Another Gift Of “Cultural Diversity” From Mexican Illegals…

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Hispanic promoters of cruel, cock-fighting extravaganzas were arrested in a massive raid on February 9th at a Plattekill, New York farm about 90 minutes from New York City, the liberal bastion of freedom and amnesty for illegals! The very large cock-fighting ring was headed up by Manuel and Jesus Cruz.

According to the Ulster County Sheriff’s office, which organized the raid, the enormous operation involved some 6,000 birds, all bred to kill for money! According to media reports, this cock fighting ring had “operated for years under the guise of a live poultry farm”; yet nothing was done until recently to expose the horrific abuse of animals. ASPCA response team spokesman Tim Rickey believes this may be the ” LARGEST cock-fighting arrest in American history,” adding it was “the largest operation of this type we’ve been involved in!”

A CiR informant said the suspects taken in the arrest staged events in three other locations, entertaining cock-fighting enthusiasts from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Each of the locations paid rent to the Cruz brothers so they could feed, board, and care for roosters expressly trained to fight each other as cheering audiences of mainly Hispanic males placed bets and watched. The informant goes on to state that bets as high as $10,000 may have been placed.  “All arrested were Hispanic from what I can tell.”

Audience members may have been using drugs and buying untaxed alcoholic beverages.  Why these cock-fighting stories are disappearing from the web is unclear, but CiR was told: “I think this Hispanic activity is being scrubbed from the internet because I am having trouble bringing up articles I read yesterday.”

The DAILY FREEMAN reporter who broke this horrific story said, “The roosters were bred, trained, plied with performance-enhancing drugs, had razor-sharp gaffs attacked in place of their natural spurs and were locked in a small pen to be wagered upon,” according to a news release from the New York Attorney General.

The pitiful Plattekill roosters were put in many crates by local fire departments and other rescue workers and were taken to emergency shelters to receive as much medical attention as possible.  But the damage may already have been done.  Rabbits, cats, dogs, pigeons, ducks, and German Shepard dogs were also rescued.

Still outraged and very upset, the CiR tipster said, “This is their culture! (This) is what comes from hiring unidentified immigrants!”  She asked where many of these Hispanics came from and what else they might be involved in. “What other crimes have they committed?”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is what you get when you let the illegal alien horde in to this country.Butthole democraps and some republicans don't want to get rid of these lousy subhuman people.Can you imagine people who like to watch chickens kill each other.I say let Col Sanders be in charge of chickens and where is Peta

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    These are the typical illegal aliens that are taking away all of our minimum wage jobs! Instead of them using cocks to fight to the death, we should have them fight to the death over our jobs to the point they kill each other, and we should make money on them by putting it on PPV!

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