Anti-Obama Protest Set For This California College Graduation

Organizers are calling on anyone who believes Obama should face impeachment to join them in Anaheim, Calif. next week to protest his commencement speech during the University of California Irvine graduation.

The event will take place at Angel Stadium in Anaheim; and according to a press release, the associated anti-Obama demonstration will focus on removing “the most arrogant, un-American, anti-American, anti-Christian, divisive and dishonest ‘president’ in American history” from the White House.

“The plan is to protest for Obama’s impeachment, conviction and removal,” an online flier states, explaining participants will meet June 14 at 11:30 at an intersection – South State College Boulevard and East Gene Autry Way – directly in front of the stadium.

Demonstrators are encouraged to bring signs promoting the cause, though organizers will provide signs to those who arrive without them. Additionally, protesters may wave American or Gadsden flags, the press release states, claiming “Obama hates both of these banners.”

Organizers are not shy in describing the object of their protest. Calling him a “racist” and “usurper,” the flier promoting this event suggests “Obama and his Communist regime are shredding the Constitution and appeasing our enemies daily as they continue their assault on OUR freedom, liberty, prosperity, security, peace and tranquility.”

The press release calls UCI’s invitation of Obama to speak at its graduation “embarrassing” and lists a number of complaints planners have about the current president.

According to the group’s allegations, Obama forged his birth certificate and selective service registration, used someone else’s Social Security number, and cannot provide proof of his birthplace or citizenship.



Photo Credit: Allyunion (Creative Commons)

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. I hope some of the graduating students will have the courage to turn their back to him while he is speaking

  2. It is so obvious that this pot smoking man is out of his mind. In sum total he has done nothing positive for the country. He should have been removed from office 8 years ago, ops make that 10 years. He gained everything through fraud. Everything he has accomplished was for his well being and nothing for the country. I can not understand our other elected officials allowing him to linger this long. We should not have to donate more money to get rid of this impostor. Wake up all those other elected (and yes, even those who bought their positions). Tell them to do their jobs and dump the "O" trash.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I hope they do to him what those liberal assholes do to people like Ann Coulter and other conservatives.They should throw shoes the muslim way.

  4. I will be there along with about 23 others. Don't live far from there…..gladly lend any and all support to impeach this POS

  5. The liberals like to call anyone who didn't vote for obama a "racist"…….I think we can turn the tables on this and call anyone who voted for him and who still supports his evil agenda "Anti-American".

  6. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    I'm telling my brother in California to send his kids to UCI

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