Atheist Website Aims To Turn Kids Away From God

Atheist SC Atheist website aims to turn kids away from God

Atheist groups have long advertised their agenda in an apparent attempt to recruit more people into a life devoid of purpose greater than this human existence.

These activists have every right to spend their money on billboards or any other outreach project they deem appropriate; but believers can — and, in my opinion, should — speak out against the more distasteful campaigns.

One such plan, a website backed by the American Humanist Association, speaks directly to the next generation with arguments designed to cause them to question their faith.

The site, Kids Without God, is designed to teach kids “there’s another way to learn about morals and values,” said a spokesperson for AHA. “It doesn’t need to come from traditional religion.”

Advertising for the site will come in several forms, including $30,000 earmarked for bus advertising in and around the nation’s capital. Several popular websites are also running ads, though Disney and National Geographic Kids thankfully refused based on content.

AHA hopes to attract children whose parents are “traditionally religious” as well as those “from families like that of President Barack Obama, whose mother was a secular humanist,” the spokesperson explained.

With tag lines such as “I’m getting a bit old for imaginary friends,” he said the site will address kids who have “already made up their minds to reject supernatural explanations” as well as those who “are just questioning.”

A press release indicates what children can find on the site, including topics such as sexuality and discrimination. Bill Nye the Science Guy’s defense of evolution is included as one of the featured videos.

The perceived need for an anti-God website for kids arises from the fact that there are a “plethora of websites geared toward teaching kids about Christianity, Judaism, or Islam,” the spokesperson explained, contending that “its time to make available an online resource that’s built just for kids without God.”

I’ve never been quite clear about why atheists feel the need to proselytize. Believers in a higher power try to convert others because we trust in an eternal hope and life after this one. Atheists think our worldly body represents the extent of existence and seem desperate to add numbers to their ranks.

When they bypass adults and directly target children, though, they are using an age-old leftist tactic of indoctrination that makes an end run around parental influence.


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  1. Pathetic

  2. I'd like to know how this "Atheist" explains all of the people who've had near Death experiences and have been taken through a tunnel of Light and feel the warmth and love of those surrounding them if there is no GOD or Afterlife. I wish there was a way to find out how many people who believe in GOD and Faith that this happens to, compared with those who are Atheists that have this experience. I'd be willing to Wager that there isn't that many Atheists this happens too, compared with those who do believe in GOD.

    • Linda From NY says:

      I did some reseach on obama's mother, and learned that she was a atheist and in school she took classes in socialisim. As a atheists raising the little scant obama, now we are all in danger of losing our country to a man who was raised not to believe in God of our Bible and with communistic views, from both parents and a stepfather, the two men in obama's life were both muslims.

      When a nations it's back on God, there is a price to pay.

    • Puddentain says:

      The "Near Death Experience" is debunked when people are asked to tell of any type of lettering/reading material or layout or items in the room that require a perspective from looking from above. In other words "can you tell us the words that are on the sign laying above the top of the cabinet" which would require a top down perspective. Not ONE near death experience has been able to tell doctors any of the detail that would suggest they were looking down from above. If you go to YouTube you can watch countless hours on the subject…..I have.

      I'm telling the Religious Right that they had better embrace ANY group of people that are willing to support the conservatives. I've been through college, been through the Navy and held a position of significant authority for 12 years and I'm here to tell you after many hours of studying Religion,,,,,I'm an Atheist.

      I think the Religious Right believes an Atheist is someone that passionately pursues anti religious behavior. That's simply not true. It IS true there are a group of Atheists that pursue that goal,,,just like there are radical religious people that pursue imposing their beliefs on other people. But where church meets state,,,,you better open your mind because the further we get in life,,,the more educated people are becoming. And education means SCIENCE which is rapidly cornering the mystery of 'God'. People have believed in many Gods over the years. Thor was thought to be the God of Thunder until Science debunked the mystery of Thunder………………….Open your minds and your arms because the future of conservatism will be forced to embrace every voter they can come up with.

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