Are We Guinea Pigs For Progressives?

Guinea pig SC Are We Guinea Pigs For Progressives?

(Editor’s note: The views expressed here are solely those of the author)

This might interest people who subscribe to the theory that the United States is turning more and more into a police state. In light of recent events, it’s beginning to seem to me that if it’s true, it’s been the perfect time to practice.

During the cleanup of Hurricane Sandy, it became evident to some that FEMA’s assistance hasn’t been all that helpful. As a matter of fact, some believe they are making matters worse. FEMA was already thought of before the storm as an organization run by the military industrial complex (shadow government), whose purpose is to circumvent the Constitution in order to acquire more power.

Hurricane Sandy was a great opportunity to set up shop, in the most densely populated part of the country. If FEMA can succeed here, then any other part of the country should be a cakewalk. Now that so many families are desperate and dependent on more government, bureaucrats have another excuse to take away more of our liberty. As Rahm Emanuel said, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” The Obama administration is the first administration I’ve seen to continuously invent crisis after crisis in order to strengthen its stranglehold on our liberties. Whether it’s making a recession worse in order to pass burdensome regulations, spending trillions of dollars on payouts to public unions and other lobbyists, or “saving” the auto and healthcare industries, the endgame for government is to have more control over our lives.

What sucks is that voters will continue to unwittingly vote for establishment candidates on both sides of the isle who will advance the progressive agenda. Establishment Republicans and Democrats fight it out for our support; but in the end, it’s fine for them whoever wins. Why? Slowly but surely (that’s the secret of progressives in government), they will have more control over us; and liberty-loving candidates who want to serve the people the way the Constitution intended will be thought of as loons and “not with the times.”

I suggest that we have term limits in both houses of Congress to stop career politicians from getting too cozy with groups that don’t support the American public’s best interests, and a balanced budget amendment in order to keep Senators and Representatives reminded of their responsibilities. More importantly, we need to band together in support of REAL champions of liberty. Lets stop reelecting folks who want to reach across the aisle in the name of bipartisanship…because all that does is help the progressive movement. That means no more McCains and Grahams, no more Bushs and Clintons, and no more Romneys or Obamas either.

Think about this. In our biggest metropolitan area, we already have FEMA setting up shop, establishment politicians running all of the surrounding states, and a mayor of our nation’s largest city who is controlling our health and diet decisions. On top of this, this mayor somehow weaseled his way into breaking the term limit rule because “the city needed him.” If that doesn’t make you wonder if we in the NYC area really are guinea pigs for something bigger to come, I don’t know what will.

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  1. Are we guinea pigs? Oh you bet your fanny, we are! And those who are putting us in the pens of control are enjoying themselves greatly. So, how’s it feel to be a guinea pig, DIMOCRAPS? After all, it was all you “hopey and changey” little pigs who went squealing to the polls to re-elect this freak of nature, and all his czars, and scientists who will be studying us and our reactions to being led to our respective cages to be studied! Personally speaking, I have no desire to be “studied” by anyone, I like being one of the free little people who lives as they please, with no scientist of “government” official poking and prodding me to see how I react to being poked and proded! But, it seems that this is where we have come to. Welcome to the United States Laboratory! One GIANT LAB FROM COAST TO COAST! Are you ready to have your own personal little electronic “eyes” stuck into your bodies yet? Because that WILL come, and THEN we will all lose any hope of freedom, or privacy we ever had! yep, guinea pigs is exactly it!

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