Another Missed Opportunity For Republicans

New York City SC

New York City is a liberal cesspool. It sends some of the worst people to Washington and Albany year after year.  Now New York City has elected the country’s first openly Communist mayor. Comrade Bill de Blasio, who honeymooned in Cuba, has rolled up a staggering victory. If absentee ballots were counted, it is entirely possible that he got 70% of the vote. Nevertheless, that should be a tipoff for honest analysts as to where to start looking for the true meaning of this election.

To discover how this election fits into the overall picture for the future of conservatism in America, we have to go back to the results of last year’s presidential election in the 11th Congressional District–which includes all of Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn in New York City.

The 11th sent a strong message to the GOP establishment. In the middle of trying to rebuild their lives after Super Storm Sandy, Staten Islanders, especially on the hard hit very conservative South Shore, could have been excused for not showing up to vote. In fact, there was a 14% drop in turnout on the South Shore; and that alone gave Barack Obama enough of a push to win the Island. Self-delusional Democrats are still bragging about their “big victory.”

Nevertheless, a closer look at the voting patterns in the 11th CD last year shows that 27,000 people dragged themselves to the polls, and then passed up the presidential line all together. Our fake Republican Congressman got 27% more votes than the bigger fake Republican, Willard Romney. Why? We hated the choice the GOPe forced on us.

In this year’s mayoral race here in NYC, the GOPe gave us a choice between a guy who looked like a circus clown and was contributing to Democrats as late as January, and a guy who was trying to convince us he is “more” Democrat than comrade de Blasio.

The voter turnout on Staten Island fell from 110,000 ten years ago to 70,000 this year. This should be a lesson to the GOPe; but unfortunately, it won’t be. We won’t see Staten Island featured on Karl Rove’s white board.  

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    NYC gets what it deserves with this commie socialist taking over as mayor maybe more businesses should move out plus all the millioaires.SC,Texas or any state that offers better tax incentives.

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