Obama’s Government-Owned Propaganda Machine

Obama Libs Blow Statue of Liberty Flame Out SC Obama’s Government Owned Propaganda Machine

The MSM is no longer the only propaganda machine for the Obama regime. With the demise of the restriction on propaganda, broadcasting to citizens from our own government has been repealed. The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, buried deep within the last National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2013, now allows our dissembler-in-chief to broadcast propaganda directly to American citizens.

It went live on July 2nd. This will be a day that will demarcate the death of the Republic as Obama can now move forward with whatever agenda he wishes and will not have to worry about what the MSM says, does, or broadcasts; he has his own taxpayer-funded machine.

This can only inflame an already disquieted population and proves beyond a shadow of doubt the complicity of Congress with his agenda. It follows that this latest piece of legislation fits nicely with the IRS, NSA, and DOJ initiatives to stifle all opposition to the Obama agenda and can be used to shape public opinion that is turning decidedly oppressive, dictatorial, and capricious.

Curious that this law took effect shortly after all these scandals came to light, with even the MSM reporting on them? This is a wholesale abrogation of our founding principles as found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (and can only further the goals of tyranny.)

The full story on Tech Dirt website is found here and WND here.

Blueprint To Restore The Republic

constitution Blueprint To Restore the Republic

Citizens need to work towards placing into office a majority of conservative libertarian committed citizens that will implement repeal of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution from an out of control federal government to end their tyranny. This amendment created the Income Tax. This would place the entire question of our runaway federal government into the hands of the several States where this issue belongs in the first place. This is possibly the only way we can rein in the ruinous spending and onerous taxes of an out of control federal government spending the nation into bankruptcy from recalcitrant policies of continual tax, borrow and spend.

We can take solace in the unity the States have shown to the Firearms Freedom Act, which has pointed the way to the start of a full-blown federal tax revolt to bring the matter forward in a civilized and dignified Constitutional manner. This would become the catalyst for sincere debate about the future of our nation based on our founding principles grounded upon the foundation of our Constitution, a win-win proposition. With the added bonus that the President has no say whatsoever in the matter, it is beyond his Constitutional purview with the right of amendment being granted solely to the States which originally ceded a portion of their sovereignty to create the federal government. They are the parties that define what the Constitution is, and more importantly what it is not…will they exercise their power to define the federal government once again in our hour of need?

After all we are a confederation and compact of sovereign States that have formed a union having the federal governments taxing power brought into focus and placed as a constitutional amendment once again before the “People’ would short-circuit the power of the federal government and immediately bring them to heel.

As much as it frightens me to say this, in the alternative a Constitutional Convention could be convened that would implement this repeal. We are only two states away from this solution as 32 States had called for a convention along similar grounds in 2008, so this plan has merit and the time may be ripe for implementation.

Congress cannot spend what Congress does not have, they must also implement a balanced budget requirement as well, another requirement must be to eliminate borrowing and destruction of the Federal Reserve as a central bank to return this nation to a Gold based currency to restore solvency. These steps must be taken if we are to return to fiscal responsibility and break the hold of identity politics that have gripped this nation since the 1930′s, first with Roosevelt and radically expanded during the Johnson administration with the creation of the Welfare State and the entitlement mentality.

The latest monumental legislative overreach Obama Care was foisted upon the nation from a Democrat controlled Congress without one Republican vote. It was affirmed by the Supreme Court, which literally did back flips to approve this legislative nightmare, forcing all citizens to engage in commerce of the Democrats choosing. This legislation screams from the rooftops that our system is unduly broken and in need of repair if we are to keep our Constitutional Republic.

On the other hand, if we continue to go down the rabbit hole of Socialism we will never be seen as a “Free and Able People” again, and what is literally at stake if we do not turn away from this course.

With the repeal of the 16th amendment, our entire federal bureaucracy is hobbled and Washington’s overreach is immediately eliminated and governmental power would revert to the States and the People. It would also have the added benefit of breaking the disgraceful hold of the Left and the Democrats propensity to create divisive electorate groups based on anger, envy, sex, income, race, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and eliminate the class warfare that they set against the nation and its unsuspecting people.

Ultimately, it would destroy their ability to re-distribute the nations treasure and our citizen’s personal incomes, wages and labors as they see fit regardless of the destructive consequences they create and has become evident by the moribund economy and loss of economic opportunity.

