Another Thing The Liberal Media Won’t Tell You About Obama

Barack Obama Phone SC Another Thing The Liberal Media Wont Tell You About Obama

Pushed by Barack Obama’s naked attempts to destroy our economy, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made up his mind: he will look west to China when he is ready to sell his nation’s crude oil.  Barack Obama has won this round to destroy America’s economy, and we have lost.

Anyone who thought that this dangerous game of “chicken” would end in our closest neighbor and one of our strongest allies knuckling under (and waiting until Obama was finished using our lives to squeeze more campaign funds from the far Left) has been proven wrong. This is really going to happen. The Democratic cheerleaders in the media won’t write about this catastrophe Obama has purposefully brought about, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Foreign media, fortunately,  feel no obligation to lie for Obama.

As reported by Sun News of Canada, PM Harper recently expressed his frustration and simultaneous resolve on this matter in a public conversation with former Democratic congresswoman Jane Harman. Harper said that he will not change his mind to help Obama fool Americans into believing he has worthy intentions regarding the matter of approving the Keystone pipeline, which would have delivered Canadian oil to Texas for refinement.

In front of a group of business representatives, energy experts, and reporters, Harper said “Look, the very fact that a ‘no’ could even be said underscores to our country that we must diversify our energy export markets. We cannot be, as a country, in a situation where our one and, in many cases, only energy partner could say no to our energy products. We just cannot be in that position.”

So there we have it. After three plus years of acting as a wrecking ball smashing through our economy, Obama has scored a double hit. He has choked off a major supply of oil and has insulted another ally.

Thanks to Obama, the damage from this bit of sabotage will take effect immediately; now that oil that has already been purchased from Canadian suppliers can’t be delivered, those contracts are dissolved. To honor them, the Canadians would have to incur extra expense to deliver oil at a price which, because of its previously agreed upon price, is now falling below its true market value by the day. That is not going to happen in the world where Obama and his EPA thugs have no control and his media can’t vilify capitalism. The Canadians don’t give a damn what Barack Obama wants – they are in business to make a profit. Socialism is for Americans.

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  1. berneemc says:

    This Boon has to go

  2. T. McKissack says:

    Just another treasonous act by a traitor to this country. Obasmas has many things to answer for. He WILL answer for each and every one.

  3. Mad as hell Jumping up and down spitting bullets and blood running out my eyes!

  4. We had better put some real heat on CONGRESS to get that S.O.B. out of office NOW because waiting until November and hoping and praying that Obama is voted out, will be too late. Congress has ignored our petitions, our phone calls, emails, faxes,etc., and have shown that they will not do their duty or live up to their oaths of office to defend and protect and uphold the Constitution, then the pressure, the heat that we put on them must contain the threat of a real revolt, but each of us must be prepared to carry out that threat no matter what. We the People are the bosses and it is high time that our elected officials listen to us and if they won't, then we have the right to overthrow them and put them all on trial for treason,. crimes against the Constitution and against We the People.

    Lets demand that Congress commence impeachment proceedings no later then the first of June or we will rise against them by no later then July.

    • IAMAVET says:

      If you want to impeach the President.
      Go to Google
      "Process to impeach the President"

      Then ask if it can be done with a majority of DEM in the Senate.

      It is not as easy as you might think it is. I am sure the House would like to do it but it would not work, do the math

      • I don't have to do the math because I KNOW that the Republicans in the House would refuse to move against Obama under any circumstances. They have proved this by their out and out refusal to even speak out against Obama's many violations of the Constitution and usurpation's of power, not to mention his ignoring of court orders. I am very familiar with the impeachment process as I am educated, and my education came before the liberal leftist take over of our Public schools. My point is that it is not just the left that refuses to uphold the Constitution, but also those on the right, therefore, if We the People truly want to save America, we MUST take matters into our own hands, which is our right.

  5. This Fraud and Traitor to America is also a muslim and Narcissist !

  6. bobvelon says:

    Just another way to keep us buying oil from his Muslim Bro…. Those who voted for this imposter and fake should feel ashamed of what they have done to ruin this economy. Never mind the fact that all they could see was money flowing into their hands by this smooth talking fake…..

    • wearyconservative says:

      The big problem is that so few of them have even clue about what he's done and continues to do on a daily basis. It's sad, but most of those who voted for him are not the brightest crayons in the box so even when you try to explain the devastaing effect his action are having on the country, their blank expressions pretty much tells you all you need to know about the intelligence factor. There are exceptions of course and nearly every one with the ability to think has seen the light, as well as the black heart of the imposter and chief.

