Are You Listening, America?

Obama Listening Tour SC Are You Listening, America?

America has become a nation of white noise. Noise that is attempting to drown out the truth, facts, reason, or just plain common sense of reality in America. What used to be “normal” has been turned on its head and made to look tainted, bigoted, or outright mean. Morality, once easily explained, is now “relative” to what it is being applied to. Patriotism is portrayed as symptoms of weakness for all those who choose to “cling to their religion, and their guns”! The white noise tries to drown out the words of our founding fathers so that evil men and women can try to convince us that our rights and liberties are NOT God-given, but government-given. It’s kind of ridiculous when you understand that it’s our God-given free will and right to chose that allowed us to form our government as an instrument to help us in collective situations, not make decisions for us as individuals. The white noise from Washington, D.C. is trying to obscure the fact that our government is there to work for us, NOT the other way around! The government is not, and was not, meant to be the driver of our lives, but the machine that protects us from our enemies outside (and inside) our country.

The white noise in the air is made to deafen us to the plans of those who would steal our liberties by trading a handout for more of our freedom each time we feel we need the government’s help. Ever watch the Amish raise a barn or help rebuild a neighbor’s house after some kind of disaster? “Normal” people laugh at their lifestyle, beliefs, and dress; but they are really the ones who are showing us (and the world) how we should help and treat one another.  The Amish have tried to isolate themselves from the modern world, but the white noise keeps pulling at their children to experience the world. It is a constant battle. The white noise in America has even infected our churches. Instead of salvation being preached as the simple yet most important message the world has ever needed to hear, too many churches are preaching a ” prosperity”  message.  ”God owes you, yes sir; if you do this and this, God is OBLIGATED to make you wealthy and prosperous. But if HE doesn’t, then you must be doing something wrong!” Seems like the ones getting prosperous are the pastoral staffs of these mega-churches. I believe that the Bible says, “go ye therefore and teach all nations…, not BUILD you own nation. The white noise calls leaders of mega-churches “preachers” because once a church gets too big for one man or woman to handle, then they can only preach and not minister to those who really need it. The white noise will drown out the question from that still-small voice that asks “is that what I did?”

Government was never intended to be your caretaker, mother, father, pastor, or God; yet the white noise will tell you to look to Washington D.C., who will be taken care of from cradle to grave. I believe a young lady named “Julia” tried to prove that theory, but it failed because the white noise couldn’t contain the American spirit of independence that built this country. The white noise is trying to convince Americans that this country should be a country of equal outcomes, not equal opportunity; but it doesn’t take in the most important question: “is there equal effort being utilized to achieve the same dream?” There is an old parable about the ant and the grasshopper, concerning their different perspectives on preparing for winter that serves as a rude awakening to the white noise in America.

The white noise in America tells its citizens not to look backward at its founding and its roots, but to throw off the shackles of its constitution and to make PROGRESS towards the future (when in reality, the white noise is merely steering the great empire of freedom unto the same rocks of history that led to the demise of so many other great empires that proceeded ours!) The white noise has convinced a select few in this world that they alone are worthy and intelligent enough to rule over mankind for their own good; yet the bodies of such individuals lie strewn across the landscape of history like so many fallen trees, along with those whom they have taken down with them. The white noise calls it “enlightenment” when in reality it is the slide into self-worship, depravity, and bondage. It is urging us to turn our back on the Creator and worship the creation.

The white noise in America is all a lie! Misinformation, disinformation, hollow promises, outright lies, and deception. Examples are easy to find: Media Matters, The Tides Foundation, Soros Foundation, Center for American Progress, Code Pink, advocates of socialism, Council on American Islamic Relations, the ACLU, and many other such organizations. Most  of our media today are nothing more than white noise because they have long since given up the search for the truth and core roots of a news story. They want to be “king- or queen-makers” rather than the filters through which the truth is shifted for the American public. Integrity and ethics have become the first victims of the white noise that we hear today. Corruption has become a “yawn” as far as the media is concerned. ” The phrase “get all you can, can all you get, and then sit on the can” pretty much describes what drives our leaders, from Congress right down to a lot of the churches where we worship today!

Our President, who has a half-brother named George, preaches to all of us that we “are our brother’s keeper”; yet a total stranger has to aid George financially because Barack couldn’t find the time or compassion to help even his OWN brother. The white noise coming from Obama seems to have a strong shrill quality to it. If you listen carefully, I think you can hear ” do as I say, not as I do” hidden in that noise somewhere. The way to defeat the white noise in America is to get on your knees in front of God (no, Barack, not in front of the mirror) and ask God for wisdom and discernment to find the truth. He did not give you ears to be overwhelmed by the white noise, but a strong heart and mind to know the difference. Adieu.

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  1. denisa dellinger says:

    I liked this article. Very well written. White noise. This is the kind of noise that we should tune out and tune into the noise from God.

  2. ALL of this is the result and creation of pc BS and the fear of being labeled 'racists!!' WHO cares?? Right is right, NOT your concept or interpretation of it and there's NO arguing that simple fact!! Deal with it and get RIGHT!!

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