Arizona Secretary Of State Threatens To Remove Obama From Ballot

Barack Obama 5 SC 300x168 Arizona Secretary of State Threatens to Remove Obama from Ballot

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is threatening to keep President Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in November unless he receives confirmation from Hawaii that it has a valid birth certificate on file for him.

Bennett, who spoke to Arizona radio host Mike Broomhead Thursday, said he requested the confirmation eight weeks ago and has not gotten it. Hawaii, he said, does not have to supply a certified copy of the birth certificate, merely send him an email confirming that it has one.

Asked by Broomhead if he would remove Obama’s name from the ballot if Hawaii fails to comply, Bennett said: “That’s possible. Or the other option would be that I would ask all the candidates, including the president, to submit a certified copy of their birth certificate.”

Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii, the issue of his birth continues to dog him. Thursday, Breitbart Big Government reported on a promotional booklet by Obama’s own literary agency listing him as having been born in Kenya.

Bennett said Hawaii law permits government officials to request verification of possession of a birth certificate in lieu of a certified copy.

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  1. The Legal Eagle says:

    You mention in passing "despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii…." I have been a practicing attorney for the last 35 years, and I think I know a little bit about what constitutes "evidence" and what constitutes hearsay, innuendo and speculation. From what I have seen, the overwhelming evidence is that the tale is just the opposite. And like the dog that did not bark in the night in Sherlock Holmes "Silver Blaze" , what is most telling is Obama's failure to produce a birth certificate which is legitimate.

    • Diogenes says:

      As as a Civil & Criminal Investigator of over 30 years I agree with you 100%. It drives me nuts when I hear people on the left or those who are just ignorant of the facts. I know Chicago politics and I'm well aware of Obama's record here in Illinois and his escapades with the north side homosexual community. All evidence I've seen to date suggest that he is not what he purports to be. When a man is asked simple straight forward questions and he begins dancing like Fred Astaire ,something tells me something is not right. I'd like to see a DNA comparison of Frank Marshall Davis and Barack Hussein Obama. That may answer a lot of questions regarding what Obama is and why such attempts and why the forged birth Certificate, questionable SSN, not to mention his Selective Service Records. His mother was obviously a women of low moral standards and conduct. Perhaps that's what Obama has really been trying to hide.

  2. "Overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii"??

    Excuse me, but what I've seen is overwhelming evidence that his Hawaiian birth is a fraud. The supposed birth certificate released by the illegal president has been analysed by experts and if you read their analyses, anybody can see how it's a fake. It wasn't even faked by an expert, apparently.

    Why doesn't somebody actually DO something about it?!!!! The least that should be done is his removal from the 2012 ballot. What really should have been done long ago is his impeachment.

    Worker CL100098

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Impeachment would NEVER be. The House can call for impeachment but the democrat Senate has to agree which would never happen. Impeachment means nothing,,,remember Clinton? What Obama and his conspirators have done is called fraud and forgery which are grounds for treason. That is the ONLY way to oust him. The election will be rigged just as it was in 08.


  4. David F. says:

    Finally, we have someone with (dare I say it??) BALLS (Ping Pong, Tennis, Baseballs, Softballs, Basket Balls, Volleyballs, Beach Balls) to stand up for the voters in their states instead of just the usual "Crumpled like an old suit" Politicians. Way to go Arizona!! Wish more states would follow in your footsteps.

  5. VirgoVince says:

    Don't threaten, JUST DO IT and don't you dare back down!!!!

  6. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    I keep wondering why the liberal media is afraid to address it. Would it possibly prove that their hero is a fake. I can still remember O saying if you are afraid to disclose, then you must have something to hide or something to words of that affect. Anyway we don't have definite proof that O was born in Hawaii as he produced a forged one, we know nothing about his college transcripts, we know nothing about his Selective Service records. If there is smoke, there is usually fire.

    • RacerJim says:

      I still remember exactly what the usurper said: “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

      Another thing the usurper said was: “If you have no record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone to run from.”

  7. Trust Yahoo 'News' to publish something like this. There is no real evidence that Zero was born in Hawaii. Even if was, as a Dual Citizen he is not eligible. His father was a British subject and a Muslim. Since a child inherits the father's religion in Islam, he is a Muslim and has never renoucned it. If he did, a Fatwa would be published for his….expiration. Such is the forgiving nature of Islam.

    Every attempt to get at the truth about Zero is stonewalled. The MSM was able to find Palin's grade school records, but can't or won't dig up anything on Zero. There is no REAL Journalism in the MSM anymore.

  8. Jan Dinkins says:

    "Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii"…WHAT!? Au contraire, the overwhelming evidence points to his NOT being born in Hawaii. Obama even named two different hospitals as his birthplace and nether hospital had a maternity ward at the time of his birth. Good Grief! Those who conspire with and support Obama come hell or high water might be begging for that cool glass of water when their number is up.

  9. Carl Manning says:

    Actually, this Secretary of State does not have BALLS as some allege here. He has stated that he only requires an "email" from the Hawaii Department of Health. WHAT A JOKE!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!! It has now been 8 weeks, and he still hasn't heard back from the Hawaii Department of Health. He has only threatened to demand Birth Certificates from both Presidential candidates if Hawaii never sends him an "EMAIL!" stating an original is in their possession…

    • Carl Manning says:

      This fellow is just another Establishment GOP politician throwing the TEA Partiers/Birthers/Constitutionalists a bone. He's just trying to look good, so he can become Governor when his good buddy, Jan Brewer, who refused to sign legislation that would automatically require Obama's BC to be on the ballot in Arizona. He'll get a belated email from Hawaii stating they've got the original BC, cite this email as proof of Obama's qualifications, and consider it done. This guy doesn't have backbone or gonads; he's just a buttkissing, country club GOP mama's boy. You can see it in his Gomer Pyle "Aw-Shucks!" eyes!!!

    • RacerJim says:

      Additionally, if I’m not mistaken, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is only looking for proof that Obama is a “citizen” rather than a “natural born citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution.

  10. What a joke. He asked them to send an E-Mail. Boy, that really is proof. About like O'Reilly proving Obama was born in Hawaii, because of an ad in the local paper. Everyone with a brain & some common sense, knows Obama was born in Kenya. Don't count on the FBI checking it out. If they haven't by now, they never will. And don't depend on the wimp Republicans doing it either, none of them have the guts.Our members of congress are traitors, just like Obama.

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