Video: Keith Olbermann & Co. Decry “Misinformation” About Their Hero Obama

Olbermann and Markos Moulitsas, “Countdown” contributor and founder of the Daily Kos, contemplate how misinformation, such as the persistence of “birtherism” and the belief that Barack Obama is Muslim, endure within the public consciousness. Hmmm, let’s see, because much of it might actually be TRUE??? Ever thought of that possible explanation, guys?

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Judge Napolitano’s Take on Obama Assasination Teams

It is sad that FoxNews cancelled the Judges show Freedom Watch, but I am glad he is still sharing his views on different shows. Here he discusses Obama Justice Department policy to kill American citizens. This policy scares me and it should scare all Americans that hold the US Constitution dear.

Palin: McCain Campaign Managers Wouldn’t Let Us Investigate Obama’s Past

One of the greatest tragedies in American history is that not only did the media fail to investigate Obama in 2008, but the McCain campaign was complicit in the cover-up of Obama’s past. My great worry about Romney is that he will hold the same attitude as McCain and fail to tell the full truth about Obama. We owe America the full truth about this liar Obama.

Bill Maher: Obama’s Million Dollar Man

Bill Maher is a sleazy man, and it is no surprise he loves Obama. Obama is a sleazy president. Together they are united in bringing America into the gutter.

Sarah Palin on Obama Accepting Bill Maher’s Dirty Money

Sarah last night stepped into the controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher for using harsh language to describe women. She handled it with grace, honesty, and refreshing clarity. Reminding us again why we like Sarah Palin so much.