As Obama’s Social Security Numbers Make Headlines, Obama Changes the Subject

by Suzanne Eovaldi

Timing is everything in politics, and the Obama White House has mastered this axiom like none other.  A motion to strike, (a win for Plaintiff Orly Taitz), was granted by the U.S. D.C. District Court in the same 24 hour news cycle Barack Obama appeared before the American people to declare a troop draw down in Afghanistan, (to send them  on the ground in Libya in September ??) thus burying a huge story of enormous constitutional merit.  The takedown and burial at sea of Osama Bin Laden “coincidentally” happened at the same time another eligibility case moved forward in May.

As Obama and his corps play the American people like a fiddle in their White House marching band, we are just learning the indefatigable Ms. Taitz, so mocked and scorned by the MSM, won her motion to enforce her Freedom of Information Act  request for Obama’s records, filed  with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The befuddled SSA was so busy stonewalling the release of any information concerning her request for Obama’s social security application form that it even let filing dates pass, a real no no!

Rule 12 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure states, “the court may strike from a pleading an insufficient defense. . .”  In her introduction, Taitz said, “something very strange is going on,” a stunning understatement indeed.  Now in an only in America twist, only the web site  is making this PUBLIC RECORD court case # 1:11-CV-00402 available so far on line.  Heavy copyright statements preclude actual release of what is being revealed there, but be assured THIS IS BIG!

Taitz’ earlier case representing former U.S. Ambassador Alan Keyes et al is the bigger skein of the eligibility issue dogging Obama.  And this will just not die no matter how many millions Obama spends to stifle questions of  who he is and whether or not his birth and parentage qualify him to be our Commander in Chief and U.S. President.

Taitz presented the court a 53 page pleading covering stunningly detailed forensic evidence by printer and graphics experts testifying to the cut and paste fraud and forgery inherent in the long form birth certificate released by the Obama White House during the Bin Laden news cycle.  From the binary-grayscale conflict to dropped pixels to obvious layering, Federal Court Judge Hon. Royce C. Lamberth heard a depth of investigative research not matched by the losing side.

The multi-state travels of the Stanley Ann Dunham- Barack Obama family showed up in the pressure being put on Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue whose agency returned requests for the Obama ss # application with, “Sorry, your request cannot be processed at this time. . .”  so “Access Denied”  is the tune of the day!

Are there a few good men and women out there in Congress to stand with this patriot Orly Taitz?

Taitz describe Obama’s fraud as, “… the most serious breach of the U.S. national security since the creation of this nation,” what American patriot could disagree?

Will you call toll free 1-877-762-8762 the following U.S. House members:  Darrell Issa, House Oversight; Mike Rogers, House Intelligence; Sam Johnson, House Ways & Means; Dana Rohrbacher, House Foreign Affairs.  Will you demand they stand with the truth?

To contact your Congressional Representative use this link:

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This article originally appeared on and is reprinted with permission.

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  1. Fred Borrelli Jr says:

    Keep the troops in afghanastan as it cost more money. Stop drilling oil so more people are out of work and the public pays more for gas.High costs of food stamps and unemp is sliding into the abyss. This guy wants to destroy oiur beautiful country, IMPEACH THE M______!

  2. Dennis Bible says:

    It doesn't do any good contacting your congress man. I tried contacting mine and it looked like the email got as far as an aid and that's it. What Saxby Chambless of GA told me was that he has better things to do then to look into obama's fraud.

    • Chess Game says:

      My congressman and senators are demoncraps and useful idiots. I do not waste my time with them. However, I have been contacting other congressmen such as Rep Issa. We can only TRY, but TRY WE MUST !!!!!

      • Fina Biscotti says:

        Good move, Chess Game! You are correct – contact every elected member of Congress that you feel would move on it – bc their influence affects our country – whether they are from our congressional district or not.

    • My U.S. Senator, Dianne Feinstein, (California, Democrat and a big Obama supporter) has her replies to emails from the voters pretty much thought out before she even receives them. I emailed her and pointed out that with all the inconsistencies with Obama's past and the fact that he is committing ruinous act against this country and that he's not legally qualified to be POTUS that he should at least be investigated by Congress. She replies that he is 35 years old, was born in the U.S. and has lived here for 14 years so therefore he is qualified to be POTUS. This woman's mind is like a steel trap…..always closed! She's the one that should be impeached. Hey people maybe that's what we should be doing…getting the Democrat Senators and Congress Reps impeached and out of office and new people in there. Then maybe someone will listen to "We The People".

      • Fina Biscotti says:

        Feinstein LIED against the CIA – with Nancy Pelosi – and caused the suicide bombing deaths of our CIA agents.

        Both Pelosi and Feinstein used their influence – to have their lies and deceit appear as truths – when maliciously intending to deceive the American people – that they knew nothing about enhanced interrogation techniques – "waterboarding" – being used on the masterminds of the 9-11 RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORIST attacks.

        It was well documented by the CIA that both Pelosi and Feinstein attended Several CIA briefings in which waterboarding was discussed.

        File a FORMAL COMPLAINT – can be anonymous – I asked:
        The US House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct; The House Judiciary Committee, The US Senate Committee on the Judiciary – and also send copies to your elected members of Congress.

      • Fina Biscotti says:

        @ Dan D:

        (cont'd) – in yr formal complaint – ask for an investigation into the no-bid government contract that US Senator Diane Feinstein solicited and acquired from Obama – w Feinstein failing to acknowledge that it was for a company with her husband.

        This could be the PAY-OFF for Feinstein providing an ALIBI for Obama – when the obama campaign Hi-jacked members of the press – during the 2008 presidential campaign – after KIDNAPPING them – when the Obama campaign had set up plans with the members of the press to interview Obama on the plane at Dulles International Airport – June 2008. After a two-hour wait, the pilot came on and announced that the doors were locked and the plane was taking off.


      • Fina Biscotti says:

        There is a video on YouTube – with Robert Gibbs being entertained by the fact that themembers of the press were shell-shocked, and were wondering where they were being taken – and why were they not informed of the change in plans – before the aircraft took off – so they could get off the plane.

        If Obama as a US Senator made use of a US Government aircraft for this outrageous SCAM, he should be held accountable for the travel costs.

      • Fina Biscotti says:

        When the HI-JACKING started a media frenzy, US Senator Diane Feinstein stepped up – and stated that Obama was with Hillary Clinton at her house – having a private meeting – although the mass of photographers did not get ONE picture of Clinton and Obama going in or out – because they were not there at Feinstein's house. They were attending the Bilderberg Conference that was held in June 5 -8, 2008.

        No matter what Feinstein claimed about their wherebouts – that was no excuse for the obama campaign HI-jacking the members of the press – at the cost of the US taxpayers.

      • Fina Biscotti says:

        @ Dan D:

        I am sure the no-bid government contract was the Pay-off – through Feinstein's husband – for Feinstein providing an ALIBI for Obama – to quash the media frenzy – over obamae hi-jacking of the members of the press.

        At the time that Pelosi and Feinstein were screaming about waterboarding being torture – and falsely portraying that they knew nothing about waterboarding, it was announced under the radar that Feinstein's husband was being investigated for a house-flipping scam. You can also list that in your formal complaint – to question what happened to that criminal investigation – and if Feinstein as the wife was profiting from it – as she did with the no-bid government contract given to her husband's company.

        Hope you make use of that information. God Bless America – God Bless our American Troops!!!!

    • Fina Biscotti says:

      @ Dennis:

      send him a letter demanding a response in writing – and when Chambless does nothing about it – give it to his political opponent to be used against him in the next election.

    • Max Harper says:

      Same here, I was told by Senators Isackson and Chambliss staff that if obama issued an executive order declaring himself dictator of America there was nothing Congress could do about it!

    • FinaBiscotti says:

      Reminder: when Congressman Kucinich and others filed their lawsuit against obama for his ilelgal use of US Military action in Libya – without the knowledge or consent of our US Congress,

      Kucinich mentioned that sending correspondence to Washington DC – is delayed for security reasons = approximaely two weeks – (and then some), instructing everyone to send any correspondence to him – to any one of his home offices – as his staff would contact him.

      Therefore, my suggestion is to send all information and correspondence to yr elected members of Congress – at their home offices. That way Washington DC will not eye it.

  3. File charges against the head of the SS department and bring them to court and make them testify under oath. Quit screwing with the big fish and start taking down the little guy as they will not lie for the big fish and give up their freedoms for the gangsters. Eventually you will get enough little fish to have a fish fry

  4. Impeach & arrest the liar

  5. Flea_Flicr says:

    We can thank Obama for "Awakening a sleeping giant". Most Americans have made a stronger effort than ever to learn about the twist & turns going on in Washington. Many made a serious mistake in 2008 by voting emotionally for a Chicago thug that is hell-bent & determined to wreck this Country with his big government philosophy. I hope & pray that the election in 2012 will prove to be a time of "CHANGE". He needs to go. I would be willing to bet a year's salary that any of the Republican candidates will have only ONE Social Security number….a legitimate birth certificate and college & high school records that are open to scrutiny. Obama couldn't even fill out a teacher's application without lying. What a shame…. If you have a friend that voted for him in 2008….you better get busy right now changing their mind to vote Republican in their State offices….and the Federal election. If you are not a citizen of the United States you can't vote in Kentucky……I'm not so sure about the other States…..Nevada???California???? You tell me???

  6. Personally I am for Arrest and Convict he has done more than enough for life in prison and I would rather pay for that than him screwing up America any longer.

  7. Orly, go get him. He is a FRAUD and a disgrace to America !!

  8. The link you refer to doesn't load a webpage…

  9. John Tanner says:

    Impeach hitlerobama before it is too late.
    By revolution if necessary, it will be worth it.

    • Fina Biscotti says:

      @ John:

      any time a member of Congress sends something to me and my family – we always write something about his ineligibility to serve – and his ramping up for a revolution to overthrow our US Government – asking our elected members of Congress – to do whatever is deemed necessary to remove him from office – bc we are ready for anything that they can do – and are prepared.

      We also note that we might as well get to the fight now – before he gets any stronger in his arrogance – while he has been checking the temperature to see how much he can get away with – without being pulled out of office by or Military as The ENEMY in The White House.

  10. Paul Parker says:

    The "man" in the White House is an educated idiot, a liar and a crook.
    His personal goal is to destroy the USA and, unfortunately, he is doing
    an extraordinary job.

  11. Where is the FBI in all of this corruption and treasonist things going on in the Obama administration? Are they in the pocket of Obama and his cronies? Where are the separation of powers as stated in the Constitution? Why are the members of Congress not challengeing what is going on? Is it going to take a 3 million citizen march on Washington to get some action? I think what we have inherited is a fake president because his legitimacy is still not been resolved legally.

    • Michele says:

      We already had 2 million march on DC and that didn't even faze them! It might come down to an armed march and the people taking these people out office by force.


      Hi G.P.

      All great questions which bring to mind a document that circulated during the Clinton adiministration…it was several pages long and contained dozens and dozens of accounts of people (from aides to scientists to Whitewater partners, you name it ) who opposed the Clinton's, mysteriously wound up dead. Maybe the aforementioned agents are well aware of these "accidental" deaths and "unsolved" murders and don't want to be counted amongst their numbers. Just a thought. It was quite the chilling read…although I can't say whether it was true or not.

      • Fina Biscotti says:

        Clintons do have a long list of deceased friends and associates.

        Very early on in Obama's acornseiuvoterigged presidency,
        The Washington Times had an article about Lt. Quarles Harris – being gunned down in his vehicle in Washington, DC – in a Chicago gangland-style murder.

        Harris was a co-operating witness in the on-going investigation of the CYBERCRIME at The State Department – in which someone "tweaked-out" obama's passport information – during the 2008 presidential campaign – soon after Hillary Clinton stated that Obama was ineligible to serve as POTUS.

        No matter how it happens – our elected officials have to remove Obama from office.

        Arresting him – or TREaSON – upon his return to the USA – after flying to Egypt to meet with The Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist group known for their vicious acts of Terrorism and calls for "death to America" – who had been banned from Egypt for decades – until Obama participated in arranging a COUP to overthrow President Mubarak – to benefit the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • G.P. you gotta' remember, the FBI falls under the Justice Department and answers to Eric Holder as he is head of the Justice Department. So when it comes to them being "independent", it isn't so. When it comes to the FBI investigating the President it's gonna' be kind of like a police officer pulling over a drunk driver and the drunk turns out to be the Chief of Police. He's not likely going to arrest the Chief or give him a ticket. All of the Department heads of Federal agencies are usually members of the President's Cabinet. Our Prez has very meticulously, hand-picked his Cabinet and they do what HE tells them. I personally feel that the U.S. Attorney General should be elected instead of appointed by the President, but until that happens we're stuck with Holder letting Black Panthers intimidate elderly voters without prosecuting them and prosecuting whites for lesser offenses.

