Apartment Complex Bans Soldier’s Small Flag Display

US Flag 3 SC Apartment complex bans soldiers small flag display

Just months after returning from a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan, U.S. Army National Guard veteran Tyler Barge was embroiled in another fight defending the American flag. This time, it involves the management of his Salem, Va. apartment complex.

A small American flag, displayed in a cup of dirt on his patio wall, is a violation of the building’s code, he was told.

Barge received a notice informing him he must remove the flag, along with a few other items – a broom and table, for instance – deemed inappropriate.

“We need your help to keep our community one of the best in Salem,” the notice read, giving Barge several days to remove the offending items. A list inexcusably included a veteran’s American flag.

“I like to keep a flag on display in honor of those who have died fighting for our freedom,” he said in an interview. He went on to say he “saw the flag flying in Afghanistan; it’d be nice to see it flying here, too.”

While I understand the necessity of apartment complex codes designed to maintain a clutter-free exterior, it is almost unfathomable a small flag would be seen as anything but an affirmation of one’s honor for his or her country.

Unfortunately, today’s America includes individuals who seem to include catering to fringe groups and trashing traditional patriotism among the greatest of virtues.
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  1. VirgoVince says:

    Tyler, thank you for your service, but REFUSE to remove the American flag and add to the pot, a plastic or wooden middle finger!!!!
    If there is no American flag proudly displayed at the entrance or in the center of the 'compound,' you TELL them to plant one, or F''k OFF!!!!
    The 'best' communities, have flags flying at every unit!!!!

  2. HOWARD GIRE says:

    Why can't they post the name of this complex and allow some of the readers to address the HOA AND TELL THEM THEY CAN PUT FLAG WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE! Wait, I would not want to soil the flag by doing that. They need to get a life and stop meddling in other people's lives. This man spent time in a combat zone so that you a-holes would be allowed to ask to remove the flag-have you ever heard of freedom of expression-everyone in the US is entitled to it, whether or not you agree with someone. They are not forced to accept your beliefs-that's his choice. He allowed you to express your choice, now, shut up!

  3. This is just the hidden agenda of those who want this country to become invisible and unprotected…dening those who are Patriots to fly a flag …Hey here is an idea since they dont want you to fly the flag on your balcony..Then get one and adhere it to one of your front windows they have them as window shades and also as sun blockers….then you should get some furniture for your patio or balcony and have them painted red white and blue…….You know the same administrators in your complex I bet would not tell a Muslim not to fly his flag or the black flag of hamas……Just one man's opinion…I stand with you from a Soldier of ONe…..

  4. I think any true American would be proud to display our flag. My husband, a world war two purple heart, bronze star veteran, who was in General Patton's army, displayed his flag EVERY day with pride. I miss him more each day, but am glad in a way, he is not here to see the way our country is going. He was so proud of his country, his flag, the army and GENERAL PATTON. He was fighting for our first, second, fifth, and all the rest of our constitution. Now we are fighting to KEEP our constitution.

  5. Here is an idea….find the person who made this decision, haul them down to the first ship leaving for North Korea and dump them on it. They like Communism so much we should send them to a Communist Country….no room for them here.

  6. Where are all these communists comming from? We are being over run by them!

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