Atheist Hijacks City’s Christmas Display

Christmas Display Creative Commons chooyutshing Atheist hijacks Citys Christmas Display

A California city’s annual Christmas display would have taken on a much different tone this year had city officials not called the entire event off. An outspoken atheist vowed to set up camp alongside the nativity scenes and spread his apparently nihilistic view of the season.

The same man organized a takeover of the event in 2011, which resulted in nearly all of the displays being manned by atheists calling Christianity a myth and offering a tribute to such gods as the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Rather than get involved in the brouhaha that would inevitably result, local leaders decided to cancel the program several churches had worked incredibly hard to coordinate. The congregations have since obtained legal counsel and plan to sue the city for violating their freedom of speech.

The head of the committee behind the suit called this decision “a sad, sad commentary on the attitudes of the day,” explaining the elaborate display is now in seek of a home, “something like our Savior had to hunt for a place to be born because the world was not interested.”

One prominent atheist spokesperson explained the thought process behind ambushing existing Christmas programs. ”In recent years, the tactic of many in the atheist community has been if you can’t beat them, join them,” he said. “If these church groups insist that these public spaces are going to be dominated by a Christian message, we’ll just get in the game—and that changes everything.”

Atheists, like homosexuals and other groups, have become far more vocal in recent years. These small minorities are wielding greater and greater control over the free expression of those with whom they disagree. A recent study showing the number of religiously unaffiliated Americans has grown by 33 percent in the last five years and suggests that this trend is only going to increase.

Another leader in the atheist movement warned the faithful that non-believers “have muscle and we’re flexing it,” telling them to “ignore our numbers at your peril.”

The atheist population seems eager to find injustice where there is none, but I do admire their commitment to their cause. If the community of believers in America had the courage to stand up and say, “Ignore our numbers at your peril,” I believe we would see a decrease of incidents like this that gradually abridges our rights.

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Photo Credit: chooyushing (Creative Commons)



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  1. It's plain to see this man is in alot of misery and should be put out of it asap. It is no less than I would do for a rabid dog.

  2. VirgoVince says:

    WHY didn't someone give him an 'attitude adjustment??'
    Can't the community get a 'PFA' (Protection From Abuse) order against ALL non-believers??

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Vince I wa just going to write that people should find these scumbags take them by a swamp teach them as yousay an attitude adjustment and leave them there for the aligators.PETA would love these people for leaving fod for the gators and if no swamp is handy the woods are good.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    How the hell does a town or city let these scumbag atheist get away with crap like this.Have your lawyers fight these lunatics.You do realize that the best part of an atheist is the part that ran down their mothers leg during conception.

    • In Athens Texas, each year for the past few years, we have had a bunch of the same no minded idiots complain and start shit with this little town too. Because they “beleive” that what they “don’t beleive” is the “only thing TO beleive, not beleive”……….if that makes any sense at all…………which it doesn’t, because how does one “beleive in not beleiving” anything? They are nothing but a bunch of dissatisfied, useless boils on the ass of humanity, and as such, should be properly lanced, and gotten rid of immediately. If a person wants to not beleive something, this is fine by me, but that does not, in any way at all, give them the sole RIGHT to abuse and trample on MY BELEIFS and RIGHTS! So, where any so called “judge” can rightfully side with one small MINORITY over the RIGHTS of the MAJORITY is one big mystery to me, and to a lot of others. Someone needs to take these perverts, and troublemaking peices of waste some place and do the world a favor and get rid of them once and for all. Seems to me that this is what they want to do to us, so as “all is fair in love and war”, and this is WAR AGAINST THE MAJORITY, THEN THE MAJORITY SHOULD GIVE THEM THE WAR THAT THEY STARTED AND WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THEY ARE, ARE STOPPED! The REASON we have CHRISTmas, is because of JESUS CHRIST! And no amount of these boils on the ass of all humanity will change THAT FACT! No matter which particular day JESUS CHRIST WAS BORN ON, THE FACT REMAINS THAT HE WAS BORN! And we celebrate this BIRTH OF CHRIST EACH YEAR, on this particular day, because it is the only day we have to celebrate HIS BIRTH! IF it was July 1st, then we’d have CHRISTmas on JULY 1st! Because JESUS CHRIST WAS BORN! Don’t like the nativity scenes? Well stupid, DON”T LOOK AT THEM! And, if you want, GO MAKE YOUR OWN “scene” some place else, it is still, after all, A FREE COUNTRY…………SO FAR, unless idiots like yourself, the athiests, GO AND RUIN IT ALL FOR EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOUR OWN STUPID SELVES!

  4. Blinddemocrat says:

    HEY athiests, the only reason you react the way you do is because, deep down you know GOD is real and his word is true. If this isn't true, why do you have pain and no peace about a make believe being ?

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