It’s Lonely On Top

Obama Small Man Mainstream Media SC It’s Lonely on Top

Recently, actor Hugh Jackman stated that he felt sorry for Obama.  Jackman thought Obama was “lonely” and probably went “to bed alone thinking about the weight and burden” of the crisis in Syria.  Obama’s recent difficulties may arise from a lack of having a strong foreign policy when dealing with Syria; but the troubles Americans must confront every day, under his leadership, are boundless.

Consider, for example, millions of Americans who are (and have been) out of work for much of Obama’s presidency.  In 2007, the unemployment rate stood between 4.4 – 5.0 percent.  Today, the unemployment rate in America is stuck at 7.3 percent.  If we factor the labor force participation rate (LPR) with the current unemployment rate, the figure jumps up even more.  (I have written on LPR previously; read about it here).

Additionally, under Obamacare, more Americans are losing their jobs.  Even for those who have jobs, many must transition from full time to part time status, which means less pay for workers.  Precisely how are Americans supposed to support their families?  Obama does not answer this question but continues to claim that Obamacare is best for America.

Furthermore, the United States military also suffers under Obama’s leadership.  Under the guise of “budget restraints,” Obama has planned to shrink the US military.  How gutting our military secures our nation is a great question, especially under the present circumstances with Syria that may lead to troubles for America in the near future.

After the unfortunate deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and the subsequent cover-up that followed, how many military personnel feel secure about their lives under his authority?  What goes through the minds of men and women who must follow his command?  Do the families of those Americans who lost their lives and those Americans who put their lives on the line for our freedom also feel burdened?

To be sure, Obama claims that America is better off today than ever before; but diminishing jobs, a lack of national security, and Americans suffering from heartbreak over lost loved ones all show a different reality. As with Jackman, I too feel sorry for Obama.  I feel sorry that Obama is incapable of leading our great nation.  More than anything else, I feel sorry for the millions of Americans who are jobless and need to find ways to support their families.  I feel sorry for the men and women who must protect us at the risk of their own lives under the command of a leader who could care less.  Yes, I feel sorry for my country, once the greatest nation in the world, duped by the big rhetoric of an inordinately small man.



George Washington: The Humble Statesman

George Washington 2 SC George Washington:  The Humble Statesman

In 1789, Americans unanimously elected George Washington as their first President.  Since then, many presidents have come and gone; yet, Washington holds the honor of being the only president in the history of the United States to garner such loyalty and affection from the American public.  Washington was an admirable man because of his excellent leadership qualities; but another outstanding quality of this great leader, often overlooked, was humility.  Even at the pinnacle of his power, Washington maintained a humble stance towards his role as the President of the United States of America.  As President, he never wavered from assuming the role of a public servant over that of a mighty ruler – a position that most modern presidents have often ignored.

Washington did not seek the presidency himself but accepted the honor as a service to his country.  In his First Inaugural Address, Washington noted that, “I was summoned by my Country, whose voice I can never hear but with veneration and love.”  As such, the first President reflected a Statesman more than reflecting a Politician.  Perhaps the most significant difference between a “statesman” and a politician is that the former wished to serve his country; the latter is more interested in serving himself at the expense of the country.  Indeed, even when the opportunity presented itself, Washington was quick to decline from accepting “any share in the personal emoluments” or monetary gains for himself.  For Washington, the opportunity to preside over the nation presented the chance to serve Americans instead of depriving them of their liberties.

To be sure, Washington had many flaws; but for the new Americans, his humbleness overshadowed any discrepancies he possessed.   Indeed, his humility was as much, perhaps even more so, a part of his greatness.  For example, he admitted that he had received “inferior endowments from nature” and was quite “unpracti[s]ed in the duties of civil administration.”  Incredibly, even after winning the Revolutionary War against the greatest world power at the time, Britain, Washington remained “peculiarly conscious” of his many “deficiencies.”