    • Stacy Deitz-Zimmerman says:

      Hey if we American people could get 3-5 million to march to the capital I am there.
      Something needs to be done about this illegal president of united states

      • Fina Biscotti says:

        I am thinking that Marching on Washington, DC – about it – might not be the thing to do.

        his THUGOCRACY will send out UNION THUGS and FAR LEFT Wingnuts for a bloody battle.

        Our elected members of Congress should do it for us = remove him from office – over what he did with the United Nations – against the State of Arizona – and conspiring with The Arab League and The United Nations over US military action in Libya – refusing to inform our US Congress about what he was doing – making use of our US taxpayer money – taking US military action in Libya – without the knowledge or consent of our US Congress.

        Reminder: ObaMohammed only released his latest BOGUS bc two days before the world – and Americans became aware of his US military action in Lybia.

        The timing of which was to deceive the American people and the world that he is eligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

    • Fina Biscotti says:

      It is very important – to make your elected members of our US Congress – aware of what you know – to be TRUE!

      We need to give them COURAGE to do something about it – by INSPIRING them that we the people are not afraid.

      They need to know that we expect whatever they can do – on whatever is deemed necessary for them to remove him from office.

      • fordman says:

        Why would you want to make congress aware of whats going on? Every one of them are in it with Obama. They all know what is happening and and they aren't going to help us. They all know he is illegal and about the fake birth certificate too. I have emailed lots of them and not just in my home state and have every response saved. We will get no help from congress or anyone else either. They always ask us to fax this person or that one or donate money but they can't help the citizens of America. They get no more money from me and I made that clear. No more money until I see some action from them. If everyone told them that we might see some action. It's worth a try.

    • higginspit says:

      The FBI said they wouldn't go after Obama because they're afraid of the blacks uprising like they did in Watts years ago. I would think the blacks would like to see him gone too since they are being crushed the same as the rest of us. Everyone knows Obama doesn't qualify to be President but no one will go after him. Did the FBI get a bribe too?

    • 20 million

    • The FBI isn't going to do anything as long as Mueller is the head, there has already been a 22 page complaint filed with the FBI, all of the 111th Congress and the Senate knew before hand that bumma was not eligible to occupy the oval office and Piglosi,reid and alot of Voters voted for him to help put him there. Glad I wasn't one of them, there has been an investigation into his background before way before he was illegally voted in. Cheney is at fault also for not asking for any dissentions when the votes were counted.

  12. Johnny American says:

    The FBI ,CIA and all of the others high o are all in the back pockets of the Obama doing as they are told too do which is to bury,hide. are destroy everything that will show that he is not a citizen of the great USA ,What is getting worst is that the congress are beginning to slip into his pocket too they will do one thing today and tomorrow they will redo what they had done the day before everyone of the federal judges are all getting paid to repeal anything that goes against the Obama and the Whitehouse. God be with us and all the peoples of the USA will Vote him and his trash out and put a real American into the Whitehouse to take charge and clean the Whitehouse out and replace the Obama law maker with the law maker who will go by the book of ours law, and not to replace them as the Obama had been doing and still doing to this day with his lies to the Peoples of the USA..


      Hey Johnnie…

      We need irrefutable proof of payoffs in order to impeach. I pray daily for one brave soul to provide that proof. But I applaud the faith and tenacity of Orly Taitz! Hats off to Orly. And may the TRUTH prevail!

    • You might be right about all the Federal agencies being in his back pocket. Everything I read sounds like people are afraid of him and don't want to take any chances of getting him mad at them. I think even the U.S. Supreme Court is afraid to hear any of the cases against him and therefore keep refusing them. This guy is like an alien from outer space with mind controlling ability. Some of these Demoncrats can't be that stupid to not see through him. They just go through the aimless process of agreeing with him and his administration on everything he decrees even if they know he's wrong. Maybe we should start checking the backs of the necks of his supporters for brain implants as in the old movie "INVADERS FROM MARS".

