Arpaio: Appears Hawaii ‘Hiding’ Obama Birth Record

Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaking SC Arpaio: Appears Hawaii ‘Hiding’ Obama birth record

The Hawaii Department of Health’s refusal to confirm to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett that it has a valid birth certificate on file for President Obama makes it look like Hawaii officials “are hiding something,” said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in an interview this morning with WND.

Bennett told Phoenix talk-radio host Mike Broomhead yesterday on his KFYI AM  show that he might keep Obama’s name off of the state’s presidential ballot if he doesn’t receive the confirmation.

Eight weeks ago, the secretary of state asked Hawaii officials merely for an email confirming the Department of Health has a certified copy of the birth certificate. But Bennett told Broomhead, reported the White House Dossier blog, that Hawaii officials have not complied.

Read more at WND. By Art Moore.

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  1. sean murry says:

    They should remove the SOB off the ballot.

  2. Steve Dolyniuk says:

    Come on sheriff, how can they hide what they don't have?? The SOB was born in Kenya. I could do a better job of investigating then that.

  3. Kenneth says:

    you go, Arizona. Please urge every state in the union to follow suit. I wish other states had the gumption to go after the real birth certificate. I think it just is not there – just fell into a black hole.

  4. Evermyrtle says:

    We need at least 49 more with the determination to rid the USA of Islam and Communism, one in each state like Sheriff Joe Apriao, Jan Brewer and Scot Walker

  5. these articles are stupid,obamas birth cettificate has been found,it;s kenyan(british protectorate of kenya).it's posted all over the place,the powers that be don't want to pursue this,hawaii cant produce that which does not exist

  6. upaces88 says:

    He is such a good man. He is doing the right thing; and he is putting himself in the line of fire to do so.
    However, sadly, it will change nothing.

  7. David F. says:

    I'd say make them all prove they are Natural Born Citizens, by making it a law in every state to require Candidates provide a Certified Copy of their Birth Certificate. That way NO ONE can say it's "Racist"…no, then it'd be the LAW!!

  8. ProundPatriotToo says:

    Seriously, are we surprised by this Ho! Hum! stunt by corrupt Hawaiian officials.

  9. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    0butthead is not capable of being honest. He does not have the “moral compass” that is necessary to do so. He has no morals. He cannot be honest, for, he does not truly understand what honesty is. No more than he understands “transparancy”, his favorite word in 2008. He does not understand loyalty. He is loyal to none other than to himself. He has no clue as to what Patriot means, for, to him, Patriot means that those who wear this name, are Terrorists, or worse. Those of us who are Patriots are Domestic Terrorists, we are a danger to his plans and goal, which are to destroy us and our country and all she stands for. This thing, this mu SLIME FILTH in office means to ruin us all, and drag us into his evil trap. Where we will either submit, or die. Hide his birth certificate? Oh, he is hiding ever so much more than that! His father, satan himself, has taught “his son” well indeed!!

  10. One just has to wonder if all of this BC debate is just part of the sideshow. Why? Because Barack Hussein Obama cannot possibly be a natural born citizen of the United States no matter where on earth he may have been born. At birth, he naturally inherited the "condition of his father," who was at no time in his life a US citizen. Barack Obama’s father was a foreign national, a citizen of Kenya, then ruled by Britain. Inheriting the condition of his father at birth, Barack Hussein Obama was born with the natural citizenship rights, under The British Nationality Act of 1948, of his father, a British subject and citizen of Kenya.

    The constitutional question is based upon whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is a "natural-born citizen" as required for the Office of President under Article II, Section I, Clause V, of the US Constitution, which reads; "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President."

    Barack Hussein Obama is precisely the type of citizen the founders were attempting to block from holding the highest office in this land.

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