  7. I don't know about all of you but my reps and sens will be getting an earful and more than once!!!!

  8. madhatter15 says:

    If it weren't for Canada there would be no N American Union, we are losing our borders and our soveriegnty and even our name and flag, am I supposed ot feel sorry for Canada? Canada is going to be the biggest loser , we have to have open borders , they rushed out to make coming into canada illegal without a passport, for years you could just walk over from Niagara falls into beautiful Canada, a really lovely country , now you can't do that anymore but you can have all of S America come tramping through American borders. Canada is nothing but a depot fot the Muslims and the Chinese anyway, everything has changed and now he's insulted because he didnt' get some oil deal? well we're insulted because you helped to take America doiwn, so go stand in the corner and pout. .

    • Canada lets you in …. its getting out (to the USA) that is the difficult part without the passport. Its US that actually closed the borders.

  9. This just out…but not through the mindless media: Obama has just screwed us out of the possibility of building the Keystone Pipeline and robbing the unemployed of thousands of jobs.

  10. thestorm says:

    Is anyone surprised?I'm not.It is all part of the plan.Anyone who thinks the Republicans aren't in the game as well needs a reality check. g.h.w. bush as President said,"there will be a new world order,you can't stop it." Look at youtube to find it,just put his name in & get his speech.

  11. Ezra Levant

    Buy the book from Amazon and Chapters
    Obama prefers Saudi conflict oil

    By Ezra Levant on November 14, 2011 6:51 PM | Permalink | Comments |

    My Nov. 14, 2011 Sun column:
    Obama prefers Saudi conflict oil
    Barack Hussein Obama announced America's new energy policy: He prefers Saudi conflict oil shipped in on tankers over Canadian ethical oil in a pipeline.
    It's a bizarre decision for the president of a country with 9% unemployment, that could use the thousands of well-paying jobs that will be created building the state-of-the-art pipeline.
    It's not just jobs and the property taxes that the pipeline will pay in perpetuity. It's the energy security. There's no risk of a Gadhafi-style revolution in Canada.
    There's no need to spend $1 billion on a Pentagon mission to secure Libyan conflict oil, with friendly Canada to the north.
    But in some ways, Obama's decision isn't surprising. He has adamantly opposed drilling in northeast Alaska, though his own administration estimates that would provide an additional 800,000 barrels a day, almost as much as America imports from Saudi Arabia or Venezuela.
    Obama doesn't much like drilling in the Gulf of Mexico either — his moratorium there caused many deep-water rigs to move to other countries, costing more than 100,000 lost jobs in states like Louisiana, jobs that won't come back for years.
    Who benefits from Obama's refusal to use oil from North America? The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will. Those dictatorships are on track for $1 trillion in revenues for the first time in history.
    But, as luck and geology would have it, we Canadians are sitting on top of the world's third-largest proven oil reserves — 175 billion barrels, 99% of it in Canada's oilsands. And over the past decade, the oilsands managed to push the Saudis out of top spot for the number one source of U.S. oil imports.
    The Saudis obviously hate the oilsands. So do Hollywood B-list celebrities such as Daryl Hannah and Mark Ruffalo, who have tried to use this issue to change their airhead reputations.
    Obama values the Saudis' approval °© and Hollywood's political donations °©more than he values American energy security.
    Canada will still have enough pipeline capacity to sell all our oil to the U.S. for the next few years, even without Keystone XL. But it's simply prudent for Canada to consider what might happen if Obama does eke out another win next year.
    The biggest market for oil these days isn't America. It's Asia. It's China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
    There is a proposal, called the Northern Gateway, to pipe oil to the B.C. coast and ship it to Asia — 550,000 barrels a day.
    That would put $20 billion a year in our pockets and could cut our trade deficit to China in half. It would be a strategic blunder for Canada not to speed up the approval of this pipeline.
    But there's another idea too. Did you know that Eastern Canada actually imports most of its oil? We sell our oilsands oil to the U.S., but Eastern Canada burns Saudi oil. Russian oil. Algerian oil. We're an oil exporter, but we also import OPEC oil.
    Let's fix that. Let's look at pipelines running from the west to the east.
    Not built by any government fiat — we don't need another National Energy Program telling us what to do.
    But let's at least permit it.
    There is an MP who proposes doing just that. She's not a conservative. But maybe you've heard of her: Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

    Categories: Sun columns

  12. He is managing nicely to alienate every single one of our allies. He has been a very busy man. It must really take its tole wiping out a country.

  13. BO and that worthless academic Chu from Bazurkly will get their dream of $8.50 a gallon gas. How could the tv watching texting idiots in this country vote for BO and his communist schooled gang????

    • Let's fire BO says:

      The only voters he'll get are the uneducated-far left-socialist-ghetto-racist-OWS-Pelosi-Reed suck holes that can't get it through their meat heads that this country is broke and BO WILL have spent 6 Trillion of OUR dollars by election time!! God help us if this mad man is re-elected…imagine where our national debt will be after another four years with this so called president in OUR white house. I have to believe Americans are smarter than this..Our future depends on it! God Bless this Country and ALL that protect it!

  14. Has no one in congress have a backbone at all. I simply don't care if you can do anything for us or not I just need to know you are trying. obozo needs stopped one way or another. Lanny Davis recognizes the dumb thing that obozo has done, but said he would vote for him. What kind of moron is that?

  15. This clown is going to start a race riot and then have a reason to declare martial law if we citizens don't put and end to this guy from making bad decisions that are hurting our country, dividing us racially and going against the will of the people. America is a Republic which is based on laws and this clown wants to just to go around congress due to his narcissism as an emperor. We know he isn't a naturalized US citizen. His father was never an American citizen so it is impossible for him to be a Natural Born Citizen. Makes no difference where he was born…not Hawaii,,,,but still doesnt matter. Now he attacks the supreme court after he got inside info from I would think the constitutional justice that worked on the Obamacare with the messiah would have the constitutional reason to be unable to vote on this law. We know her name the scum bag took an oath to protect the constitution and is already breaking it with not stepping down from this vote. The green agenda is here to stay as long as this clown is in office. GE can make billions on all the govmt. contracts..And pay no taxes after making billions of dollars and all their labor is in China making sh!tte quality products, taking jobs out of American and it just gets worse by the day. We the People need to stick together because the crap is coming and nothing is going to stop it. Free Fall from liberty coming if we dont act NOW!

    • artinthewild says:

      I so agree with you Don – I just can't understand why he's still in office – I hope they get him out and charge him for fraud, treason and all the rest and charge all the Congressmen and women who were in the know… He could be stirring up problems with this Trevyon (he and his cohorts) so he could declare martial law. I'm wondering if he has his own army lined up? Get this all going and people will forget about the illegal things he's done and will get him elected (not legally of course)

  16. I hope you will listen to this. It's short…less than 3 minutes.
    Do you remember the famous ABC radio news commentator Paul Harvey?
    Millions of Americans listened to his programs which were broadcast over
    1,200 radio stations nationwide.

    The following commentary was broadcast 47 years ago…. April 3, 1965.
    Notice especially what he said in 7 seconds, from 1:57 to 2:04 in the broadcast.

  17. CHICAGO – Did the parents of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers help finance Barack Obama’s Harvard education?

  18. Is the the truth about 9/11 being concealed from school

  19. Is Barack Hussein Obama the muslim getting ready to seize power?
    Take a look at this & draw your own conclusions. Raymond

    • Raymond, I would like to ask you a question, If We the People rose up in revolt, whose side will the military take, ours our the government's? Please think carefully about your answer.

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Most Reverend Gregori, I am also curious as to what our military would do if it comes down to a full scale revolt against these “ruler wanna be’s”. Raymond, please answer this question if you can. Or at least, give us some idea of what the Marines are thinking, especially after this young man who spoke only the truth, that “Obama is the enemy”. It is so true that it makes our teeth hurt, as somone said in a comment here. Right now, I am so angry with this baboon in office that I wish someone would stick a needle of arsnic in his sick head and end it for us all! That, or place a well aimed bullet where it would end the useless life of this useless boil on the ass of all humanity, and I mean, ALL of humanity. He is not just damaging our own nation, but others also! He makes enemies as fast as a speeding bullet train! It is a ginormous miracle that he is even still alive, considering the trouble he has caused us all! I am in awe that this has been allowed to go on for as long as it has been.

  20. Obama is intentionally collapsing our economy….look at Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals". He is following the book to a tee. We better wake folks up as to what really is going on before we reach the point of no return.

  21. spelunker7 says:

    Obama will do a lot mote damage before Novermber, I am sure he is pleased as punch with the Canadian PM's decision ti take his oil elsewhere. Still want to vote for the number one enemy of our Republic?

