Arpaio Investigation: Obama Might Be Kenyan

Barack Obama Phone SC 300x200 Arpaio Investigation: Obama Might Be Kenyan

Among the records missing for Barack Obama that would be available for an ordinary president are passport records, school records such as those from Punahou, Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, Harvard Law Review writings, scholarly articles for the University of Chicago, state bar association records from Illinois, Illinois state senate records, the marriage and divorce documents for his mother, his adoption records and others.

Now it has been revealed that the Cold Case Posse assembled by Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Ariz., cannot confirm yet that Obama was not born in Kenya and brought to the United States as a days-old infant for his birth to be registered in Hawaii.

The reason? Missing records.

Speculation has held that Obama actually was born in Kenya, and as the son of an American woman and Kenyan father, probably would not have been considered under any circumstances to be a “natural born citizen” of America, as the Constitution demands for presidents.

It’s been revealed that the Kenyan government actually investigated that possibility earlier, without conclusive results.

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  1. The biggest CON MAN EVER !!!!!

  2. VirgoVince says:

    It's all irrelevant anyway, he MUST be ARRESTED for TREASON against the USA and murder!!

  3. d.keith dexter says:

    the bs needs to stop,the proof he was born here needs to be provided by him not us that he was not,verifiable proof should be required this time to be on any states ballot,fool me twice shame on me!

  4. Might be Kenyan?? Hell he is from Kenya, his grandmother said he was born there, his wife said he was from Kenya, & the Illegal, himself said he was from Kenya. That along with the forged birth certificates, stolen social security number from a state he never lived in, & money obtained as a foriegn student to go to college in the USA, plus spending millions to hide all of his records, is more then enough proof to kick the SOB out of the Presidents office, & better yet, out of this country. There is something very scarey going on, & I am afraid this Anti-America traitor will get re-elected. Too many stupid people voting, & most of them are Liberals & Atheists.

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