and sell your children away. We need healing. We need to forgive, but we also need white people to understand. White people also need to understand more violence has been done the black community through abortion than all other violence combined. Abortion in the Black community is actually systematic genocide.”

That pastor is a wise man, telling the whole truth and offering the only real solution to this problem.  Shall we continue to root out racism and address brutality in the police department, and in the larger society? Of  course. Can we do that without condemning all white people and all law enforcement officers and without burning down our cities and starting a race war? Let’s hope so. Shall we reject the voices of agitation calling for unending strife? Most certainly! Is the problem much bigger than accusations on the streets where police are making legitimate arrests, and where they are often damned if they do and damned if they don’t? Obviously.

Real, intelligent, compassionate, and courageous leadership is required. Solid families are crucial. Serious crackdowns on violence merchants are necessary. But beyond all that, healing and forgiveness will be absolutely mandatory if we are ever going to turn the corner in this country. Trillions of dollars spent through government programs for 50 years have led us right back to 1968, when we saw nothing but fear, rage, resentment, and riots—the devil’s playground.

The pastor offers up the ultimate solution. He says unity, forgiveness, and healing are found in one place: at the foot of the Cross. The outstanding question then becomes: are we really interested in real solutions, or will we prefer the devil’s playground?

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth