Atheists: The Grinches Of 2013

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Excerpt from “HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS”  by Dr. Seuss:

The Grinch hated the Who’s down in Who-ville they say, so he snuck down in secret, early Christmas day.

He stole all their presents, he stole all their wrapping, he stole all their food, all their tinsel and trappings.

Even for those who do not believe Christ is God, Christmas has usually been viewed as a time of joyful celebration, a time to wish one another well, praying for peace and good will.  For believers and nonbelievers alike, Ye Merry Gentlepersons agreed, celebrating love and cheerfulness went hand-in-hand with Christmas.

Then came the busybodies and their grinchy insistence that we stop all this love and joy nonsense.  After all, haven’t we read the First Amendment?  Don’t we know all is doom and gloom?  It does seem discouraging when we have the Grinch in Chief stealing gifts from beneath the tree and telling the kiddies not to worry about the transgender Santa lurking their locker rooms.

Grinchy busybodies demand we stop greeting one another with “Merry Christmas!”  Somehow, it’s difficult to be happy about a generic holiday exalting a winter festival.  Hail snow and sleet!  Along the way, we let the busybodies bully us into silence, accepting their redefinition of words and the meaning of the First Amendment.  Ironically, we casually forfeited our freedom of speech and religion so as not to offend the most offensive.

Atheists, agnostics, the willfully oblivious, and the obnoxious ignorami now dictate that we tear down nativity scenes, expunge the word “Christmas” from all communication, silence all choirs and caroling, and never mention Jesus. Kids in school are threatened unless they worship Frosty and Frosty alone.

This year, the grinchy busybodies have come up with new ways to steal Christmas, beyond the threatening letters, lawsuits, and media demonstrations.  This year they are spending money to post advertising, demanding we remove Christ from Christmas, reducing us to saying “Merry Mas” or just “Howdy.”

In addition to demanding the Who remove traditional monuments and festive symbols, the busybodies demand they be allowed to erect interactive ’Atheism is Great’ and ‘Worship Satan’ displays, complete with special features for the kids.

Nothing says “Merry Mas Howdy” like encouraging belief in hopeless nothingness (or better, celebrating Evil and Destruction.)  Can there be a better way to celebrate ice and darkness than ushering the devoted to the edge of meaninglessness or Lake of Fire Shores?

Lest we forget, the University provided the busybodies with a higher understanding of the First Amendment.  How on earth can insignificant Who’s be expected to understand that freedom of speech means only that speech pre-approved by the state and the courts, or that freedom or religion actually means the freedom to destroy religion?  Silly Who’s!  Who do they think is running this show anyway?

We know the answer to that question, don’t we?

The Grinch eventually learned that you cannot steal the truth or dissuade good hearts from sharing their abundant love. And you cannot, with a straight face, demand compliance and call it freedom.  Have then a cup of cheer and pray for a better day, for Who knows, perhaps a miracle this Christmas?

And what happened then …?

 Well … in Who-ville they say

 That the Grinch’s small heart

 Grew three sizes that day!

Allan Erickson enjoyed an 11-year career in radio, television and print journalism as a reporter, talk show host, and operations manager. He then turned to sales and marketing for 20 years. He is the author of the book “The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence,” Tate Publishing, 2012. He is available to speak in churches addressing the topics of faith and freedom.  To contact him, email:


Photo credit: e r j k p r u n c z y k (Creative Commons)

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  1. Yeah, I DON'T like it when advertisers say, 'This Holiday', instead of, 'This Christmas'.

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