After all our current troubles are because of the Democrats efforts to create the current entitlement culture and economy, much less expand it, even after its toxic effects have become evident. The elimination of the 16th Amendment would simply obliterate the Left and there destructive politics based on other people’s incomes and there abhorrent identity politics on which the Democrats continually pander.

The Democrats and their leftist supporters would be forced to show the ugly face behind the mask and reveal how subversive they really are to the American people. As they would object to the proposed Amendment and their power base of unions, so-called poor, minorities, government workers, teachers etc., would come out in full-force in massive protests. It would literally pull the rug out from under them and lead to the current destruction of their dynasty for all eternity.

I say good riddance…

Another amendment that must be repealed along with the 16th is the 17th Amendment to replace the balance of power between the Federal Government and States interests as the Constitution originally intended!

If you want Peace you must prepare for War…Obama’s government is preparing for war against its own people.

Can we ignore the warnings…or will we just fail to act?

Stunning Revelations From Eric Holder

Eric Holder 13 SC Stunning revelations from Eric Holder

John Cruz, a former HSBC (global Swiss Bank) Senior Vice President for Relationship Management has charged Obama’s Department of Justice under Eric Holder as handing them a virtual “slap on the wrist” for being a criminal enterprise. HSBC agreed to pay a fine of $1.92 billion dollars for money laundering profits from Mexican and Columbian drug cartels, which is the least offensive crime they commit on an ongoing basis, to end the matter and DOJ involvement.

A Senate hearing on this matter was held last week in what has become standard operating procedure (SOP) for the Obama administration on the corruption of the “Rule of Law.”

In effect, Mr. Holder believes that some “banks” are too big to prosecute for illegal and criminal activity, as it will cause irreparable harm to the national and world economy. It makes no difference that this action gives tacit approval to the financing of global terrorism or drug cartel efforts to spread their poison onto our streets (and allows the American people to pay a heavy price for this lawlessness in increased criminal activity.) Chicago’s horrendous murder rate comes to mind as just one consequence…culminating in over 510 homicides in Chicago last year alone, with a majority fueled by the illegal drug trade.

The following excerpts are from Eric Holder’s revealing testimony before the Judiciary Committee as relayed in an article from WND (video of John Cruz, parts 1 and 2, at the end of the article is worth watching):

“Banks the size of HSBC are “too big to jail,” as a member of the Senate panel put it.

“I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions becomes so large,” the attorney general confessed, “that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them when we are hit with indications that if you do prosecute, if you do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy.

“And I think that is a function of the fact that some of these institutions have become too large,” said Holder.”

Holder’s later testimony showed the callous indifference to the workings of a criminal enterprise that has engaged in money laundering, financing of terrorism, and outright fraud. A criminal enterprise that is masquerading as a legitimate bank that can affect the entire world’s economy is in desperate need of investigation and prosecution as relayed by Sen. Grassley:

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, asked Holder to explain why federal and state authorities decided not to indict HSBC after it admitted funneling cash to Mexican drug cartels, helping rogue regimes avoid sanctions and assisting Saudi banks tied to terrorism.

The senator said, “I’m concerned that we have a mentality of too-big-to-jail in the financial sector of spreading from fraud cases to terrorist financing and money laundering cases – and I cite HSBC.”

Holder replied: “The concern that you have raised is one that I, frankly, share.”

However, Holder said he was not specifically referring to HSBC, because it would not be “appropriate.”

“Again, I’m not talking about HSBC,” he said. “This is just a – a more general comment. I think it has an inhibiting influence – impact on our ability to bring resolutions that I think would be more appropriate. And I think that is something that we – you all need to – need to consider. So the concern that you raised is actually one that I share.”

Obama and Mr. Holder have a specific duty in Article II, Sec. III of the Constitution to simply “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” The prosecutorial discretion of the Obama administration makes it more of a regime than a legitimate government. These men shame their offices by the selective enforcement of laws and entities that share their collective political goals. The decision to allow a civil penalty to stand in light of the multiple criminal actions of HSBC reveals the true intent of Obama’s DOJ to allow these activities to continue unabated.

Talk about leaving the American people with plenty of law, but no justice.

Since their actions diminish the “Rule of Law” our nation was founded on, we deserve better.

