Another Clinton Sets Sights On Public Office


chelsea clinton3261 300x248 Another Clinton sets sights on public office

When Bill Clinton’s second term ended, it was obvious he was not the only member of the family with political ambitions. Since then, his wife has bumbled through increasingly high-profile positions, trading on her name recognition with the ultimate goal of occupying the White House.

As it turns out, the Clintons’ only child, Chelsea, is keeping her options open for a possible campaign in coming years. During a recent interview, she conceded that fact before transitioning into the same type of leftist rhetoric endorsed by her parents.

She decried her previous job on Wall Street for its preoccupation with profit, as though she was unaware of the stock market’s motivation prior to accepting the position.

While applauding the “camaraderie of the trading floor,” Chelsea indicated that she was not concerned about “whether I made the company two dollars or $2 million.”

Given her obviously tenuous grasp of the free market, it seems surprising that she lasted as long as she did in that environment. Perhaps not, though, in light of the obvious weight her last name carries.

Hoping to capitalize on that exposure, she indicated that a run for office might be in the cards after she and her husband have their first child. Prior to these comments, her father gave a nod of approval in a conversation on CNN in September.

Wisely naming Hillary as the best short-term presidential pick, he said his daughter would have more to offer in the long term.

The former president went so far as to say she “knows more than we do about everything,” which sets a fairly low bar unless the subject is infidelity.

–Western Journalism staff writer


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