Arpaio News Conference Video 1 on Obama Birth Certificate Regular Scan

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  1. Disappointed says:

    Nothing new here,what a waste of time.What will be done about it? Iguess my expectations are to high.

  2. More of what we already know and have heard many, many times before! Ok, what now? We have known this POS in OUR HOUSE is a fake and a traitor, but what happens NOW! We have been all over his so called BC but what about his college attendance and other fake events in his life?
    Obamas' traitorous reign started when the 1st sworn oath of office was given. Remember that? It was messed up on inauguration day so he had to take it again, out of sight. There are many players in this corrupt take over of our country by traitors!

  3. After all of this time, I have learned nothing new. There is all kinds of evidence, showing Obama is an Illegal in the Presidents Office, but the congress, the Media, & the courts do nothing about it. Makes me wonder what all they are going to do, against the Law & the Constitution, to get this Anti-America, Illegal, Muslim, Ass, re-elected.

  4. Deleted word. In my previous comment a word was deleted. A Democrat is always shown as a donkey. A donkey is usually called an ass. I called Obama an ass, because he is a Democrat, The word was deleted. Too bad we can't get rid of him that easily.Delete him.

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