Awesome: What This Nebraska Woman Did To A Thief Will Send A Message To All Criminals In Town


When Barbara Haley’s husband left for a recent trip out of town, he made sure his wife knew how to handle the firearm that would remain in the home. Neither could have possibly known how fortuitous that lesson would be.

“He told me, ‘If you have to use it, you want to use it right,’” she said.

When Haley’s dog began barking early Tuesday morning, she got up, grabbed the handgun, and went to investigate. At first glance, it appeared that someone had been in the home and rifled through drawers; however, she found no evidence anyone was still inside.

“Then I heard a loud crash,” he said, “and I knew somebody was in the house. Next, I saw his hands coming out of my closet.”

She told KMTV that she immediately responded to the threat by ensuring the intruder that she was not afraid to shoot.

“I turned and look at the closet and I said, ‘Don’t move! I’ll blow your f—king head off,” she explained.

Haley then cocked her pistol to communicate the fact that she meant business, the Omaha World-Herald reported. Meanwhile, she was on the phone with a police dispatcher to explain the situation, including the fact that she was armed with a handgun.

“’It’s pointed at him,’ I said, ‘and I will shoot him if he moved,’” she recalled.

The 52-year-old resident kept 24-year-old Jody Kudlacz at bay until police arrived a short time later.

After the intruder was arrested and Haley had time to consider her response, she told KMTV that she would have used lethal force if necessary.

“I would have had no problem pulling the trigger,” she said, “none.”

Haley’s daughter, Marge, said she asked why her mother got up to confront the potentially dangerous man instead of just staying in her bed until he left.

“And she was like, ‘I couldn’t, like why would I? I would have done nothing different,’” her daughter said. “’I had the upper hand.’”

As for her husband, Haley said she received high marks.

“He was quite proud of me,” she said. “He never had any doubt that I could do it.”

She is thankful that the gun was available, acknowledging the clear message this incident would send to other would-be burglars.

“I’m glad I had that gun,” she concluded, “and I’m thinking they won’t try this again anytime soon.”

H/T: Breitbart

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This was a strong woman who did what she had to.It's to bad he didn't move because now he'll have to stand trial. A bullet would have been cheaper.I wonder what color he was because if he black watch out for Sharpton.
    Jackson and Holder coming to town like the scumbags they are.

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