Arizona Fights Back over UN Human Rights Report

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

Arizona is fighting back against the Obama administration’s decision to haul her state before the United Nations Human Rights Council. Governor Jan Brewer has penned a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Friday expressing her “concern and indignation” at the administration’s report to the UN, which cited a federal lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration bill as part of its efforts to fight human rights violations. This author was the first person to report that provision of the administration’s brief.

“Apparently, the federal government is trying to make an international human rights case out of S.B. 1070 on the heels of already filing a federal court case against the State of Arizona,” the governor wrote in a line that echoed the opening of my own piece.

She rightly noted the Orwellian aspect of a sitting president appealing to a world government to quash a popular state law. “The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a State of the United States to ‘review’ by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional,” she wrote. Brewer vowed to challenge the report all the way to the UN:

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  1. I am appauled by the federal government and its attempt to discredit arizona this way. I at one time had respect for Hillary Clinton, but after this I do not. I once respected Janet N. but since her seat with Obama she has lost my respect. Any president that stands with another country or UN to discredit a state who is trying to protect the its nation and state then that federal government needs to be dismantled and a new President who stands for the state of az needs to be in office. WE THE PEOPLE SPEAK..and it sure isn't for our president in office. I appose his response and we need to protect out country, not stab it in the heart. GOOD FOR YOU ARIZONA FOR FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHTS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  2. Boy this is a first. I have never heard of a president being so against his own people. This is so unbelievable and an embarasement. This is way bad.

    • skipfoss says:

      This half breed is not the president of the United States,he is a schill for the communist Muslims. EVERY THING he has done has been done in back rooms with people like Soros ans groups like the Bilderbergs ,the communist party ,all unions ,which by they way if you research them they were communist backed under the guise of better treatment and better wages for the people,which was just a farce to control a large voting block to actualy push their agenda,which is dominance of our country, Kruchchev told the UN that they woud take the US with out ever firing a shot,and the unions have nearly succeeded.If you check Oboma's back ground he has always surrounded himself with comunist and Muslims and he said that if they winds blew agianst Islam he would have to stand on the side of his brothers,so how inthe hell can we let this half son of a white trash comunist whore and a Black American hating Muslim that came here got his free education and then went back to kenya and used it to fight against the US

  3. skipfoss says:

    EI have never had any use for this useless peice of crap since I read his books . he stands for nothing that we beleive in he was raised by Communist and muslims ,he hates that he is half white and he hates all whites,This half breed son of a white tras communist whore has since he was sworn in has done nothing but embarass the US and if we were allowed to check his second swear in was done with the Koran.If BUsh had bowed to some Saudi prince the press would been on him like a pack of starving wolves. This jerk was set up to be a black puppet for the liberals and groups like the Bilderbergs acorn and every anti American group they could find. This is one president that needs to be impeached as fast as possible or taken out by what ever means necessary and I do mean by what EVER means. We can not afford any more time with this man in office

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