  13. JTW: Just how much more do we need to ACTIVELY move to impeach! Seems it would be better to get it over SOON!

  14. Why are we waiting for impeashment??? It should be done immediately..

  15. Chess Game says:

    Because MONEY and POWER can buy silence and complicity. obama has both!!!!

  16. ahrmand says:

    What a dedicated modern Patriot is Dr. Orly Taitz. This demure Naturalized Citizen is a Dentist who has spent endless hours and great sums of Her own money in an effort to expose Obama for the fraud that he is.

    She is a inspiration to all who are aware of this beautiful blonde Lady in action with even the reluctent Supreme Court of the USA regarding Obama's elusive B'certificate. She is now working on why Obama is in possession of a dead man's Social Security Card from New England.

    God Bless Dr. Orly Taitz; She is doing what none of our Congressman or Senators have the back bone to do.

  17. I just sent a letter to Kay Bailey Hutchinson telling her to "bold up" and demand to seek documentation that has been hidden from the public regarding President Obama. I asked Senator Hutchinson, as a senior member of congress, to solicit: Obama's College records, Selective Service Registration, Medical records, Illinois State Senate schedule & records, baptism record, why he was getting "foreign student aid" as a college student, which country's "passport" he had when visiting Pakistan in 1981 & articles published as editor of the Harvard Law Review, or as a Professor at the University of Chicago. Not to mention: Social Security background information.
    I requested she not send me a "form" letter in return. We will see where this goes!!!!!!!!

    • Flea_Flicr says:

      Might as well pi$$ in the wind. He has spent millions covering all that stuff up. Declaring him a traitor and impeaching him is the only way. The day impeachment begins will be the day you will get to see all kinds of snakes crawl out from the rocks !


      • Fina Biscotti says:

        Flea – it is better to fight trying to get him out –

        other than fight – after the 2012 elections – while he remains in longer as a DICTATOR.

      • We will need a good snake killer when that happens!

    • Phyllis Josleyn says:

      George – I have just completed my email letter to Kay Bailey Hutchinson, as follows;

      When will our elected officials utilize the power of their offices to put this atrocity to bed? The necessary pressure wielded by our Constitution-loving patriots SHOULD be enough!

      I have spent my entire Saturday (07/02/11) watching numerous videos detailing this fraud on the American public. We need you and all the others to sound off with a confident and loud, clear voice. We KNOW what's going on Ms Hutchinson, and we demand that you and other ELECTED members of Congress initiate the formal proceedings to remove this traitor from the American's White House.

      This issue will NOT go away, as a matter of fact, it has grown and snow-balled. True Americans will NOT turn the other cheek or kow-tow to the progressive, democratic machine.

      Be among the first (especially being from the Great Lone Star State) Senators to truly represent, "We the People" in a most dramatic fashion.

      • Good job, everyone needs to do the same. The freemasons hold most major judicial positions in this country and they also hold supervisory and ceo positions. They have many offshoots to help them and hutchinson may be an eastern star (wives and female family members of freemasons). The freemason play a big rolle in the destruction of America and most of them don't even know it. Nobody wants to say these things because they will be gone, done away with, axed.

    • Fina Biscotti says:

      Good work, George!

      We should also contact US Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West – because he has publicly demanded that Obama produce the passport that he used to go to Pakistan in the 1980's.

      Obama made use of two school chums from Occidental College – who handled his campaign contributions – during the 2008 presidential campaign – wherein obama was EXPOSED for accepting ILLEGAL campaign contributions.

      One school chum was from Pakistan, the other from Afghanistan. Obama stayed with the family of his school mate when he went to Pakistan in the 1980's.

  18. We gotta go after Soros too. He's the money behind this corrupt regime of Obama marxist, socialist,
    communinist thugs. We'd better get serious soon or we are going down the drain. They are quick
    and devious and bear constant vigelance.

  19. Harvey Apple says:

    The “Ace” up Obama’s sleeve is the “ILLEGAL ALIEN VOTE!”

    If not “IMPEACHED”, prior to 2012 election, Obama will force

    a vote to legalize aliens or issue an Executive order granting

    “Amnesty” to them and “Himself!”

    Don’t forget, he issued an Executive order to hide his own identity

    and the fact that he is an illegal, and unqualified to issue any

    Executive order!

