Mercy Will Prevail — The Struggle To Know The One True God

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There are many troubling developments unfolding threatening to extinguish the lasting remnants of our common law, Judeo-Christian foundations. At the same time, it seems as if Sharia law is starting to creep its way in.

Just recently, I proudly flaunted my conservative principles during a heated online exchange. I found myself blindsided, however, as I was unprepared for the sobering response that followed my ideological offensive…

AJ: “Leftists are so dangerous and hypocritical in what they espouse and who they target. All men and women can get married in the U.S. What is being demanded is a (recognition and) redefinition of marriage; so what’s the standard? They don’t want any part of that aspect of the conversation. But how is marriage ultimately to be defined? What is the consensus? What is the new normal?

“When people start throwing around the words ‘hate’ and ‘phobia,’ it exhibits a lack of a sound, big-picture perspective.”

Unknown Responder: “Perhaps if you had experienced, firsthand, hatred with the physical beatings and attacks I and others here have endured and fortunately survived (because of the pervasive anti-gay Christian culture in this country over the past two and a half centuries) you wouldn’t be so quick to make such statements!”

I was troubled by this. If accurately conveyed, this is truly horrible.

But I can’t help but view this battle as just one part of a greater cultural and ideological struggle being forcefully thrust upon average folk with no true axe to grind. The pot-stirrers are the same people willing to trample on existing laws and promote open rebellion against our ‘men in blue’ via some contrived race-war narrative.

When you cater to the whims of the individual (in particular, those who promote a radical uprooting of our traditional foundations), a path to arbitrary totalitarian rule is laid that threatens to devour our natural/universal laws.

We all have a part in shaping the culture. What we don’t challenge, we by default embrace. We must continue to promote values and virtue, and demand such attributes are present (and apparent) in those elected to public office.

It appears that we Christians are being scapegoated and ultimately driven into the fringes of society.

I am of no greater worth than my neighbor – no matter how he identifies himself. This trumped-up emphasis on sexual identity is way overblown. We are not what we desire, but rather, we are what we embrace. Sometimes, it is an acting against carnal interests that is the most loving and compassionate way to engage our neighbor and uphold ourselves. In fact, it could be said that we must embrace death if we truly want to live. This I actually know, for my Savior tells me so.

“Then said Jesus unto his disciples, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.””

What does your God tell you?

Search your conscience and seek ultimate authority and wisdom. May our Answer Be a Truly Merciful One!

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If You Kill Free Speech, You Kill Justice: A Closer Look At The Kurt Cobain Case

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Back in 1994, the news was all over the media. Kurt Cobain, the man who single-handedly altered the musical landscape when he and Nirvana arrived on the scene just three years prior, was found dead in his Seattle home.

The case was open and shut. The death was quickly ruled a suicide. After all, Cobain grew up in a broken home and eventually turned to heroin, hoping to find relief from a mysterious stomach ailment.

After the initial shock, the whole idea of Kurt Cobain, king of the aggressively dark and brooding Seattle grunge movement, killing himself was not too difficult to comprehend. Based on his image and public persona, it seemed like a foregone conclusion.

It had been determined by the police department (and widely reported throughout the world) that Kurt Cobain, under the influence of heroin, had shot himself in the head with his own shotgun. Case closed.

And so it would have remained if not for the efforts of one man (as depicted in the highly anticipated film, Soaked in Bleach). I became acquainted with Tom Grant a few years back. Grant is a private investigator and former LASD detective who was hired back in April of 1994 to locate Cobain. Grant was also hired by Paula Jones to assist with the pretrial investigation of then-president Bill Clinton and more recently by the attorney of Mrs. Katherine Jackson, mother of the King of Pop.

Throughout his musical career, right up to the time of his disappearance, Cobain was mired in all of the worst cultural, behavioral, and ideological elements. However, if we take a closer look at the interviews and some firsthand accounts, we get a picture of a young man who, prior to his disappearance, was finally getting his act together. (Most notable was the fact that Cobain was discovered in the summer of 1993 to be suffering from a pinched nerve, which had contributed to his stomach ailment. After treatment, he no longer relied on heavy doses of heroin to kill the pain.)

“Kurt became a new person after that. He stopped retreating into the dark side that everybody came to associate with him and actually seemed cheerful. … [T]he stomach thing was the most important.”– close friend Dylan Carson.

We start to get a glimpse of a man who became serious about leaving a dark and depraved corporate music scene. We also get a clear indication that Cobain wanted to do better – not only to set a better example to his fans, but to serve as a responsible and loving father figure to his young daughter.

“I’m not in any way afraid of death… I’m afraid of dying now, I don’t want to leave behind my wife and child, so I don’t do things that would jeopardize my life. I try to do as little things as I can to jeopardize it. I don’t want to die.”– Kurt Cobain, Sept. 1993.

This was a guy who was looking in the mirror, and at those around him whom he couldn’t push away, and realizing that if he didn’t make a change, he was finished.

Cobain was finished…but did he truly want to be? Enter Tom Grant.

It’s easy for those unfamiliar with the case to assume that Cobain’s death was exactly what it was reported to be–and how it’s been depicted by those in the mainstream without question ever since. However, it is worth taking a moment to check out, without preconceptions, some of the information that has been exposed by the man personally hired by Cobain’s widow to locate the then-missing Kurt Cobain, who was eventually “found with … a suicide note discovered nearby.”

Mr. Grant has soundly concluded the suicide ruling an utter impossibility:

Toxicology tests revealed the level of heroin in Cobain’s bloodstream to be 1.52 milligrams per liter (three times the legal dose, and a daunting amount even for a hardcore heroin addict), which rendered him completely incapacitated. Mr. Grant explains the significance of these test results:

“Don’t get confused by that 1.52 mgs per liter figure. That’s simply the amount of morphine (heroin becomes morphine as it passes through the brain) that was found during the autopsy. It means Cobain would have had to have been injected with approximately 225 mgs of heroin to reach that 1.52 Heroin (Morphine) blood level during the autopsy.”

Grant also reveals that Cobain was planning a divorce and that there was a prenuptial agreement in place.

In the over 20 years since Mr. Grant went public with his findings, he has been much maligned and ultimately written off as an opportunist. However, his story is a fascinating, sobering, and highly disturbing true tale that reveals the evils and trappings of corporate fame and the drug culture.

Cobain was reduced to a mere commodity – a golden ticket for the record label, the industry, and, most of all, his wife. It has been theorized that at the height of success – when he declared he was going to leave it all – he became expendable, while the powers-that-be protected the prime suspect, who would use her various connections to make it all go away.

The whole tragic episode is just another sobering reminder of a prevailing perversion of justice and truth, and how, all too often, evil acts are simply tolerated and overlooked when big money is involved.

Regardless of our increasingly divided secular culture, all lives matter – even the lives of recovering drug addicts. When one becomes disposable, we all do!

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Fighting Our Way Out Of The Darkness


Your freedoms are under assault as Communists disguised as Democrats are leading the attack!

There are natural consequences that come when we personally abuse our Constitutional rights and freedoms – or at least this was so….. Here’s a few examples of how it often used to go:

* Free Speech – It’s a freedom that can swiftly turn on us if we abuse it by engaging in verbal abuses, slanders, and mockeries at the expense of our fellow man.

* Bear Arms – The majority of gun owners are highly responsible and seek only a means of personal protection, while many others, especially in the rural South and Midwest, are serious outdoorsmen who hunt for sport or meat. Regardless, it’s a right which, when we legitimately abuse it, can have serious consequences for the gun owner. The safety benefits (safe communities where the right to bear is prominently exercised) and historical significance (standing firm against political tyranny) far outweigh a few random abuses (as tragic as they may be).

* Free Press – A free people must rely on an impartial, nonpartisan watchdog and reporter of factual truth and breaking development. We depend on a free press to keep us citizens informed, prepared, and safe from the impending storms (figurative and literal). But once the press becomes controlled, its purpose and value is ultimately sacrificed for skewed propaganda. In our worst case scenario, the ‘press’ merely regurgitates political disinformation. When they do so, the talking heads not only render themselves unreliable, but culpable.

We understand that our behaviors have consequences. Former generations have fought for the freedom for it to be so. We don’t need anyone telling us how to think, how to live, how to worship, or how to spend….especially the government!

When we indulge in strong drink we reserve the right to become drunkards. When we lust for another we may commit adultery, and there will be consequences in some form or another. When we lie, cheat, and steal, in business and in life, we soil our reputation. When we deceive others for personal gain, we prove ourselves untrustworthy. Scoundrels are they who do inflict great harm upon their neighbor as a means to elevate their own personal status and social standing……But eventually we fall. Like Icarus, we eventually plummet forcefully and violently to a tragic end. The law of averages finally catches up to us. It’s the consequence of reckless behavior. Sooner or later our bad deeds will come and claims us.