Photo Credit: European Parliament (Creative Commons)

Sacré Bleu; The Republic Is Irrevocably Broken

Obama Feeds America SC Sacré Bleu; the Republic is irrevocably broken

The pettiness in Washington has now reached into the environs of power and corrupted the basic workings of our Republic. With all the problems facing this nation and the added trauma of a President who is purposely inflicting harm on the American people through his sequestration debacle, we have it compounded by a Congress powerless to stop him.

We now have hit an all-time low in legislative intent for our nation. We now need a legislative act to keep our petulant president from golfing (or, to put it in a historical context, to keep Nero from fiddling while Rome burns.

The Washington Examiner tells the full story on this legislative gem from Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert:

As long as President Obama keeps the White House closed to the general public, Rep. Louie Gohmert R-Texas think he shouldn’t be relying on taxpayer dollars to transport him to the golf course.

None of the funds made available by a division of this Act may be used to transport the President to or from a golf course until public tours of the White House resume,” reads the text of the Amendment. 

The White House Visitor Center announced that all public tours would be canceled beginning Saturday March 9 due to the sequestration cuts

In this dystopian world, the American people find themselves caught in the crossfire from this President and Congress, by a government that refuses to act in the best interest of the people by deliberately spending us into bankruptcy. The irony is that the power to end this stalemate and charade lies with Congress if they would only do their duty to the People, the Union, and the Constitution…

My forecast is cloudy with a 100% chance of rain…and bankruptcy for our nation. With a looming economic collapse on the horizon, the only way to get this president’s attention is to limit his visits to the links with the help of a Congress that is currently too busy rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic!

Americans are made of sterner stuff than this petty nonsense.

Photo credit: Dan Jacobs (Creative Commons)


The Left’s Fascination With Death…

Abortion Protestor SC The Left’s Fascination with Death...

If we were to evaluate the ideology of the Left, we would find a common thread that runs through all flavors of Marxist, Socialist, Communist, and Progressive Democratic beliefs; and that is that death is integral with the inculcation of their philosophies. The Germans, Russians, and Chinese used a brutal implementation of their beliefs as they transformed their societies and nations in a compressed time span that resulted in conservatively 262 million deaths in the 20th century alone.

To accomplish this slow transformation, it is vital to attack and destroy our nation’s long-standing Judeo-Christian values, principles, and mores and advocate lifestyles that do not require commitment to their fellow man, much less raising a family. The single most frightening statement heard by today’s youth is: “dude, you knocked-up your girlfriend?”

The answer of course is the abortionist.

Why should he or she be burdened with any responsibilities at such a young age? Ironically,“think of the children” is the left’s constant refrain.

When a society accepts the unbridled slaughter of innocent lives least able to speak for themselves (approximately 50 million in the 40 years of Roe v. Wade) all under the guise of “it’s my body, my choice” then other choices become easier to make and become accepted by a so-called moral and just society.

However, the left continues to advocate the destruction of personal responsibility so that other more destructive agendas are possible. We see it with the endless social engineering of welfare programs that take personal responsibility to a new low.

The ultimate accusation of these society-destroying policies becomes evident when we see multi-generational families conditioned to abrogate personal responsibility for themselves, their families, and their neighbors from a paternalistic so-called benevolent state with benefits that meet their basic needs into perpetuity. While, at the same time making them covetous of others’ success by the soul-destroying envy of dependence, exploited to full measure by Obama and his supporters of course.

In this heady brew of personal choice, responsibility is discouraged in favor of short-term solutions (sound familiar?) Washington has embraced this paradigm with all reasoned deliberation being thrown out the window for personal political gain by both Democrats and Republicans alike…what is in it for me?

We are implementing ObamaCare in a similar fashion to the European model with the same regulatory edicts becoming evident…we are beginning to see the full agenda for the aged in this rollout as another segment of innocent lives who have little use in a more enlightened society that the “left” envisions.

After paying a lifetime of tax revenues, it is now time for them to exit this life before they cost society too much in medical care in the autumn and winter season of their dwindling lives.

Dignity has nothing to do with transforming a nation.

We are seeing the much-maligned “death panels” that Sarah Palin warned us about being rolled out along with the willingness of government bureaucrats to regulate elders literally to death by denying them life-saving treatment. This is how the socialist model has played out in Europe as the internment and death camps of the past are much too disturbing to their citizens as a society educated to accept “DEATH” that these philosophies espouse is the preferred outcome.

All for the payment of their medical and long-term care from the State, there is a limit to their compassion.

This is in direct contrast to the gentle and humanistic philosophy of the individual as championed by our Constitution with citizens, making choices for themselves free from interference of the state for their own lives with the loving assistance of their family, friends, and clergy as they meet their failing health or demise on their own terms.

We are rapidly coming to the end game (fundamental transformation) as the nation is being manipulated by Obama and his cohorts to accelerate the transformational process begun in 2009 and bring his new society “Forward”  sooner than later.

This is where we are deviating from the European model.

The coming year will be filled with one assault after another against our basic freedoms in the all- too-familiar exaggerated media push that we must act in all haste, with Obama forever on the Stump. Failing the legislative avenue, the tyranny of the Executive Order will be used to full effect and accepted by a neutered Congress.

This can only mean that the left has grown impatient of the stealthy means of overthrow of this nation’s principles, or they feel they have accomplished their “re-educational” goals; take your pick.

Obama and his cohort are now preparing an all-out assault on our fundamental right to defend ourselves from all who would prey upon the citizens in our nation. Whether they are criminals, gangsters, Islamists, or our own government since they now wish to disarm the nation’s citizens of the means to throw off such tyranny or brutality.

Obama’s first objective is to marginalize and criminalize law-abiding citizens by characterizing them as pariahs who exercise their antiquated concept of our Second Amendment rights and freedoms. At the same time, he will reward another huge segment of our society that actually are criminals that have willingly broken our laws by bestowing amnesty on them…by granting citizenship to illegal aliens.

Consequently, cartel drug gangs are comprised mostly of illegal aliens and are arming themselves with high-power military-style “Assault Weapons” and pose a very real threat to citizens and law enforcement alike. One has to wonder whether they are getting weapons supplied from Hezbollah through the Mexican drug cartel pipeline that Eric Holder and Obama set up with Fast & Furious along with the poison they are spreading onto our streets.

In Obama’s ultimate wisdom, he has eliminated the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) that coordinated and reduced crime from Drug Cartels and their violence, which account for the vast majority of all murders in our nation (some place this estimate as high as 75%. )This agency was eliminated in June 2011; however, Obama failed to tout during last year’s contentious election an astonishing 60% reduction and elimination of cartel activity in 1500 American cities from 2010 to 2011 in an incredible one year’s time frame prior to disbanding of the NDIC.

Such a remarkable law enforcement effort should have been shouted from the rooftops!

Not claiming victory over such a major threat to the Nation seems unlikely and sketchy at best from a regime that puffs up the smallest details of other areas of their so-called accomplishments, particularity economic data. Speaking about economic data, in another curious move, Obama eliminated a similar agency in 2011 as well that reports on economic intelligence data that had been in constant publication since 1878 and listed all government spending right down to zip code.

Not having the means to verify the spending makes it impossible to reconcile the deficit spending that Congress does not budget for in the first place. One of the cornerstones of a Democratic Republic is open government and reporting of its activities; our government is going dark as Obama and his cohorts put policies in place to dismantle our nation.

This topsy-turvy scheme is readily apparent to the more rational amongst us, those of us destined for re-education, being caught in the crossfire or death depending on our age by a paternalistic and benevolent state in the age of Obama as the end game unfolds. The media, academia, and our legislators appear to celebrate this agenda, as they are all complicit in these nation-destroying acts as they revel in carving-up the spoils of the moribund carcass of this once great nation and line their own pockets with the proceeds.

However, there is still time to turn back the clock and this march to our eventual national suicide as a Constitutional Republic. The makers in our society, the 53% that actually pay income taxes, should act with one voice and refuse to send any more of the “Fruits of their Labor” to Washington in the form of TAXES.

In effect, I propose starving the Beast of revenue in a modern Tax Revolt modeled on 1776. We must exhaust all peaceful means to stop the destruction of the Republic. In addition, we must simply refuse to be disarmed.

If you think about it, we are actually giving the means of our own destruction to brigands that cannot even perform the rudiments of their Constitutional duty by passing a stinking budget as they “eat out our existence” with onerous taxes that are squandered on sycophants, supporters, and constituents of Obama and the indolent that he has created, whole heatedly supports, endorses, and panders to.

In addition, taxpayers are required to continue in his endeavor by unjust laws to support such folly as Obama rides the so-called rich, corporations, businesses, and taxpayers into the ground for his own ends. Rational men and women will indeed make other choices bringing us into headlong confrontation with elements that are bringing us to our very destruction and the Left’s fascination with death.