Are Hispanics Bailing On Obama?

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Despite the left’s constant pandering, primarily through support of amnesty for illegal immigrants, members of America’s Hispanic population are leaving the Obama plantation in droves.

Within the past year, Obama’s approval rating within that community has plummeted by nearly 25 percent. As of the latest Gallup poll results, only about half of the nation’s Hispanics believe Obama is performing well. Last year, three in four responded the same way.

The poll shows a drastic drop in support among many categories, including an 18 percent decline among low-wage earners and a 17 percent dip in minority approval. No other demographic compared to the level of support shed by Hispanics, though.

Though Gallup separated all respondents into 40 distinct categories, none showed an increase in support for Obama. In fact, among the only demographics with just a single-digit drop in approval were conservatives and Republicans who are now extremely close to zero percent approval.

Those who once supported Obama enthusiastically, including Hispanics and those within other typically left-leaning communities, accounted for a huge dip in his approval rating.

With next year’s midterm elections approaching, it is certainly refreshing to see the Democrat faithful finally realize Obama is ruining our nation. While he cannot seek another term in the White House, those politicians who have made it their mission to carry water for this administration will have to answer for their transgressions at the ballot box.

When Obama was reelected last year, his approval rating generally hovered around 50 percent. Since then, it has dropped into the 30s by some calculations. At this point, those who believed Americans wanted to replace freedom with socialism are learning what Al Gore would call an inconvenient truth.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath


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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Right now he is slow on making these cockaroaches legal so they'll bail but as soon as the sand monkey starts to push for amnesty they'll turn back.You can't trust latinos they're mostly democrap leaches.

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