Are Only Fools Fooled?


When Dr. Charles Krauthammer revealed that he didn’t know Obama would be an avowed Liberal until the State of the Union Speech in 2009, it shocked Rush Limbaugh since he recognized the President as being too far to the left to be President during the election. Too bad Rush didn’t say he knew Obama wasn’t qualified to be President since he wasn’t a natural-born citizen as required by the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. But he might have feared he would be considered a “conspiracy theorist” or a racist who didn’t like a black person being President.

When I see and hear Obama, I don’t see just a black man who happens to be the President. I see and hear a “Red” who is trying to transform this nation into a pale shadow of itself. He can’t help being black. But he could have helped being Red. When Rush Limbaugh said he hoped the President would fail, he didn’t mean he wanted the nation to fail. He hoped that Obama’s policies would be rejected and that his attempt to ruin America would fail.

Dr. Krauthammer and George Will had dinner with Obama before he was sworn in and didn’t realize the man would be a Leftist. All the “experts” were saying that he would be a moderate when he entered the White House. It looks like the “fringe” experts that were being discredited were right about him. But by then, it was too late. With Democrats controlling the Congress and Senate, it looked like the President was going to get his way. Obamacare would have never been passed if there had been Republicans controlling both houses. The Democrats that at first didn’t want to support Obamacare were given special deals to convince them to sign onto Obamacare, which could prove to be more detrimental than helpful in the long run.

Liberals are like sleeping bears at times. They may look sweet and able to be petted. But when you wake them up, they can rip you apart. Obama was the sleeping bear that seemed harmless, except to those who know how bears act. He woke up before he entered the White House, but too many people were trying to pet the bear. What I can’t understand is how much the victims of the bear still want to pet him. They’ve lost arms and legs and are losing blood. But they want the bear to be given a chance. Actually, he is being given the chance to be the bear many conservatives warned about. I hope and pray this nation won’t be drained of blood before 2017, when hopefully a true conservative can enter the White House. We won’t be able to survive another liberal President who may turn us into a third-world nation if the bear we have in the White House doesn’t devour us.

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Fool me once Obummer, shame on you Obozo. Fool me twice-a-million Obloviate, shame on me Obuffoon. The Clown-in-chief has lied so many times that Putin looks like honest Abe. I know he thinks Americans are a bunch of idiots (and they are, look at reality TV), but finally the majority are asking questions. Obama is an odd combination of a habitual, unabashed liar and self-deceived egomaniac. He really seems to believe his own BS (especially his unverified past, why does his past have to be so secretive. Can’t congress obtain any locked files?), and expects the rest of us to believe it too, he is now seen by the majority as weak, ineffective, and deceiving. He is an anti-American liar unworthy of anyone’s trust.

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