Anti-Gun Stance Backfires On Leftist Politicians


A group of mayors from across the U.S. joined forces with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as part of his ill-fated Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition. While those in some metropolitan areas subscribe to Bloomberg’s radical gun control proposals, such support does not translate well in this nation’s more rural communities.

Chambersburg, Pa., mayor Pete Lagiovane learned this lesson the hard way when he lost his re-election bid based primarily on his allegiance to the anti-gun crusade.

Darren Brown, the Republican challenger who handily defeated the incumbent Democrat, highlighted his constituent’s concern when addressing his first order of business upon entering his new office in January.

“The very, very first thing I’d like to do is get Chambersburg off the Mayors Against Illegal Guns list,” he said.

With almost a million hunters set to explore the state’s wilderness in the near future, locals understand the important role legal firearms play in the region. While the appeal of joining forces with a high-profile politician is obviously overwhelming for many small town mayors, these individuals must realize they are ultimately held accountable by voters in their community.

Brown apparently understands this fact, explaining he decided to seek the office of mayor after taking stock of Chambersburg’s current leadership.

He noted he “took a look at our current mayor and thought the people of this town should have a mayor that reflects their views.”

This fledgling public servant understands what too many career politicians have long forgotten. He confirmed his job as mayor “should focus on such issues as curbing crime and drugs, or keeping the sidewalks clean – not on the issues of outside groups that don’t understand a town’s way of life.”

An increasing number of patriots in towns across the nation are beginning to recognize the tyranny associated with most leftist policies. Our nation was founded under a system that gives the individual a great deal of power and, when voters realize they are being used to prop up a failing ideology, Lagiovane will be just one in a long list of ousted politicians.

–B. Christopher Agee

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    It only takes 1 city or state to get the ball rolling on repealing gun laws.Chambersburg you stroke a blow for freedom and our second amendment.Boomgerg can go to hell, the little mockie hires men with guns to protect his dead ass.

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