Another Left-Wing Mistress Of Hypocrisy Is Unhappy With The Supreme Court


We have all seen the antics of a placard-toting liberal as she tearfully protests the upcoming, state sponsored execution of a triple murderer. And when this same purple-haired progressive celebrates a new Planned Parenthood record in abortions performed, is anyone really surprised?

After all, liberalism couldn’t exist without these mind-numbing displays of shameless hypocrisy. Frantic challenges to the deserved execution of a merciless killer followed with squeals of delight at the death of some 334,000 infants during the 2011-2012 hunting seasons of America’s abortion titleholder–all in a day’s work for the compassionate left.

When the Supreme Court decided in the Hobby Lobby case that owners of a closely held corporation may not be forced to provide abortion drugs to employees contrary to their religious beliefs, New York Daily News contributor Linda Stasi couldn’t rest without providing a praiseworthy example of liberal hypocrisy.

Like other liberal females, Stasi is no doubt a strong, capable, and self-sufficient woman who demands respect for America’s strong, capable, and self-sufficient women. Yet 48 hours after the Court’s decision, Stasi claimed that disaster awaited her female peers because they are too weak, inept, and dependent upon a FREE, employer-provided abortion drug to avoid the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy.

Stasi laments the inevitable catastrophe awaiting women employed by heartless outfits like Hobby Lobby, women “… who can’t afford birth control in the first place, and [who] may end up with children they also can’t afford, forcing them onto the welfare rolls.”

Stasi then launches into a frantic claim that the Hobby Lobby decision has somehow mutated into a law “…that takes away women’s rights to affordable contraception of their choice, while protecting men’s right to free erection drugs, so they can impregnate more women.” That would be the weak, inept, and dependent types, right?

In one fell swoop, 5 callous MEN (of course) have banished the strong, capable, self-sufficient flower of American womanhood to lives of perpetually pregnant, unavoidable despair.

I wonder if Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia will spend the next few nights bar-hopping, offering drinks to their court-ordered victims?

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