Again, in his Second Inaugural Address, Washington maintained the same humility that was the hallmark of this great man.  Instead of a flowery speech, he was succinct and stated that if he ever “violated willingly or knowingly the injunctions” of the Constitution during his term that “(besides incurring constitutional punishment)” he should “be subject[ed] to the upbraidings of all who are now witnesses of the present solemn ceremony.”  Washington remained steadfastly faithful to the vision of the American Revolution throughout his presidency.

Of all American presidents, Washington most assuredly had the perfect opportunity to abuse his presidential authority.  Yet, instead of getting intoxicated with power and destroying the nation, he maintained his humbleness throughout his term.  Even when a deep political cleavage became apparent in his administration, Washington maintained a neutral position on most matters.  His vision was always to keep Americans united in the principles of liberty.  He managed to perform the arduous task of remaining above political factions by sheer determination and humility.  Perhaps it was easy for Washington to do so because instead of being a duplicitous character, he was naturally humble in his personal and public life.  For Washington, leading the country always remained an opportunity to promote the idea of liberty and not a chance to generate wealth for his own pocket.

Today, Washington remains mostly forgotten, or worse, criticized by those who feel the founding principles need to be reformed.  Instead of trying to change the fundamental concepts of the nation, principles that once heralded the United States as a superpower, it might be more helpful for Americans to consider the vision provided by those who fought and died for our liberties. For those seeking to lead the United States today, a lesson in humility from George Washington would make a great start in uniting the nation in hope of moving forward.

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Why The Left Is Afraid Of Dr. Benjamin Carson

Ben Carson SC Why the Left is Afraid of Dr. Benjamin Carson

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last week astounded many Americans.  Some people found strength in Carson’s straightforward discussion about God, family, and politics; yet, other people found the speech offensive.  Perhaps no other person categorized Carson’s speech as inappropriate for the occasion more than Bob Beckel.

According to Beckel, Carson’s main purpose in speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast was to gain “15 minutes of fame.”  Beckel’s accusation is laughable at best and shows a level of ignorance and incompetence that has become typical of Progressives as of late.  If only Beckel had behaved in a manner befitting a true journalist and done his research, he would have found out that Carson is a well-known and highly respected professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics at the reputable Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  Additionally, he has served as the director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center for more years than Beckel can count.  Carson holds over 50 honorary doctorate degrees and is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and the Horatio Alger Society of Distinguished Americans, amongst other prestigious organizations.

In his speech, Carson used charm, wit, charisma, humor, and intellect to address important issues that concern many Americans today.  Unlike Obama’s speeches laden with empty rhetoric, Carson discussed the significance of our liberties, the burden of taxation, and the importance of education for all Americans.  Yet, instead of recognizing the significance of the speech to America’s future, detractors such as Beckel have tried to undermine the position of this great American.  For Beckel, it would seem that Carson’s gravest sin was his conservative political stance on the issues.  Apparently, Beckel has no qualms about applauding speeches given by a man out of touch with America’s heritage with a shady background.  Clearly, being a conservative American who loves God, country, and the Constitution would offend any Progressive, especially one as ignorant as Beckel.

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“‘Tis Well”: An Original Poem

George Washington 2 SC “‘Tis Well”: An Original Poem

On a cold December day,

The sky was dull and gray.

The river Potomac lay frozen,

The sounds of birds, painfully broken.

People arrived in droves for the procession,

Many aghast at the shocking revelation.

A great white steed trod slowly through the crowds of Virginia,

The empty saddle signifying the great loss for America.

The one Wheatley praised for his valor and virtue more,

Now lay forever behind heaven’s door.

Despite his request for a private burial,

Americans flocked to see the greatest memorial.

Thunderstruck most were for they could not have conceived,

A man as great would so soon be grieved.

The troops, the band, the mourners marched on,

Heavy hearts, each, in disbelief that he was gone.

The clergy prayed and the Masons performed the final rites,

Some watched while others took to flight.

The shroud concealed the greatest American,

Who lived by principles now long forgotten.

