Are Russia And China Going To Kick America Off The Moon?

Since NASA is now a vehicle for Muslim outreach, other space powers are in a race to colonize and exploit lunar resources for their own gain.  Russian newspaper Izvestia has recently acquired a draft program written by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Roscosmos federal space agency, and Moscow State University to achieve this colonization in a three step program beginning with mapping the Moon with robots in the next few years.   It will be a sad day to see the American flag removed from the moon.

It’s been over forty years since American astronauts walked on the lunar surface.  Our space budget has been steadily eroded over the decades, with NASA’s priorities being redirected especially egregiously by the current administration.  In a recent hearing in front of Congress, Republicans on the House Science Committee Space subcommittee berated the head of NASA, Charles Bolden, for deleting funds Congress allocated for heavy space launch vehicles, and redirecting them to a program to launch Americans into low Earth orbit and the scientific exploration of asteroids.

In 2010, Barack so famously told Bolden that NASA’s highest priority should be, “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.”  With priorities like these, it’s no wonder that NASA pays Russia hundreds of millions of dollars a year–and the United States of America does not have a vehicle for launching humans into space.  It’s an embarrassment, and this administration should be held accountable.

Reducing the capability of our space agency is just one more way President Obama has reduced American power and prestige in the world.  As I have written before, I think this is a conscious plan.  It’s a plan to prevent America from being the leader in space exploration and advancing the human race into the worlds beyond.  By abdicating American space leadership, Obama has allowed other competitive and even hostile powers to fill the void.  There is possibly a plethora of strategic metals and other materials on the Moon’s surface.  In addition, the Moon could be colonized and then militarized, therefore preventing Americans from developing their own lunar colonization program in the out years.  The Moon will also be a launching point in the future for further manned missions into space.  We could be shut out of this business altogether.

Congress should enforce its power of the purse and force the administration to adhere to its allocation priorities that it has directed.  Allowing the Executive Branch to destroy the American space program and future capability is a crime and must not be allowed to continue.  We have to muddle through the next two plus years with this administration, but at least we can force them to follow the law.  The alternative is to further doom our children to a future dominated by other hostile powers “to infinity and beyond!”

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  1. FRANKLIN says:

    B. HUSSEIN O., America's worst enemy ever!…He and his "lovely" wife just hate everything american people have ever loved and fought for. That's the "president" whose main purpose has only been to completely destroy this country since the beginning of his "administration".

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