    The illegal alien vote will “Tsunami” the legal citizen vote and easily put

    Obama, the Unions, and the Democrats into permanent power!

    When it comes to Obama vs The Constitution , the Judges will

    .”Prostitute” themselves for Obama, and a Law Book is no good!

    • He has already issued and Executive Order to pass the Dream Act. Did it and nobody even knew. Who knows how many other orders he has issued.

    • Fina Biscotti says:

      When the Democratic party was trying to force the passage of THE DREAM ACT – during the lame-duck session, their PARTISAN LEGISLATION included – immediate US Citizenship – without any backgrounds checks – and registered as Democrats – having VOTING RIGHTS within 24 hours!!!!!

  20. ron hamlet says:

    i feel the final exam titled "how far can we push before the AMERICAN PUBLIC pushes back' has been long overdue.due process is no longer a option,OBAMAS threat of impeachment has been going on and on,supporters are getting hosed everytime we get close.MAKE THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE, EFFECTIVE NOW !we have spiraled down so deep in the past 30 years that excavation of our country needs to start in a major way.quit wasting time and money blaming this or that,lets admit defeat of the present system,get back to AMERICA THE FREE shore up our borders tell the rest of the world to find someone else to deal with your problems,if they dont like it tell them to come on over and get you some! i truly hate this B.S>

  21. Impeachment ratifies his "Presidential" status. He is an imposter, a Fraudster, an enemy agent and does not have the most basic qualifications to be in the United States, ie, citizenship, let alone to qualify as a Presidential Candidate.

  22. Obama has been, by far the biggest scam that came out of Afica so far. Thanks to those baffoons in Congress who sold out the American people. May GOD have mercy on you!


    • Fina Biscotti says:

      Hey I saw an African banner in a store in New Orleans – heralding obama's rise to POTUS as an African – from Kenya.

    • He’s too dumb to have pulled this off without some big help and big money from cursed WHITE LIBERALS who hate this country as much as he does. This all equals to TRAITORS AND TREASON!!!

    • Yes!!! I agree!!! Impeach now!!! He is an illegal alien who ran for the presidency to destroy our country! He paid a million to have his birth certificate hidden from the American people. He is an anti-American and his goal is to destroy this country as a world leader. He needs to be IMPEACHED and YES…we need a new Congress… that supports our free country….not one that is bent on destroying it! VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!

  23. pookieamos says:

    Yesterday , on MSNBC , a reporter made a blunder saying Obama was a dick during his speech , I concur !

  24. Numerous S.S. numbers, 2 different birth certificate numbers , gun running to mexico, illegal war in Libya,illegal aunt living in the U.S. What does he fave to do to get their attention?

    • Add to that list: he gave money and assistance to put some violent dictator creep in power in Kenya. Not sure the guy got in, but Obama was trying to help "his cousin". Don't have link to the info at the moment, but it's out there.

  25. treason for obama/soteo is not good enough send him back to africa where he was (sic) born let the whole world see the kind of a rotten SOB he realy is.GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  26. Fina Biscotti says:

    No wonder Obama has been calling NUMEROUS press conferences for his sorry a$$ as POTUS, looking DERANGED USURPER as he talks down to the American people, trashes the American people – and our US Senators, publicly humiliating Republicans – as a reflection of how UNFIT he is for office – as a PUNK THUG.

    Court ruling – Orly Taitz can have access to his SS information!!!!! Vrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooommmmmmm!

  27. Fina Biscotti says:


    Send notice to them – that you are aware of DOUG VOGT – the document-imaging expert who filed a 22-page criminal complaint with the FBI – charges that individuals with the Hawaii Department of Health, Obama political operatives and an unidentified graphic artist participated in a multi-state conspiracy to create a FORGED and FRAUDULENT long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama.

    Tell your elected members of Congress – that if they do not move on it – they are co-conspirators in the COVER-UP.

    • Lil_Patti says:

      Fina, I have already addressed these issues with John Boehner and my representatives. I have only gotten form letters totally ignoring the issues I discussed or no response whatsoever. The form letters only speak of all the wonderful things these individuals are doing for us in Washington. Staffers receive out e-mails, letters and phone calls, and staffers are the ones who send us a response. Our communications never reach the people we want to see them.