Today’s Democrats are so drunk off their own Carnal-Kool-Aid, that they fail to fully understand how a manipulation of conscience and consequence has its own grave consequences (not only for us but for them!).

A select few have grown rich and powerful off of the citizens they serve and represent. One person’s tax dollar is another’s personal gain…with interest!

In addition, they have appointed themselves moral arbiter, liberty barterer, and fiscal withholder. They continue to eye up your income, and much that you possess, as they supplement (and eventually replace) it with skewed predictions, blind naturalism, and foolhardy scientism. They elevate nature (earth, sea, atmosphere) and sketchy preservation practices to instill further controls/priorities to align with a united, elite ruling class.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

The Gender Identity Crisis Of America

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All Rachel Pepe wanted was to be treated like one of the girls. There is one major problem, however. She’s a boy.

Gender identity and sexual preference is a huge issue in America today. If you’re like me, your natural reaction may be, “TMI!”

NJ Governor, Chris Christie, may have felt similarly when he swiftly shut down the whole notion of children working through their sexual identity issues with a licensed counselor, in August of last year. But when dress codes and gender specific restrooms become a matter of ambiguity, what’s a school administrator to do?

I regret the abuse and ridicule that too many of our youth must endure – whatever the reason. But I also believe we must not overreact or overcompensate in meeting the tender emotional needs of the conflicted child.

I do believe children should be supported and loved in expressing the inner conflict and emotional pain they may be experiencing on account of some deep-seeded gender conflict, real or perceived. A full-court gender-conversion press may do more harm than good. But everyone should have a safe place they can go where frustrations and distresses can be revealed without fear or shame.

We may not agree with the choices of our neighbor, but may we never willfully mistreat or cause emotional harm to another human being. On the other hand, nobody should exploit a distraught child for their own personal gain (or agenda).

I personally believe Jesus is bigger than any trumped-up sexuality fixation in our day.

Every single soul in society should be treated with a level of compassion and regard (nobody is disposable). No one deserves to be written off. We should conduct ourselves in such a way that we naturally produce a positive response from others (despite our differences).

But ultimately, we must instill in our children a strong sense of dignity and self-respect (and reflect those same qualities ourselves). We may not be perfect now, but with God on our side, we can know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

May the desires of the soul be cultivated above and beyond that of the “psyche” and the “libido.”

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Here’s How The Power Of The Gospel Changed This Gang Banger’s Life For The Better…

How The Power Of The Gospel Changed A Gang Leader’s Life For The Better…

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.–Romans 1:16

The power of the gospel must never be overlooked. It lives in the hearts of men. It annihilates the evil nature and iniquitous disposition.

It resides in the heart and soul of Nicky Cruz.

Nicky Cruz was a young, cold, heartless, murdering, New York City gang leader when he was subdued by the only power outside the grave that could stop him…..

Enter David Wilkerson.

A zealous preacher, the fearless Wilkerson entered a war zone and did the unthinkable.

The whole account was documented by Wilkerson in his best selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade, a book that enthusiastically declares the power of the gospel and how miracles really do happen when it is boldly and faithfully applied.

Nicky Cruz is a living testimony of the power of the gospel to turn even the most hardened, vile sinner into a repentant, loving disciple of Jesus Christ.

Jesus wants to gather you up and transform you. You have not yet sinned it all away. He will not reject those who have had their conscience pricked and have awakened form their sinful slumber/wicked rebellion. Jesus is mighty and willing to save. Forsake all further transgressions and lay your burdens down. This is a message for the masses; you needn’t remain on the outside any longer.

The power of the gospel resides in the hearts of men, women, and children everywhere. The Gospel message continues to change hearts across the globe.

Open your heart and allow yourself to be forgiven and restored. The grace of God transcends all. Where would we be without this truth?

There are no sinners so great, even in our day, that they will not find healing and deliverance in the mercy of Christ.

Jesus loves you and has forgiven you….. You just may not know it yet…..

One thing is for certain: Jesus did not die on the cross for nothing. Drink from the cup of salvation. His living waters runneth over (John 4:14).

The most potent thing you can say to a rebel is “Jesus loves you!” Those 3 words can cut through the coldest of hearts. Extreme sinners need extreme mercy….. and Jesus is willing to pay your debt!

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom