Are Secession Petitions A Liberal Plan To Usher In Martial Law?

Barack Obama speech 9 SC Are Secession Petitions A Liberal Plan To Usher In Martial Law?

Shortly after an election that stinks of voter fraud and suppression, a new nationwide movement has exploded.  American citizens have now decided to sign petitions for every state asking for peaceful secession from the United States of America. A counter petition has also been started asking for immediate exile and removal of American citizenship for all in favor of secession.

Knowing the typical liberal mindset of not letting a good crisis go to waste , such as a botched election, I believe that the minions of the Obama regime are behind this whole secession thing. This is so wrong on so many levels.

First, why would you want to post your name and address on the whitehouse website? This could simply be nothing more than data collection for the federal government to find out EXACTLY who opposes them and eventually add the names to the Dept. of Homeland Security homeland terrorist watch list. Well, the upside is that you would be in good company as our returning vets are already on the same list.

Second, once the Obama regime sees this much discourse across the nation, it may prompt him to declare a national emergency and declare martial law during peace time. Think back to his first term and all of the executive orders that he signed giving him full control over everything once such a declaration is made. Think of NDAA , the national defense authorization act, where American citizens can be detained for an undetermined amount of time without charges or trial.

This could very well be the final rope-a-dope pulled on the American people by the Obama regime. He won  this election by hook or by crook and urged his supporters to vote for REVENGE. Unfortunately, the American people seem to be playing right into Obama’s hands. Our Constitution gives us other means in which to correct a government that is no longer by the people and for the people. I would suggest that we all read it again as I feel that we all will need it. Now more than ever, my fellow Patriots, stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings.

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  1. Yep, this would be exactly like this useles, ENEMY OF OUR COUNTRY, to take our desire, demand, for our RIGHTS AS AMERICAN CITIZENS and turn it against us. All we want is our country back as she is intended, and we do not want a war, not if we can possibly avoid it. But ALL he wants is total SUBMISSION OF US ALL and that we all line up like “good little SLIMES”, and “behave” ourselves. And if necessary, deemed necessary, by “his royal assedness”, he will himself, start a fight with us, so that he can imprison the lot of us and he can then BE KING OF THE WORLD AS HE WANTS TO BE! Yep, turn our nation into his idea of a “perfect” world such as his brothas in the middle eastern shitholes have! Murder, mayhem, destruction, rape, submission, and all else that his kind have created in their quest for world “is slimazation” of all! America is in a real “pickle” here, and the question is, “are we going to lie down and accept” this VIOLATION OF OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS without a fight, at least a fight for our RIGHTS? Lying down and just accepting has never been the American way, but have we come to that now? I wonder…….will we make our forefathers proud of us, or shame them all, and all that they fought for, bled, and died for? hmmmmm.

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