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Didn't vote for him, the first time around and now I know what I suspected then, was the absolute truth.

  22. Congress was informed in July, 2010 by Lucas Daniel Smith, a 29-year old U.S. citizen who had visited Kenya, that Obama was born in Kenya, and thus wasineligible to be president. Smith paid 3 monetary bibes
    of $200, $500, and $5,000 to obtain Obama's birth certificate from a Mombasa hospital. When he returned home he prepared and mailed a 7-page certified and notarized letter to 535 members of Congress, at a cost
    of $1,824.35 The document was sent to Congress on July 4, 2010, addressed to Nancy Pelosi. Smith told Pelosi:"It is your constitutional dutyto openly and overtly investigate this matter." As everyone can see,
    the corruption in Congress is widespread, and nothing has happened to expose or impeach the Great Impostor.


  23. I hate Obama he need to be put put to death in Capital Punishment by the Law.

  24. ALFRED E. NEUMAN says:


  25. 32eagle says:

    What is Obama going to do about all of the bootleg oil that will be convoying in?Is his no good muslim ass going to try to pass a law by himself like he did with obamacare communism?who cares about this TRAITOR in a cheap suit?less and less folks every second I guarantee you


    Congress should and MUST START AN IMPEACHMENT action against OBAMA N O W.

    The American people need the help of CONGRESS to defeat this TRATOR as I see him to be.

  27. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    “The devil walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”………seems to me that either the devil himself is walking about in our nation’s capitol, or his right hand man, or men, are walking about those halls……and spreading death about like so much candy, and these congressmen and women are eating it up like the candy that they see it as being. While we, the American people, sit by and complain that this poison is infecting each of us with it’s deadly effects. Either WE put a stop to it, or we are going to all die a horrible, painful death ourselves, by not standing up, arming ourselves with whatever pitchfork, shovel, or weapon at our disposal to end this poisoning of our nation, by this infection and disease in office, and his helpers, the congress and his “administration”. Satan is indeed walking about our earth today, spreading discord and hate by the second. And the good men and women of this earth are allowing it to spread as each second passes. We are doing this, allowing this, by not standing up for GOD! We COULD stop this! We COULD arm ourselves with the WORD OF GOD AND PUTTING ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD AND FIGHTING FOR GOD, INSTEAD OF SITTING ON OUR REARENDS AND ALLOWING SATAN AND HIS DEMONS TO STEAL EVERYTHING FROM US! We have the power, people, we have it right in our own hands, and if we cared enough to do something besides argue amongst ourselves as to who is right, wrong, right or left, we could win this battle for our souls with very little effort, for the Real Effort would come from GOD HIMSELF! And there is NOTHING THAT GOD WILL NOT DO FOR A PEOPLE WHO BOW TO HIS WORDS AND GIVE HIM THE CREDIT AND THE GLORY! Give to God, what belongs to God, and the rest would be history, which if we had any intelligence at all, we’d already know and have already done what we should have done years ago………when Madeline Murrey O’Hare and her antiGod campaign was brought to the front, and she won for the athiests…..I think that is where we first went badly wrong, when we ALLOWED this to happen in our nation. Instead of telling her NO, and making God our ally, we made God the ENEMY and since then, everything in our nation has gone downhill. I said, “I think” that is when it first started. I could be wrong. But the little speech by Paul Harvey stated it perfectly, and Raymond has put it out here to listen to. I heard it first, many years ago, and I agreed then that he was entirely correct in that speech, or poem. Whatever it was, it was a prediction of things to come if we did not change our wicked ways that began back then, and those wicked ways have only gotten worse as time has passed. Every evil, wicked thing that man can think of, dream of, has become the “correct way” of thinking/behaving, and all that is good, true and right has become “incorrect” as in “politically correct, or incorrect”. Which is to say, that we who beleive that what was wrong 1000 years ago, is still wrong today. Sin is sin. Slice it any way you please, sin is a DEAD END STREET, and the devil knows this well, so as he has very little time left to steal souls from his enemy, God, “he walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”. And he is feasting as of today, and will continue to feast upon our souls, and those of our future generations, if the world stands much longer. Take it or leave it, it’s your choice.

  28. Of course he doesn't want us to get oil from Canada. He doesn't want to support an American ally nor does he want what's best for America.

    Get a preview of what Obama plans for our coal mines and oil wells at t his link:

  29. What will liberals do when the well runs dry?,or when the RACE CARD has expired ,where will Al Sharpton , and Jessie Jackson be found doing?

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