In the simple red brick tomb in Mount Vernon he now lays,

Unaware of the mayhem of his country’s present days.

A man once celebrated and unanimously elected,

Is now forgotten and mostly disrespected.

For ‘tis true he was born in February,

But they will not even honor his memory.

Columbus Day they gladly celebrate,

But a special day for this extraordinary Leader, they hate.

Of all the politicians we see,

He was the greatest Statesmen there shall ever be.

Should you ever hold a dollar in your hand,

Do remember that George Washington was a great man.

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Propaganda And The Face Of New America

propaganda cnn Propaganda and the Face of New America

“Propaganda, Propaganda, Propaganda.  All that Matters is Propaganda”-Adolf Hitler

Surrounded by four children, presumably representing all youth in America, Obama recently gave a riveting speech on gun control.  His announcement came in response to the Newtown shooting, or at least so he claims.  According to Obama, the youngsters on stage wanted speedy resolutions and had written heartfelt letters to him suggesting their fears and concerns about gun violence.  Interestingly, Obama neglected to mention what opinion any of them held about the United States Constitution, or the Second Amendment to be more precise.  Lest we miss the bigger picture, the article is not about the four youngsters or their misguided parents who should have never subjected their children to such outright propaganda.  Instead, the focus of this article is upon the shameless use of children, again, by Obama to promote his gun control agenda.

Indeed, there exists a gun control agenda; and unless Congress steps in, it will continue to rear its ugly head at every opportunity.  It is clear that Obama’s latest gimmick intends to set a precedent that will undoubtedly bring down the Second Amendment and ultimately our Constitution if left unchecked.  His shameless anti-American ideology knows no bounds.  Consider for example that following the tragic deaths of the innocent children in the Newtown shooting, Obama unashamedly lashed out against law-abiding Americans.  He has now followed it up by using these four children to move “forward” yet again in “hope” of bringing “change” to the way our society functions.  How else can he explain the basis of his 23 executive orders on gun controls?

Most of the suggested reforms from his 23 executive orders were illogical enough to confuse Albert Einstein and offer no real resolutions to avoid another tragedy like the one experienced by the Newtown community.  For example, what did Obama mean by offering more “resource officers” to schools?  Did he mean more teachers or more guidance counselors?  Precisely how would these “resource officers” help schoolchildren in the event another unfortunate episode occurs?  Nay, he was unspecific about these resource officers just as he is unspecific about any of his other plans.  He then emphasized the number of people who died “at the end of a gun”; but his statistics likely did not include those lives protected by guns.

Next, Obama claimed that someone with mental illness is “more likely to be the victim” in such tragedies but conveniently forgot to mention that the man guilty of the Newtown shooting was mentally disturbed.  Obama then demanded that Congress fund research to study how violent video games affect young minds.  Interestingly, he skipped adding violent Hollywood flicks or TV shows to his “research” list.  Why should he?  After all, doing so would mean lining up most of his supporters.

Of course, the most preposterous of all his reforms was the one that calls for universal background checks.  Yes, one can see all the criminals arriving in droves to fill up paperwork for background checks post haste.  It is obvious to those of us paying attention that Obama’s ridiculous call for action on gun control targets law-abiding Americans more and criminals less.  In his speech, Obama claimed outrageously that “we don’t benefit from ignorance.”  Yet, if we continue to allow him to encroach upon our liberties, are we not ignorant?  Is he not then benefiting from our ignorance?

Consider another tyrant who did the same thing in the early twentieth century.  Yes, this man too devised a grand scheme that included brainwashing the youth.  He controlled the nation by controlling the youth.  He effectively presented only one side of the argument-his side-and promised to reform the nation’s problems.  Most of us know the history of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the outcome it produced.  Suffice it to say that Hitler’s tyranny left many men, women, and children dead, dying, or destitute.  Our children are not wearing brown shirts with swastikas and black shorts like the German children.  No one is forcing them to become storm troopers at the age of eighteen.  Nay, no one is brainwashing them with anti-American ideology either; or are they?


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