Are Jewish Voters Thinking Twice About Voting For Obama?

Israel flag SC Are Jewish voters thinking twice about voting for Obama?

Ira Foreman has a tough job nobody could imagine would be tough just four years ago. Foreman is the man in charge of getting Jewish voters to the polls to support the re-election of Barack Obama. This was supposed to be a snap job. Foreman should be living it up in Charlotte knowing he had his people lined up and ready to go. But things have gone from bad to worse in the relationship between the Democrats and the Jewish voter.

At this point, just two months from Election Day, the support Jews will give Obama is not at all a sure thing. Those saying they will vote for him have dwindled from 78% in 2008 to only 64% at best today. While, in and of itself, the Jewish vote is not very large, it has been a consistent “canary in a coal mine” indicator of trouble for Democrat presidential candidates. Since 1916, no Democrat has ever lost the Jewish vote; but when the percent of support from Jews goes down below 68%, no Democrat has won.

On top of all of the in-your-face insults to those who cherish Israel, there is a new report that the Israeli ambassador to the United States absolutely rejects as a lie what Debbie Wasserman Schultz is spreading around Washington, that the Ambassador described the Republican Party as “dangerous for Israel.”

Given the lack of enthusiasm Democrats have in general this year, Jews seem to be right in the mainstream. When Foreman held his required pep rally and talking points lecture earlier this week, he was not able to fill the room. He told the gathering it is NOT true that Barack Obama is not a friend of Israel. He said this knowing Obama’s record but not knowing the Democrat platform would call Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

If the Jewish vote drops by 14 points, the Democrats would feel a loss of votes in important states. The losses would be Florida, 83,500; Pennsylvania, 41,500; Ohio, 19,000; to a lesser degree in Virginia, 12,500; Colorado, 11,500; Michigan, 11,000; and 9,500 in Nevada.

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  1. In the Jewish Advocate Rabbis in Mass are urged to support the marxist.

  2. I never did understand why Jews ever supported the Democrats. I've Jewish friends that are unable to explain it to me, but they consistently vote for Dems. This year, though, the curtain has been pulled back and they are starting to see the REAL Democrats and their antipathy toward Israel. I hope and pray that Jews will wake up and realize that if they vote for Obama, they vote for the end of Israel.

  3. Let us hope the Jewish voters will not vote for Obama. He has thrown them under the bus. I hope they realize that.

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