Are American Christians Politically Irresponsible?

Christian cross SC Are American Christians Politically Irresponsible?

“It’s just the will of God if someone evil comes to power.”

No attribution for this commonly heard saying is given because there would be untold thousands of names attached to it. Who has not heard some believer say this at some time? It is spoken, blogged, printed, and echoed so often that it could be said to be the war cry of the indifferent.

The word “lackadaisical” comes to mind; but in fact, it is far more serious than that–it is a foolish position to take as a believer and is inconsistent with true biblical teaching.

The fatalism of the once-very popular Calvinistic view is said to have produced some strange behavior. Stories still circulate among the old Baptist of people who attended Sunday service in the old Calvinist churches and then went home and committed suicide because they thought it was all just part of the “will of God.”

It is not enough to counter one common saying with another to get to the truth; the believer must be biblically grounded on the subject of politics and civil rulers.

We counter “Religion and politics don’t mix” with the familiar apothegm, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” We grab one aphorism or the other and march through life thinking that we have solved the matter, at least for ourselves. We could say this is just dumb and leave it there, but it far exceeds dumb; it is totally wrong and is an act of disobedience when considering the biblical record.

Aphorisms have their place, but believers must look to the Bible for answers.

The believers list of grievances

Starting with a list of great oppressors shown in the Bible, one thing becomes instantly clear. When God’s people were persecuted and trampled on, it was invariably a civil ruler or political body that was doing the persecuting. Here is your short list from the Bible and a few from modern times.

  • Pharaoh – Persecuted millions of Israelites (Ex 5)
  • Ahab and Jezebel – went after God’s prophets (1Ki 18)
  • Zedekiah – Had the prophet Jeremiah thrown into a pit (Jer 38)
  • Nebuchadnezzar – Daniel and his friends – (Da 6)
  • The Sanhedrin – Set Christ up for crucifixion (Mt 26)
  • Roman Procurator Pontius Pilate – Ordered Jesus’ crucifixion (Jn 18)
  • Agrippa – Sent Paul to be prosecuted in Rome (Ac 26)
  • Temple Rulers – Threw Peter in jail and beat him (Ac 5)
  • Nero – Beheaded Paul in Rome (historical record)
  • Civil rulers throughout Asia – Killed the apostles for their testimony (historical record)
  • Antiochus Epiphanes to Hitler – Veraciously persecuted and killed the Jews
  • Old Soviet Union Leaders – Oppressed the Coptic Christians for over six decades
  • China’s Government – Oppresses the church to this day.
  • Muslim Rulers – Ordering the slaughter of Coptic Christians in a dozen Muslim Countries.
  • U.S. Supreme Court – Undermines biblical teachings and the church on marriage, abortion, and school prayer.
  • Barack Obama – HHS Mandate imposed on the Church and denies scriptural teaching on homosexuality (more to come.)

Two deeply disturbing truths are apparent from this list. First, all persecution of believers originates from civil rulers throughout history and continues to the present day. Secondly, with only one exception (our President), there was absolutely nothing anyone could do about it. We alone, by the power of the vote, can alter the pattern. So why have we not done so?

If Catholics alone could have seen the HHS Mandate coming down the pike, would they, 78.2 million strong, have stayed home or voted again for Barack Obama?

‘Give unto Caesar’ – Now the rest of the story

Sermons about giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s are so common that even unbelievers can quote from the biblical passages. But the story doesn’t end there. Concerning the actual giving of taxes or tribute money, Christ gave an actual real time example to his apostles and to us.

Something highly unusual shows up in his example, and it is the reason believers should do a re-examination of their views of religion and politics being the unstoppable object meeting the immovable object.

When asked if he and his apostles would pay the tribute money, Peter mistakenly said yes. Jesus rebuked him and explained that as the King of kings, he actually was not bound to pay tribute. (17: 24 – 27)

Instead of leaving it there, Jesus told Peter how to quickly raise enough money to pay the tribute; but it is the reason why he paid it that is so very important.

“Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee” (Mt 17: 24)

Jesus paid the tribute not because he was bound by ‘give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s,’ but he paid up because he did not want to “offend” them and bring repute or cause to accuse him of being a lawbreaker. He was the one who came to fulfill the (Mosaic) law; how could it be that he would fail the much lesser civil law? (Mt 5: 18)

So, what does offending them have to do with us?

It is by this example and his explanation of it that the most serious question is raised. If you gain nothing else from this article – learn this.

If complying with the civil law was done only to keep from offending someone, how can we refuse to be actively engaged in civil proceedings as a normal part of our civic duty for the protection of ourselves and our children?

While the church slept, prayers were thrown out of our schools, marriage was attacked, and the unborn have undergone a bloody genocide. Now who is offended?!

“Politics and religion don’t mix” is a poor substitute for a church that actively votes their conscience guided by the higher moral teachings of their Bible. In fact, it is one of those proverbial lies wrapped in a skin of laziness. It is one of those ‘common sayings’, like “God helps those that help themselves,” that has been passed around so much that quoters actually think the adage is biblical.

If we are right at home with sex-ed for kindergartners, the trampling of marriage, and a host of new laws imposed by the ever-growing and militant, politically active LGBT, then stay home in the next election and let “God’s will be done.” Remind yourself of the religion and politics thing, watch some NFL games, and observe “God’s will” just popping up everywhere.

‘Do as I say, not as I do’ was not a quote of the founding fathers

Since Barack Obama was elected to office, journalists, preachers, and speakers have taken to quoting the founding fathers and early patriots with renewed frequency. Entire websites have been dedicated to the sayings and sage wisdom of the founders. But what of their example, did they actually carry out these sayings? Did they engage the public to do the same?

It is here that we will ask the hypothetical question that can only have one answer. When election year rolled around, or when local, county, or state issues came up for a discussion and a vote, do you think the founders just stayed home and soothed their inactivity with the proverbial “religion and politics don’t mix”?

Would these men and women who created the documents to guide a nation based on the principles of the bible be inclined to just let it roll with no involvement, prayer, discussion, and voting?

It’s not a viewpoint – It is a serious error

The idea of religion and politics being mutually exclusive is a serious error fueled by a worthless, overused, and completely un-biblical adage that should have been retired many years ago.

If Christ complied with Caesar to keep from offending, shouldn’t we use our rights as citizens to help steer our laws and leaders to the best interest of our own children?

If our founders were active in politics even though they knew the supreme leader (Christ) would not ever run for office, how can we explain our indifference to their example?

Finally, in the end, will we just live happily ever after as evil rulers bring the country to its knees and glibly pass that off as “the will of God”?

It is far more likely that we will one day have to eat the fruit of our error as Job declared in Job 6: 7.

“The things that my soul refused to touch are as my sorrowful meat.”

Don’t look now; but in America, this meal is already being served up by the liberals, the godless, and the feckless.


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    501(c)3 churches are churches that are designed to please Man but not Almighty God. Christians need to leave these so-called "churches" in droves. 501(c)3 legislation was created by the despicably evil Senator LBJ who couldn't stand preachers pointing out his despicably evil ways!!! This is the same madman who killed JFK, RFK, and MLK. Most of these churches are living in a Christian la-la dream land, and buy into the government's 9/11 lie and many other lies hook, line, and sinker. They even "worship" our military youth who they like to say ignorantly "are fighting for our freedom" when in fact they are being sent off to be salughtered and maimed for life over a horribly evil lie from the pit of Hell. They "worship" the evil Zionist leaders of the State of Israel who are responsible along with our own government and the Saudis for the horror of 9/11 and the endless un-Christian evil un-Constitutional wars of aggression. Then, they sit back and wonder why Christian missionaries are being slaughtered everywhere by factions our own tax dollars are supporting!!! If Christians themselves would organize into their own political party (NOTE: NOT TO BE AFFILIATED WITH THE GOP WHATSOEVER), they would be a force to be reckoned with – a wrecking ball in the District of Criminals.

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