Atheist Group Opposes Ten Commandments At School And Church

The Ten Commandments SC Atheist group opposes Ten Commandments at school and church

The anti-religious loons of the Freedom From Religion Foundation are at it again, this time focusing their litigious weaponry at a Pennsylvania school’s Ten Commandments display.

Honestly, if that was the extent of their opposition, I probably wouldn’t feel the need to write about it. The display is large, a six-foot tall structure made of stone, and a FFRF press release claims it is displayed “near the main entrance by the Junior High auditorium.” If the group’s complaint that the monument “lacks any secular purpose” is accurate, the display likely violates the law.

Whether conservatives agree with it or not, even a monument such as this, which has been at the school for more than half a century, is subject to complaints by secular and atheist groups.

What makes this particular case even more nauseating, though, is the FFRF doesn’t even want the Ten Commandments to be displayed at a nearby church!

The church offered to take the historic monument, keeping it in the same neighborhood of the small town. An attorney working with the atheist group said students “cannot avoid” the Ten Commandments if displayed at the adjacent, privately-owned church.

Even the FFRF press release admits the organization does not have public support on its side. The school board decided to table the issue after “at least two rallies were held in favor of keeping the monument and intense public pressure” mounted against the decision.

Reports indicate an atheist parent of one of the school’s students is behind the FFRF’s interest in the case, claiming the monument excludes those without faith in God. I wonder if this individual would be satisfied with an empty space in the hall serving as a monument to nothing, thus including his or her belief system.

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Photo credit: Gerry Dincher (Creative Commons)



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