  28. Fina Biscotti says:

    Call to your Governor's office and State Legislators – to respectfully demand information on the Military Vote – that is supposed to be protected by "The Move Act".

    Ask if you can volunteer to send out the military vote – to ensure that our Military votes get sent out in a timely fashion – so that our Military votes – and their votes can be counted.

    Eric Holder as US AG provided "waivers" to all state officials to failed to honor The Move Act – and either did not sent out the military vote or sent it too late for their votes to be counted. eric Holder should be forced to resign as themost corrupt US AG in US History.

  29. We have the right to remove this government if it no longer serves its purpose. I say it’s time we remove this government and start over.

    Get this kenyan negro and all the other negroes out of there.

    Negroes never prosper any country (name me one).
    Negroes never farm (it’s hard work).
    Negroes jive all the time (it’s the way of cowards).
    Negroes are the greatest racist (always raping white woman, why?)
    Negroes have the lowest IQ of any race (ebonics anyone?)

    So why is one running America?

    • Bigoted idiots like you are the reason blacks continue to play the race card. I know many prosperous, hard-working, intelligent, brave, blacks. They do not have a "lower IQ" by virtue of their skin color any more than I do because of my blonde hair. They do not "always go around raping white women" or "jiving." By your lack of proper punctuation, your improper spelling and improper word use, it is quite obvious that you are the one with the low IQ. No, I am not an Obama supporter, but neither will I support ridiculous, racist attitudes from uninformed, idiots like you!

      • Blacks are the greatest they make all black countries prosperous, they always work and their tax dollars help the poor whites, especially on farms and give me a break they never rap, oops I mean jive, they always stick with their own race and the black man is so smart that it made the world the way it is today. Rev. Manning (a black man) said that a black man cannot run this country or any country, how awful is that? When the blacks become the majority, invest in machine guns and machete's, because they will be a good seller. You want peace, NO PEACEEEEEEEEEEE! DIE! Dale has just convinced millions to vote for bama in 2012. One day the shrimp boat stopped working and all the seagulls begin to die. Hope this answers your question the cowardly way bimbam.

      • You have not refuted any of my facts, only denying them. You talk big now because lot of whites around, but when all whites are gone good luck in your friendly black or hispanic neighborhood.

        Check FBI statistics.
        Check what is happening to America.
        Check racial statistics.

        “Black people are white man’s burden” – said 100 years ago by a British politician.

    • That is about as true a statement as I have ever heard! One thing though: see Genesis 9:20-27 to see why this is!

      • They may have also descended from Cain. God put a “mark” on Cain. Cain made black with kinky hair to be MARKED!

    • I believe we have some liberal "hackers" on this blog who want to make us look like racists. I've not read anything like this since I began reading commentary. Remember, people, the liberals want us to look bad and will stoop to this kind of sophomoric nonsense and consider themselves clever. Evil is evil and they are champions at it!

  30. Soros has been building up his SOS (secretary of state) program to insure only liberals are in charge of elections, so that when it comes to time to certify, they can stonewall, find new ballots and approve of the dead people voting, all the while screaming "disenfranchising" to any honest citizen who wants voter id's. Now I read he is spending money and influence so that all judges who are appointed can now be assured to be liberals too. And all of this effort just to insure that "Republicans don't steal the election again". Ha! More like, making sure that Dems do.

  31. DominoEffect says:

    We can't wait for an election to fix this problem!! We need to act NOW!!

  32. Where's my post???

  33. Congress, stop being an obama LEMMING and do something for America and WE THE PEOPLE!!

  34. Chet Dale says:

    The copy of Obamas birth certificate that I received on my computer said Obama was born 4 August 1961. The hospital isted was Kapi'olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in 1961. The merger of Kaue Keolani Childrens Hospital and Kap'Olani Maternity Home did NOT happen until 1978. Official B-C, not so. It also stated his father (at least the one blamed as such) was born in 1936 in Kenya East Africa. Kenya did NOT exist until 1963. It was changed from "British East Africa Protectorate" two years after B.O.Jr. was born and 27 years after his fathers birth. Also one of the news reporters interviewed his Grandmother — she stated that Jr. was born in her house and she was there. It took only a short time until she was never heard from again. May she rest in peace. I have sent this to several politicians (dirty word,sorry) and have received NOTHING in response, where do I go next?

