Atheist Group Wants Holocaust Memorial To Remove Star Of David

Atheist SC Atheist group wants Holocaust memorial to remove Star of David
Extremists representing the Freedom from Religion Foundation recently targeted the planned design of a Holocaust memorial in Ohio because it includes a Star of David. One wonders where the Jewish symbol would be appropriate if not such a somber site.

Butting into another state’s affairs, as the FFRF so often does from its home base in Wisconsin, group co-presidents Don Barker and Annie Gaylor sent a letter to those behind the Statehouse Holocaust Memorial.

The hypersensitive correspondence predicts displaying a Star of David at the destination “would create the legal precedent” for “an equally large or larger permanent Latin cross on Capitol grounds.” The godless complainants continued by suggesting the memorial is nothing less than a “constitutionally problematic endorsement of religion.”

While the structure is set to be erected on public property near the State Capitol, there is nothing legally prohibitive regarding the display of such a memorial. Atheist bullies, including those in the FFRF, care little about the law, though, relying solely on intimidation in their quest to eliminate any semblance of faith in public.

This phenomenon is an utter bastardization of the First Amendment and resonates only with the most bitter God-haters among us.

Though a large portion of those killed during the Holocaust were not Jewish, the monument’s designs also feature a unique memorial to all victims and local heroes who helped free concentration camp prisoners. Of course, that will satisfy those preoccupied with attacking traditional symbols of faith; and community leaders now find themselves in the unenviable position of deciding whether to cave to atheist demands or stand on principle.

At times such as this, I sincerely wish this nation’s faithful were as loud and direct concerning their belief as are those who are trying to silence us.
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Photo credit: reuvenim (Creative Commons)

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