    • knowsit says:


      There is no place to go, but to repeat these data points over and over, to educate more and more people.
      Join a local TEA Party, or other discussion group.
      But do not give up.

    • Larry J says:

      The copy that I have is dated 8-7-1961. Born on 4th day of August @ 7:24 PM It also has a copy of a footprint

    • Fina Biscotti says:

      @ Chet:
      File a request for an investigation/complaint with the Sheriff in yr district –
      like the people did with Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona – stating the integrity of their votes would be affected – if Obama's name is placed on the election ballot – since Obama's long-form birth certificate released in April 2011 – placed on a US Govt website – appears to be forged and fraudulent – and requires further scrutiny in an investigation. Otherwise, Obama's name will be placed on the election ballot in my State – through FRAUD.

      btw, the information that you have was not known to me prior to yr post.

      Also, the race field on the 2011 document indicates "African" – which is a nationality, not a race. The term "Negro" would have been used in 1961.

  35. EdinNOLA says:

    How do we restore the USA to the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    The FIRST thing we do is get rid of all the UNIONS. Then get rid of the rest of the Communists.

  36. You all have to realize that this is a plan by the left to bring this nation into line with the One New world Order! We need to conform so as to be like all the other nations! This will happen and so…get ready for it to be as such! Obama is ONLY a useful puppet! He wil be dethroned and disgraced! The man is proud and he thinks he is god! Pride comes befor ea fall, and an haughty spirit before a fall !!

  37. I am not an Obama supporter and I hate to be the bearer of bad news people, but because of the traitorous actions of Congress in 1871 we are not operating under the Constitution that our founding fathers gave to us when they created our Republic. We are operation under a Corporate Constitution. According to UNITED STATES CODE TITLE 28 3002 Sec. (15) (A) (B) (C) the united states is actually classified and defined as a Corporation, and the Corporate Constitution only protects the Corporation not the citizens of our nation.
    As everybody is aware of a Corporation can have a President from any nation in the world.
    That is the reason why it makes no difference if Obama was born in Hawaii, Kenya or anywhere else in the world for that matter. That is what the Judges that have refused to hear cases against Obama have not told the people.
    The UNITED STATES CODE Title 28 3002 Sec. (15) (A) (B) (C) must be repealed, abolished or changed back to reflect the united states to be a Sovereign Nation once again before we will be able to restrict foreigners or non-united states citizens from being a President here in our country.

    • after taking down bama, the traitors in congress and supreme courts, msm and many other traitors, then stop this corporation crap also. Patriotic America has got a lot of house cleaning to do. Hope the youth understand it. When baby boomers are gone, so goes patriotism because the youth has been dumbed down and taught everything but being a true American.

    • Where did you find this information? The Library of Congress or where?__If indeed this is so, it is easy to see why our Obama's staff and the GOP seem to ignore all of us asking how they can get buy with an illegal president in office. In fact, if you are correct, he is there legally according to the Corporate Consitution. AMERICA NEEDS TO BE INFORMED OF THE DECEIT THAT HAS BEEN DIRECTED TO ALL AMERICANS. WE HAVE NOT BEEN INFORMED OF THE "CORPORATE CONSTITUTION."__INDEED, WE NEED TO REPEAL, ABOLISH AND CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION BACK TO A SOVEREIGN NATION. i FOR ONE WILL RESEARCH THIS MATTER. YOU WILL HEAR FROM ME IN THE FUTURE, FOR SURE !


  38. Orly Taitz has been a one woman army. She is truly an American Patriot. She will be a hero in the end game. The fraud and his regime are falling apart at the seams. He is not a Citizen of the United STates of America,therefore he cannot be impeached he must be arrested, I like millions of others have sent Mr.Issa letters along with Congress,it is coming,pay close attention,it is coming.

    • Fina Biscotti says:

      I hope so………………might as well arrest him now – before the election – if we have one…..because that POS is not going to step down if he loses the election.


  40. start a militia stay armed in public ; pursue all criminal activity in masse. Do not fear any authority . Pursue crime in courts _ learn to file motions yourself. It’s not about race rather control and money. Get strategic and surgical on the traitors. Expose and arrest or hold court in the street.

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